Final One Week Marketing Decision

So I finally finished up my One Week Marketing analysis and I’m ready to give you the final thumbs up or thumbs down review decision. Today I analyzed the One Week Marketing Action Plan – just a quick overview of what to do on each day. Again, I think it’s more than a week UNLESS you have 100% of your time to devote to this. There is a TON of writing involved, too – so if you’re seeking a make money fast deal, this isn’t it. Well, I take that back – I DID have money within the first week of finishing my tasks BUT it wasn’t a get RICH quick program for sure.

I bought OWM on February 6th. I started working it February 8th. My first sale was February 21st. But then again, I wasn’t able to work on it every single day, remember. My lenses were published February 11th. So it took 10 days to make the first sale. That first sale, as you’ll recall, refunded. But I made 3 other sales besides that one – one on Feb 24th, Feb 27, and Mar 2.

The Checklist wasn’t much different from the Action plan – just has some check marks besides it or blank spots to add notes. (But hey, it looks good on the sales copy to say you get an action plan and a checklist ๐Ÿ™‚ Just sayin…)

The One Week Marketing Mind Maps were a waste of space to me. I’m not a mind map kind of girl, though – maybe you are? I don’t need someone to visually show me that my EZA and my blog posts link to my Squidoo lens which equals affiliate money. I already know that. Continue…

But here’s something interesting – I read the Squidoo 101 Free PDF file and PRESTO – BINGO – VOILA! Here is where Jennifer excels at giving step-by-step tutorials on how to get a Squidoo lens up and running. In my opinion, if you’re NEW to Squidoo, read this FIRST. She has literal steps, screen shots, etc.

In actuality, for the OWM course, Jennifer really ought to merge this PDF file with the first guide she instructs you to read, because the 1st guide has all the niche marketing, choose a product insight in it while the Squidoo file has all the step by step info, so you can’t really do EITHER until you read BOTH files, I guess. Kind of a pain when you want to read and DO as you read, like I like to do.

So maybe do this – read the 1st guide first BUT when it comes time to build the lens, open up this Squidoo 101 guide and toggle back and forth, implementing the steps as you go. The last 5 pages of the Squidoo guide are just a promo to sell OWM, so you can skip that.

The OWM Expansion Guide starts off as an upgrade promo to a OWM coaching center ($97!) and the Wealthy Affiliate program. Now I have a problem with the promotion of the coaching center. Jennifer’s own testimonial on the site says, “The One Week Marketing Action Plan is perfect for those that feel lost and without direction – but even still, there are still questions and small learning curves that must be tackled.” Well if you’d given step-by-step instruction in ONE WEEK MARKETING, there’d be no need for someone else’s “bite-sized chunk” coaching program to teach them the SAME stuff, would there? And I’m sure the link is an affiliate link – nothing wrong with that except it’s like me endorsing some coaches to teach Building an eBook Empire to MY own customers because I didn’t do a good enough job of it myself. Ridiculous! This reeks of pure greed IMO. And that doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard about her personally, so it doesn’t fit.

Anyway, the companion guide is worth reading – has more selling opportunities for various things for her (tools and programs), which are fine with me – it’s how make money ๐Ÿ™‚ But the one above irked me big time, especially after you all saw how my own experience unraveled with confusion implementing the system.

I did like one of the links I got from her and I’ll try it out on a later post.

Oh geez the keyword guide itself is 72 pages. Condense and add it all into one guide. Maybe a couple of bonuses. I’m not a fan of getting a crapload of bonus materials that should have been included in the main guide. And let me say that there are a lot of places throughout the whole course in various PDF files that link out to her blog posts – MORE reading. That said, the keyword file IS valuable if you don’t know much about keyword research or utilization. Tell you what – when you get to the keyword part in the main guide, stop and read this so you’ll understand.

Okay here’s something I did after reading her Keyword guide – I signed up for something very pricey and canceled something else. I canceled my SpyFu account and decided to test drive SENuke – the Pro version. I still have SpyFu till around March 25th but it’s always fun to try new stuff and I can go back if I want to. Why did I buy it? It’s $127 a MONTH – for the Pro version – ouch!

Because it does a ton of research into letting you know which keyword phrases you CAN dominate in. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t do a PayPal subscription payment – I had to link a debit card or do an echeck. It does a ton of other stuff she describes in OWM and it sold me. Now this sucks – I accidentally registered with a closed bank account so I canceled and redid it and they stop me from downloading, saying they show 2 accounts linked to my PayPal. Grrr. Helpdesk takes 24-48 hours so I’ll wait to get my hands on it. This has a free 7 day trial, so we might as well all take advantage of it.

The Plan B OWM bonus guide has some great step by steps with screen shots again – loved it for newbies. Again, when reading the first guide, open this up when you get to the part about making a Blogger blog. This is the step by step that should have been in the first guide. ClipMarks info is step by step/screen shotted in here too for that and several other sites she has us use in our OWM marketing campaigns. Man if this had been in guide 1, I would never have complained – I would have said get it NOW.

Here’s something else I loved about this Plan B guide – she takes you into a system she uses that I did NOT know – to promote tangibles on Squidoo. Loved it. Will copy it.

Okay so here’s the deal…I would pay $77 or whatever for the upgrade bonus. The guide itself is lacking. The upgrade bonus is what I DID love. So that kinda bugs me. I feel the basic program ought to have this meaty info in it. The bonuses are what I DID love more than anything.

Last up is the 1,000 Visitors report by Andrew Hanson. I’m reading it and doing it – I love Andrew Hanson’s stuff so this is a keeper. Someone in the comments said this is a freebie online – so I found it. Download it here.

So my final verdict? This product DID have lots of great nuggets. I DID learn a lot from it. That said, it’s poorly organized. I highly suggest that if you DO buy One Week Marketing, you read it all first and take notes of what’s in each bonus file (something like: Blogger steps in XYZ PDF file on page ##) so that when you go through the main guide, you can open up whatever step by step tutorial you need to refer to.

The bonus items are far more valuable than the main course itself, but without the main course, you wouldn’t understand why this all works well together. If it were reversed and you could buy the bonuses for a lesser fee, I’d say skip the main course, but you can’t. I would NOT buy this package without the upgrade, period. It’s not worth it. You’ll be lost.

