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Using Local Reviews for Blog Post ideas

Hi everyone! I saw a comment by someone mentioning that they felt like they were running out of blog post ideas so I wanted to give you a little tip for that. It’s just one more way to dig up ideas using free tools. Here’s the video and text below:

So basically, you’re going to go to Google and type in a local spot and the word review or rating. For the dog niche, I chose PetSmart since it’s big here – so look up PetSmart reviews. I find tons of stuff talking about a PetSmart in California – the bad grooming service for example (an idea on what to look for in a groomer). Read the rest of this entry »

How to Upload a PDF File for Your Blog Readers

Hi everyone! Janet asked for a video tutorial on this so I thought I’d share it here for everyone. Taught myself something along the way, too!

So let’s say you create a PDF file and you want your blog readers to be able to download it right from your blog. I’ve been doing it the long way – but there’s a quick and easy way to upload it to your blog right from WordPress.

I would still use my method for when I want to gift my email subscribers, so I’m going to show you both ways (easy one first) on a video tutorial here: Read the rest of this entry »

Target Audience Blogging

Hi everyone! Before we get started, I want to thank Jenn for sharing what she did on her Special Needs Blog Post. It gave me the idea to make a video tutorial about the topic. So thanks, Jenn!

I made a video tutorial but below I also walk you through it. Okay LMAO – at the 3:29 mark the VIDEO makes a noise and it is NOT me. I swear on my kids. LOL! My kids are dying laughing with me. It’s technology I swear!!

Target Audience Blogging

Okay so recently, I announced that I had a disaster survival PLR pack ready. Jenn mentioned that she had bought the pack, intending to alter it and use it on a Squidoo lens. But then she realized that she could use it on her special needs website, which I thought was FANtastic! Read the rest of this entry »

Hyperlink an Amazon Items on Your WordPress Blog

As promised, here’s a video tutorial for whoever needs to know how to get their Amazon item’s hyperlink onto their WP blog – text and image-wise: Read the rest of this entry »

Recognizing and Ridding Your Site of Blog Spam Comments

Hi everyone! Wanted to update my tutorial on how to know when someone is spamming your blog and how to get rid of it. Not everyone knows what’s spam and what’s not – and sneaky spammers have a way of stroking or ego or getting you all riled up so that you don’t realize you’re allowing spam onto your blog.

Watch the video tutorial on this here:

Hope that helps!
Tiff 😉

Video Tutorial on How to Add an Opt In Form to Your Blog

Hi everyone! Here is a video tutorial on adding the opt in form to TWO places on your blog. Now this uses Aweber, and they have that $1 first month, so if you want to GO FOR IT, grab it and follow along with my video.

Note: I upgraded my Camtasia and for some reason, it went 14 seconds of nothing and then the video starts. So I just wanted to point it out so you don’t think the video doesn’t work. 🙂


Tiff 😉

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