21 Blogs That Don’t Blow Smoke Up Your Backside

I’ve been really laser focused lately on expanding my viewpoint of the web. That means really digging in and learning from others – and trying not to be a lurker as much. I’ve been adding to my bookmarked blogs and today I thought, “I need to share some of these” because they’re good stuff.

Specifically, I wanted to share some of the blogs I read where I don’t feel an eye roll coming on – instead, I find myself nodding in agreement. These are the bloggers who tell it like it is and help you better your business. Some of them are newer – some have been around awhile. Some are shy. Some have been on national news.

This isn’t everything I read. I just picked some I wanted to share with you for a specific reason. You’ll see that there’s a mix – some men, some women (and 1 company). Some you’ll recognize from this community. Some won’t even know who I am. But that’s okay, I’m learning from them.

Some motivate me. Some make me laugh. Some make me think about my own business. Some kick my butt.  Here they are in no particular order:

Alice Seba’s Blog

Alice is one of those women who look so sweet (and she is) – but there’s an inner honey badger going on in there – and I love that! She’s not someone who people attack or who has lots of haters, but she’s not shy about saying what she means and meaning what she says, you know?

Here’s what I’m talking about – It’s My Birthday – Top 40 Business and Content Lessons Learned.  You can see her personality shine through and what I love is that we get permission to veer off the advised path – she really lives with a motto of doing it her own way (and empowering you to do the same).

David Boozer’s Blog

Someone recently alerted me to David Boozer – one of you guys here, in fact. I love that you give me recommendations and I don’t ignore your advice. I always check things out and see if it resonates with me the way it has with you.

David’s one of the ones that did. Immediately, I loved that he was a dad, a Christian, and a loving husband – and proud of all that, too. But what I like is that he easily explains some of the technical concepts that tend to intimidate people like me. Here’s a good example: Web Design or Content – Do You Know Which Is Most Important?

Nicole Dean’s Blog

Nicole does some wonderful things on her blog that I love. She shares her ups and downs, her blunders and her successes. She’s a heartfelt marketer. It’s not about riches – it’s about helping people.

She pulls in experts. She’s not afraid to share the limelight or point people in another direction because she’s so good she knows she’s not going to lose readers – in fact, they’ll listen to her more because she’s a valuable resource.

Her blog posts are all personable and she’ll make you laugh or tear up. Here’s one of my favorites from Nicole’s Blog – shows we’re all making mistakes and that we just have to laugh at the imperfections. Fun read: Most Embarrassing Webinar and Teleseminar Moments 

Carol Amato

Carol is someone who has just catapulted up there in a really fast way. She is amazing in the amount of depth and research that she provides on her blog about stuff that’s cutting edge – stuff you (or I) may not have heard of yet.

What I also like about Carol is that she promotes ethical marketing. She’ll say something’s sleazy if it’s sleazy or deceptive. She teaches strategies, shares tools she likes or uses, and also has plenty of posts that boost your morale on down days. Here’s an example of Carol where she’s making predictions and giving sage advice about the coming year’s marketing strategies: 2013 SEO Projections to Implement Into Your Strategy

Pat Flynn’s Blog

When I stumbled on his blog awhile back, I loved how he disclosed his income each month. Not many people do that. It’s a big pain in the butt. I’ve done it before. But he does it consistently.

What I love about these posts is that he doesn’t just do some pie chart and say, “Here’s how it breaks down.” No – he shares about the journey of it all, right down to the happiness he feels when they got their son potty trained! Here’s an example of one of his monthly income blog posts: My Monthly Income Report – November 2012

Angie Nelson’s Blog

Angie is one of those real people who shares her journey and her growth – her changes in decisions she makes along the way. I love reading about real journeys and her blog is a prime example of this.

Another thing I like is her interaction with her readers. Not all marketers do this – they mass approve comments (you’ll know because you see spam getting approved) and they don’t respond to any of the comments. Here’s a good example of what makes Angie real – and helpful – to the rest of us: Blog Posting Frequency

Amanda Thomas’ Blog

Amanda is someone who is doing it all right. She’s promoting ethically, she’s implementing what she learns – and sharing her results, and she’s not afraid to be 100% transparent about it.

I have a lot of admiration for Amanda because she puts herself out there, trying new things. When we had a Vlogging challenge – she jumped right in. Here’s a great post by Amanda about What Spiderman Can Teach Us About Marketing

Minna Bryant’s Blog

I have seen Minna on my blog as a person who comments, but it was during our 30 day Vlogging challenge that I became addicted to her personality – her smiling face, her wonderful way of explaining thought-provoking concepts.