Is it okay for newbies? This whole time I’ve said NO – that was because without the bonus items, you wouldn’t know what the heck you were doing. Is the $70+ pricetag newbie-friendly? No. But does the course WORK? Yes.

I’d like to say this to Jenifer if she happens to read this:

“I apologize for ripping the product apart and analyzing it right out in the open but I wanted to know WHY so many of my customers were buying it and then giving up and emailing me about it. I can tell you that it’s because you have them read the main guide 1st – and they’re LOST because the step-by-step isn’t until they get the bonus items IF they even upgrade at all. If they do, then they still need to go through the entire course before it’s doable for them.

Overall, I want to thank you for teaching me some new tricks of the trade. I DID learn quite a bit from you. I was frustrated at times and almost gave up myself once. But maybe I was just having a bad day. I think if you reorganized this course a bit, that other course you recommended by the other 2 ladies would not be necessary and you need to realize that doesn’t reflect well on your product that it IS even necessary – and at such a high price point to boot.

I would also like to add that I am repeatedly told by my customers what a sweetheart you are. They love your whole sweet disposition and even those who gave up have never said anything unkind about you as a person. I can honestly feel comfortable recommending One Week Marketing to people, but I will also be honest in pointing out its faults – which is really just an organizational issue. The content is good. You’re great at explaining stuff when you get into detail.”

That’s it for my OWM case study guys! No more sales yet of the Bearded Dragon deal but I’m going to continue churning out content and working Hanson’s 1,000 visitors PDF file so I will update you on it as I go. Let me know your thoughts below!
Tiff ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Stefani says:

    Thanks Tiff! I LOVE your honest to goodness and practical application critique of things – I guess that’s why I follow you!

    It’s great to get a real opinion that I can use, not just a “I’ll pretend I can review so I can sell” opinion.

    Thanks again!

  • What a review. Thank you.

    It seems to be a great product, and since you made 3 sales, it works.

    I’m sure she will make a killing if she release a V2.

    You are a Squidoo expert after all. You could partner with her and add what’s missing… just a suggestion.


  • Eric says:

    Great post. I tried but the system did not work for me. I purchased the OWM package before your review. I didn’t buy the upgrade. I was a newbies and didn’t know what I was doing and found the system difficult to follow. Now I know why. I may give it a try when I have more time. The Squidoo 101 guide was very useful. It introduced me to Squidoo. At least I got something for my money.

    • Tiffany says:

      Eric, see the upgrade it necessary or I agree, it won’t work. You’ll be lost big time. Glad the Squidoo guide helped you though – that one was good!

  • Becky says:

    I have to say that I purchased this last year and did give up. I was expecting a much easier read and I didn’t have time to go back and forth trying to piece it all together. I believe I paid $47.00 for it and this was before she offered the bonuses so maybe with those I would have been able to do it but I just couldn’t deal with the confusion. I needed a real step-by-step system.

  • Isobel says:

    Excellent wrap-up and analysis Tiffany ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just wanted to make a couple of points about the “upgrade” to the coaching system. If it’s still the one I think it is, you can get it for $17 if you click to leave the page (where it’s on permanent sale for $47).

    Having said that, I found it facile and a poorly disguised bid to sell over-priced hosting. I was pretty shocked when Jennifer first announced she recommended it, but then so did someone else that I really respect, so maybe I just don’t “get” it.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Isobel – the program I’m talking about is something linked to in her guide and it’s $97. It’s two ladies who coach you on OWM in a step by step format.

  • Fran Civile says:

    You certainly did a thorough review of OWM! You
    to lean over backwards to be fair and that is a
    little confusing at times…

    I was never to buy it because it`s much too expensive for me to consider especially knowing
    that $77 will not do it… there`s a more to
    spend on an upgrade!

    I`d like to see a response from Jennifer here…

    I`m curious about Hansonโ€™s 1,000 visitors PDF file…what is that about


    • Tiffany says:

      I’ll always bend over backward to be fair LOL. Being fair is the only right way to do it. The $77 does include the upgrade – it’s the $47 that’s the basic plan. Hanson’s 1,000 visitor’s PDF is about getting 1,000 people to your site in 30 days. I’m only just digging into it but I know his stuff and it’s step by step and I do like it.

  • Dorothy says:

    Bravo! A big thanks in appreciation for your REAL review of “One Week Marketing” !

    I would never ever recommend OWM to anyone, especially to newbies because Yes, the so-called bonus and upsell should be Included in the first place. This course is just a recipe for failure for newbies.

    I don’t understand why you would even think to apologize to the author for this review!? It is what it is and time someone brought it to light. She should have done the Right thing in the first place – compile a complete and organized product that would not leave people confused and hanging and having them “toggle back and forth” to try to figure it out and piece it together only to give up in frustration. And overpriced at that! She should be apologizing to us!

    Don’t let the folksy sweet disposition fool you that there is no greed involved – the affiliate-link-stuffing, the upsell to something that should be included in the first place, the over self-promotion, the overflowing inbox offers for everything under the sun… speaks volumes.

    It’s easy to see through the thin veil of sweet (“gee golly”) talk and pleasantry. People trust and buy and recommend from honest genuine people. She probably is a truly nice person, just making the wrong decisions. Better to drop the gimmick and be real.

    The author of OWM is more into following the low-level marketing tactics of the slime gurus:
    just get the sale, forget about sincerely helping people. The words sheep…wannabe…poser come to mind.

    Tiffany, I’m glad you don’t fall for the JV-partner-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours mentality and send this inferior product offer to your subscribers’ inbox.

    I applaud your integrity. I have received high quality reports and courses from you and others, for Free, that makes OWM pale in comparison. Thank You.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Dorothy!

