Become a PLR Writer Final Review

Hi everyone! I’m finally wrapping up my review of Peggy Baron’s Become a PLR Writer. Let’s move on with the final sections and then I’ll summarize below what my thoughts are on whether or not this is a good investment.

I’m on to the PLR Step By Step section, which offers us a checklist and detailed explanation of each element.  On #5 (page 36) I’m confused as to why you’d want to do the latter step if it’s PLR, but the checklist is good. I’m now at a point when I know the steps but every now and then I’ll forget one myself. I just realized the other day I had run a WSO and told my list about a large pack but I never put it on my PLR Mini Mart! LOL!

Next I’m on the Grow Your List section.  This is SO important! And she gives a neat template you can use for your squeeze page. LOVE her miscellaneous point on the bottom of page 40 – very true! You have to respect this situation or people won’t buy from you.

Now I’m on to Marketing Your PLR. The ideas are all good, but there needs to be more detail. IE: Bottom of page 42, first bold “thing” you can do. I want some examples – I don’t want to go buy another report from someone else.  One thing – on page 44 I agree with the WSO mention but it’s hard for people to tell what’s a successful PLR WSO. Some of my VERY best sellers have not ONE single comment on them. LOL! I think this goes back to the sticky point above.

Peggy lists a very good compilation of marketing ideas here.

On to the Q&A portion now. Wow page 48 has a VERY nice over the top gift on it.  And her conclusion is very heartfelt and realistic. This last page is why I wanted to review this product – it’s the type of person Peggy is.

Okay so let’s bottom line it, shall we? Con first (because there’s only one)!

Peggy could flesh out some things here and there. I know sometimes this can cause a guide on one topic to become a monster, but I like to think, whenever I’m creating a course, that it’s a stand alone product.

Pros now:

While some things could stand a little more detail, overall, she’s given us all of the steps – and many I hadn’t even thought of myself! This is why Become a PLR Writer made such a perfect pairing for my PLR ATM course. You’ll find plenty of tips in there that I hadn’t put in my course – stuff I myself am working on implementing right now!

She is VERY honest in what to expect starting this business, yet she’s encouraging and motivational in how to go about it.

Become a PLR Writer included some wonderful bonus items that I did not have in my own course. Or if we have two similar items, they’re different enough to make for two good unique ones.

Now Peggy also has a cool monthly newsletter that goes out with her PLR course (another thing I don’t have)! It’s called Professional PLR Provider Newsletter and I think this is a great thing to have – not only does it include more tips and strategies, but it also keeps you on your toes. You and I both know that some of you will get all excited about PLR and set it up and then shiny new object syndrome sets in and you forget to really build up your site.

I think the newsletter is a great way to get a swift kick in the rear each month to remind you to keep at it! Because it’s worth it! Peggy sent me 3 issues of the newsletter and I was amazed. She does a wonderful job of sharing her tips and secrets and strategies here. And it’s a good read too – very casual, friendly and thorough.

She also interviews other PLR providers and puts their tips in there, so it’s like a whole other course coming to your inbox monthly, but not overwhelming  – just enough to spark ideas and let you tweak the way you’re doing business!

Two thumbs up from me on Become a PLR Writer AND the newsletter. Good stuff. Good people.

Tiff 🙂

16 Responses to “Become a PLR Writer Final Review”

  • Sue says:

    Have to agree with you Tiff. It is a great course and for the price it is definitely worth it. I found it a great companion to your PLR ATM course and refer back to both regularly.

    The monthly newsletter is wonderful and very helpful. A good place to ask questions and get informative replies.

    • Jesse says:

      I could not agree more. I have been a long time customer of Preggy and love almost everything she offers. Oh, and you too Tiff. Your plr rocks. 😀

  • Tristan says:

    Peggy gave me a review copy of Become a PLR Writer and I thought it was great. I’m very new to the PLR thing, and her ebook laid it all out very well.

    Regarding #5 on page 36… Why NOT do it that way? It 1) makes it easier for the buyer of the PLR to do what they want with it (for example, straight up txt files are great for the Kindle or iPods) and 2) makes the buyer feel like they’re getting more stuff and more value. I see no downsides, and it takes zero more time and energy.

