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Getting a Niche Product Idea Brewing

Hi everyone! So yesterday I announced the next challenge we’ll be doing once we finish the current one we’re on. The 90-Day challenge will be about product creation. So today I wanted to give you some things to think about. Here’s a vlog and some text below:

So what I’m thinking is that the challenge following the product creation one will be about promoting things – your own products or as an affiliate. I think a promotion tactic challenge will be perfect but we’ll play it by ear. Read the rest of this entry »

20 Things About Me

Hi everyone! Nicole Dean posted one of these (and so did a million others, including whoever she got it from and I loved them all), so I decided it’d be fun, too! Here are 20 things you may not know about me…and may not care about, but I’m sharing anyway:

1. I once locked myself in the restroom at school and refused to come out – even for the principle – because the teacher read a note (that I was trying to pass to my best friend) to the class – telling them which boy I had a crush on and planned to marry (I was in 1st grade, he was in 2nd – same classroom). He later punched me on the playground for embarrassing him. I got over my crush real fast. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghostwriter to the Gurus: 50 Page eBook Plus FREE Sales Copy + Extra Bonus

Hi everyone! I’m running a WSO today here. But here’s the info for you. This WSO will be run for one Warrior at a time. When I finish one order, I’ll allow someone else to order it. Here are the details:

The Offer:

In 10 days from the day after you pay for the WSO, I will deliver a 50-page eBook custom written for you in your niche PLUS a FREE 5-page sales copy letter for you to use that touts all of the benefits of it.

The bonus? You can go to my PLR Mini Mart and pick out any and ALL private label rights packages that are in that niche that you want. So for instance, if you have me write a 50-page diet eBook – you’ll get FREE sales copy – PLUS – you’ll tell me every single PLR pack that you want that’s related to diet (even blood pressure, etc. – anything complementing it) and I will include that with your order.

You can use this for a minisite where you sell on ClickBank, a membership, as a freebie to build your list, as a Kindle book – whatever you choose!

Why You Want ME to Write Your eBook: Read the rest of this entry »

Prayers or Good Thoughts Please

My dad’s in the hospital.

dadHe had a seizure last night and my aunt didn’t call 911 because “she’s a nurse” so she waited until 2 PM today to call my sister saying he hadn’t been talking.

Then my sister rushed over to find he’s not only not talking, but he doesn’t know her. That’s never happened before.

So now he’s in the hospital and I feel helpless so far away…

And angry. I found out about it on Facebook.

Tiff 🙁

Update: Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts, sweet friends. Didn’t get any sleep last night. Apparently dad has pneumonia and in his state of slight dementia couldn’t relay his symptoms to my aunt and the dr said she wouldn’t have noticed. It’s very subtle in elderly his age/state. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Check In for the Community

Hi everyone! Nope – not going to vlog today. I was going to. But I’m so weak and so totally yucky looking I just can’t give you those kinds of nightmares.

So it’ll be text today while my chapped lips heal, my hair flies astray unapologetically. How has your first week of January been?

Well we all know mine was a whirlwind. Dylan wrecked his car right around midnight. Finally went and got pics of it here:

We went on January 2nd to take those – it  was so windy and freezing there and I had just gotten hit with the flu. Tested positive – never knew they could swab your nose for that! Read the rest of this entry »

November Month of Australia Part 5

Hi everyone! Today is a special edition of the Australian learning journey I’m on. I told my kids’ school about this and how it’s similar to what my kids are doing in school (they’re connecting to Scotland students via a message board in 8th grade and it’s amazing – they’re not just sharing math – they’re sharing their feelings and culture).

So one of the teachers emailed me (well four did but one had a specific request). Next Tuesday the global director of the school is teaching the second grade class about Australia! What a co-ink-i-dink! Anyway, he was very interested in what I’d been doing and asked if I had learned anything he thought the second graders (8 year olds) would be interested in.

Well, I can’t really tell him about bikies or wine boxes. LOL! I need to pass along the positive age-appropriate stuff, and I have gained some of those – but I wanted to focus today on KID stuff!

What WAS a childhood in Australia like when you were growing up versus what it’s like today?

If you’re an Aussie, I’d appreciate something he could share with them. Jo wrote a very lovely email to me and told me about her baby girl’s life in kindergarten. I was so shocked they had a tea break in the afternoon – how neat!

Do you have anything our kids may not know?

It’s hard to really find a basic rundown of life as a child in Australia. I did find this site: http://www.australian-children.com which looks like it has some good info on it.

It says that 30 years ago, the man dishes were lamb and potatoes and now there’s a big Asian influence of foods, which you guys had told me.

I’d like to know what some average lunchbox meals are like there! Here, we serve Peanut butter and jelly (or for my kids, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff) or turkey and cheese sandwiches with chips (not fries), a fruit and a dessert. The fruit is usually strawberries, grapes or an apple for my kids and the dessert is a cookie r brownie or something. We have juice boxes or water bottles.

What classes do they study in elementary school? My daughter in second grade takes Science, Social Studies, English (writing, reading etc), Math, Chinese, Spanish, Art and Music. They have a short lunch break – it’s not a full hour – and a recess where they play on monkey bars, slides, etc.

What Extra curricular activities are your kids into? I read Cricket, football (soccer?), and swimming. Our kids do gymnastics or ballet (girls), and soccer is for both genders. Boys sometimes do pee wee football (meaning regular football, not soccer). Some parents enroll their kids in piano classes or some other musical instrument.

For fun, my kids play video games, build with LEGOs, watch TV, play Barbies, go outside and ride skateboards or bikes, etc.  What do your kids play outside or inside on their own?

The site says kids make bush cubby houses but I don’t know what that is. Is it like a tree house? Oh wait Google looks like it’s not in a tree but on the ground.

Oh how cute! Y’all have Joey Scouts – that’s adorable!

Okay do kids usually have their own rooms? Or do they share with siblings? When it comes to school, how many kids are in each grade? Each classroom? At my kids’ school they have about 60-80 kids per grade and about 20 per class. In public schools though, there are hundreds of kids per grade and 25-30 kids per class.

We have Kindergarten-12th grade and then some people do preschool before Kindergarten, but it’s not required. After 12th you go to college. It says on that site that you basically have the same educational levels like that but it says kids can drop out in 10th grade if they have a job or continue studying. I think here kids can drop out at 16 period. Regardless of whether they become productive citizens.

I read about remote kids attending the “School of the Air” – how neat! That’s just distance education but I like the name. Cool!

Okay so what else can you teach me about childhoods in Australia?

Tiff 😉



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