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IM John Chow Review Part 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to part two of my IM John Chow review. I hate doing a review of a product by someone whose product I previously really loved because it makes you uneasy. You want to like it – you want it to be just as great – but you worry it won’t be.  Still, we have to find out so let’s get started!

Day 2 of IM John Chow

Today I logged in and clicked on Day 2 – the Four Step Freedom Formula. There’s a video, a transcript, and some intro text below. Read the rest of this entry »

Kindle Singles Pro Review Part 2

Hi everyone! Okay there was some confusion for me as I was starting my review of Paul Coleman’s Kindle Singles product because the WSO was suddenly shut down – so I messaged him to get it straightened out.

Initially, I saw that the Kindle Singles was now part of his membership forum and for under $20 – so I was irked. But then contacting Paul cleared things up. Glad I asked and didn’t just jump to conclusions.

The membership for his ePub Heroes Kindle group is $20 per month, so those who got it for a flat fee did get a deal. I’m not going to be reviewing the entire forum membership but just the Kindle Singles portion. Read the rest of this entry »

IM John Chow Review Part 1

Hi everyone! I had heard that John Chow was coming out with a new product but I didn’t know what it was. I found out last night it was IM John Chow – a play on the T-shirt he wears that says “I’m John Chow, bitch!” And of course it also stands for Internet Marketing. I like non-stuffy stuff like that.

I’m going to post a vlog on today’s review and then you can read more below…

So let’s dig in for my text fans:

Why Did I Buy the Product?

John emailed me to thank me for enjoying his Blogging With John Chow course, and alert me that his new course IM John Chow was launching today if I was interested in promoting it. He sent me a link to the members’ area, etc. But what I did was go buy the course. I like to pay for quality and I know his last course was AMAZING so I wanted to buy it, not “get” it free. Read the rest of this entry »

3-Column WordPress Theme By My Favorite Graphic Guy

Hi everyone! For years now you guys have asked me what theme I’m using – many of you love the 3-columned layout. My mentor actually did it for me, but he didn’t want to get into the WP theme business, so I told my graphics guy Rich he ought to make one like this that people could customize.

He did! It’s called the Honey Theme. Heyyyy did he name it in honor of my precious doggie? No one will ever know. But we’ll tell Honey that’s it so she’ll feel honored. Read the rest of this entry »

Kindle Singles Pro Review Part 1

Hi everyone! This week, in addition to digging back into Podcast Crusher, I’ll be starting my review of Kindle Singles Pro (but you’ll notice it’s now part of his forum). I just can’t help it. I saw it when Carole sent me a link to it, I drooled, I bought.

What Are Kindle Singles?

Kindle Singles are short eBooks and they’re about 5,000-30,000 words. If you write about 400 words per page, that means it’s between 12-75 pages long. What I love about this is that I find I LOVE this page count. It’s just fitting to me. It can be anything from fiction to essays to personal narratives. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Stalker Review

Hi everyone! Wanted to tell you about something cool today. Anytime there’s a new neat little shortcut tool (that does not have to do with theft of content or scumbag SEO practices), I’m all ears. I have a helluva lot to get done each day and I embrace ethical, cool shortcut tools.

Note: VIDEO Walk-through is at the bottom if you prefer to watch that!

So this guy Ed Chiasson contacts me because he knows my involvement with Squidoo or affiliate marketing sites. He gives me access to this brand new tool called Amazon Stalker that he had made.  Read the rest of this entry »

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