Blogging With John Chow Review Part 16: Days 11 and 12

Hi everyone! I’m continuing on today with my review of Blogging With John Chow. Love implementing the daily tasks like this because I have other stuff to do, so this isn’t overwhelming.

My sister Jeni bought the course and last night we were talking about it and she loves it already. It’s cool because she’s coming at it from a different perspective – newbie-like, while I’m experienced – and yet it’s benefiting both of us. Few courses can do that for marketers.

Day 11: Fill in the Pages

I like how he explains that this isn’t a cookie cutter approach. He’s going to share his thoughts on pages and then we each may have a unique creation and quantity of pages on our sites, depending on our purpose. 

This IS definitely a key factor in blogging – and unfortunately for me, it’s something I kind of suck at. So until I hear specific requests, I usually stink at it and then it improves once I realize there’s a problem.

I am seeing clean up things I need to do so I’m doing them as I read. I followed the tasks in writing everything out so I’ll be working on those over time.

He has good insight about what to put n pages versus posts.

Day 12: Create a Comment List

From the title I have no idea what this is going to be. Ah okay this is a double task of sorts.

He has a good reason for part 1 of this – well, and part 2. Both sides of the equation. This is something I’ve been bad about. Lurking on sites. Forget about the backlink – I never even check that. It’s bad to lurk because I don’t get to know and build a relationship with other bloggers.

Blogging with John Chow

Knowing myself how much I get out of the interaction with you, I should have paid more attention to this. I tailor my posts and products to your needs and your comments, so it’s vital to my success that you interact and I should be doing the same.

I’m not really going to be as strict as he is about scheduling – but I do now have a growing bookmark list of my favorite genuine blogs that I’ll participate on. I’m not out there looking for “high ranking blogs that would give me a good backlink.” Not interested in that – and it’s not what he’s teaching either, but I know many who do.

Then he gets into our own blogs. I have the same policy he has about it.

End of Today’s Review

Both of these days in the Blogging With John Chow course were important to help you run your blog. Wish I’d read Day 11 when I was first starting out. I had no clue – I’m getting better. Luckily it’s something we can change whenever we want or need to 🙂

Tiff 😉

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12 Responses to “Blogging With John Chow Review Part 16: Days 11 and 12”

  • LisaH says:

    Did you make a navigational structure outline? I can’t quite wrap my head around that. A few more examples would have been good for that =)

    • Tiffany says:

      Sorta – I did, but mine’s already done. I didn’t understand his as much as I understood mine. Basically, draw it out. I need one more age – my products – but it might be under resources. LOL! I cleaned up my PLR resources for dead links, too.

      • LisaH says:

        Hmm, could be because I don’t know how my new project will be structured yet.
        Put it as a page up top, so even the laziest people can find your products 😉

        • Tiffany says:

          Yeah I’m going to – Bonnie kicked my butt and told me how unprofessional my opt in page was. She’s right. LOL! She does it in a loving way.

          • LisaH says:

            I forgot what that looked like, just checked – yeah doesn’t fit with your new theme and all. Looking forward to the new and improved version. 😀

            Something I just noticed, the description for the 2nd IM Writing Tips and the Product Review course is the same. =)
            Will you continue the writing tips series this year?

            • Tiffany says:

              Yeah I want to do a video and bullet point opt in on there – all above the fold. Errrr yeah I knew about that description thing. I was just testing YOU Lisa! LOL

              Yes the IM Writing Tips is on my master list of to dos 🙂 Finishing everything is – 30 day branding, etc.

  • LisaH says:

    Well, test passed then 😉
    Oh now I’m excited! The first two where sooo helpful! Can’t wait for the next one 😀

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I’ve totally slacked in the review department for John’s product, but I’m going to get back in the saddle again, now that I have a better fix on my schedule.

    I need to finsih my Squidoo lens tonight for Amanda’s challenge and then it’s off to bed.

    What is your favorite part of Blogging with John Chow, if I may be so bold to ask?

  • Priscilla says:

    When you started reviewing this course I was a bit worried (like many others). But I didn’t say anything because for the life of me I couldn’t remember *why* I had a bad feeling about him, I just knew I used to read his blog years ago and then I stopped reading it, along with a few other blogs like John Cow and Shoemoney.

    Now I think maybe that might have been a period where I got fed up with IM gurus in general and just stopped reading all the blogs I was following at the time.

    That’s why I’m so glad you’re reviewing this course. I would never have given it a chance on my own, and I would have missed out because from your reviews it seems his integrity is on par with my other 2 favorite marketers (you and Pat Flynn).

    Now his course is on my wishlist, and I’m planning on buying it as soon as I can! Thanks Tiffany 🙂

    I’m also bad about lurking on sites and not commenting, especially when there are already a lot of other comments – usually whatever I want to say has already been said!

    I think I’m commenting on your blog more than I’ve commented on anyone else’s blog in a long time (though even here I don’t comment on all the posts I read yet). It’s not because of backlinks – it’s because you respond to every comment, even if it’s just a short line. It makes a person feel welcome and breaks down the barrier a little more.

    • Tiffany says:

      His blog content is perfect for his specific audience. So he caters to their needs. While that may be more loud “MMO” kind of speak, his course is more heartfelt and teaching you to cater to YOUR readers’ needs. Perfect 🙂

      I’m glad you’re commenting here Priscilla – nice getting to know you!

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