I like that she’ll kick her own ass when needed – and she’s not afraid to kick yours, too while she’s at it. You can see Minna’s inner honey badger in action here: Create Your Own Challenge

AdWeek’s Blog

Um, this isn’t a person. But it still kicks ass. They have tons of stuff on their site, but I focus on the Marketing section of the Advertising and Branding department. Now this isn’t specific to Internet Marketing – but there is good insight about branding and marketing in general.

Here’s the type of stuff I read and can somehow apply to my own business: What Happens When a Brand Takes a Proven Message and Tries Something Abstract? Love it.

Bonnie Gean’s Blog

Bonnie is a sharer and a helper. Those are the two best ways to describe her. She’s the kind of person who is protective of the people she cares about – and that means people who read or watch her blog entries.

She’s not a newcomer to this industry and she has lots of insight from her experiences, yet she’s always pushing herself forward to learn and do more. Bonnie’s a well-rounded marketer because she’s not absorbed with one strategy – she seeks to create a business that has it all – and by all, I mean it caters to the people. Here’s a great example of her insight: Schmoozing Builds Community

Lisa Stoops’ Blog

Lisa Stoops is a Mom who is building her online business so she can take care of her loved ones – the same as most of us out here in cyberland! I like Lisa because she’s transparent with her goals and her planning. She talks about where she’s gone wrong or what she’s done right.

I love that she joined in on the 30 day Vlog challenge with us because we got to discover more about her. Sometimes something she’s doing will just make me start thinking about my own business. Like this blog post where she talks about her pursuit of High Impact Activities

Joanne Reid’s Blog

Joanne labeled herself the “Geek Granny” but she’s no geek. She’s wonderful and relatable and is sharing some fantastic stuff over on her blog. Some of it is mindset – like the struggles she had with concentration.

But some of it is helpful stuff in a technical sense. For example, her blog post about Working With Windows 8  was helpful. I’d heard it was frustrating, so I was glad to see her cover it from her perspective.

Tiffiney Cowan’s Blog

In our industry, we all have days when we sit there wondering how we can create a better system for whatever it is that we’re doing. I feel this is what Tiffiney is so good at – helping us uncover things we may want to change and then sharing tips on how we can go about it.

Here’s a perfect example where she herself wants to fix something, so she not only talks about it, but shares tips in case you’re going through something similar: Reclaiming Joy with Good Time Management Habits

Kevin Muldoon’s Blog

I actually got to know Kevin through Twitter. He would respond to me, and I’m always curious about the people who interact with me, so I followed his link and started reading his blog.

He’s blunt (which you know I like). I haven’t seen anything spammy from him. He’s trying to steer others (who may know less than he does) in the right direction. This is the perfect example: Your Time in This Game Means Nothing – and it’s something I wish newbies would remember.

Ruth Pound’s Blog

Ruth is someone who I’ve followed for awhile. She’s such a sweet personality – and something I’m not (besides sweet LOL) – adventurous! I am such a hermit – and here’s this young lady living her life as a traveling marketer.

I’m starting to see a pattern of what I like here. Again, this is a woman who shares her own struggles and triumphs, and helps us get through our obstacles with her no nonsense advice. All ethical. I like her style. Here’s a good example of how she teaches others: Pushing Ahead When a New Project Makes You Nervous

Carrie Wilkerson’s Blog

Okay I have to laugh at something. Did you know that when I first saw Carrie on video, I didn’t think I would be able to relate to her.  Guess why? She was too happy! I must have been having an incredibly grouchy day or something, but I look back and think, “Who could NOT absorb this lady’s messages?”

She’s motivating. She’s real – not too big to admit she falters now and then. She’s funny. She’s responsive. She’s caring. She’s known as the Barefoot Executive – and she has the real credentials of being a published author, on the news, and so on (that some others fake). Here’s one perfect example of why I love her blog: Making Big Leaps in Your Life and Your Home Business – love the quote on the image in this blog post.

Lynn Terry’s Blog

Lynn, like Nicole Dean, is one of the really successful women who I’ve followed for years now. She shares her personal stuff, which is what makes her human. She vlogs – which lets us get to know her and become connected to her.

I love how transparent she is. She’ll tell you what she’s doing in her business. She listens to her audience, too. Look at this blog post as an example – How to Become an Affiliate Niche Blogger – someone emailed her a question and she turned it into a blog post to help everybody. I do the same, so I can relate to it and respect it.

T. Harv Eker’s Blog

This is a guy whose name is synonymous with motivational stuff. Only unlike a Tony Robbins, whose motivation has a broad umbrella, Eker’s motivation is related to business success.

