Confidence Class for Online Entrepreneurs – Balancing Your Work and Home Life

Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce the launch of my Confidence Class series, starting with today’s release – volume 1, which is all about Balancing Your Work and Home Life (and the confidence it takes to achieve your goals while doing this). And the newsletter is just $5 per issue!

This volume covers the following specific topics:

Having “The Talk” With Loved Ones – this is how you have the confidence to approach people and tell them you’ll be pursuing a solo career online. It can be quite intimidating and some people even hide it.

Saying “No” to Errands Just Because You’re Home – this is how you have the confidence to turn down all those wonderful offers to babysit or run errands for your friends and family, who think that just because you’re a “work at homer” it means you’re home – not working.

You’re Still a Good Parent If You Work in Front of the Kids – this is for those who lack confidence trying to be a parent and an entrepreneur at the same time. If you’ve ever felt guilt (from neglecting your kids or your business), then this is for you.

Setting Sail on a Solo Career – it’s a scary situation, going from employee of a company with a boss and co-workers to individual business owner. But you need the confidence to go it alone.

I hope you enjoy this series! Confidence is something I feel keeps many of my readers down, and I’d like to see you break free of those issues once and for all.

Grab the first issue of the Confidence Class newsletter here: Balancing Your Work and Home Life.

Tiff 😉

P.S. I’ll be creating a whole host of these Confidence Class newsletters – and I appreciate the help of Ronnie Nijmeh of ProductCreatorPro.com for giving me some insight on what I was doing to technically mess up my PDF before launch. Y’all were right – he’s amazing!

19 Responses to “Confidence Class for Online Entrepreneurs – Balancing Your Work and Home Life”

  • Sounds amazing Tiff! I’m signing up right away. I have a lot of confidence is some areas but not in others.

    You also mentioned the part about feeling bad when you work in front of your kids. Sometimes I feel SO bad when I have a deadline I have to meet and my family wants to do something. I spend as much time as I can with them… but even if I just spent all day out with them, I feel bad saying no for work.

    I’m really excited to learn from you!

  • You go girl!! Very awesome 🙂

  • I haven’t commented here in a while but I’ve been reading. I just had to let you know though that this is wonderful and I will be signing up as soon as possible! I have some confidence too but not a lot and I have a lot of friends who are pursuing an online career that could really benefit from this.

    I really identify with Amanda especially when I had to prepare for a webinar where I was teaching romantic fiction writing (of all things!) and I had to focus. I didn’t have as much time for them and I felt so guilty.

    Thank you for doing this. It will really come in handy. 🙂

  • Fran Civile says:

    I really like the direction you’re taking Tiffany!
    I’m much older than you are and I see myself wrestling with all the issues you’ve been talking about a long time ago when it was much more difficult to find approval …

    I’m definitly buying your newsletter


  • Now that I’ve had a chance to look through it, I figured I would come back to let you and everyone know what I think.

    Your newsletter was fantastic and leaves me eagerly waiting the next one! The best part is how you shared stories and made sure to show us that you know what we are going through. Most people trying to teach you confidence or writing self-help guides make it sound like they have always been great at what they are teaching or make up really generic stories that sound fake.

    I really liked the way you outlined things you should do before you explain your plan to a loved one. It was a little tough explaining it all to my husband. Once I got started it was still tough because, like you mention, people don’t really understand that being at home doesn’t mean you aren’t busy. More than once I got the “you were home all day but you couldn’t manage to get the dishes done?” line.

    If this continues to be as amazing as it is, and I have no doubt that it will, this is going to be a must-have for new online entrepreneurs.

  • Zoe says:

    Oh I like this and it’s just what I need. I am getting my copy as soon as possible too:-) Thanks for creating it!

  • Katie B says:

    Wow, the design of your newsletter looks really nice and professional. Who did it?

  • Robert Mason says:

    Hi Tiff

    This is a great newsletter! And I love the way you have laid it out!!

    Seems to me this applies to all people working from home, not just internet marketers.

    Any chance of producing a PLR version? I am sure we all know people who could benefit from this.

    with good wishes

  • Jo Ann says:

    Hey Tiffany

    Just finished the newsletter and love it!

    I bet almost all of us have found ourselves somewhere in at least one of those ‘predicaments’.

    I know in the beginning I had to deal with a couple of ‘friends’ who thought since I was working at home I couldn’t possibly be doing any serious work, and that I might as well be taking care of little ‘odds and ends’ for them while they worked on ‘real’ jobs.

    Frankly, I work more hours on my job most days than any of them do on theirs, and someday I’ll have the goods to prove it.

    Thanks for the excellent advice.

  • GmaSoup says:

    Just read the confidence newsletter. What great recommendations and examples.
    You are so right about everyone thinking you’re just sitting on your laurels while working from home. Comments range from “you’re not doing anything” to “that’s just a waste of time, you should have made more money by now”. It can be very difficult sometimes not to lose faith.
    Thanks for giving me permission, so to speak, to keep going. It sort of puts it in perspective.
    Gma Soup

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