Capture Your Problem

Hi everyone! Today is a vlog/blog based on another chapter of Time Warrior – fast becoming one of my favorite quick reads ever. I’m going to post my vlog and then the text below – and the vlog will be slightly different FYI:

Capture Your Problem

The discussion today was regarding Chapter 30: Capture the Problem. Steve Chandler says that when we write down our problem, we neutralize it – it’s no longer an emotion in our heads but a “thing” on paper that we can then solve.

Now the problem isn’t going anywhere – you’ve captured the enemy and you can make him talk. He talks about how whenever we have a problem is slowly plays over and over again in the backs of our minds – “Something’s wrong. Something’s not right. Something’s not complete” is what we’re feeling. We can’t get anything done in a fully functional manner because the problem isn’t captured – it’s roaming loose in your head. It hasn’t been managed and put down.

So step one, he says is to capture the problem and write it down.  And we all have some sort of problem that we’re dealing with and I’ll tell you what mine is and what I did with it.

What I did was literally take his advice. I grabbed my spiral notebook – I turned it sideways and drew a cage with bars and everything. And I wrote the block letters of my problem out and gave them teeth – little triangle sharp pointy teeth sticking out all over.

Then I drew four “talk bubbles” like they have in cartoons all around the cage – because I was going to make this monster talk – spill the beans on how to solve him!

I’m not normally into this kind of stuff but it really did help seeing it in writing logically rather than letting it fester in my head.

Where it gets awkward – as a teacher of Internet Marketing, as someone trying to help YOU achieve YOUR goals, I have to be transparent – and share with you all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that product creators and affiliates consider. And then you’re also my customers and affiliates – so that’s awkward, showing you how the thinking unfolds, even though this is all common knowledge for many people already.

But what the hell – to me, it’s more important that you learn than for me to keep my cards close to my chest.

top secret in letterpress type

The problem that I’ve captured and caged is called: Leveling Up: Big Launch. It’s a big obstacle for me because to date, I’ve always JUST considered my customers – the price point was so low it was bordering on forgettable, the sales copy conversational and truthful, but let’s face it – bland and boring for the IM niche – everything you’d want in a product as a customer.

But here’s where it gets sticky. As a product creator, I haven’t been considering the needs of my affiliates OR of my own. I’ve been SO focused on catering to customers that I didn’t have balance. And not only am I not going attract affiliates and JV partners with a too bland sales copy, too low price point product (no matter HOW value-packed the product is), but it’s a detriment to my own business growth – and that directly affects my babies and I can’t have that.

Time to face the monster and take it down.

So let me explain further. Since Chandler wrote about talking to the monster, or it being ready to talk, I made 4 cartoon talk bubbles on all four corners and here’s what it confessed to me under interrogation:

For a Big Launch, I need the right price point. It laughed at me – said, “You think these $7 and $17 products will attract people? Affiliates and JV partners won’t find it worth their time to promote. And have you ever heard someone say they regretted spending money on something they felt was valuable?” No, I haven’t. And I know my products are good – thorough, and I back them up. So why am I underpricing them?

I know I can raise my prices – but what else? One Time Offers? Nah – I dislike anything where a customer is pressured to buy right that second or miss out on it forever – and that’s usually a lie anyway because it’s sold later anyway.

Upsells? Now there’s an idea – and a specific idea popped into my head right when I was doing this for an upsell I could offer – one that doesn’t make you sit there thinking, “Oh drat – do I NEED this in order for it to work, or can I pass? I’m so confused!” I hate those kinds of upsells. No, this will be a perk they can tack on – or not – without feeling like they are missing out.

For a Big Launch, I need to be able to balance my sales copy. I’m SO anti hype that I’ve let myself tone it down TOO much. I am in the Internet Marketing niche, so affiliates and JV partners like sending their lists to typical IM sales copy that people are used to – that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my ethics and be honest and personable in my copy – but look at the difference between this page and this one.

I own both of them. And yeah, at times I had the stupid, “I’m so proud of my no hype sales copy” attitude but now that I think about it, really? I can’t jazz that shit up better a LITTLE bit? Come on now. I can do better. My affiliates and JV partners will appreciate it. A header, some motivating headlines…you know the drill.

For a Big Launch, I need to attract big marketers with big lists. My old way of thinking is that many (or most) or these guys aren’t above the board, but a new way of thinking about it is, “No, they’re not – but the people on their lists would appreciate (and maybe even be starved for) a great product – one I know I could deliver, so as long as I don’t get involved in backscratching promos, I SHOULD go after the whales as JV partners.”

Magnet with dollar

For a Big Launch, I have to give affiliates and JV partners good incentives to promote. Well that’s discouraging because many of those “leaderboards” have $10k-$50 prizes, new cars and vacations. If I had all that to dole out as prizes, I’d be debt free and on my way to singledom by now. And another part of the equations is, I don’t fully trust people at that level – who knows what tricks they have to create sales and then refund massively? I just feel suspicious.

