Focus Recommendations By My Mentor

Hi everyone! I was telling Craig about how I was finally using mind mapping – since he’d recommended it about 2 years ago, if not longer.  I told him about how even mind mapping felt overwhelming because the map gets out of control big and he told me to do one map per project.

Well I upgraded to the paid version – just the $49/year version. I can swing it! So I went for it. I started mind mapping all over the place last night. I have personal mind maps and business mind maps. I have a To Do List with days of the week and each day has a Work and a Home block so I can see what all I need to get done that day.

So I asked Craig “Where do I start?” I still felt a little overwhelmed. He said to look at what makes the most (and recurring) money. That’s my PLR store. I haven’t done a fraction of what I need to do to build that store except create content. I have other promo stuff to do.

He made a suggestion. He told me to mind map that store. So I did. I discovered and implemented two things I could do for increased sales and traffic. One he advised me about. One I did on my own.

This mind map stuff isn’t so awful when you break it down. I hadn’t thought of making narrow mind maps. I was looking the zoom in/zoom out feature and really, when you see one circle with dozens of branches and more circles and more branches, it starts to make you feel like shutting down.

So today the PLR Mini Mart got my undivided attention as far as my own work goes. I also worked on ghostwriting for my special customers. And I’m even doing a mind map for that! It’s awesome.

Craig’s right. While I might want to do things like go back and clean up some old, outdated info product – it’s not my prime money maker right this second. I need to maintain focus on money and then go back and massage the sites that need a little polishing up.

Tiff 😉

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  • Debora says:

    Wow Tiff,

    I tried mind mapping at one point and had a map that was all over the place, so of course I lost interest or became overwhelmed for a better word.

    I love that you shared what Craig has told you about narrow mapping. It makes perfect sense and I believe it may have been the answer I needed to hear.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, it has definitely help me and I appreciate you. 🙂


  • Agneta says:

    It’s odd how we can’t see that everything has to be dealt with in manageable chunks. We don’t try to stuff the whole burger in at once for example. We have breaks along a 10 hour car trip.

    When my mind map grew, I exported nodes to new maps and continued to build them from there. Doing that also made it easier to draw borders between different things, narrow my focus, and isolate projects.

    Now I have a map that maps the other maps. Nodes that fire up whole projects with Scrivener, browser, text notes, images. The lot that has to do with a particular project. Week templates with each day stuffed with things that I copy from. They’re rearranged in a whiff if necessary. When the stuff-for-the-day’s done, I pick something from a “Non Scheduled Items” list unless I want to take n what’s for the coming day. A project that stretches for days are simply dragged to the next day.

    I also discovered that I could automate recurring tasks that didn’t need my intervention. Wrote shell scripts and stuffed in the calendar. Stuffed away it’s gone from my view, gets done. No distraction. If it fails, I get a window in my face calling for my attention. But only if it fails. Frees time I can spend on important things. Like chasing wolves and bears. 😉

    Two rejected attempts of a video on FreeMind basics so far. I’m working on it…

  • Debi J says:

    Hey Tiff,

    I was with you. I kept seeing mindmaps being offered last year as a part of PLR packs. In fact, I have a couple…but I just had a hard time figuring out what the heck I was supposed to DO with them!

    In January (because I was all over the place and had my time limited more than ever for business stuff) I downloaded FreeMind and started playing with it.

    Thankfully I’ve always started with the smaller picture when I do them. But that’s because I had to get the detailed stuff on paper or I wouldn’t get it done…I’ve always been more of a “screw the details, I wanna create” kinda gal, figuring I’d find someone who likes the detail work that might be looking for a “big picture, creative” person. LOL

    Anyway, I use it a lot now, but haven’t seen the one you’re using. I’ll have to check it out. I’m still not using all the functionality of the FreeMind one but it DOES get me focused. AND, it gives me a place to “mind dump” those ideas that always come to mind that lead me astray!

    Glad you’re finding the tool useful!


  • Christiena says:

    Thanks for the timely reminder. Have had a copy of Buzan’s mindmapping software sitting unused on my hard drive. When I first bought it I went nuts but then slipped back into my old habits. Time to fire that sucker up 😀

  • I’m really excited to see what you do! Not only do I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying your PLR, but as a PLR seller myself, it is always great watching how others run their stores.

  • As usual Thanks Tiff for sharing this with us. I am one of those who always used Mind mapping with and without software back in the days of Tony Buzan when mind mapping used to be done on paper with different color pens. Ah those were the days. Funny enough i still do and even try and use simple drawings for headings.

    But when i started spending more time looking for documents and files than working on my business i looked for a free software and decided on XMIND which does what i want.It not only gives me clarity but most importantly I can link to the files i want or hyperlink to a sites i want.That feature is very helpful and saves me lots of time.

