25 Packs ONLY: One Owner 50-Page Niche Book Pre-Order Packs CHEAP

Hi everyone! I normally don’t send out a second email in one day but in this case I’m going to because when I wake up tomorrow, a WSO is going live and I want my list members to get first dibs before the public.

I recently announced to y’all that I was going to be creating 50-page niche eBooks on popular topics like diet and fitness, anti aging, relationships, etc. and selling them to just one owner for $500 (which is $10 per page).

I had so many people email me wanting first dibs or asking if they could go ahead and pay to reserve certain ones that I decided I’d list a WSO for it and let just 25 people take advantage of this offer before I get started.

Here’s how it will work:

1.You look at the list of topics I am going to write about below and choose one that you want me to write for you.

2.You use this link to pre-order your own unique niche 50-page eBook for just $500 here.

3. You email me with your receipt or transaction ID and tell me what topic you chose.

4. I will put you in line of first come, first served and email you the 50-page creation as soon as it’s complete. I hope to create one
per week, but I’m going to go as fast as possible.


This is not a traditional ghostwriting service. My usual rate for that was $30 per page. This is you just choosing from the allowed topics and getting a 100% unique eBook written JUST for you BY me (former “Ghostwriter to the Gurus”) to own outright and sell or do
whatever you want with – with YOUR name on it.

It will not be a situation where all of the specs are requested by the buyer. You pick a topic and I will create the eBook and do all of the research.

I will list the topics below – you can choose any one you want. Even if 10 people choose healthy diet, they will all receive 100%
unique creations. IF you happen to want something that’s not on this list, please email me FIRST and ask me if I can do it for you.
Do not order before asking if it’s not on this list.

34 Topics to Choose From:

1. Healthy Dieting
2. Fitness Tips to Help You Get Healthy
3. A Combination of Diet and Fitness
4. Saving Your Marriage (or Relationship – please specify)
5. Internet Marketing Basics
6. Freelance Ghostwriting Tips
7. Running Your Own PLR Store
8. Branding Yourself Online
9. Anti-Aging Tips
10. Caring for Your Baby
11. Find a Way to Quit Smoking
12. Wedding Planning (a planner or budget tips)
13. Sleep Better
14. Raising Your Self Esteem (please specify target audience)
15. Stress Reduction Tips
16. Introduction to Gardening
17. Credit Repair Tips
18. A Guide to Homeschooling
19. A Guide to Men’s Health
20. A Guide a Women’s Health
21. A Guide to Senior Health Issues
22. Dating Tips for Men
23. Dating Tips for Women
24. Time Management Improvement
25. A Guide to Managing Panic Attacks
26. A Guide to Overcoming Infertility
27. A Guide to Organic Living
28. Managing Your Diabetes
29. Managing Your Arthritis
30. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
31. A Guide to Managing Depression
32. A Guide to Managing Menopause
33. A Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy
34. Finding the Right Cholesterol Numbers

Link to Order One of the 25 Niche eBooks to Be Created For You:

Tiffany Dow’s Niche eBook Creation


Tiff 🙂

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