But the problem solver in me says, “Okay so no prizes – what else can you do? Maybe a higher commission the first week of sales, or to the “whales” I want onboard? Maybe a special gift they can use?”

I’ll already have affiliates tools that everyone can use, but you know how whenever you buy a product now you look for people who have a gift if you buy through their link? I never do this – I go off the first person to tell me – but some do – how about I create a gift for a few whales to use (whales by the way is a Vegas term I think for the top dogs – anyway, that’s how I mean it – the big listers)?

Those are all options.

The point is, this exercise Chandler had me do – writing it down, capturing it and interrogating it as I make it talk – it helped me realize it’s all solvable in one form or another!

I just had to stop letting it be a feeling in my head (and heart and pit of my stomach) and start letting it be a specific problem that I could find a solution for.

Tiff 😉

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55 Responses to “Capture Your Problem”

  • Shan says:

    That’s a good exercise, Tiff. It works for me, too.


  • Sharon says:

    I do that alot…write down my problems because I find I’m more coherent when I write than when I talk. But I haven’t tried doing it for my business, it’s mostly personal relationships and stuff. So I can’t wait to try this out.

    I’m having the same problem that you mentioned…my mentor has been pushing me to up my prices and create big ticket products…and I know I can; I have a really hungry market. But confidence is my major problem…I confess, I lack the confidence.

    However, I’m an entrepreneur not an employee (I read that post 😉 ), so I will put on my big girl pants and find a way to get past the lack of confidence.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Tiffany says:

      See I don’t even know why i don’t – it’s not confidence in products – it’s more guilt wanting to give everything away or something LOL

      • Sharon says:

        I know what you mean, and it’s because you have a very generous heart, plus you know what it’s like to start at zero. I suppose you will still have products for people who really do have nothing, but there are others who can afford and will prefer more robust products. You’ll need to capture that market too.

      • Ah, same guilt here. I keep reminding myself of Ecclesiastes, “who can find a virtuous woman,” and that goes “into she sells her wares” (for a profit.) Our “wares” is in our writing and words. But for some reason we feel guilty for asking a price, even when we know it’s to support our needs (bills) and it gives value and teaches (gives wisdom).

  • MamaRed says:

    OMG,I know those monsters! I know I do kick-ass work and overdeliver (especially with a bunch of the sludge I let myself get roped into buying…and not just once. Egads!). I’ve had big corporations spend $60K on one engagement and I wasn’t “able” to charge. Why? because I didn’t want anyone to get screwed “like I did.” Besides, I MUST do the little product, then the next. Besides I have a “heart” for the person who is struggling and can’t afford things. Only to have them go off and buy a big ass program from one of those slickers puppies. Argghhh…

    It’s funny, I do something similar with clients…on fears, etc. Hadn’t thought of doing it with quite this twist. Love it!

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    I have a close friend who is reading Time Warrior currently and he has been telling me how great it is. I guess I will have to borrow it when he gets finished.
    Take Care,

  • Carol Amato says:

    Awesome post today, Tiff!

    I do a “brain dump”…Even record my own voice into a free app on my iPhone if I’m lying in bed with the lights out, and it doesn’t leave my mind….

    I’ll reach over and feel around in the dark on my night stand for my phone/alarm and dictate a “brain dump” and email it to myself…

    Ahhhh That’s better… ZZZZZzzzzz


    • Tiffany says:

      How great Carol! Never thought of that.

    • Robert Mason says:


      That’s a great tip – thank you so much!

      Writing it down would probably be illegible in the morning – but talking it would not only be there, but you might well talk more than you realize, and capture some really valuable insights!!

  • Mary Kathan says:

    Sounds like a good book.

    I like the idea of writing it out…

    Mary Kathan

  • Ruth Clark says:

    I call that taking a personal inventory. I’m not trying to insert religion in here and I hope no one takes offense, but the Bible says, “A workman is worthy of his hire.”

    No where is it written that we must feel guilt for charging for the HARD work we put into products. If I can’t afford it, I can save up and I can certainly promote it. Good post. You’re looking great.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ruth if there’s one thing that offends me – it’s people who get offended over well meaning stuff. Preach away! 🙂

      And thank you 🙂

    • No offence here Ruth. I’m one of those Jesus peoples. The bible is full of life advice and business advice; customer relations (how you deal with people), value your services and products (ask a fair price,) good stewardship, etc. Good stuff. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      No offense, Ruth and thanks for posting that. It does ease off the guilt-some and helps me with confidence. I put so much HARD work into everything I do, I guess it IS bad stewardship when what is charged isn’t worth the time and effort.

