Get Tired of Your Own Excuses

Hi everyone! Before we get started, you might want to put on your big girl panties (you too, guys) because the Honey badger is back – feeling healthy – and she’s about to kick some butt!

Now first things first. I’m talking to YOU – but I’m not. You might read or this blog and feel instant embarrassment and shame – turn red even – because perhaps you sent me an email about this exact same thing and here I am discussing it in public (not using your name of course, but YOU’LL know).

Well sorry to say, I never make a blog over a problem just ONE person has. I am making this blog today because it’s a pandemic horrible infectious problem with people right now – maybe it’s the New year or something – and I’m ready to grab everybody by the shoulders, smack you a few times, yell in your face like a drill sergeant and kick your butt as you walk off to make some changes.

Why? Because you’re not doing it for yourself and somebody (who truly does care about you) needs to wake you up. I’m able to do it to myself – so don’t worry, I feel the pain too when I do this stuff.


The Problem

You whine about not being successful or knowing what to do. But when I find out what you’ve been doing, you’re either:

  • Not doing enough.
  • Not following through on business models.
  • Not putting yourself out there.
  • Buying the same things many times (because you didn’t implement it the first time).
  • Wasting everybody’s time blaming products that don’t work (they do – you’re lying).
  • Doubting your abilities.
  • Wallowing in a pity party about your life.

Whoooweeee! That’s HARSH, isn’t it? Sure is – and it needs to be. Let’s talk about these in depth.

Not Doing Enough

You’re treating Internet Marketing like a buffet table, which can be GOOD if you gorge yourself on it – but not worth the investment if you put a teeny bite here and a teeny bite there in front of you.

Here’s what I’m talking about. It’s GREAT to have multiple business models. I recommend it. But you’re coming to me saying you wrote a few articles or did a blog (the blog has 4 posts on it) or you tried to start a PLR store (3 packs of 5 articles and you quit) or whatever – and nothing worked.

Well D’UH!

Of course it didn’t work. This career is about building something MAMMOTH. A blog with months or years of content – not all done in a day because you scraped someone else’s site or slapped up dozens of PLR packs on it unchanged – but months of hard work and slant development for your blog’s voice!

A PLR store doesn’t become profitable with a “few packs” and no promotion. It takes the beefing up of a store – TONS of different types of content and marketing the ever living shit out of it so that everywhere someone asks about PLR stores, there your name appears.

I don’t even DO article marketing, but whatever – if it’s your passion, a FEW articles isn’t DIDDLY SQUAT.

So now you feel overwhelmed. I sense a chin quiver. A tear forming in the corner of your eye. You’re asking yourself, “When will I EVER be successful if the long road ahead entails that much work?”

Really, people? If this is your mindset, you’d better exit my site and go get on Monster.com to find a real J-O-B because this is a career where part of the whole fun and enjoyment is watching this thing GROW from something small into something major.

Do More for Success

You can’t reach a global audience with 3 PLR packs, 4 blog posts and a few articles! What are you thinking? That doesn’t help you develop a brand people can recognize!

I want to see volume. Don’t even begin telling me you dabbled. Gorge, fatten your sites up, and do so much that I can’t even believe you DID so much before you tell me you don’t know why you’re not succeeding with the “not doing enough” problem.

You’re mistakenly thinking of “work at home” as some lush vacation period for yourself. Hint: That comes AFTER you’re successful – not while you’re getting there!

Not following through on business models

I mentioned the PLR thing – the promotion of the site. That’s an example. But pick ANY business model. Many of you are halfassing it.

Your middle name is halfass.

You buy a product – you’re full of hope and energy – THIS is going to be THE one! You can just feel it. You spend a little time working on it, you diligently read the eBook or watched the videos.

But you didn’t implement it from start to finish. You didn’t do EVERYthing you were advised to do. Now if you had success anyway? I’d say MORE power to you! You did it with half the work.

But those of you coming to me saying your PLR store failed and I ask how you promoted it and you DIDN’T? Well I shake my head and think, “Well of COURSE it’s not going to work if you set it up and hoped people would flock.”

You’re not that dumb – come on, you KNOW this! You just want an excuse not to do the work. Maybe it’s uncomfortable. It’s grunt work – grueling, you don’t have time – wah wah wah. Excuses. Want a business model to work?


Finish the job, do everything (and then some) that you can think of to make it work and then if it doesn’t, ask for help to find out how to make it work.

Not putting yourself out there

We talked about this recently but it bears repeating. If you want to slowly grow some behind the scenes niche – go for it. Don’t complain to me about not seeing success fast enough if you’re still relying on the crutch of shyness or discomfort in Internet Marketing.

