Creating an Outline for Your Product

Hi everyone! You’ll need about 20 minutes to go through this tutorial – it’s all video, showing you how I create an outline on a topic I pulled out of the air – natural stress relief. Hope you enjoy it! I love this part of the product creation process.

Here’s the vlog (starts off with a sneeze by Dylan LOL – sorry about that)!

If you have anymore questions about the outline process, let me know and I’ll answer them here. Here’s an additional unrelated video about the WP Auctions plugin I installed and an unsubscribe topic – shame of ghostwriting.

Tiff 😉

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63 Responses to “Creating an Outline for Your Product”

  • It sounds like they’re wondering why you’d ghostwrite when you can put out your own content to make money. I can see her point of view, but unfortunately you can’t always do that. I ghostwrite on the side and I’m sure I’ll continue to do it anytime I’m in need of some immediate cash.

    Releasing products and things like that are ongoing money, but ghostwriting is now money and sometimes that now money is necessary. (You know that more than anyone right now.)

    Personally I have a lot of respect for you because you’re willing to do the work rather than take the easy (and sleazy) way out!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah I forgot to address that part Amanda, so I willhere.

      Ever notice how many “gurus” churn stuff out left and right – and much of it is rehashed or crappy? Well when I create a product I take my time, I do it right. So while I’m working on product creation (which I AM right now for myself), I also ghostwrite sometimes.

      Thanks for reminding me about that 🙂

      • Ya, I really appreciate the fact that you take the time to create great stuff instead of just releasing a quick new product week after week. I’ve seen a more than a few people who seem to have some “awesome new thing” as soon as sales die down on the last “awesome new thing” and they are rarely that awesome.

  • Tasha Marie says:

    Hi Tiffany! Great video! I just want you to know….from what you said about ghostwriting, Your unsubscriber certainly sounded like she was thinking in a nagative pattern…..and not thinking long term. Which we must do for the success of our business.

    Bravo for your ethics! THAT is a HUGE reason that the people that follow you follow you.

    You are real, you shoot from the hip, you tell it like it is – without sugar coating it, and we know that you will NOT mislead us or try to sell us a million and one things that are not worth our time!

    I for one can say I appreicate it greatly that you prove over and over again that we can be ethical in online marketing ventures.

    Thank you for taking the slow, ethincal route Tiffany!

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Tasha! It didn’t offend me – just seemed naive of her to me that she’s not looking at me as someone who is knowledgeable about what I teach (because she mentioned how good my products were) – she unsubscribed because I work for others. Does that make sense? I can understand unsubscribing because someone’s products DID suck. LOL!

      • Tasha Marie says:

        Yeah, I would unsubscribe to anyone who is selling a bunch of crap or just trying to promote anything and everything that comes out!

        I just did my “spring cleaning” if you will for my inbox – it was filling up with garbage!

        Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe – Not interested in all of the shiny new objects! Time to get on with my own products!

        Thanks for the push – I needed it for sure.

    • I agree 100% with what you’ve stated here Tasha. We really do love her for it! Some people don’t realize that we really do receive when we give.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    Hey Tiffany

    Integrity is more important then 7 figures.

    Plus – your kids rather have you at home then off in Singapore!

    I like your mindset…. ain’t no shame in it.

    Mary Kathan

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hey Tiff,

    I applaud you!

    I have been told SO MANY TIMES that I leave a lot of money on the table, and I’m going the super SLOW route… I don’t care!!

    I want to sleep at night and if offering services is part of my business plan because of going a little slower with getting my own products and affiliate program up, so be it! 🙂

    More power to ya! We’ve also always paid for private, top-notch education, it’s like another mortgage, but an investment that has paid us back in dividends!

    Having a son in college and paying cash is a huge relief and blessing to us.

    Before my Internet marketing business, my daughter had to have a student loan her junior year because we couldn’t keep up.

    Now, no loans, all cash <– love it!

    Yep, our goal is to be completely debt-free asap.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your heart!

    Take Care,

    • Carol Amato says:

      P.S. Going to watch the outlining video later, so I can take notes and really glean every nugget! 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Exactly Carol! My kids’ tuition is over $17,000 – EACH per year. It’s a ton but it’s also worth it. My 8th grader is doing sophomore college work. I’m paying cash for everything now too – no more putting it on credit cards at all so that’s different. We’ll get there! 😉

  • The outline video was really helpful just to see in depth the outline is. I get too specific sometimes and I end up spending way too much putting it together. There were also a few different methods of gathering ideas I hadn’t thought of. I use UberSuggest a lot but I didn’t think of using it while putting together outlines.

    • Tiffany says:

      Just use this portion of the process to make sure you’re going to have everything covered – that way your customer doesn’t think you skimped anywhere 😉

  • Loved the outline video, Tiff! A real breeze! Love the bullet points but find difficult to stick to them after a while! Strange, eh? Will give it another try!

    Love the new product placement too….WP Auction!! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Great ethics again here too! That’s why we’re following you! Nope, you’re not a fool! I get your point 300%! Please don’t change…I know you won’t ::)

    Ok, so, next video is ” NAME AND SHAME!” OK? LOL!