      I struggle with the newbie recommendation. Without the upgrade, I highly advise against it. WITH the upgrade, IF they’re willing to read and organize, it’s worth it. You do learn a lot. I apologized to Jennifer for doing it all publicly because as a writer and product owner, I know it’s tough to read bad things about your baby. I don’t want to hurt her feelings – from all accounts, she’s a very sweet person (I don’t know her). I like to give her the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you’re so close to a project and maybe you have so many plates spinning in the air that you don’t realize there are gaps. No product is perfect. I can’t say I haven’t recommended it though, because I have in a way – as you read above. I feel it was worth MY $77 personally, but I have more knowledge than the average newbie. And thanks for the kind words regarding my products – that’s sweet!
      Tiff ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Joseph says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I purchase OWM when it first came out, it was cheaper than it is now. I can honestly say I didn’t give it a try as I felt overwhelm with all the writing. That’s something I’m working on and will be giving it another try. Following your case study has sparked an interest in completing it. Any other tidbits you have feel free to send them my way.

  • Thanks for the thorough review. I too purchased this without the upgrades and quit after setting up two campaigns. That was 6-8 months ago and I still have those two running. Alas, I have not made a single sale yet. (Just my luck, I guess.)

    It’s great to hear other marketers tear apart products – makes for a great overall review especially if you end up recommending the product.

  • Paul says:

    Hiya Tiff-
    I appreciate your frank opinion of “One Week Marketing” (OWM) over the past weeks! Honestly, I felt like your comments were a bit harsh a few times throughout the process, but that’s just my opinion–maybe because I’ve followed Jennifer for quite some time and feel I should defend her–She, like you, has always been ethical and honest, which is rare, unfortunately. I would most certainly defend you as well, if I felt you were being spoken of unfairly. (I do realize that neither you nor she needs me to do so, as you are both quite capable of defending yourself ;~))
    I wanted to mention the section of OWM called “A Conversation with Nick”. I might have missed your analysis of it, and if so, I apologize. I felt like this was very helpful information, especially for someone who’s just starting out. Basically, Jennifer included this information as a case study to analyze OWM at each step of the process, and from the perspective of someone with limited marketing experience (Nick). Many of the general problems, questions, etc, Nick encountered while using OWM were addressed real-time via e-mail. Case studies are often used as a teaching tool in the field of healthcare, which is what I’m most familiar with, and I find them to be highly effective. They break the information down to a more interesting, practical level, which makes it easier to remember when one is faced with the same or similar situation.
    As always–Thanks for all you do on a daily basis to help bring dignity to the world of Internet Marketing!

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Paul! I hated that they were harsh too to be honest BUT here’s the deal…whenever I’m a true consumer of something, I have emotions when I go through it. I might be shocked at the value I’m getting, guilty of getting such a steal, or angry or confused. I wanted my true, raw emotions to come through and so what I did was have my blog admin open and write my blog posts AS I went through the course. You heard it right as it was happening for me. So I said what I was experiencing with the understanding I would (as I did) go back and say, OH…that’s where it was all along (or whatever gripe I had). I did talk about CWN a few times – in my search box in the upper left corner, type in Nick and you can see those. I got some things out of it, at one point it’s where I almost quit, but I felt that 135 or so pages of back and forth chit chat was a waste of my time overall – extract the meat and be done with it.

  • Pat says:

    Not to take anything away from OWM, and only to help those that can’t afford the guide (or don’t want to buy it), you can get Andrew’s 1000 visitors guide for free at his website. Just do a search for “Andrew Hansen”.

  • This was a very complete review of One Week Marketing, surprisingly so.

    I bought the product maybe about a year ago and I wasn’t thrilled with it, although I think at the time, the extra book was a gift rather than a paid product. I think I will go over it again in a little more detail.

    Thanks again for an honest review, I’m going to watch out for reviews of other products.

  • I have never seen a more thorough and honest review of any product in my 16 years online.

    I see your point in the organization portions of the product…certainly one would have to possess a skill for writing and personal work organization to get this program to work for them. But it WILL work in the end.

    And, hanging in there with it to finish it was
    courageous, noble, and showed your true compassionate nature.

    Thanks for the review, I’m sure that people will understand that is an overall good product, but it will take commitment and work on the part of the purchaser.


  • Terry says:

    Hi Tiff:

    I bought OWM but can’t say much since I haven’t really tryed it yet. That said, I was very interested in your comments on keyword research. I’ve yet to find a good keyword tool that gives you much more than a crap-shoot at finding a profitable niche. As Jennifer herself says “keyword research only gives you an educated guess” at what will be a good niche. I will be extremely interested in what you have to report after using the SENuke program.

  • Mary Norton says:

    I was happy to read this. I do not know OWM and have not yet encountered it but am a newbie in this so it is useful to read from all your efforts. Thanks.

  • Terry says:

    I bought OWM when it first came out. At that time I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate where Jen and Nick met and during the conversation on the forum the OWM was born. So, I bought it and after reading through the material and trying to understand it (newbie at that time)I finally got a few lenses up but had no sales. Then Squidoo said no more on certain lenses, so I quit at that point. I have been trying to make a go of this affiliate marketing for a while now and from my experience there is no product out here that will show you how to put all of this information together to make it work for a newbie. I’m still trying and will one day figure it out and make some money LOL. Thanks for reviewing OWM and now have a better understanding of it.

  • Teatree says:

    I think you’ve written a very fair review.

    When I read these reviews in order to decide whether to buy, I always try to work out whether the buyer made a profit. And profit isn’t just the sales exceeding the cost of the course, it covers the time involved, because time has value too (you could have been doing something else more profitable). How long did it all take in number of hours? It sounds like it was all a massive amount of work.

    • Tiffany says:

      Not sure of the hours involved – but I write fast. However you also have to take into consideration that the campaigns are left standing for the long haul – so they should have longterm residual earning power assuming it works that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Uttara says:

    what do you think about tools like semrush? have you heard about it..?

  • PotPieGirl says:

    Yay! I can speak now!

    Hi everyone, it’s Jennifer (PotPieGirl).

    I’ve been lurking throughout this entire (and extremely complete) review. However, I didn’t want to say a word for fear that people’s comments and feedback would be tainted knowing I was reading.

    Above all, I really wanted to hear what Tiffany had to say.

    Feedback like this is PRICELESS and I thank each of you very much. There is no way to make anything better – or make ME better – unless I know what to fix.

    Constructive criticism is very valuable to me.

    Yes, Tiffany, as you pointed out, it IS difficult to read harsh things about “my baby” (or about ME – ouch), but there is no need to apologize (tho I appreciate and respect it immensely).