There’s no storefront – people have to trust a stranger online – so if you want to be taking their money, you’d better learn how to put yourself out there. And I’m not talking about personal details in this instance.

I’m talking about video blogging, social interaction with people – that kind of stuff. Comment on blogs, make a name for yourself. I don’t care if it’s a pen name or your real one, but it’d better be VOCAL.

Buying the same things many times

…(because you didn’t implement it the first time).

This past 30 days has been a flood of people who ask me for recommendations on how to get started with something, and then when I recommend something, they say, “Oh I forgot I already bought that and never did anything with it.”

Or they bought things from me twice. We laugh about it like, “Oh I’m so good I sold you twice” kind of stuff. But you guys have GOT to stop blindly purchasing and shelving stuff!

#1 you make the product creator look bad. Refunds increase our charges on ClickBank, for instance. So your lack of implementation is costing ME money.

And that’s what it is – lack of implementation – because if you’d implemented the hell out of that product – immersed yourself in it? – well, you wouldn’t forget that you’d bought it, trust me.

Here’s a thought – go through your hard drive right now and implement what you’ve bought. No buying anything new until you do or delete it. No refunding on products you buy twice – consider it a punishment for being a slacker.

Wasting everybody’s time blaming products that don’t work

…(they do – you’re lying). Like I said, I don’t remember a SINGLE product I ever bought and fully implemented that did NOT earn me money. Not ONE.

Even the ones I didn’t enjoy or hated – they still made me money. So quit buying stuff all over the place, halfassing the implementation of it, and then pointing fingers.


If it’s not working, you go balls to the wall and find out WHY. You contact the product owner, you blog about it, you ask in forums, you act like an insane madman (or woman), obsessed with making it work – until it does.

Doubting your abilities

I’m exhausted today hearing about people doubt themselves. I doubt myself too – but I push past it and do it anyway.

“I’m not a very good ______” (writer, keyword researcher – whatever). First of all, you’re probably wrong. You’re probably much better than you think you are – and self deprecating stuff doesn’t win you any points online. It’s not CUTE. There’s no one to coddle you and say, “Oh come on now, you’re great!”

Secondly, if you truly suck, get better! Get courses to help you with it. Find help. But don’t just USE it as an excuse not to succeed.

“I’m ___ years old.” Do you REALLY think your age matters online? It doesn’t. Sure, you might have eyes that get tired faster looking at the computer, or maybe you turn in earlier. But none of that matters.

You spend less time and it might take a bit longer – but that doesn’t mean NO to your success. It’s just a timeline. I also hate hearing, “I’m old – so I don’t understand this.”

PLEASE. What a crappy excuse. I’m middle aged and I don’t understand half the shit I hear about online. So I sit down and try to find answers. Sometimes someone sucks at explaining something – so I go to someone ELSE and see if they can make me understand. Sometimes I never get it so I try to outsource it.

Unless you’re absolutely senile, I don’t want to hear anymore of this “I’m old” crap. Do it or don’t – none of us care how long it takes you.

“I only have _____ number of hours to work on this.” Great! So what’s the problem? I don’t care if you have 2 hours or 18 like I poured into my business yesterday. Two hours of hard work is progress.

Time limitations are not an excuse not to succeed – it’s just a determination of how long it might take you. And if you really want this? You’ll work every waking second on your business and push yourself hard until you’re at a point when you DO want to step back and relax.

Wallowing in a pity party about your life

I am a big wallower – you’ve all seen me. Hell my 2013 started off with a big pity party – sick with the flu, my son totaled his car. But I took ONE day off because I was sick and I have kicked my own butt into gear every second since.

Life happens to all of us. We have relationship issues, money problems, and health woes.


The successful people? They get broken up with. Their dogs die. They have big payments due and not enough money to pay them because they live beyond their means.

But the difference between them and you is that you’re letting it paralyze you. With me? If life’s in my way, I tackle what I can and then get ass in gear with work.

Why? Because I want it bad enough. I know I’m going to have to work – when I’d rather lay in bed sick. I just do it – no complaining. No excuses. I just wake up, sit down and do it.

If I have to be out and about? Well I carry a spiral notebook with me and do the work on the go. I never just use LIFE as an excuse. You’ll get nowhere that way.

Change your actions today.

I don’t say any of this to imply you shouldn’t email me. In fact, trust me – I DO feel sympathy for you when I hear your stories. I do! I’ve been there. I just don’t let myself do that anymore and my GOAL is to not let you do that to yourself anymore, either.

You’re sabotaging yourself.

