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Squidoo 2013 Earnings for March

Hi everyone! The March payouts just took place. As I stated, I will be sharing what I actually get PAID from Squidoo – money deposited into my PayPal account. So since we just got paid in March, that means we’re getting January’s earnings since we get paid two months later.

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Squidoo 2013 Earnings for February

Hi everyone! As promised, I’m going to share with you what I actually get PAID from Squidoo this year as I work to build more lenses. I want to update you on some things.

In January, they sent $134.97 to my PayPal. So January’s payment is from which month, November 2012 I think?

I just got paid yesterday in the amount of $192.29. So that was for December’s earnings.

Note: This is Squidoo only and does not count the earnings I will get from Amazon directly. This is literally the PayPal payment from Squidoo.


The ad pool earnings were just 12.88% and the Amazon earnings were 87.12%.

Squidoo 2013 Earnings for January

Hi everyone! I talked in December about how I’m going to be working on upping my Squidoo earnings so that I’m consistently above $100 a month this year. I know that sounded small to some people.

Squidoo is a tiny portion of my earnings – I’ve flipped so many lenses that I should have hung onto and maybe it’d be a bigger chunk. But I’m just now in rebuild mode.


So this case study will go over what I’m actually PAID via PayPal each month. Now remember, Squidoo pays you 2 months after the fact. So I just got paid $134.79. LOL! Oh that sucks for anytime between October-January since that’s when the most sales are.

But that’s okay! I’m gaining, I’m gaining! I still have $131.47 pending in there right now. I have always been highly confused about payments from Squidoo – ever since I first joined. Don’t try to explain it to me – it won’t work.

I have read a million lenses on it, had people verbally ‘splain it to me…I just take my payments and enjoy them.

I figured I would try to put out one new lens per week. So far in January, I’ve done none. Until today! I did one on whiskey decanter sets. I think its rather smashing myself. LOL!

Will check in again next month with progress and earnings.

Tiff 😉

Creating Your First 3 Leaves on Zujava

Hi everyone! As promised, here’s another in my free Zujava series. I signed up and then went to the task of building my first three leaves, so I want to share my thoughts and process with you on that.

Because Zujava requires three initial leaves they can evaluate, you want to really make your first impression count (and then keep it up the whole time you’re there!). For me, I want to showcase a variety of my passions, so I plan to build leaves on:

  • Parenting
  • Products
  • Productivity

The first one will simply be a passion lens of mine. I am BIG on parenting – I see too many people doing it all wrong. And I have plans to develop future Kindle books with a neat slant in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Sign Up for Your Free Zujava Account

Hi everyone! I started freelancing online (ghostwriting for online entrepreneurs) in 1999 and in 2006, I was introduced to a site named Squidoo, where I started capitalizing on my quality writing abilities and quest to share information.

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.I still love Squidoo, but it’s had some growing pains along the way. Every site does. Now, I’ve been introduced to a site called Zujava – and what I really love about it is that it has a focus on ethics and quality – two things I am a huge supporter of in the world of online marketing.

Zujava is a free platform, like Squidoo. It’s easy to use, like Squidoo. And it’s a community that cheers on your pursuit of profits, provided you abide by their rules and generally come to the table willing to serve those who land on your pages, not rip them off.

On Squidoo, I have already gained Giant Squid status. I’ve built hundreds (if not thousands) of lenses, which I flipped for profits. I continue making money there and enjoy being a lensmaster. Read the rest of this entry »

Starting My Zujava Journey

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.Hi everyone! I kept hearing from fellow lensmasters on Squidoo about a site called Zujava, which is a Squidoo knock off of sorts – only with a MAJOR quality threshold, so only the best of the best get in.

I signed up there on December 10th and just now got approved this morning on the 31st of December – so it was a 21 day wait to find out if my three test leaves were of acceptable quality.

You could always be annoyed at a wait time like that, but if you think about it – isn’t it better that they have a tight filter to keep spammers out – and not just spammers but low quality writers out – to ensure ample success for the site as a whole?

That’s my way of thinking anyway.

So my decision to use Zujava was to create my three leaves for: Parenting, Products and Productivity. I wanted to write one leaf about a passion of mine (a leaf is similar to a lens). That would be parenting. I wanted to show them how I could create a non spammy, top quality product leaf (did mine on bike racks). And I wanted to write some sort of marketing-business leaf to show them I can share information without hardselling.  Read the rest of this entry »

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