    One Week Marketing started as a bunch of sticky notes all around my computer and on my desk (and sometimes on me) of little things I was slowly figuring out to make money online.

    After about a year or so of doing that and slowly figuring out what worked, it all started really coming together in the form of sales. I realized I could simply rinse and repeat the process I had developed – and that is exactly what I wanted…a plan of action I could do everyday.

    When my blog readers asked me to put my process into a guide and sell it I thought, “Sure, why not?”. I figured I’d sell a copy to each of my 6 readers at the time (and one of them was my cat) and then I’d move on and get back to work.

    Well, it sure didn’t happen that way. One Week Marketing went BOOM!

    What’s the saying about the best laid plans? lol!

    Anyway, after meeting Nick and seeing that I really COULD teach it to someone else (which was my own personal requirement before I would ever offer it to the public) – I had to put everything together into a product.

    Intimidating? Yes, a little. I’m not a professional writer. I’m just someone who writes to share what she knows, learns, and experiences.

    I struggled with Conversation with Nick – mainly because there was SO much content in that conversation.

    Tiffany, you know how you mentioned “gold nuggets” you find in products? I’m the same way. No matter how good or bad a product is, I usually can always extract at least ONE really good nugget that helps me.

    So, when it came time to edit CWN, I opted NOT to – and leave it uncensored and in full form as the real conversation we had.

    My fear was that I would remove something that could end up being a “nugget” for someone else.

    I know what I might consider a “nugget” for ME, may not be a nugget for someone else. What’s funny is that out of all the people I have talked to about OWM, it seems they each have come away with a different “lightbulb moment” – and I like that.

    Before I type an entire novel on your blog, I’ll get to summing up.

    Tiffany, your review was wonderful for me and I genuinely appreciate it AND all the time and effort it took for you to do it.

    Thank you!


    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      I had to laugh – I found your comment in my spam queue and I kept thinking, how can a system determine what’s relevant or spam? Now I see tons that are in spam – I have to go through. Anyway, thanks for being so gracious. I know it was hard to read BUT you’ve made some new customers AND I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who had quit but NOW see the value in finishing it – so they’re returning to it. And like you, I always like to see where people say I’ve done something wrong because it makes me better in the long run.

      I respect your decision to keep CWN intact. I guess being so busy, I just wanted to quickly absorb what I could. But that said, I do see how others can value the entirety of it all. Good thing I took a speed reading class ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Good luck with your other stuff you have going, Jennifer!

  • Isobel says:

    My apologies – the coaching program isn’t the one I thought it was (she links to it from her blog also) and is NOT the site I was referring to in my previous comment.

    I’ve never joined this one and have no idea what’s included.

    Sorry for misleading anyone.

  • I too have one of the OWM sitting on my hard drive, gathering cyber dust.

    It wasn’t what I had expected and I didn’t have the time to really do all the work it make you do (other time commitments).

    If you can work out a deal with Jennifer about a better price on the upsell with the bonuses you mention, please let us all know…



    P.S.: Gotta go back to Andrew’s traffic guide and take a closer look.

  • Chris says:

    I appreciate your refreshing, candid approach to product reviews. I may be asking you to compare apples to oranges, but can you comment on IPK vs. OWM? Both are a moderate investment. Is one a better value for the money? I’m looking for something not necessarily for newbies, but offering more ideas and techniques that I can use for my affiliate marketing business. If you had to pick one, where would you start? Thanks again for a great case study!

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Chris – I have said and will continue to say IPK http://www.tiffanydow.com/ipk.html is the best product I’ve ever bought online, period. It’s great for Squidoo too – OR for your own websites. I recently got asked about IPK by a guy who said he had to sell his 1stborn to pay for it but once he went through it, he emailed me saying WOW – etc…he was impressed and agreed it was well worth it – and the organization of it, the product owner’s support, etc is superb.

  • Jeanna says:

    I absolutely agree with Dorothy.
    I worked my butt off an this product. I still have the pages upon pages and the Squidoo lenses that still bring in nothing. It is confusing, she does stuff as many offers in as she can. I will not buy any product anymore that gives you basically nothing and then gives you an upsell that has the information in it. I wish everyone would stop long enough to make a difference. Won’t happen. Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate has been her launching pad and she constantly crams your inbox with offers. I finally just unsubscribed from her. I am still waiting for that product that actually walks you through the steps. I’m smart, I pick up easily, just give me a path to follow!

    • Brian says:

      Jeanna, may i recommend someone he is all about the free side of things you may have to discipher his blog post for the last three years or if you can purchase a student of his her name is “Janet Smith’s – Nomad’s guide or something like this (I am no way an affiliate under her) I have her e-book and its an easy read. For absoulte freebee info on how to MMO please check out Grizzly B he can be found under MakeMoneyOnline with Grizz in Google search. Good luck.

  • Judy says:

    I joined OWM in early 2009 and to be honest I know that I didn’t give it a chance. I did my 5 lenses but like others I got tired of writing and perhaps I expected too much too soon. My intentions have always been to get back to it but time does get away from me.

    As someone who had no idea how to build lenses I found One Week Marketing confusing to follow as well. The companion program that some may be referring to is learnitstepbystep dot com which I also joined because I was unable to figure out the OWM system on my own. It was tremendously helpul but thinking about it now,I shouldn’t have had to join another program to learn how to follow the OWM program.

    When Jennifer offered the Free Squidoo Guide I felt that it made the product much more complete so I began promoting it as an affiliate. I think that if I had this guide when I purchased OWM I wouldn’t have needed to invest in Learnitstepbystep.com. As an affiliate for OWM I got a few sales but most requested refunds.

    Speaking of refunds I do want to bring up one thing. No matter how people feel about OWM,there is a money back guarantee.

  • John says:


    I love you blog. I found it last week and I’ve been back every day – you’re offering great stuff here, thanks!

    I wanted to know a little more about your experience with OWM, though. I noticed all the amazon products, etc you posted on your squidoo lenses – did any of those convert, or was it strictly clickbank.

    I’ve looked over potpiegirl’s lenses – they’re good, but I gotta say your layout is much more “pro” – I’d be interested to see how that actually affects conversions (maybe you guys could compare stats! XD)

    Anyway, I love your blog, you’re one of the few people talking about making money on the internet that I feel like I can actually trust (which says a lot, I’m a doubting tom to the core!), so thank you.