  • I know exactly what you mean in this whole post. I also think it will be a hard one for you to tackle. I know you step all over that comfort zone, I know you want to reach people who are struggling, and I know you want to offer value. But, at the same time I know you never want to cross the line of “those” marketers. I also KNOW you WILL find that happy balance, but it may not be easy peasy. You will do it, no doubt. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tiff.

    I agree with what Sharon said. You have provided plenty of products at affordable price levels.

    You know your stuff works and that if people implement, they will make money.

    Those who can afford to buy at a higher price, will and you can not be held responsible for “pricing it out” of some people’s reach.

    One idea, if it makes you feel better – offer one of your other cash creation products for a stupidly low price or free and tell people to implement it and then come buy your new product with their earnings. You have provided all the tools necessary and since your new product will not increase in price, there is no rush.

    • Tiffany says:

      Great idea Victoria! I forget that doing a higher price point with more sales will free me up to release shorter stuff for free.

  • Yes, Tiff, its about finding your balance in value of work getting fair returns, for you and your affiliates.

    The customer always gets value with your products, that’s a given.

    We all need to decide what our work is ‘worth’ or the value of our time eg: hourly rate / day rate and stick to our guns.

    Sure there will be exceptions to the rule eg: whales or special friend projects, but once you have decided on some figures that you feel give you fair return for your effort and over-delivers for your client/customer/affiliate, it is funny how you soon become comfortable with asking for the new rates/prices, because you know they are fair and reasonable, even if they are triple what you used to charge.

  • Kimberly says:

    This could be a whole new launch experiment: ‘swimming with the sharks’ – er, ‘whales’…

  • Olive says:

    Thanks Tiffany. I need to write these down too. I have all this stuff swirling around in my head especially when I haven’t achieved my goal..questioning: did I do this or why didn’t I do that?, etc.

    Then the part about “giving stuff away. I just put out a new post about Last minute travel deals and didn’t add any affiliate links ro anything to buy or sell. Then I wondered…did I give away too much information without any marketing? .Anyway…it got me writing.

  • Minna Bryant says:

    You know one of the people I’m seeing do this well is Kelly McCausey and she’s very much like you – being pulled kicking and screaming to Level UP.

    Yet she’s set things up to give each person the ability to level up.

    She’s got $7 AND $997 products, with some price points of everything in between.

    I know you can do this. Heck you know you can do it.

    It’s awesome and makes me really glad that you’re doing it with this much transparency so we can see it for real.

  • Yoan says:

    Just bought Time Warrior! Looks like a real no B.S book!!

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I think it’s about time that you’re going to value your products on a higher scale than what you’ve been doing, but in the same token… I am so scared that you’re going to work with the wrong people and I would hate to see that happen.

    I don’t trust the “regular” Internet marketers and this video is a good example of why I say that:


    Now tell me you don’t get sick to your stomach when you listen to BS like this and KNOW that big named marketers pull this crap!?

    • Tiffany says:

      Oh yes I’ve seen that – well, the only thing that allows me to sleep well is that they can promote all they want but it’s ME the customer will be buying from, and I’ll take care of them personally so there won’t be any risk like those numbskulls engage in 🙂

  • Charles Mohr says:


    I have been blog squatting over at Michelle’s for the past few days. I missed my weekly vcomment here…appologies .

    You mentioned one really big word that I ranted about in my first blog post at Michelle’s..SCUMBAGS.

    Here is my take on what I believe you are faced with. You can not compare what the scumbag marketers are doing with their “big launches” to the quality content that you create. There is no comparison.

    Marketing is about going full circle and making that circle larger. Your products have proven the test of time which earns you that repeat business. The scumbags are out for the quick and dirty and always looking for that next “big launch”. You must not put yourself in that class. You are in a class of your own because you do have class!

    Bottom line, Launch It! Launch it at a price you feel is commensurate to the work you do. Not based on scumbags and their prices, launch at what your industry would consider fair.

    One of the biggest points in attraction marketing that people miss is the simple and obvious. In our case, if you keep marketing a product for $9.99-$49.99, that is the market that you are going to attract. Step it up to $299$-599 and market to that demographic and now you have a whole new clientele.

    Never feel you are abandoning your current customers. They will always be your loyalists. When you step up your game, you are stepping up their game. Win win. If the content you are selling is working for them, why should they be rocking 6-7 figures using your content?

    My general rule is to wake up everyday and make $500.00. If I don’t, there is always tomorrow. If I do, I do my happy dance…LOL


  • Tamsin says:

    Hi Tiff

    I think we need to take more time to sit and chat to our inner critic. If we listen to their concerns, we have more chance of coming up with solutions rather than making the problem bigger than Ben Hur!

    Great way you did with making it visual as well!

