Cartooning, Organizing and Taglining Your Blog

Hi everyone! Three things to discuss today – caricatures, organization and taglines. I made a vlog first and then I’ll write below:

Cartooning, Organizing and Taglining Your Blog

Three things to talk about today:

1.) Have you gone and cartooned yourself?

Oh my. I’m amazed at the number of people who are using caricatures of themselves (that’s the word I was looking for in the video blog!). I highly advise against it.

There are a number of reasons not to do it and only one reason you probably are. Why shouldn’t you use them? Well, first of all, I’ve never seen one that was nice looking. Seriously. They’re ugly – they don’t even look like you. You’re much better looking than your cartoon.

Another reason? They don’t reflect a professional appearance to me at all. Lynn Terry, Pat Flynn, Nicole Dean, etc etc etc – how many gurus do you see using some caricature of themselves? Not many! If any!

I get it – most people do it because they look at themselves in the mirror or they look at their pictures and go, “Yuck!” Well I’m telling you that your yuck picture is ten times better for your business than some cartoon. You’re not at a state fair – or six flags – you’re online running a business and a cartoon has no place in that.

Now if for some reason you REALllllllllyy see your business being represented by some animated image, then okay – I guess go for it. But in 99.9999999% of the cases, no – you’re doing it because you dislike the way you look and you need to stop it.

So if you’re ugly, let’s fix that. Bad teeth? I have a front tooth that sticks out and a crooked bottom one. I hear ya on this. So smile with your mouth closed. Snap the pic, get on with it.

A few too many chins? Yeah I got it. What you do is take the picture from above so that your first chin is the only one that shows. That’s what mine is at the top of my blog. I’m vain too.

Bad hair and makeup? Okay – so you save up a teeny bit here and there and make an appointment one day for a style ONLY (cheaper) for your hair and get your makeup applied ONLY (cheaper than lessons) – or you can even get a free makeover at the mall at any makeup counter. Then snap your pic.

Quit judging yourself on it. I’m telling you that I’d trust someone’s ugly ass picture 10 times more than I would a cartoon. And those cartoon images are not pretty, people! Caricatures aren’t meant to be. So they’re not representing you well. YOU would do a much better job.

Might have angered some of you but don’t take it personally – you obviously can have your own opinion and you might think cartoons are the best thing since sliced bread. If so, go for it! But on my blog, I’m going to tell you what I think is good advice and it’s not to be mean – it’s because I DO want you to succeed.

2.) Organizing a broad topic on your site. 

Some blogs have tons of clutter at the top. When someone lands on your site, you want them to see the header and tagline, the opt in box on the right, and content they can dig into. Not fifteen to twenty pages they have to click on to see where it is they want to go.

At the top of your blog, you want about 5 pages total – now you can have SUB pages and I’ve done a tutorial on that. But for MAIN pages, you need to be organized. For example, for an Internet Marketing blog, you might have pages for:

  • Products You Sell
  • Reviews You’ve Done
  • Recommended Tools
  • Contact Form…etc.

Don’t confused categories on your blog with pages. The categories can be on your sidebar. If you want pages, let’s talk about a fitness site. You don’t want pages at the top for treadmills, food scales, and workout clothes. Instead, have ONE main page for “equipment” and then sub-pages for the others.

Sit down with a pen and paper and try to organize things. Like if you looked at a list of treadmills, food scales and workout clothes, you could then group that into equipment – sometimes you have to see them all laid out in print to best organize it. Just don’t leave it cluttered and confusing for people who land there.

3.) Taglining your blog.

A tagline is a motto for your site. It tells people what your site is all about – especially helpful with domains that have your name in them or which are vague.

I like Lynn Terry’s tagline: Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips and Reviews to Help You Succeed in Your Online Business

And Debi J’s tagline: Learning to Create an Online Business One (Mistake) Step at a Time (shows that she’ll be transparent with her successes and failures).

Look at your tagline. Hell even mine needs a tweak! Business and Life – what kind of business? Could be a meat packing company for all you know when you land here. Yes, I’m always tweaking. Remember the “five parts of me?” LOL! What was I thinking? What kind of parts are we talking about here? 🙂 Could be anything!

So go to your home page and JUST read that motto (tagline). Ask yourself, “Would people know what my site is about if that’s all they read?” If not, you’re doing your tagline wrong. Me included.

Tiff 😉

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57 Responses to “Cartooning, Organizing and Taglining Your Blog”

  • Your sister says:

    This has nothing to do with the content of your video – but you are looking beautimous and happy. Love you!

  • Good points. I just realized I don’t even HAVE a tagline. Time to give some serious thought to my hodge podge catch all portal site. 🙂

  • Hey Tiff, good post today!

    I don’t like cartoons either, unless it can fit your niche. Generally it doesn’t, however, Zac Johnson uses a cartoon, has for years. He’s the guy who bought Blogging Tips from Kevin Muldoon. I wrote on that site for Muldoon for two years and spent a year there with Zac. (A little self promotion there. LOL)

    My best feature? Boobs, but I’m not putting that picture up. Just a side thought there, you know my face is all over the wide world web.

