Blogging With John Chow Review Part 19: Days 17-30 and OTO

Hi everyone! I am a little over halfway through the 30-day action plan inside the Blogging With John Chow membership area.  Not only is the course resonating with you (I can tell because you’re reacting to what I’m blogging about) but it’s really helping me with productivity and a real targeted focus in my blogging efforts.

So let’s get a move on!

Day 17: Connect With Other Bloggers

Seems like we’ve already done this task somehow. I know I have. Okay not completely. The second bulletpoint under the to-do tasks I haven’t done. Oh wow haven’t done the next one, either. Short task on this day. Added it to my Implementation document.

Day 18: Find Your Target Audience and Revise

This is very important and luckily, it’s something I do. OMG I just took a big detour for a long time digging into stuff because of this day’s task. This is good solid advice. I’m basically good here because I always keep an eye on it several ways.

Day 19: What’s Working?

I like the warning he gives at the beginning of this. I see people do that all the time almost in a panic. I also love that in the “Why It’s Important” section he admits his own faults here. So you newbies take note.

On the to do tasks, the first bulletpoint answer is yes. Second bulletpoint answer is – all good! I don’t yet have the third bulletpoint fully visualized yet but I’m getting there. The last bulletpoint I’m good on – but I don’t some of you don’t do this right.

Day 20: Linking to Other Sites

I agree with him here. I have to say that I never pay much attention to this one way or the other. I know it helps me in some ways – might hurt me in others.

With bulletpoint 1, I definitely do this. Etiquette I think. I won’t be doing bulletpoint #2 but if I had a new blog and wasn’t doing this, I might. Agree with #3. I never pay attention to #4. Seems too forced. I just link what’s right to link to.

Day 21: Deep Linking and Natural Linking

I never pay attention to strategic linking. Only when I implement some affiliate course and have a test site – like with Bring the Fresh or something – otherwise, nothing for here. It’s all natural.

Ugh this sounds so dreadful to me. It will mean paying attention, sorting and seeking type of stuff. PER POST!? No way. I’m not doing this. MAYBE one…once in awhile. No way am I doing it this way. LOL!

Part of it is sheer laziness, sure. But the other part of it is because as a reader, I just don’t like seeing things done this way. Don’t ask me why – I’m a weirdo. But I don’t want to feel like every other word is a freaking hyperlink.

The last 3 bulletpoints are fine.

Day 22: Advertising

Okay this is a variety of strategies he’s going over. I like the first bulletpoint. I need to do this. I don’t know yet what I want to do with bulletpoint #2. I haven’t decided. I have a great method for the #3 bulletpoint – and I teach it in Guide to Shiny New Object Syndrome. The last couple of bulletpoints are already done by me.

Day 23: Get More Immediate Traffic

I like that he talks about a 2-pronged approach to traffic. I don’t do bulletpoint #1. No need. Newbies really need to embrace bulletpoint #2 and work it. And #3 is good. I do some of these. I like that he tackles a viral approach plan. Needs to be thought out like this to work. And I love the last bulletpoint. Remember this when you’re feeling like you’re not doing something right.

Day 24: Brainstorm Guest Post Opportunities

I need to be making a plan for this. Wow he approaches it very professionally. It’s not “Hey wanna guest blog?” It’s more like editorial processes you’d find in Writer’s Market. I likey!

I’m going to take this approach.

Day 25: Monetizing Part 2

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but I don’t know how to manage. People always ask me if they can do this and I have to turn them away.

I’m still totally confused. He tells us a site to check more info on but none of it makes any sense to me. This is like math – I shut down. I’d love to know this part.

Day 26: Comment Boosting Hat Trick

Wow when you see the stats you’ll feel MUCH better if your blog is quiet. I really agree with the 3rd bulletpoint. I hate blogs that don’t do this. I like what he says in the fourth one about it making it easier for you. Ooooh! I like the fifth one! I want to do that! I will do it this week even though I don’t need to.

I like the last bulletpoint in this part of Blogging With John Chow and what it stands for as far as engaging your audience and building a rapport.

Day 27: Review Analytics and Revise Your Plans

The first bulletpoint is something I need to be doing. I’m sporadic and don’t really know what I’m doing too much. Oh cool I just learned what my lowest traffic day appears to be. And my highest! He talks about ways you can improve performance and what to watch for.

Day 28: AdSense on Your Site?

I like that John doesn’t have a cookie cutter answer here. Some people will be a good fit, some won’t. And by people, I mean sites. LOL – so make sure you go through his bulletpoints and take his advice on tweaking AdSense if you do use it, so that you maximize your earnings.

Day 29: Content Calendar Revision

Mine is growing enormously. I’ve easily been able to bump things and do something else if I need to – so flexibility hasn’t been an issue for me. Nor has finding things to talk about. Just falls into my lap via conversions I have in emails with y’all. Or stuff I see in comments.

He has us analyze some things here. Look for improvements.

Day 30: Taking It to the Next Level

He does a good job of giving you specific filters to watch out for when you make a decision about your blog’s monetization. The second bulletpoint is so true. Put a “great” adjective in front of that.

Automation Empire Modules

I think this was part of the OTO offer but I didn’t buy it. Not sure why I’m seeing it. Really good point about outsourcing and time. Love who he puts responsibility on.

Wow John does a great job of instructing people on how to work with freelancers – and he covers stuff I would never have thought to tell people.

He gives three common job sample project listings that will help guide you in how to list a project and get freelancers to bid. He then goes into building a team and really has some great information about scaling up the strategy to allow you the freedom to enjoy your profits. He covers the hiring process, talks about the one place he gets the best results, and walks you through a project listing with screen shots and everything – very detailed.

LOL He also warns you about spies. So true – those guys spy on each other’s listings and scoop their niches and work. He gives us a story about something that happened to him during a big launch. Ack!

He tells us about his secret weapon when it comes to freelancing. I can see this being vital if you are at this level. He gives us a different and specific site we can go to to find this type of person.

Next he goes into a “streamlining” section where he talks about managing this system efficiently. He is REALLY professional about all this! I WISH my former clients had done all this. I’d have loved working for John I’ll bet.

End of Today’s Review

Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. Today I had a lot more time to review, so I immersed myself in it. Got several day’s done – much of it stuff I’m already doing but definitely several nuggets and additions to my implementation file.

And the OTO!? I’m not sure if everyone else had the outsourcing thing in theirs or if mine was a fluke but it was a GREAT addition to this. In fact, I know people who would shell out the $37 JUST for the OTO and ignore the blogging stuff completely. It was great.

Okay later this week I’ll do a final wrap up video with my thoughts about Blogging With John Chow and then we’ll move back to Squidazon, right? I have to check my calendar.

Tiff 😉

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