    Cheers for now

  • Hey Tiffany,

    Happy to see you using mind mapping – finally 😛

    I’m with Charles… learned from Tony Buzan.

    Who said “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” ?

    I’d like to share with folks here my framework for mind mapping in relation to internet marketing.

    The framework/blueprint can serve as the foundation of your online business.

    If you’re having issues, it can be tracked and fixed within this frame work.

    It’s a framework I came up with after using mind mapping for my self and with others. It’s been refined over and over to keep it simple and effective.

    No one “needs” to do this. But without some kind of structure we tend to get up and do whatever feels good or wander around thinking “What am I going to do?”. Not having structure will kill your business or any chances of building one.

    If you are successful at mind mapping or using some other system that brings structure and focus to your business it’s just a matter of time until you start seeing the rewards.

    Okay, here it is:

    1. One map per website/business.
    What I’ve seen many do when first mind-mapping is to use it as a big fat brain dump. That’s okay but it needs to be refined. That’s where most just say “mind-mapping is not for me” and move on, but to what? So the following will save anyone from this trap…

    2. The map has only three main branches.

    * The offer
    * Traffic
    * Conversions

    Everything related to your business can fall into the above three categories.

    So many people make making money online difficult. It’s not at all.

    Just work within the three branches.

    3. Brain dump into the three branches.
    If you don’t have an offer, brain dump into your offer branch what value you can bring to the internet and exchange it for money.

    Do the same for traffic and conversions.
    With traffic you can have sub-branches such as JV Deals, Affiliate programs, Paid Traffic, etc..

    Under conversions you list stuff you can do to increase conversions. Testing, tracking, split testing, adding bonuses, etc.

    There’s more but I’ll leave you with this; there is a question that you can ask after you dump everything down in your three branches.

    “What is the highest leverage activity I can do now that will get the highest return? This will help you only do work that’s going to get the results you want (possibly).

    Do-lists are made based on what’s in your three branches.

    Okay, there is another branch I like adding. It’s called “Personal”. I beleive this is the most important branch.

    Under that branch you add a sub-branch called “WHY?”. This is the branch you list all your “whys”. Why are you doing this? If the whys are big enough, you’ll build and work hard. The why is what will get you up early and keep you up late working on your business.

    Mind-mapping resources…

    1. mind42.com

    2. Free mind

    3. High end:

    • Tiffany says:

      I like this Craig! I have a question too. Where do these two items go: content creation (like for the PLR store) and technical stuff? For instance, do you even mind map issues like “set up an affiliate program?” Or do those go into one of those categories?

  • Content creation goes under “offer”.

    I have a do list (pencil and paper) that is made based on what’s in my three branches.

    But do lists can be a sub-branches.

    Techie stuff goes into do lists.

  • I’ve always done mind mapping by hand and love it. I started out in life as an artist so using my hands to create gets my head working better anyway.

    But, I love the way computer generated mind maps look. Maybe I can find a way to blend them together?

  • Well, I guess I have to weigh in on Mind Mapping as well. I started using the free open source program (Freemind) and it has worked well for me. In fact, I use it for article writing. I have mapped out all sorts of article templates that allow me to quickly gather information and write.

    Instead of sitting down and trying to figure out where I need to start, I have a map set up exactly how I think so it’s easy to begin and transition all the way through until I’m finished. I’ve cut my writing time down considerably as a result of using such a great tool.

    I wanted to thank you Tiffany for opening this thread, and thank Craig for his excellent input as always.


  • LindaP says:

    OK, I will confess. I have mind-mapping software that I love, but I haven’t used it for a while. I bought it because it was a required tool while I was at college for two of my courses, and used it for a while afterward. For a couple of years, it has been sitting on my hard drive gathering dust.

    Now that you have reminded me how much I loved having that “I’ve got it together” feeling that comes with building mind maps, I have set aside time to work on mind maps tomorrow morning.

    I think I got into the same mindset that you had. There was just too much to put into one map. Now, though, with Craig’s advice, I can see how it can be useful for my planning for every facet of my work and life.


  • Shan says:

    I tries mind-mapping but hit overwhelm because it was huge. Thanks to Craig for sharing his framework. I’m willing to redo it now.


  • Shan says:

    Oops! That should be ‘I tried’. Sorry guys…..

  • gmasoup says:

    I tried mind-mapping, but I was all over the place and found I wasn’t sure of what to add or how it was going to benefit me. I just stuck to my to do lists.

    I don’t think I understood the theory behind it or something. Any way I gave it up.

    When you get yours going maybe you can explain the methods to your madness. Why you put things in, how it helps; not sure of the what it is I need to understand so I can’t really put a good question here.

    Unfortunately some of us are not so bright. I’ve run several multimillion dollar businesses but can’t seem to pin down the ins and outs of IM so I can make a buck. Go figure. lol

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