Blogging With John Chow Review Part 17: Days 13 and 14

Hi everyone! I’m happy to continue on with my review of Blogging With John Chow today. Last time I took notes and made some to do tasks. But they’re things I’ll have to work on doing the right way, so while I fixed a few things, the major ones I’m stewing on and figuring out how I want to do it exactly.

Today we move on to days 13 and 14! Let’s get started 🙂

Day 13: Start Commenting

I worried about how he would approach this – it could so easily teeter on unethical or spam. He didn’t go there. Whew! In fact it’s not about just blog comments – it’s a social networking etiquette in general.

I actually started doing this during the vlog challenge – and I’ve discovered that when I do put MYself out there on OTHER people’s blogs, social posts, etc., I develop a better understanding about who they are, what they represent, and how it benefits me (or not). Because I engage the person and a conversation ensues.

It tells you much more than just someone’s personal blog post does.

John sets a goal – well, he shares his – I don’t personally want anything specific in mind. If I land on a blog and want to comment, I will. But if you’re not in the practice of it and need some guidelines, do it his way. 

He definitely pulls you back from going off the deep end and becoming a spammer. I like that. I also like that he’s not over thinking the SEO of it. He’s teaching backlinks in a way, yes – but it’s more based on engaged connections, not “use your keyword as your name” kind of crap that I abhor.

I picked up a tip here though about what I am linking to. I wasn’t doing it his way. I will now. I can see how that would increase traffic and position – but he’s not hardcore rabid about it.

Day 14: Social Media and RSS

Immediately I see RSS and I shrink back into my turtle shell where there’s no scary technical speak. I hate RSS and all that stuff. Ask my friend Lewis Smile – he harped on me for a long time about using it, and I eventually got it all set up on FriendFeed – but I don’t like it. Oh no, I don’t like it one bit! LOL!


He was always flabbergasted that I would prefer to use bookmarks and scroll down individually through my links than just look at a feed. But for me, a feed feels overwhelming like noise. I like to dedicate 100% of my attention on each specific domain at a time. I don’t like seeing one post from you, another from Joe Blow, and then a third from Sally and back to Joe – it messes with my head.

So let’s see what John’s teaching!

Oh whew! He’s teaching it as something we offer to others. Well my blog does that thank goodness. At the bottom of my blog you’ll find an RSS button if that’s your cup of tea.

He’s pairing the RSS with social media – smart approach, but I like the personalization of manually doing it, so I’m not implementing this one idea.

He is systematic, which is going to be what MANY of you prefer. He’s on the ball, staying on top of his blog and socialization. I know he’s proven this true. I see him approving comments, responding, socializing his reputation online. It’s great!

End of Today’s Review

I enjoyed it. Quick to digest. If it’s wanted to automate what was taught in day 14 of Blogging With John Chow, then it might have taken me a bit longer. The day 13 task, I do regularly now anyway – throughout the day almost like I was in an office, walking to the break room and I stopped by someone’s cubicle or something. LOL!

Okay time to finish up some other stuff!

Tiff 😉

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16 Responses to “Blogging With John Chow Review Part 17: Days 13 and 14”

  • LisaH says:

    I personally don’t use RSS that much and prefer to subscribe to RSS feeds via e-mail if possible. But a lot of my friends are using it, especially on mobile devices. Maybe make your RSS button more visible, add it on top or something?

    Or for those that aren’t sure if their audience is even using it much, you could ask via a poll or survey. There’s free sites where you can set one of those up and send it out to your list.

    • Tiffany says:

      :/ make it more visible? But that means…something technical Lisa. LOL

      I’ll try.

      • LisaH says:

        It’s a little button, you’ve changed around most of your blog layout. You can do it!! 😀
        Really, I think you’re more technically talented than you give yourself credit for. 🙂

        I don’t know how many RSS subscribers you have, maybe find out if it’s something your readers use frequently.

        Thank you, btw, for emailing out your newest blog posts. Some of the blogs I read don’t do that and I had to use the RSS feature to get updated on new posts so I don’t miss them. I kind of forget if something doesn’t remind me to check LOL!

  • Hi Tiff

    I agree with you on that RSS stuff I could never figure out what to do with it, it seems like a lot of geeky stuff you have to implement, but you know in the last couple of years I kind of turned into s geek. HA-HA


  • Joanna says:

    Funny, I get upset if a blog doesn’t offer RSS. Though I guess I do follow a lot of blogs that are providing information, or just no-fluff facts, where it’s not really about the personality of the website that matters but the content. And then there are some that won’t have regular updates, or even any updates for months, but once they post it is epic, so would not want to miss that…

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