  • I had totally forgotten about Amazon when doing some research! Such a DORK, as you say in the US! LOL! I am not a big fan of Google keyword search though but Amazon!! Blimey (as we say in England), you find these nuggets of inspiration! Wickedly wicked! ::)

  • Buddy says:

    You running dog of American Capitalism. Sorry, haven’t been able to use that phrase since college. First, both vids were stellar. I’ll watch the outline again (and again). The second one was…with me you’re preaching to the choir, it’s why I continue to follow you. Integrity above all means we stay in the game for the long haul.

    I’ll never lie to my readers to make a buck, but making those bucks is exactly what I intend and I’ll make no bones about it. My goal, however, is two-fold (like yours), as I earn I want my readers to learn to earn too. It’s the American Dream. I am proud to follow that dream.

    And you, miss, make me proud to be your reader and customer. I want to be just like you when I grow up. I mean…a guy, though..and I’m already older than you…and “growing up” has always seems only a remote possibility. Ask my daughter.

  • Brazil nuts are an example of foods you eat to help reduce stress and tension, can’t remember what the chemicals in it are that do the work, but munching on them is supposed to help.

    Drinking Chamomile tea calms you down too…. and so on…

    You so clearly enjoy the research side of product development, I really think its one of the things you can offer as a service, like you did for the squidoo content & product links, but for a higher price.

    Or even do the searches on a few classic niches and sell it as “Niche R&D” PLR packs… add keyword lists, product links, affiliate coys, report or book subject/chapter outlines or titles, some sample article titles… that sort of thing… at least you would have fun doing it.

    • Tiffany says:

      I love those! But they’re pricey. Thanks for the examples. Maybe my mind is too blocked from stress to relate food to it! LOL! Other than oreos.

  • Andrea says:

    Tiffany, thanks for your honesty. I really admire your work. I have not watched the outline video yet. Will do it later.

    Thank you

  • Tiff,

    The Outline: For those of us who have yet to launch a product, it’s difficult to even know where to begin. This video really helped in knowing where and how to get started. BTW, thank you!

    The Unsubscribe: Wage slave?? Aren’t we all wage slaves of some sort? I wonder where and who she works for? Funny thing about life, we all need money to survive. We either live in caves, hunt and grow or own food, work for ourselves or work for someone else.

    Your personal method of making a living is by providing written content to others. Basically, it’s the same concept that Wal-Mart operates on everyday. Wal-Mart supplies goods. Customer pays for goods. In order for customer to pay for goods, customer has to earn money. Customer earns money by working. You provide goods and a service. Wal-Mart provides goods and service.

    I was a little irritated by her comments. Why was she following you in the first place? What is it that she intends to do online to earn money? Even in being an affiliate, you’ve still got to create some type of content to make the buyer buy. To me, it’s still considered working and you’re still pushing someone else’s product.

    The bottom line is, no matter what we do, who we work for or where we work, whether it’s at a large corporation or in our kitchen, we still have to serve someone and we still have to perform a task in order to be monetarily compensated for our work. Even if she worked in a soup kitchen, she’s still working for the betterment of someone else.

    I can understand her point in regards to being in the background doing all the work and never being up front and receiving the praise. I get that, but any way you cut it, we have to work for SOME one in order to acquire money. In this life, we all have to do things that aren’t glorified. It’s called earning a living!

    Love you gurl! Keep doin’ you!

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Cynthia! I’m glad it helped.

      I was – well I don’t know what I was with her comment. I wasn’t angry or hurt at all. I was looking at her as if she’s very naive – maybe turned on by the flashy gurus, which made me pity her some? It was almost as if she felt I shouldn’t share that side of my business because it wasn’t “guru” enough or something.

      Love you too! And how are you doing by the way? Hanging in there okay?

  • Ruth Clark says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tiffany. I am going to watch the first video tomorrow morning when my mind is fresh. Thanks for the sample.

    I got it first thing. I hate research. I think it’s because I don’t really know how to do it. I have a feeling that’s about to change.

    As far as the unsubscribe, so be it. Bet she lurks. Oh, I wish I were not so cynical! Not my business.

    I would not follow you if you were not you. It crossed my mind once to wonder why you were ghostwriting again, but I just thought you had extra expenses. That, too, is not my business.

    I can’t tell that WE (your subscribers)have been neglected in any way. And I know your kids haven’t been. So, what’t the big deal? Do your ghostwriting and more power to you.

    I think it’s commendable that you want to PAY your bills and provide the best that you can.

    My Lord, what a wonderful example you set for us. How could any of us (even if we considered it)be dishonest with an example like this?

    btw, have you dropped in on Amanda today? I love her post about the comment forms. I thought of you when I read it. 🙂

    Got to go to bed…getting stoopid here.

  • sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    I really enjoyed today’s post about how to create an outline for our products. Tons of good information here as always. Take Care,Sam

  • Hey Tiff,

    You have to work and get paid some how don’t you?!?!? I guess I am confused what what your calling an unsubscribe?

    Just wondering,


    P.S. Would you be interested in some financial resources that completely changed my family tree?!?!?