You could literally get lost in his site getting your mindset pumped up enough to last you a year. Here’s a recent one that I loved: Work Hard to Hardly Work

Debi J’s Blog

Debi J is what I call a “no excuses” lady. She’s working a job where she’s on the road and also building her business while sharing her steps with others. She has a mindset where she’s strong and empowered and unafraid!

It’s wonderful to get the perspective of someone who isn’t yet claiming to be an expert. She implements the stuff she purchases and shares her journey. Sometimes she gets me thinking about things I hadn’t though of before, like her blog post here: Do You Settle in or Keep Moving?

John Chow’s Blog

I first heard of John awhile ago when someone would ask about blogging experts and everyone would chime in with his name. Then I saw a big spread in some magazine (I think it was Entrepreneur – can’t recall).

He’s someone whose blog I’ve checked in on before, but after buying my first product from him – Blogging with John Chow – I’ve checked in daily to see if whatever he’s blogging about or Vlogging about it something I need to know.

His best posts are the ones where he’s a Dad and his little girl Sally is a co-host of the vlog. But he has some great guest bloggers there too, for when he isn’t giving his own insight. Just a good place to pop in daily and see what’s what. Here’s a good one John did not too long ago where he’s telling us about a tool and giving a great tutorial on using it: Make Money Online With Social Sharing Po.st

Paul D. Williams’ Blog

This is a blog I’ve come to love since our 30 day Vlogging challenge. Part of the appeal for me is that Paul teaches such wonderful writing tips. I feel like I’m getting a refresher course in things I’ve learned and forgotten – or being introduced to new ways to better my writing.

I also like that Paul’s a family man who is pursuing this marketing stuff, and trying new things, as a way to provide for his family. And the fact that he cares about what he’s saying and those reading just oozes out of his vlogs. Here’s a great one about a topic I needed the butt kicking in: Day 7 Author Vlog

This is a sampling of the blogs I read. I may not stop by daily. I usually don’t even comment. I’ve been a lurker until recently. But no more. I need more connection and less hermit practice in this industry.

Enjoy the blogs – tell me if there are any in this list that you also follow. Or, are there some other good ones you feel I should know about? (I may already know and have them bookmarked, but they’re just not in this list).

Tiff 😉

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81 Responses to “21 Blogs That Don’t Blow Smoke Up Your Backside”

  • Great list! I am actually subscribed to many of the blogs you listed. Of course, I had to go check out the ones that I had not seen before. Thanks for getting me sidetracked. I spent a couple hours reading and subscribing to new blogs… LOL

  • Joanne Reid says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


  • Yoan says:

    David Boozer’s GREAT! I watch his videos all the time! Such an inspiration! I am just discovering Nicole Dean’s blog too and I like what she writes about! The No BS approach is what we need! Thank God these people exist! Amanda’s a smart blogger too! Will check the other ones as well! xxx Yoan

  • Tamsin says:

    Great list, thanks Tiff. Good to know that I’m following some of those already and have heard of others too, so I must be on the right path … now to follow their advice and TAKE ACTION 🙂

  • Minna Bryant says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this list.

    I’ve got to check out several people on the list that I hadn’t heard of or hadn’t read anything from recently.

    John Chow looks like he’s trying not to burst out laughing. 😀

  • DK Fynn says:

    Neat list. Wish I had time to explore a lot of them. I like Kim Roach, Andrew Hansen, and Michelle MacPhearson.

  • Lisa says:

    I’m so honored to be mentioned! There are a few I need to go visit and others that I need to revisit! I am trying not to be a lurker as much either. It can be very time consuming coming out of lurker mode but it’s great to ‘schmooze’ as Bonnie would say. 🙂

  • I got the shock of my life when I saw that you’d included me in this list! Thanks for your kind words, and your support too 🙂

    I just posted the latest video, using Youtube’s ‘record your webcam’ button on the video upload page in the video manager. The result wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t brilliant either. I’m realising that vlogging is a tradeoff between recording great quality High Definition videos like I did early on (but they take half a day each to upload due to my slow internet) or record and upload something instantly using Google+ Hangouts On Air or recording options inside Youtube (but the quality is a lot poorer and both video and audio suffer).

    Come and watch it here (or just listen to it if you prefer): http://www.pauldwilliams.com/2012/author-vlog-day-23/

    • Tiffany says:

      The message is all I care about so if it’s easier, do these! I’m off to tuck the kiddos in but I’ll watch tomorrow morning 🙂

      I’m waiting for your writing course to come out someday LOL! I’m gonna bug you for one. You have excellent tips.

    • Minna Bryant says:

      Paul I’m with Tiffany – I want to hear your message. I’m off to watch now.