  • Hi Tiffany,

    That’s probably one of the best, most objective reviews I’ve ever read.

    And Jennifer’s response was wonderful.

    Such a refreshing change from the normal headbanging macho stuff.

    And shame on me. I don’t think I’ve visited (or known about)your blog previously. I’ll be back.

    cheers, Eric G.

  • Dawn Hall says:

    I don’t know about your product…YET…so
    I can not say at this time if it is a good product
    or not. The comments on this blog seem very mild to me compared to some I have read elsewhere.
    I believe, if it is your blog, you should have a right to censor it, IF you want to. If you want
    HONESTY…don’t censor! Constructive criticism
    is only valuable if it comes from the heart, without the fear of reprisal. You can always delete what you don’t like! I wish everything in life had a delete button!

  • Jason Taack says:

    I have only just found this site via the link from Pot Pie Girl’s website. I have been doing OWM for a few weeks, and it is definitely hard work. Luckily I have found this site and I will take a look at all it has to offer!

    One thing I will mention is that on my lenses, I have yet to make a clickbank sell, but I have made an Amazon sell! 93 cents! I’m on my way to millions!

  • Jane says:

    This interests me. Always been a big fan of both Tiff and ppg, so it’s interesting that you should both come together.

    I think ppg is a victim of her own success (as she mentioned) but she’s become more about selling now than helping. When an email starts with “nothing to sell -honest!”, you just know this person is accused.

    Definetely a shame because she’s a great gal, but please stop forcing all these products on us!!

    Final thought: your new dam method is VERY risky (and another sales pitch). Give us a method to follow that actually works without selling something!!

    Sorry, I just had to have my say here as I can’t get my thoughts accepted at the ppg site.

  • Dawn says:

    I bought OWM and put it into practice. I’ve never made a “killing” with my lenses but they do bring in some extra and much welcome income each month.

    I’m not quite sure why so many found it confusing. I found it no more confusing than tackling any new task – and I’m truly not the brightest kid on the block! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It does take time to implement but I’m honestly glad that I took that time. I make some money with my lenses, I’ve learned how to use lenses to promote over websites and I learned a whole heap of new skills.

    Can’t remember what it cost when I bought it and I didn’t take any upsell but I found it good value.

  • Kim says:

    I have to say that I have been a purchaser of OWM and have found that yes the work involved is difficult and can seem as others have said time consuming. However, at the same time I know that the program works as I have made sales by using this method.

    Now this is not saying that I made millions right off the bat as I have yet to make two thousand dollars. One thing that I did notice though is that no matter how many lenses I write or hubs or other items that I write and link to if someone isn’t searching for that term then I will not get a sale NO matter how hard I try.

    Now I know that this might seem like I am selling the product, but as someone that has used the guide and followed it the work that you put it will decide how much you get out of the product. Which the one thing that I would recommend to anyone to do would be to find a highly regarded Keyword guide book or machine to research those carefully.

    After you have found the proper keywords then you will be able to find that the guide will work to its best effect. Like many other people have said though you can find many free guides that can teach you many of the same ideas and notions, but with the OWM guide if you are totally lost with some of the free guides you will find that the OWM might help you out more than the free ones.

  • I bought the OWM without the upsell, and had my investment back within three weeks. I’m not getting rich, but I have made some sales. I’m barely in the black after a few weeks, but those lenses will be working for me for a long time.

    I’ve done some tweaking on my initial campaign and have seen some conversion improvement with a change of products and rearranging the lenses and such, and building more inbound links. I also added a couple more lenses to the initial 5 in the first campaign. As I get better at this, I expect that my campaigns will produce better results. The only thing I wished she and others would explain better is keyword research. I should point out I’m #1 or #2 in google for each of the keyphrases I optimized for, so that part of it DOES work. But apparently the keyphrases I chose are not getting the kind of traffic that’s going to make me any kind of dough. Oh well. I’ll do better eventually. When I look at how little traffic compared to how many sales, I’m actually doing VERY well! LOL!

    Yes, OWM is a fair bit of work. Anyone who expects that making a living on the internet isn’t should go buy some more IM snake oil elsewhere.

    And Dorothy– if you don’t like OWM, that’s fair, though I expect it had more to do with unrealistic expectations and maybe a lack of willingness to do the work on your part than any specific problem with the product, based on what you said. Still, it was within your rights to speak out about that. But your personal attack on Jennifer was really uncalled for, in my opinion.

    Especially considering some of the other slimeballs selling information products on the web. Jennifer is a breath of fresh air in comparison.

  • Charlotte says:

    The One Week Marketing Mind Maps may have been a waste of space to you, but they helped me a lot. You may not be a mind map kind of girl, but I liked the way Jennifer visually showed me how everything flowed. It would be a boring life if we all thought alike. My personal experience was positive and I am thankful for the One Week Marketing Action Plan.

  • Louise says:

    I think it is a shame that there are some negative remarks about OWM on here. OK, so you have to do a lot of reading and back and forthing with the guide, but I lapped up all the information received and organized it into my own personal reference afterwards – which I probably would have done anyway cuz I’m like that!

    Because of this guide I now have traffic to my Squidoo lenses. Because of this guide I now have lenses indexed on Google overnight that weren’t indexing after weeks of being live. Because of this guide I now understand more about keywords, SEO and how to get traffic to my lenses and other article sites, and finally, because of this guide I get up off my ass everyday and do at least some writing, which is some feat, because with a new baby I have less time than I did before, and I did less writing then!

    This guide is utterly motivating and it WORKS. Maybe there is other stuff out there that works too, but for me, I am more than happy that I paid for it.

  • mike says:

    This is so refreshing to witness. I have been trying for maybe a year now at this internet marketing stuff, made a few sales here and there and even some adsense money {not much but is a start}.I have arrived at this site from a link from potpiegirls site and I must say Tiffany that thanks to Jenny you have another follower here.

    I have learnt tons from jenny and all for free, her blog is full to the brim with information and articles, donโ€™t know why anyone would need OWM when all the info to get started is right there but I guess with information overload people canโ€™t see it.

