Basic Good Old Traffic Advice

Hi everyone! Look, you know I’m a web 2.0 enthusiast. I like it because it’s free and easy – what could be better? So here is a tip on what to do to build links to your site and increase the traffic flow.

Note: This is a long-term endeavor, not a quick fix! Growth and organic traffic building takes time and that’s a good thing – because Google likes to see natural growth, not an overnight flood of links and pages pointing to your domain (they get suspicious about that).

So here’s what you do over time:

First, you need to compile a big list of keywords to use all over the net. Spend like a full day doing this.
Use this tool among others:


Then let me show you an example of what to do for EACH keyword:

Take this keyword phrase for example: female hair loss

Here’s what you make out of each keyword:

1 Lens on Squidoo JUST about female hair loss

1 page on Hub Pages JUST about female hair loss

1 Knol on Google Knol JUST about female hair loss

1 Article on Ezine Articles JUST about female hair loss (you can also post more articles on other article directories but EZA is the king for now)

And if you have a blog, which you should? 1 blog post about female hair loss, too!

1 Article on your domain using LSI (google it if you’re not familiar with it – it’s all about themes on your site)

Then you cross-promote all this stuff. This is a LONG process, but if you want to dominate, it takes time and Google doesn’t like overnight domination anyway – they might sandbox your site if you have too much growth too fast.

My advice? Gather your keywords one day – I mean everything related to your niche from broad keyword to long tail ones to brand names.

Take your list and hire a ghostwriter (cheap on Elance or hire me if I have a WSO running on it) to write unique content for you to turn into those 5 items I listed above (for a lens, you want three 250 word articles, same for a Hub. For a knol and an article directory, you want one long article – for a blog post, it can be 200 words or so).

Then just plug in their content, all of it linking to your domain. Do this for each keyword. This is what the big sites have – tons of links and content pointing to them.

Tiff 😉

15 Responses to “Basic Good Old Traffic Advice”

  • Dr Wright says:

    This rocks! I love plain, simple easy to do lists about things a NON geek can understand!

    Thanks Tiff for putting the real deal info out there!

    Dr Wright
    The Wright place TV Show

  • Rob Favero says:

    I was under the impression that if you made Squidoo Lenses — one per keyword — that you would probably get tagged as a spammer. Something I read led me to believe that a person with multiple lenses would need to have them vary in content pretty substantially. I guess that’s not the case?

    Great ideas you’ve offered here. I think this strategy is one that is slow to build traffic, but it also tends to be steady and not go away quickly. Is that right?

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi Rob!

    Nooooo – misinformation floating around! Squidoo welcomes, encourages, urges you to build lenses on keywords. Build millions! Build zillions!

    No, you don’t have to have them vary in content at ALL! I start with a broad topic – then I create tons of little niche lenses around the main topic.

    You’re not the first person who’s said they heard that somewhere – so someone’s misleading people.

    Start with one broad lens (I did Christmas for example) then build dozens of relevant keyword lenses – I did Christmas tress, Christmas Stories, Christmas movies, etc. You get the idea!

    Yes, it’s slow, steady growth – but having a ghostwriter so you just plug it in makes it move faster 😉

  • Anthony says:

    Awesome job Tiffany! Quite a simple plan that anyone can do. I will definitely use the blueprint.
    Gods Blessings, Anthony

  • Bob Kimball says:


    You always make it plain vanilla just like I like it!!

    I’m starting today. Thanks!


  • Cheryl says:


    I agree with the others, your straight, “plain vanilla” advice is MOST appreciated. Very timely as always.

    Thanks again!

  • Anita Kaiser says:

    I’ve perviously not read alot of the things you’ve written about squidoo becasue I thought it woudl be too complicated……….but after reading this I will be getting busy. I will also be watching this site alot more closely – thanks for being so straight up with it!

  • Gail Doby says:

    Great ideas, Tiffany! You always make it easy.

  • Denise says:

    Hi Tiff

    You are a good egg! as usual thanks for the advice

    Best Wishes

    In rainy England!

  • Dallas says:

    LSI? Latent Semantic Indexing? If so, got a good resource? If not, what is it?

    Oh – yes, this is an excellent post.

  • Emma Larkins says:

    Hey Tiffany! Loved your advice. I had a couple quick questions about the Google Adwords link you posted. I went to the site, and typed in a keyword group (such as “getting published.”) This brought up a bunch of different, related keywords. Do you use all of these related keywords? Do you focus on ones that get a lot of traffic? Do you focus on ones with low “competition” scores so that you don’t have a lot of competition? Or am I just thinking too much into this? Thanks, Emma

  • Tiffany says:

    Hi Emma!

    Well I personally go with relevant ones. I don’t touch any that aren’t relevant to my niche. But I DO go with broad, high competition keywords too – don’t leave those out.

    Some marketers will tell you to JUST go for the “low hanging fruit” but as you build up momentum, you’ll want your site ranking for those prime keywords too. Eventually, you might become “king of the hill” and knock off the #1 competitor!
    Tiff 🙂

  • Emma Larkins says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ve been following your advice, gotten through Squidoo, hubpages, and blogging. However, now I’m running into an issue: If I create a lens and a hub for the same keyword, how do I avoid duplication of information? It doesn’t seem right to have links from my website to a lens and a hub with exactly the same information. What are your thoughts?


  • sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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