    For tagline and pages, I have put some thought and work into that lately. I think I finally nailed my tagline. Yep, going to make you click to my site to see, cuz I’m sneaky badger.
    Pages were a little difficult because I use custom menus and there are some I want to show, so I put those in the sidebar and left my main pages at the top in the header. It just took some thought to get it done.

    I’m still not sure I’m happy with my sidebar content, but it’s a work in progress and I’ve kept it pretty basic.

    Great stuff today. I’m quite proud that I’ve been working on those things lately. Go me!

  • Priscilla says:

    I had to give up on watching the video – I tried 3 times and each time it would stop somewhere and jump to the end, and even if when moved the marker back it would still stop when it got to that place again (it was a different place each time I refreshed the page though). Weird. I remember it also happened when I was trying to watch the video with the drawing of the free coaching call with Craig.

    I’m not making mistakes #2 and #3, but I do use a cartoon on my blog. I think I’m using it a bit differently than what you’re talking about though, because I have a photo of myself in my sidebar as well.

    I think the cartoon mascot does look like me (especially the eyebrows, they’re always angled upwards!), and I like that I can use it to convey lots of different emotions (look for example how I used it in the post linked with CommentLuv below) and that I can use it to personalize sidebar ads or product pictures during reviews (like I did with my review of your Squidoo guide) to stand out from all the other affiliates that will be using the same picture.

    What do you think? Does it look unprofessional? It never occurred to me before, maybe because I’ve always liked anime and manga. I’m kinda worried about it now, but on the other hand I feel like it’s part of my personality and I shouldn’t have to worry too much about being all professional on my blog, you know? Especially since you’re always teaching us to personalize our blogs, and I’ve learned through implementation that it’s great advice.

    Thoughts? *frets*

    • Tiffany says:

      Darn it Priscilla! I’m so sorry it’s not working for you, Bonnie or Pete. I don’t understand what it’s doing 🙁 Does it do the same thing if you click the link below and watch it ON vimeo?

      Yes using a photo of yourself WITH a caricature is different. People still can see you and you represent the blog. You should keep it there if you want to and make it fun for you.

      But you asked for my opinion so I’ll give it to you – to ME, I’d rather land there and see your real picture in the header instead of a caricature. I’d instantly trust it more and to me, I see your real pic as better than a cartoon. But if YOU like it, keep it! I’m just one person LOL!

      • Priscilla says:

        Unfortunately the same thing happens on Vimeo. Each time I can watch a bit more of it though – this time I was able to see the first 6 minutes 😉

        Thanks for your advice on the header Tiffany. On smaller screens my photo is below the fold, so the first impression might be that I’m just another anonymous affiliate writing thin reviews. I’ll get that fixed soon! 🙂

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hi Tiff!

    Loved your perspective on the caricature issue!

    I disagree in that I don’t fit the mold of what you were describing, but if someone were using it as a “crutch”….I would totally agree!! 🙂

    I have plastered my real personal picture (and videos) up on my site for almost two years before I got a professional caricature done (not on Fiverr), and really think it looks snazzy.

    I think it is a good replica, and most of all draws attention. Unprofessional? I just think it is more casual, less serious, but certainly not unprofessional.

    Believe it or not, I’ve seen several big name people using them, in fact, one 7-figure/yr. person is who was recommending it to me to draw attention and to be different.

    Having said all that, I had a note to change up my top right widget and header this week, so will be removing it to put in something “fresh.”

    I have my picture on my about page, and will be incorporating it in a graphic I’m working on for social media buttons to change out the top widget in my side bar. 😉

    Love the fact that you are confident in your opinion and share it willingly to help people!

    – Carol

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes Carol with your site, I see the caricature, but you branded yourself long before I ever noticed that cartoon so when I hear your name I think of your face, not the cartoon.

      If you used that in place of your pic, I’d instantly think unprofessional (not leader) but you use it in addition to, so that conveys a less serious side as you say – perfectly fine like Priscilla does it.

      I don’t like landing on a page and the real picture is nowhere – just the cartoon. To me, it makes me think blech. I haven’t seen big name people using it but I’m sure there are some.

      Besides, this is my opinion only and I could very well be in the minority LOL! I’m just spitting out my $0.02 and first impressions 😉

  • Fran Civile says:

    1.Your sister’s right! My first thought when your video came on was “wow she looks good!”

    2.About your sons willingly doing the needed work,
    kudos to them and to you … you deserve to have good kids!

    3.As you usual, I appreciate your good advice.

    Have a great week,


  • Great advise, changed my taglne!

  • OK, so I have a cartoon image on my PLR site at the moment – don’t worry it’s gonna be gone soon. 😉

    My tagline line for my main site needs a little tweaking. Still working out what my direction though.

    My Menu has changed so many times and it still needs work. This is what I will be doing this week, with the help of Barney’s website review that he did for me last week.

    I have so many categories, I haven’t added this widget because I know that it is a hot mess.

    Today’s blog post is about getting your site sorted and I still have lots to do but that is A O K because we are a work in progress 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL You don’t have to go by my opinion but to me, your smiling, sweet face is ten million times better than any cartoony thing! I need to implement much of Barney’s suggestions too. Extra time is what I need! LOL

    • Iris says:


      I also like your smiling face on your About Me page and the information you share.