    • Tiffany says:

      Not sure what you mean what I’m calling an unsubscribe? LOL Sorry for the confusion.

      I’m good on a financial plan. I make good money – just all going to past debt is all 🙂

  • Ana says:

    It’s odd that your subscriber felt like she had to justify unsubscribing in great detail – as if she was trying to convince herself that her priorities were the right ones, when we know she is moving towards the scumbag path and probably heading for a fall.

    Thanks for the outlining video. I will make some time to watch it today. I have never written a book with an outline – so it’s time to see how to do this properly.

  • Tiffany says:

    Testing the comments

  • HostGator says:

    Testing the comments

  • HostGator says:

    Great article!

  • Well, if she’s followed you for very long, she should know that one of the first things you tell people who need money NOW is to go get a job and work the online business on the side.

    Ghostwriting happens to be you getting a job for money now. I don’t see the problem.

    If a person needs more income and they can write, take on more clients, etc. why would they go out and get a job?

    I’m not sure what she was trying to justify–or to who.

    I’ve been thinking of doing ghostwriting again. Will I be ashamed of it? Heck no! I’d be more ashamed of not paying the bills on time.

  • Mike says:

    Glad your Apache server issue now sorted!

    So, as a subscriber of yours, I have to slavishly follow exactly what you do in your business models or I shouldn’t follow you?? Well, that’s what your unsubscriber is saying! How ridiculous! Oh well, takes all sorts I suppose.

    Excellent video on creating a product outline with some great tips! Many thanks for that.

  • Buddy says:

    I hope this is cool to post, if not Tiff just deleted it.
    I just put up a post about what to write about if you’re interested. You’ll probably see the link below this comment.

  • Tasha Marie says:

    Saw your comment on FB about leaving a comment 🙂 The first time I accessed your page I did get an error message…. just to let you know.

    I finished my 20 things post if anyone is interested.

  • Thanks for being the ethical woman you are. It’s great to know someone who can always be trusted.

  • Debi J says:

    Goodness did YOU bring back old demons and reminders! You’re SO right about there being many 7-figure earners out there that are one major illness away from losing everything. And I know of a few that are in the personal development arena.

    I think that’s why, when I walked away from my last business, I stopped the whole work on me too. You can really be disillusioned quickly when you have a ton of respect for people who you find out later are just NOTHING like they portray themselves!

    Me? I fully intend on going back to traveling more. But that’s one of MY priorities! My son’s grown so I don’t have to be here 24/7 for him like I used to (although whenever I traveled he traveled with me so….) 🙂

    Keep doing what you’re doing gal. I’ve never really thought about your Ghostwriting efforts. But then I used to see the inside of the “dog and pony” show so I know that you have choices about where you’re money goes and the “lifestyle” isn’t it for some of us.

    Oh, and Buddy… growing older is a must. Growing up is optional!!

  • I think that it is really interesting to find out why people subscribe to a list. This woman was most likely drawn to your blog by one of your products.

    It feels like she is of the opinion that if you are making bank with your own products, you shouldn’t need to take on any other work.

    If that is her opinion, fine but why is she upset that you CHOOSE to take on additional work in order to make more money? Really weird.

  • Marilyn says:

    Great video, enjoyed seeing the whole process , cannot wait for the 90-day challenge, sounds like a long time but it will be worth it.


  • Kathy says:

    Tiffany thank you thank you. For that wonderful lesson in creating an outline and for being the honest, ethical and generous person that you are. I’m late getting to watch those videos as it’s my turn for nose to grindstone. Like so many, we have debt (not as much as many thank goodness) and both kids are hurting financially. I want to step up to the next level so we can help them.

    I must say I’m enjoying this nose to grindstone me, I’m tired but I’ll get over it. I do however miss having time to read all the comments.

  • Alex says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    – Outline: Great video example, you can use it in different niches.

    – Wp Auctions: Interesting experiement, parhaps will fit the bill.

    – Unsubscribe: It always amuses me when people want to tell me how to live my own life.

    – All in all, be yourself Tiffany in the future too.

    Have a nice weekend, 🙂


  • Carol Amato says:

    Hey Tiff!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to have us get a sneak peek over your shoulder as you share your thought processes on how to come up with a good outline.

    This really helped me. I’ve never seen a tutorial like this before….EXCELLENT!!

    This is the step that most marketers leave out, where to go, what criteria to use, how to decide things, etc.

    Great video, awesome!

    – Carol

  • Michelle says:

    My Dad got a big promotion from the phone company one time and I said to him… Wow your really making the big bucks now!…he said, No not really, “the more you make the more you spend”. That is so true!

    I admire what you do and I have always felt in any business that I am in, the more work you put into it the more money you will make out of it.

    Keep up the Great work and forget everything else. Your working for yourself and your Kids now and that is all that is important.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yep! LOL True w/tuition too. Goes up every year and the more you make the less financial aid they give until you’re cut out completely.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    Does the WP Auctions get delivered through the DownLoad Guard like the other PLR? Or do you have to deliver it by e-mail?



    • Tiffany says:

      Not that I can figure out Mary – I manually deliver. You might be able to set up a download page but then that’s not real secure.

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