And only YOU can stop it. The self doubt you repeat like a mantra? It’s crippling. Look at this saying – I love it:

Doubt Your Limits

You want to wallow in doubt? GREAT! Doubt your limits.

If you sit there thinking, “Gosh I have so much to do but it’s 7 PM and I’m getting tired…”

Keep working. You’re GETTING tired. You’re not done yet. Your face hasn’t accidentally hit your desk because your eyelids clamped shut.

Want this bad enough? It’ll happen to you. Your head will nod and you’ll jerk yourself awake because you were working PAST tired.

All of you saying you just don’t get it – how you’re doing all this stuff and nothing’s working? I guarantee you that you fit somewhere inside this blog post.

If you’re not willing to be honest about it, then there’s nothing we can do for you except watch you screw yourself out of opportunities and eventually quit.

I’d hate to see that happen to you.

I think for 2013, you ought to be really exhausting yourself (with productivity) and pushing yourself WAY past what you BELIEVE you can do (because you don’t have much faith in yourself – so you need to ignore your own advice).

Okay I think that about sums up my thoughts on this weak minded matter.

I need to see power coming from you, people. Get it together and get stuff done. Right now.

Tiff – XOX

P.S. Still love me? LOL! Bet I have truckloads of unsubscribes, and an email inbox flooded with anger and tears. But that’s okay – I stand by it. I’m trying to help you wake up.

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187 Responses to “Get Tired of Your Own Excuses”

  • I’m a wallower. I know I let it go too far from time to time, but in the end I know I have to grab the bull by the horns.

    In the end, this is YOUR business and YOU are the only one who can take control and make it work. It’s not always easy. It takes willpower, strength, and dedication.

    You commented on my last post about kicking your own butt. That’s what it comes down to.

    In my old office I had a poster I made. It had a list of excuses I used to make when I didn’t want to get anything done. Each had an arrow pointing to the right where it said “GET OVER IT! Excuses aren’t going to help you reach your goals.” Below that I had pictures of my family and the things I’m working towards. It’s what helped me build the dedication I need to build my business.

  • Lisa says:

    This is the best post evvvverrr! Awesome. Truth is truth.

  • Joanne Reid says:

    Wow! Wonderful post! I know I have spun around a few times before finding a focus but I have talked to a lot of friends who also want to make money online and your post is being sent to all of them. They do nothing substantive and then whine. I think I learned a lot from them about how getting down to business may not be fun, but it does work.

    Rambling on here but wow, I love this post.


  • Mary says:

    Still love ya, Tiff. Even more, now.

  • Love this. I remember going for giant squid 100 and cutting it so close to the deadline that I actually fell asleep in my desk chair, none of that head nod stuff, I went out completely and woke up drooling. For the past week I’ve done much better and I’ve been more productive. I’ve been guilty of almost all of those things you listed at one point or another, but this year is going to be different for me (and it already has been in many ways). Getting a taste of success through Christmas is driving me right now, so I’ve got to keep momentum going somehow.

    Thank you for saying what needs to be said rather than what you think we want to hear.

    • Tiffany says:

      Drool is good! Drool is a sign of a butt kicker. And yes, doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before – me too – what matters is whether you’re willing to change it now.

  • Ruth P says:

    Tiff this is such a great post – harsh in a way that we NEED. Every time there’s something I feel I haven’t done as well at as I would have thought, I realise it’s because I didn’t do enough, I didn’t promote, I didn’t follow through, I flitted onto something else. On the flip side with my PLR store, it took me ages but now I can live off it – but it took a lot of perseverance and work.

    I do admit I wallow in things, but I’m trying to be less of a wallower. I do look to you as an inspiration in that area, how you always get on with it no matter what’s going on! Gonna share this post!

    • Tiffany says:

      YES! That’s wonderful Ruth. I watch you guys – I see who’s working a plan and who’s not. I see how you work your PLR store.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    Real friends don’t let friends be halfass.

    Honey Badgers REALLY don’t let friends be halfass.

  • Your sister says:

    Big wallower here. Although it’s hard to wallow too long with you as a sister. I mean that in the best possible way. 🙂

  • That wasn’t so bad. I thought it was a pretty good blog. I think one of the problem, is money risks. For example: if you outsource a writer for your PLR stuff – and lets say your plan is once you sell a few packs (even if you push those sales) only a few got sold and not enough money to reinvest in outsourcing more packs – you’re stalled. Some of us are stumped no matter what we do. This is a business learned from scratch, by yourself. That’s not the easy part.

