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We All Have an Unfinished Journey

Hi everyone! Today I did a podcast on our unfinished journey – how it starts, which is our “Why,” how we learn, and what you’re going to learn from me in the coming weeks, months and hopefully years on my Tiffany Dow Show.

Here are the show notes for you and I literally give you my notes, not an exact transcript – listen to the podcast for the full version:

Welcome to The Tiffany Dow Show, episode 003, We All Have an Unfinished Journey

Today we’re going to be talking about how I became a six figure marketer online in a career where so many others fail – and how we’re all on a continual journey with this business model. Read the rest of this entry »

Stories We Tell Ourselves

Hi everyone! Today I did a video blog and podcast for you on a very important topic – the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back. We’re all guilty. So enjoy it in the format you prefer – I’ve included show notes below and the podcast is below those.

Show notes:

Craig Desorcy, my mentor, told me that I ought to make a vlog about this topic because I’m guilty of it, too. He said:

As long as we hold on to our story, we have something that proves why we can’t move forward. When we are afraid, we create a story. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Gift:

Interview of my mentor who got me to a six figure level!