      There was one hiccup though … there isn’t a “Home” tab or page. When I ventured through your pages, I had to use the “Back” arrow to navigate back to your home page in order to leave my comment on your most recent blog post.

  • Kater says:

    I think the use of cartoons and caricatures is really tied to the branding goal. I’ve seen plenty of both work well with businesses and personal blogs. I’m sticken’ with my cartoon on PLRPump.com. Had plenty of people connect with it and with me because of it. However, I still have an photo of me on just about all page.

    In fact, I dare say it is one of the few PLR sites with a bit of branding pizzazz. The trend seems to be to just dump people out to the shopping area. PLR content is really inventory so I think that’s why some folks go that way.

    As for the photo on that site, it is dated and I need to use a more current one.

    Now for my personal website…I’ll go with an updated photo of me once I get more settled on the direction. In fact, I may have come up with that and a tagline today. Still cookin’ that idea.

  • Kater says:

    Speaking of photos. What is the gravatar photo tied to on your site. My pic isn’t resolving so I need to figure out what is wrong there.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    Thanks for the tips Tiffany – I am going to brainstorm a new tagline for my dog site – then get my header adjusted.

    Mary Kathan

  • Debi J says:

    Thanks for the compliment on my DebiJ site gal. But you’re right on the whole “ever evolving”… that was NOT my original tagline!

    In fact, on my new blog I’m doing, I set up the initial tagline knowing full well that it’s going to evolve as I add posts and see what direction I go. I think it’s better, especially when you start a new blog, to just “tag and go” so to speak. That way you eliminate the excuse of not getting started because you haven’t figured it out yet. 🙂

  • I need to rework my tagline. Again. As others have said, it’s a work in progress. Like me, I’m continually evolving and growing so my site needs to reflect this. Thanks for the push Tiff. 🙂

  • Tamsin says:

    Hi Tiff

    Think I have most of this covered, for once 🙂 I really like it when I can see a picture of who I’m dealing with on the website – and a name! Sometimes I’m not sure who the person is who wrote the post …….

    Thanks to Bonnie Gean I now have a big pic of me on my header ………..

    I’m probably ok with the menu buttons as the site is still new so hasn’t had time to get cluttered! Good points to bear in mind when the site grows ……….. got the mind working on what I want and where I’m heading!!

  • I really need to work on organizing my blog. I also need a solid tagline that’s up top where people can see it.

    Guess I know what I”m doing tomorrow!

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    Great info here about the tag line. Many marketers don’t really use the tag line properly. You cover this completely in your post on what it should contain. Great to see HONEY!!!
    Take care,

  • Sharon says:

    Tried using a caricature on my Facebook profile once, and you’re right; it was darn ugly. You are definitely right on that one!

    Oh, and another tip for taking pictures: take your photo from different angles (right side, left side, up, down, etc) and discover which one favors you best…the celebrities do it. 😉

    Thanks for another great post, Tiff.

  • Robert Mason says:

    Hey, great tips, Tiffany. So much to do, so little time!!

  • Jan Kearney says:

    Your blog comes through Reader as the 5 parts of me… That’s how I got here today, catching up. And yes, I did originally wonder which 5 parts lol

    I can’t talk – my tag line is just urgh – I amawful at creativity especially if it’s talking about me or what I do.

    Great points, thanks for adding to my todo list 🙂

  • Ruth Clark says:

    I really do like it when you talk like this. We can know that we’re getting the very best. You say it’s your opinion. Ok, but it’s the opinion of so many, me included. I don’t have the clout to say it though. I see that I have a lot of work ahead. Of course, I had that anyway. 🙂 btw, you are looking so much happier and relaxed. You don’t look tense. Honey is beautiful.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah I think I annoyed a few people. But that’s okay. If I kept my mouth shut, I’d be thinking people were making a mistake and not helping them. And yes you have the clout to say it!

  • Sandi says:

    You stopped me before I could make this mistake. I was thinking of doing the cartoon for all of the reasons you mentioned. I so hate to have my picture out there but I have to agree with you. It does look much more professional. I just have to suck it up and do it!

  • Britt Malka says:

    Hahaha, way to go!

    When I read your opinion about cartoons, I thought: “Whom do I know who uses cartoons?” – and I thought of one who’s no longer in business, as far as I know, and then I thought of Zag Johnson, and I remembered having written a review of his blog – oh my! 6 years ago! And I wondered what I thought about his cartoon.

    Apparantly, I liked it (I just read my blog post again – http://getmoneymakingideas.com/440/learn-from-a-true-super-affiliate/)

    My tagline started out being “money making ideas” or “you get money making ideas” or something stupid, and I got a lot of freebie seekers who didn’t take action to my blog. So I changed it, and today it’s “for action takers and money makers”. Because that’s the kind of people I like to write for.

  • Had to come back and read and watch your video – and I have to say I totally agree with what you said.

    Not sure if I will get rid of my caricature or not because I don’t have it because I don’t have personal pics….but it may need to take less of a forefront in the marketing…

    Good stuff as always!

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