      I know there’s got to be hope I can find a setting somewhere to address the audio/video sync issue when recording with the Youtube ‘record your webcam’.

  • Katie says:

    Thanks for this list! I was just thinking today that I wanted to find some good blogs to read to help me learn more about the internet marketing business. This list is a perfect starting point. You must have read my mind.

  • Oh my gosh! I have to echo Paul’s words – shock! Yes, but touched too and very thankful! 🙂

    I’m with you though, I didn’t have it in me today to vlog. I had my nose to the grindstone on Friday so I’m one of the few people who didn’t hear about the tragedy in Newton until 6pm when I was driving to meet with some girlfriends.

    I turned on NPR and … I had to pull over. I can’t remember when, if ever, weeping like I did. Thank you for the excuse to not vlog today. Maybe next Sunday.

  • Pamela says:

    Thanks for the great post! I love to see what other people are reading. I follow most of the ones you have listed, but have the others open in tabs as I type so I can go and check them out.

    I also like Corbett Barr from Start a Blog that Matters, and Expert Enough.

    As well as Robert Shultz, Pamela Wilson with Big Brand System, and Kelly McCausey… among others.

    Nice to Know I’m not the only one suffering from hemititis… but, I’ve decided that 2013 is the year I will stretch myself out my comfort zone more.

  • Carol Amato says:

    I was so surprised to see myself in this list – thanks for your kind words…What a privilege!

    You have inspired be from the very beginning of my journey, and for that – I thank YOU. 🙂

    Take care,
    – Carol

  • ancuta says:

    Thank you, Tiff, for sharing this list. I’m subscribed to only one blog from it and I’m happy to discover some more which I like very much.
    I can see that the Internet is becoming more and more content oriented, which is great!

  • Debi J says:

    I’m flattered and elated that I was included in your list. There are days I feel like what I’m doing just isn’t enough so thank you for the kudos. 🙂

    Many of these blogs I follow as well. My son and I have attended some of T. Harv Eker’s events and I can say they rock. He really makes you think!

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah I may if he ever comes around here – I’m sure he does come to DFW. LOL But then will my hermit allow me?

      • Debi J says:

        Hey, if we had to vlog, you can go into a public setting. LOL

        The Millionaire Mindset Intensive is where we started. LOTS of people, but really great ones because they’re all there for the positive mindset. Definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone but that’s cause it makes you think about what you really want. I met a lot of great people there too, many of whom I still keep in touch with.

        And even if YOU don’t push yourself there, my son went to the Enlightened Warrior Training camp…your oldest might REALLY enjoy THAT one!

        • Tiffany says:

          LOL I do want to go to something in Dallas this year – not sure what, but Dallas isn’t TOO far from me. I just want to force myself.

  • Hi Tiffany, great selection of blogs!
    I added them all to my RSS feed, so I will start reading their contents on daily basis, just like I do with your blog 🙂

    The articles you suggested are all great to read, and I will learn many lessons from them.

    Thanks so much and see you soon!
    Alessandro Zamboni

  • Angie Nelson says:

    Yours was the first email I opened this morning, Tiff. I was going to see who to add to my reader this morning. I didn’t expect to be on the list.

    I’m honored. You have a lot of bloggers that I look up to up there.

  • Cat says:

    noooo! I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of blogs I read, and now I’ve just ended up subscribing to a bunch of these. You’re a bad influence lol

  • Jenn says:

    Okay, so I just spent a lot of time catching up on your blog posts and the comments and on this last one you’re sending me to read more good stuff.

    This is turning into a marathon reading session. I may have to just bookmark them and look at them later. Thanks for doing this list.

  • Bruce says:

    Well, I think you’ve just destroyed what little free time I had left!
    Great list – I’ve added 10 of them to my daily reading list.
    Kept the rest on the off chance that I will in fact have a minute or three between 2 and 3 am, in which case I can add the others as well.
    Many thanks.

  • Many thanks for including my blog. I only relaunched my blog a few weeks ago after a hiatus of a few years so I really appreciate people spreading the word.

    Some great bloggers on the list. Some I didn’t know so I’ll need to check them out 🙂


  • Karen says:

    Thanks for this list Tiff! I’m definitely checking out some of these blogs and adding to my reading list.

    I really appreciate marketers who work without the hype and fluffy unicorns! LOL

  • Cyril Almond says:

    Hi Tiffany i have had a look a some of these blogs. Thank you for posting them. As you may have gathered by now. I am one who stands on the edge of the pool. Not getting in yet. I must admit some of you lose me. I just do not seem to follow. Must be something to do with age and certainly just a pension. But i enjoy reading and trying to follow.
    I remember when i did my national service. I was told that to become a good wireless opp i must have algebra. That i did not have. But when i was needed for Korea. I was slung in at the deep end and managed very well. Could be the same here.

