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3 Questions for the 90-Day Challenge Participants

Hi everyone! So have you decided to participate in our next challenge – 90 days of product creation? I hope so. Even if it’s small and uneventful, I hope you’ll go through the steps with us and “git er done” as we say here in the South.

Okay today I want to ask you three question so that I can help people prep for the challenge. Here’s a vlog with some text below:

So here are the questions I have for you:

1. Do you have any fears and if so, what are they? 

When you heard what the challenge was, what about it made you uneasy? (if anything) Was it the time involved? The fact that no one might think you’re an expert? That you don’t know HOW to create a product? Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Become an Employee

Hi everyone! This is a tip for anyone in service providing – I’m specifically talking about this for my Ghostwriting Cash students, but apply the same insight to anything – virtual assistants, SEO, graphics – you name it. Video below and text below it:

Okay so here’s the deal…

Many of my students make a common mistake – in fact the same mistake I once made. I wanted to address it here today. Here’s the deal… Read the rest of this entry »

Got My Squidoo Warnings

Hi everyone! I had hoped that I would avoid getting a warning on any of my 163 or so lenses but I got caught by the net yesterday. So I wanted to share with you real quick what happened and what I did to remedy the situation.

When you get a warning email, it just says which lenses they don’t like and what types of things it may be due to. They’re not specific, which sucks because then you have no clue. But it’s easy to figure out.

They don’t like things like a lack of personalization or too large of a link to content ratio. I had five lenses caught so here’s a breakdown of what happened with each one: Read the rest of this entry »

Finding a Coaching Model That Suits Me

Hi everyone! For awhile now, I’ve wanted so badly to find a business model for coaching that resonates with me. There’s not a cookie cutter approach – some people coach 1-on-1, some in groups, some walk their clients through their preferred business model, others inspire (like Craig – which I love).

But I’m not like anyone else so I when I previously tried my hand at one on one coaching via email, it flopped. Why? I hadn’t educated myself about coaching. What I did was basically help people discover their niche, then give them instructions on what to do with it.

When life happened and they didn’t do it, or changed course, it made ME feel like a failure, which wasn’t accurate at all. I just didn’t have the right business model for coaching that I needed. Read the rest of this entry »

Cochlear Implant PLR

Hi everyone! I’m releasing a short Resell PLR Report on Cochlear Implants (which can be broken up or added to). It’s in the resell PLR section of my PLR Mini Mart, which means you can add it to YOUR private label rights store, or use it to get content started on sites that you flip, etc.

It’s six pages and 2,375 words in length and it has a short introduction before covering the following topics:

  • Who Is It Good For?
  • How It Compares to Other Hearing Aid Devices
  • Different Types of Cochlear Implants
  • What’s the Cost of a Cochlear Implant? Read the rest of this entry »

Different Schedule This Week

Hi everyone! I got myself all organized this weekend since my kids were home for four days straight – and I wanted to let y’all know I will be on a kind of different schedule from today through April 8th. Should be back to normal on April 8th with regular blogging, etc.  Here’s a vlog on it and then more below: Read the rest of this entry »

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