    Now that Iโ€™m at your site Iโ€™m sure I will learn some more with a few little added twists and turns to it. You two should get your heads together and create a REAL STEP BY STEP guide to internet marketing with REAL gold nuggets sprinkled in from both of you. As Jenny said what she sees as a gold nugget may not be to others, so if you both sprinkled in a few there would be a good mix of juicy bits. Maybe Offer it for FREE to your lists. Surly with such great content on offer for free your lists would explode! Just from word of mouth alone. Back ends and upsells could be tools that could speedup the processes to start making money online. I know you both are busy Girls but maybe one day huh ?

    Iโ€™m off now to dig out the gold nuggets I know I will find on your site. Great review by the way, sharp, honest and to the point.

  • Diane says:

    It is so refreshing to see an honest review here. I tend to take most reviews with a grain of salt because I know most reviewers are just after the commissions. I agree with a lot of what you state in your review. I purchased OWM because I heard so much about it. I started to read it and never got through the whole thing because of all the going back and forth. There was some good info in the parts I did read, but If you sell a product, I believe all the info should be in the product. Don’t make me go to your blog, to different sites, etc.. And I’m also a first amendment kind of girl. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion whether good or bad, so I commend you for allowing the negative comments in, but watch out, it looks like the Pot Pie Girl followers will be flocking over here soon based on her recent post.

  • Dee says:

    That was an utterly disgraceful review of OWM. Tiffany since you appeared to be more into name calling than just reviewing OWM. Here are a few names for you; rude, petty, nasty and down right malicious. It is one thing to give an honest review (as you see it) of a product and quite another thing to be unprofessional about it. Half of what you stated in your review could have been left out.

    Reading it was like reading a letter from someone that could not get a point across without using profanity or in your case without being extremely unkind and cut-throat. All you needed to do was state valid reasons for not liking the product. What gives with the…wannabe, poser, etc, crap (total, total unnecessary.

    I am a loyal fan, subscriber of Jennifer (potpiegirl)and will remain so. In fact, I will purchase anything she produces, without question. I also purchased OWM and I did not understand everything either…not at first. But I realized that this is a business and I am not going understand everything. Heck, I have plenty ebooks that I purchased from other marketers that were step by step and I still had tons of questions. But I ask questions on forums (warrior forum, wealthy affiliates), blogs and anywhere else I thought I could get the answer and guess what I got answers and I moved on. Everyone want things to be handed to them without work or effort…will not happen folks!

    Jennifer is an IM and as such is in the business to make money…would not be much of a marketer if you did not make money. what the heck are you in the business for…to write whacky reviews? Seems to me as if you are trying to steal Jennifer’s thunder. Take a look at this site, all I see is evidence of you trying to make money (gee!) Are you being a greedy wannabe?

    If OWM was not as perfect as you think it should have been…you could have sent it back…period! And shut down all the personal attacks against Jennifer! and your cry baby readers could have done the same. Jennifer has given an unbelievable amount of information away…for FREE! And I dearly appreciate her and her tireless efforts to help as many as she can…and I trust her because it has not been “ALL” about the money.

    Is Jennifer a good person, well, I don’t know her personally…wish I did…but “I FEEL” that she is a good individual. For one thing, she did not in-turn berate you for the nasty review, so that speaks volumes for the lady right there. (So I hope I am doing a good job for her)

    Jennifer is human and not perfect, I don’t know anyone who is. Perhaps you thing you are perfect Dow. NOT!!! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!!!

    Love Ya POTPIEGIRL…keep up the fantastic work! and don’t pay any attention to this crap from Foul, I mean Dow and her cry baby readers. You are simply “FABULOUS”

    • Tiffany says:

      Dee, you don’t seem to comprehend who said what here so let me ‘splain:

      You’re addressing ME, Tiffany, the blog owner, as the person who said “wannabe, poser, etc.” I didn’t say that – someone else did in the comments.

      That said, my review of OWM stands. Even Jennifer admits she learned from it. It’s a fact – even YOU agreed – that it wasn’t easy to understand at first. THIS is why people are stopping before they succeed.

      You really need to accurately decipher who’d saying what and why before you comment (ie: greedy wannabe – I never said that – looks like you’re skimming without first having taken a speed reading course to learn HOW). I also never said I was perfect – I stated that we all have bruises on our body of work.

      You also did not read Jennifer’s instructions on her blog before you wafted in to her rescue – your type of comment is exactly what she didn’t want. She and I have exchanged emails (nice ones) about all this – we’re genuinely learning from all of this – you’re not.

      Uh oh wait – should I CENSOR this mean, nasty downright “hurtful” comment? Nope! You, even in your ignorance about who said what, deserve to be heard because you’re commenting about the situation.

    • Brian says:

      Hay Dee, Jenn says go and buy some Three Dollar Coins are you in?

  • Now that is a review!!!

    There is a take away message that can be used in your marketing here…and that is in depth, honest reviews sell

    I don’t own OWM so I can’t comment on the product.

    I CAN tell you that I agree with Tiffany…Info Product Killer Rocks!

    Also, Andrew Hansen’s stuff should be required reading…especially his Free Crap Cutter Marketing guide.

    Some of the best info on BUYER keywords out there

    I still use his Niche Marketing on Crack principles today

    Hope this helps


  • Yahia says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    You did a great job disecting OWM. Although I am coacthing my referrals through their first campaigns I had never gone beyound the guide and the action plan. It must have taken you a ยจweekยจ or so :-).

    But please let me point out some points.

    – We both agree that OWM works. You made sales, I made sales with 10%-complete campaigns, and a lot of my students are happy with it (not every one).

    – We both agree that OWM is not for every one. Like you said, it takes a lot of writing. I am a PPC/media buying guy and have no ptience with writing. Beginners might not have the resources to pay for outsourcing or article writing/spinning software.

    – There is a great advantage of starting affiliate marketing with OWM, which is building a virtual real estate. When itยดs time for moving from SEO and free stuff to reliable foundations for a real business, this real estate will save you a lot of time building backlinks to your sites.