    I wish you all the Christ in Christmas. god Bless Cyril Almond.

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I follow many of the same blogs you do, Tiff.

    Aww, thank you hon for including my blog in the list – what a pleasant surprise!

    I’ll have to check out a few of the ones you listed, as I see I’m missing a few!

    How do you make time to visit them all? Do you have a weekly schedule to visit a few each day or do you visit them all during the same day each week?

    Inquiring minds…. 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t have a schedule and I don’t go daily. I just flit, Bonnie. I open my blog folder and randomly look and say, “Hey I wonder what so and so is up to?” Then I go and read their latest posts and get all caught up. Probably one reason I don’t comment often is time.

      • Bonnie Gean says:

        I totally understand!

        There are numerous times that I’ve come here to your blog to read, but never had the time to sit down and write a lengthy post when it called for one.

        TIME is really a factor in everything we do as entrepreneurs. I keep hoping that one of these days, when I have a VA to share the work, that will give me more time to stop and share more often.

        Keep your fingers crossed in 2013. 🙂

        • Tiffany says:

          Someone online (maybe Kevin?) said something about having tons of draft mode posts. Sounds like a good idea – start a draft and finish as you can.

          • Debi J says:

            Had to laugh when I read this cause I thought about the number of drafts I have in my blog. I also keep a draft “ideas” post. That way whenever something comes to mind that I want to expand on in a post but I don’t have time right then, I don’t lose the thought. It also gives me a way to never be wondering what to write about when I DO have time! 🙂

            • Tiffany says:

              ooooh another good idea Debi – thanks!

              • OK – my tip for dealing with ‘draft mode logjams’… always leave a post so that you can publish it, especially when it is unfinished. My preference is to then just publish it. I can keep coming back to it and adding to it as many times as I like then. Readers do like to see ‘UPDATED’ on a blog post, y’know. Gives you an excuse to draw attention back to your content too.

    • I’ve got a folder in my bookmarks called “IM Blog Feeds” where I’m subscribed to the RSS feeds. When I have spare time I scroll through them. The icon next to the post is orange if I haven’t read it yet so I know when there is new stuff up! I have a separate folder for blogs that update daily and/or I want to be sure to check daily.

  • Ruth P says:

    Thank you so much Tiffany – made me smile when I saw my name there, mixed in with such wonderful bloggers. I follow a lot of these but I’ll certainly be adding some new ones to my RSS reader now!

  • Thanks for including me! It’s awesome seeing my name up there with all of the awesome bloggers I follow. I even picked up a few that I haven’t read before!

  • Thanks for this post Tiffany, because I like real marketers and people who tell the truth. I already connected with some of these wonderful business owners. Thanks.

  • Joe Mudd says:

    Another great list Tiffany.

    I’ll add one more. Check out Sean DSouza’s Psychotactics blog. You can find it at http://www.psychotactics.com/blog/

    Sean has a wealth of great info and is a pretty good story teller.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    This is good news because I do not like smoke blown up my backside! ha.

    I like Pat Flynn and another guy Leslie at BecomeaBlogger for good little tips(actually I do Leslies facebook pages feed which tells the blog posts)….and yours of course.

  • Jeremy Ginn says:

    Hey Tiffany,

    I loved this list. I knew many of the names but there were a few new faces.

    I look forward to all the stuff you’ve got planned for 2013!

  • Ruth C says:

    I am subscribed to seven of these blogs but of course can’t read them all every day. I do like to scan the emails to see if it’s something I’ll make time for. They are all excellent. I found you, Tiff, through Carol Amato’s blog. She did that Award thing for the best 25 women blogger and your name was at the top. Thanks for this list. I don’t know them all…yet.

  • Thanks for this list, I recently posted in squidu at yuku about blog recommendations

  • Constantin says:

    I am very proud of Carol ascent. Diligent and persevering is a marketer who is a real example for the rest of us.
    Congratulation Carol.

  • Andy Black says:

    I’ve just found Steve Pavlina’s recently and laughed at this post: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2006/07/10-reasons-you-should-never-get-a-job/

    And have been following Seth Godin for years. He rocks!

  • David Boozer says:

    Thank you Tiffany for the mention of myself and work, it is greatly appreciated. I just found it recently and will be subscribing to this blog….this is a a really cool hub. Anyway, thank you again and God Bless….=)

  • David Boozer says:

    Yeah, it’s been an exciting 4 years online, will soon open an SEO company in the Pacific Northwest…which is fun, but wow it is complicated some days.

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