    I’m new to PLR and never thought to myself while reading the ebook, “Hmmm… I wish she’d elaborated more on that.” I have been doing the internet marketing thing for the better part of a decade, though, so maybe it’s just because I’m familiar with the techniques she mentioned. I’m sure that Peggy would be more than happy to answer anyone’s questions via email and elaborate on any unclear concepts. I’ve talked to her via email on several occasions and she’s super friendly.

    Anyway, nice review, Tiffany. I think Peggy’s ebook is a great starting point for anyone interested in starting a PLR business. And for the price, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Tristan! I’m not talking txt I meant PDF. I thought that might make it uneditable? I was wondering how that part would help. Expanding is exactly what you mentioned. I’m experienced too. So someone new to all this, seeing a blurb that says to take care of SEO might go, “What does that mean? What should I do for SEO?” I know there’s a mention of another marketer’s product but I’d prefer a few little tips included here.

      I agree that she’s more than willing to answer questions – perhaps the sweetest marketer I know online! Totally agree regarding price, too – amazing value!

      • Tristan says:

        Again, I think it comes back to value. The perceived value of a PDF is higher than just plain text. I’ve noticed that my longer posts with printable PDF ebook versions of the post (in addition to the normal text versions) get shared more than normal posts. That was convoluted, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.

        And since creating a PDF from a Word document is as easy as just clicking a button, I see no reason not to include PDF versions.

        Of course, that’s me doing some total armchair PLR thinking. I know it works for blogging, so I’d assume it wouldn’t hurt for PLR.

        Thanks for the reply, Tiffany. Hope your week is going well so far.

        • Tiffany says:

          lol Well whatever sells works for me! 🙂 My week’s going great – how bout you?

          • Peggy Baron says:

            Hey Tiff and Tristan,

            A PDF is perceived as higher value, that’s very true!

            Regarding offering a PLR ebook also in .doc, .txt and PDF format, my thinking is that people like to have options. While I don’t think it’s the best way, some want the PDF because they don’t want to make changes to it. Others like to edit the PDF directly. This is doable with Adobe Acrobat or OpenOffice.


        • Buck says:

          When I buy PLR, I appreciate having the PDF file for two reasons. For one, I can review the product better seeing it in a final format. More importantly, I am using Linux and Open Office (OOo). However, most producers provide MS Word documents.

          There is a difference in the way the two word processors handle the documents. Sometimes, OOo, grossly distorts the appearance of a document coming from MS Word. Sometimes I really need to see the final product.

          It sometimes tells me something about the product provider. OOo doesn’t always cause the distortion. I have seen some products look just as bad in the provided PDF file as OOo shows. When it does, I can’t help but think someone cut and pasted paragraphs or sentences from other products, documents or websites and threw in some pictures just to have something to sell. I don’t go back to them.

  • Kristen says:

    I just think it’s wonderful that you reviewed a competing product and gave it two thumbs way up. You’re just that kind of gal. Love ya!

  • frances says:

    hi tiff! great information. i just have one question to ask though. say a lot of people bought your plr. with the recent Google content farm update being stricter than ever with duplicate content, won’t PLR suffer if your exact content is found to be on different places on the ‘net? thanks!

    • Tiffany says:

      I didn’t hear that Google was penalizing duplicate content (which by the way is technically, according to Google, content found twice on the same domain – not content found twice on two different domains). I think they’re cracking down on POOR quality content. I think if you have well written content and relevancy within a site (not a site with tons of random curated content that doesn’t pull together somehow), then that’s a big problem 🙂

      • Buck says:

        Google seems to be cracking down on sites that scrape content or provide no original content. The two biggest traffic autoblogs I had have seen a drop in traffic this last month almost as if someone turned a switch off to them. One is exclusively scraped content, (yes, ethically, morally and legally acceptable) and one is articles from article directories.

        Surprisingly enough, an all but dead one that has no traffic and only unique content went up in the page rank.

        • Tiffany says:

          Weird! I saw a blog that only had wp robot on it grow from 0 to 400+ unique hits this month. I thought that was strange – not even ONE unique blog post yet. I just hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it. LOL!

  • I trust what you say, Tiffany. There are PLR writers and sources on the Internet, but all are not equal. Really high quality is difficult to find. You are among those and being in the field myself, I really admire that.

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