    – There is no such a thing as a perfect affiliate marketing course. I am sure you agree with me on this one too. And this is your chance as an affiliate marketer to stand out of the crowd. Offer your own bonus that complements the product. Not just with OWM, any product. I offer coaching, and my video toutorials are on the way to replace my coaching (it eats my time) and limit my consultation to a 30 min. phone call.

    Thanks for allowing this discussion and for the chance you gave me to make my point.


  • Charlotte says:

    I did not have a clue about making money on the internet until I purchased the One Week Marketing Action Plan and started following Jennifer (PotPieGirl). The first week was confusing, only because I had so much to learn. The Mind Maps helped me see the pieces and motivated me to take one step at a time to learn what she took the time to write about. I did not have extra money to invest and found her “Free” methods worked very well for me. My first campaign ranked on the 3rd page of Google. The more I learned from Jennifer and her followers, the better my ranking was. It was hard work at first. The more I learned, the easier it was. I love the other items she promotes for affiliates because I know they work. Jennifer is the reason I use Squidoo and have some income. She never promised me a quick get rich plan. I know I will make more money in the future as long as I follow her, work hard, and learn from her experience. I believe she will learn from this review and be even more dynamic.

  • mike D says:

    I loved OWM it was the first program that helped me get sales online. It also helped me wrap my mind around how to create a campaign and get things going. I still use most of the free blog sites every time I set up a new niche. I am still getting over 1000 hits a month from the first lenses I set up.

    I even printed the action plan and have it hanging next to my computer for quick reference!!

  • Malcolms says:

    Hi all. I think that the review is great. For Jennifer she can take the criticism and cry or use it in a positive way. Undoubtly she has taught quite a few people how to make money online. She does state that you can be up and running in a week and also that nothing ever happens overnight. If you follow PotPie Girl you will also understand that she endeavours to help people succeed even without selling her product. And yes what kind of marketer would she be if she didn’t practice what she has learnt from others and also learnt from her own experience. There is a success formula in IM and that is to give more than you take. I get that feeling about her after following her for a year. IM is a very broad subject and to be successful you need to become an expert at a lot of things. I have yet to meet a newbie who made thousands by reading a guide alone. Most have had mentors and possibly already successful family helping them along the way. As for the blog comment about “sheep, poser and wannabe” is very harsh. People who make those comments should first try and get to know the person first. Many people don’t make it online and then spend all their time trying to bring down everyone else. Out of all the marketers I have been following, Jennifer is certainly the only one I know so far that goes as far as she does to keep your faith up. She gives plenty more than anyone else. I commend her for taking her free blog and making an effort to put it altogether into 1 package so that it can benefit others. As it is her first attempt, I reckon she did a pretty good job. Perhaps from all this you will see a humdinger of a product next edition. Keep it up PotPieGirl.

  • David says:

    Hi – Thanks for the refreshingly honest review! I bought OWM a couple weeks ago. I’m an experienced marketer, but I still found a few nuggets in it. I also found it fairly straght-forward to read. But I don’t come from a newbie perspective.

    I do disagree with your mind-map comment. People learn from graphics, and to some I’m sure that’s what ties it all together.

    I also have a problem with one of the posters above, named Dorothy. Please keep personal stabs out of review comments! Comment on the product, don’t personally attack the seller.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey David – Yeah with Mind Maps, not my cup o tea, but that’s why I said, “Maybe you do?” I feel lots of people like them – I just don’t ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brett says:

    I purchased OWM when it first came out. I was a newbie desperate to understand how to make money online.

    I did not follow the course to the letter. I DID learn and practice the SEO at Squidoo and other websites. Jennifer is a good teacher and an ethical marketer.

    I still search for that magic product that is super easy and fills my bank account with little or no effort, even though I know it does not exist.

    I am doing okay now and I credit OWM with opening my eyes to the “process”. The methods taught are a niche blogging education

  • Good Morning:

    I am brand-new at internet marketing, and am currently studying another course, so cannot
    comment on the technical data review.

    However, I am appalled at the total lack of character and blatantly bad manners of “Dorothy”. These personal comments are completely inappropriate. I absolutely agree…
    bloggers should censor all personal attacks. They serve no useful purpose and actually diminish the credibility of the author.

    Many times personal attacks are the tools of the
    ignorant and ill-informed.

  • Sandy says:

    With I’d say 8 years of online experience and dealing with people trying to find a “get rich quick” answer, even if you have the perfect, fool-proof product or guide to success(which we know doesn’t exist) you’d still find people complaining about it. The problem is there’s a variable the seller doesn’t have control over – the purchaser. It’s like with buying leads and trying to grow an online business – 2 people can buy the same leads and have completely different experiences with those leads. One can recruit several and one will recruit none. Then you have a review that the leads (or in this case the program) was GREAT and just what you needed and are making sales hand over fist – and another person will have no success and say the leads (or program) were terrible – a waste of money – and now the person selling those leads are scum and scammers. Did you ever think it’s YOU the end user that is the problem and not the program? These programs are just like exercise equipment – you can buy them – but to have success – you have to commit to using them properly!

  • Sandy says:

    oops – I re read my statement and just to clarify – YOU means – whoever is reading this statement – not anyone specific. I’m not on either side, I just know the frustrations of people saying “it didn’t work for me” and finding out they didn’t even give it a fair shake. That’s all I meant.

  • Hey Tiffany,

    Can’t believe it took me so long to see this post but…

    Thanks so much for the mention of my report. I’m glad you found it helpful and I hope your readers do too!

    All the best,

    • Tiffany says:

      No thank YOU Andrew – your stuff is stellar always ๐Ÿ™‚ Finding my keywords for the 30 phrases was a bitch – I wondered why you said 1-2 days and THEN I knew LOL. But it seems like it’l work out really well….can’t wait to finish implementing it.

  • Tiffany says:

    I tried OWM and it was so difficult that I gave up in a month. The “one week” part of the title is total BS unless you have already been doing internet marketing.

    Recently Jennifer came out with a new “helpful” course – The DAM Way – which doesn’t include half the stuff in her OWM course. I don’t know how anyone made any sales quickly using this program.

    Her “one week” program is more like a “one month” program for newbies…the people she is suppose to be “helping”. She shouldn’t promote it to be so quick and easy.

    In addition Jennifer keeps promoting The Wealthy Affiliate site which I found to be disorganized and pricey. There are better products on the market.