  • Valerie says:


    Your hair cut looks great! And you look fabulous as always!


  • Debi J says:

    Listen. I know you’ll get past all this, but maybe something here will trigger something to get you there faster.

    First, as an buyer of your products, I keep expecting that you will eventually have higher priced stuff because you put so much together.

    As an affiliate of your products, you damn well better because if I’m spending MY time marketing your stuff, I’d like to make it worth MY while to MY bills too! And you KNOW there are lots of people who ONLY market affiliate stuff for various reasons… they don’t have time to make their own stuff, they don’t speak English well enough to write their own, they haven’t earned enough to outsource to someone who can, etc. That means they’re looking for a solid return on their efforts too.

    Oh, and just in case you don’t know. I have a very small list. And if you gave me the same gift as you give to someone with 50 or 100 thousand plus, I’d wonder if you’d lost your mind… AND I’d feel like I should do that down the road when I’m moving up as well. Is THAT something you want to teach us all… to stay at 6-figures rather than shoot for 7? I don’t think so!

    As a Tiff cult member… gal, you offer enough advice on doing the basics at this point. If you create a price point that’s outside of someone’s range… let’s see… do what Tiff did when she was in that spot. Start with her other stuff, read all her free advice, and make some money. Then invest your way up with what you’ve learned! Oh, and if you’re REALLY motivated and can show Tiff you’re doing something other than talking about what DOESN’T work for you, well you know what? She’s got an Angel Fund you can apply for!!

    And as someone familiar with figuring out why people are getting in their own way. You started your entire online life over here wrapped up in a “Big marketing gurus are scum” bow. And you’ve been preaching that for so long that you’ve forgotten that it’s just not true about all of them. There are big online marketing people that are worth their weight in gold… can you say Craig Desorcy or Geoff Shaw?

    They’re far from scummy and they’re doing great. And, by the way, they’re selling higher end products! So guess what? Just like Tiffany was going to be one of the first marketer out there with no intention of creating scummy products and one of the first marketers to offer full-disclosure, well now she’s gonna up her game and become a thought-provoking, butt-kicking marketer who’s going to sell fantastic products for what they’re worth!

    And as your friend… if you don’t I’ll drive my 18-wheeling ass over to TX with my firearm on my hip and start kicking some honey-badger ass! 😀

    Ok…. I’m done. Just sayin…

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL OUCH! Way to kick my butt Debi. It’s sore – message heard loud and clear 🙂 All in love. Ha ha! Don’t come kick my ass. I’m onboard 😉

      • Debi J says:

        I knew we could see eye to eye… LOL *hugs* 😛

      • Well dang, that was too easy. I was going to tell Debi to stop in MO and get me. Oh well, maybe a fun trip in the future instead. LOL.

        I-like-Debi! I think me and her would end up in jail together if let loose on the town. 😉 It would be my first time, so no worries. I was going to wait until I turned 90 to get arrested, but I’m not that picky. {grins}

  • Jan Kearney says:

    Oh boy, this hit a nerve…

    You know, a few years back when I started this whole online stuff, I remember your PLR ATM comming out. I didn’t buy it because of the name. Even then I was anti-hype and I am so much worse now.

    A couple of months ago, I asked Bonnie about PLR. I have one of my original domains sitting there and a mountain of articles I have written over those few years and thought, Jan make them earn their keep rather than now gathering dust.

    She recommended your PLR ATM and I bought it (still need to finish my stuff, but that is comming!)

    The point is – I am not your average internet buyer. I will move away from a sales page at the merest hint of hype, red headlines or yellow highlighter.

    And yet, even knowing this and you can “sell” with ethics, I find myself in the same boat as you. (Well, the a boat or two behind – YOU have products out there that have stood the test of time, I still procrastinate in getting my own stuff out there!)

    It’s about balance isn’t it?

    Anyway, I am rambling on again, shall need to look up that book!

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah yes that WAS a hyped up product name – but it was fitting to me because that’s how I used my PLR store – needed money? Whip up something and cash in. LOL! But I get it 🙂

  • Bailey says:

    Just a thought here – it’s weird to me that you just buy from the first notification about a product instead of helping out select marketers. Or did I read that wrong – you meant people offering bonuses only? Because I AM loyal to people I respect, who have integrity, and I choose to reward them for it.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Bailey! I’m ONLY buying from people I’ve already vetted – those are the people whose lists I’m on. There are a few who I am on to keep an eye on their scumbag tactics, but I never buy through them. So I buy from the first trustworthy marketer who alerts me to it AFTER I decide whether or not it’s right for me.

  • Robert Mason says:

    Tiff, you have always provided good value for money, and you will always provide good value!

    When your prices go up, it will be because you are providing even more great value!!

    Just bring it on, girl!

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