  • Laura says:

    I too found OWM confusing and overwhelming when I first bought it and built my first campaign. I remember that when I did my first read through I felt like my head was going to pop off! But, I took it one step at a time and launched my first campaign…Then, I launched my second campaign and my third and things started to make sense and get easier. I have to credit PPG for putting many of the pieces of Affiliate Marketing together for me using free methods. There were some pieces of the puzzle missing for me at first that I later learned from working her model and figuring it out on my own or from finding the answer from other marketers. But, that’s the thing when you are a teacher, it’s hard to know what people need who are totally new to what you’re teaching. Overall OWM was a great buy for me and if not for PPG, I would have never started on this path of earning money online. My recommendation for those who are considering purchasing OWM is to take your time if you are new to this. Although you can launch your first campaign within a week, if it takes you two weeks or three, so be it. Give yourself time to learn and implement what you’re learning. And, if your first campaign doesn’t earn any money – at least you’ve begun to learn the basics of how to create an income stream with affiliate marketing and you’ll learn more as you continue. Just don’t give up.

  • Elana says:

    To be fair, I have been a follower of Jennifer’s work and this blog post is the first time I have learned of Tiffany. However, my comments will be neutral.

    I first started out in online marketing in August when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, as a recommendation from a good friend of mine. It was completely on a whim that I joined, as I wasn’t even seeking to begin affiliate marketing – let alone learn about it!

    WA opened my eyes to a whole new world of an interest that I personally find fulfilling. Do they have a lot of good stuff on there? Yes. Is it as clear-cut for newbies as it could be? No. Is it worth the $39 every month? Maybe. Would I recommend trying it out? Highly.

    Jennifer is very active in the forums at WA, providing help to a ton of people. I was drawn to her style which brought me to her website. I found even more great tips on online marketing there. Could her website be more organized? Totally. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve also been on her email list and have received some neat things through that as well. Is it sometimes too much selling? Yes. Is it a waste of time? No. Can you unsubscribe at any time? Duh.

    I will tell you that Jennifer, in my business experience, is a VERY giving woman. I haven’t seen somebody that works for themselves feverishly give away as much FREE information as this lady does! I don’t get anything for tooting her horn here. I can see why this lady is so successful. She deserves it.

    I recently purchased One Week Marketing and I was overwhelmed, because it wasn’t set up as organized as it could have been. Is the content valuable? Yes. Is the product easy to follow and understand? No. Is it worth the price? Maybe. I also agree that the some of the upgrade and bonuses could have been included in the main guide.

    I maintain that a review should always be “professional”. I believe that the moderator of all comments should only allow for “professional” commentary.

    I feel that Jennifer shouldn’t have even gotten involved with commenting here. I don’t think she needs to defend herself (though she did so politely and professionally, kudos to her). If one stands by their work and KNOWS that it offers benefits (of course, some people find more benefits than others, just like anything you buy in life), then that’s all that matters.

    When learning, people have different learning styles. In business, people have different “sales” personalities that work for them. Can these two women be different? Yes. Do they have to agree? No.

    Tiffany and other commentators don’t have to love One Week Marketing.

    However, OWM DOES offer a refund! That alone shows integrity.

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks for your comments Elana. Just a quick clarification though – OWM offers a refund because ClickBank requires it. Not that she wouldn’t anyway, but it doesn’t factor into integrity. If you want to sell on CB you must abide by their refund guarantee.

  • Changis says:

    Wow. What a terrific review of OWM. I really appreciate it because I have been thinking of buying it but just didn’t have enough data.
    I wonder if you have done any reviews of other products such as :
    :CBWealth Formula (Anik Singal and Saj)
    :Affiliate X Pro (This comes up as an upsell when you buy IPK). WOuld appreciate your comments on these if you have any knowledge about them.

    Tiff, thanks so much for your honest reviews.

    Best regards.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Changis! No I haven’t reviewed those yet. I put reviews on hold to complete my ghostwriting but I’ll eventually review many products.

  • Brian says:

    Oh my, hay Tiffany I love your blog also keep up the good work. Let me know if you need more reviews on some those theso MMO products, let me just say i have purchased a few of them including WA member, OWM, 4DMMB (Dave Bocock) and more.

    I guess i am a newbie e-junkie. How funny it is when i was looking in Google on how to start a fitness blog.

  • Rob says:

    Is this still a valid product two years later? I just found this over the past week and am very interested, but I’m seeing several comments in some of the other pages on this site that IM is on a downward wave? I’d hate to jump in on something that is already past the moment.

  • cosmo says:

    I got my lens yanked when Squidoo cracked down on making multiple lenses about the same topic.

    I would have figured she would have stopped selling it, or reworked it by replacing Squidoo. At the time, she got her 2 tons of lenses locked, but she made a public fuss and had enough leverage to get them to give them back to her.

    I didn’t buy the upgrade. Now I know why it seemed so hard.

    I definitely was disappointed to see her get a taste of the big money and decide to get against her values.

    For instance, she wrote that keyword membership groups never helped her, but then some time later she was emailed her recommendation for Travis Sago’s extremely dubious keyword membership group.

    In case you’re wondering, Sago promised he was closing the doors at a certain number of members; no false scarcity. Then when I joined on the free 7 day trial, I found out that I was in the third group and each group has different keywords. Dude should be a politician. No false scarcity. Pathetic.

    Sorry to digress, but then I discovered that the numbers he taught for keyword research changed once you got in the group. I won’t go into detail, but there were 2 different deceptions going on in that area as well; one of them having to do with, omitted results in Google.

    Sago signs his emails, “Pulling for you.” I discovered he really isn’t pulling for anybody but himself.

    The old PPG was different. She was of the school of teaching a person to fish, while Sago was in the school of renting a person fishing gear and selling her directions to a lake where the fish might be biting.

    When PPG recommend Sago’s keyword group, I knew she had gone to the dark side.

    Problem is, if I get to the point of tasting the really awesome cash flow and knowing that I can raise it by a factor of 10 by going dark, I might do it too, so instead of dealing with my own integrity, I settle for complaining about the lack of integrity in others and how disappointed I am in THEM, which is equally pathetic.

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