    Some of the stuff floating around, not you, but others is just a repeat of what others have out there. I sometimes feel I’m nickeled an dimed into the new item. I’m always guessing whether that new item will take me one step closer to my goal of learning, or is it just a ploy for that person to make money. We all buy and feed off each other. It’s an amazing game – if you look at it that way. For the most part those items are helpful, but it’s a very bizzare why to go around it. Buy this so you can learn more. It’s a vicious cycle and I’m dizzy. LOL

    I’m a perfectionist writer, it would take me far too long sometimes to write. By outsourcing I was hoping to pump out more. I’ve got a few things that sell for a few dollars here and there at JVzoo so I couldn’t build up the cash, but it’s only a small amount.

    For approx. 6 months I had a homeandgarden site with daily blogs, advertising etc, I got one big sale, which I was pleased. But it’s the stuff that no one can call an income to rely on every month.

    This can all be discouraging to some people. It’s like loosing your will.

    Not everyone person is made up the same either. We are all different, we have different lives, different views, difference stemina so our actions are different.

    I am happy that I accomplished to write 2 squidoo lens in one week. I will continue with Amanda’s Challenge.

    Here is my cat shelter Squidoo lens: I go a comment and like from the squid angel.


    Listen to your kids – lens posted yesterday.


    • Tiffany says:

      Gotta end the perfectionism. Has no place in this career. Well, maybe when you have a staff and can afford to be that 🙂 In that garden niche – did you build yourself as Cheryl THE GO TO garden lady? I mean big time? You have to go there. It’s not just about pumping out content, it’s about making that connection with your audience.

  • Jenn says:

    I definitely fit under the pity party section. If ANYTHING happens that screws up what I envision to be a perfect day, I get distracted and waste an entire day. It’s a really bad cycle that is difficult to get past. Working on it though!

    • Tiffany says:

      Kick its ass Jenn.

    • Isobel says:

      Well you’ll probably kick my ass for saying it, but your comment is a pity party in itself 🙂 Telling yourself it’s “difficult to get past” is what makes it so difficult.

      And don’t think I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about, cos I do it myself 🙂 This morning I had a fight (online, cos he’s working away) with my partner. Mooched around feeling sorry for myself, victimized and RIGHT for a few hours – then turned the experience into a blog post! http://becomeyourvision.com/become-your-body-vision-challenge-day-9/

      Damn I’m pleased with myself for that! lol

      So why not write a post about how easy it is to go off track and what you’re going to do about it in future?

      And FWIW – my “reasons aka excuses” are not doing enough and not following through.

      I said on FB Tiff that I couldn’t wait to read this post – I was right, it’s your best yet!

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    You definitely pinned the tail to the donkey’s ass on this post, girlfriend.

    You gotta swallow your pride in this business, TRY is more than just a 3-letter word! If you’re doing it afraid, at least you’re moving forward!

    I admit, I drown in self-pity from time to time and the partner doesn’t let me forget for an instant that I created my own business when the J.O.B. I worked for went bankrupt.

    I make excuses, but I also live up to my dreams. I want to travel for a year or more before I turn 60, which isn’t possible unless I work towards it NOW.

    If you want success, nobody will hand it to you because they’re too busy doing the work necessary to earn it for themselves.

    Work YOU SHOULD be doing, too!

    Stop the sniffling and take the bull by the horns for once in your life – you may just find there’s greener pastures waiting at the end of the road.

    PS. Just wanted to let you know, I wrote my very first GUEST POST today for another blog. 🙂 To my amazement, it was accepted before it was written!

    How’s that for following through? Whee!!

  • Sena says:

    That post goes into my Favourites list. There seems to be something for everyone in there.

    Great wake-up call!

  • Ruth says:

    I used to feel like this, but today I spoke to Craig Desorcy. Thank you so much Tiffany. I have to go now ‘cos I have work to do. :o)

  • Natalie Hajjar says:

    I’m certainly not going to unsubscribe, no way! This is just what I need to hear now and again. It’s not that I do all of those things you mentioned all of the time but I definitely do some of them, some of the time. I’ve had a few of the defeatist thoughts/actions you write about and this is a great way to nip those and move on. Thanks Tiffany.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    Glad you are starting to feel better. Boy, what a fantastic post. Really hits home in many instances. Take Care, Sam

  • Shan says:

    Oh yeah! Honey Badger Tiff is back! I wallowed for ages then realised that I had to take action to move forward. Took action and perfectionism slid in. Darn! I kicked out the perfectionism cos it stopped other people seeing my work.
    Overwhelm took over. So many areas to choose from, I picked a bit of this and a bit of that. Then fear crept in, unnoticed, and I let it paralyse me for a long time. No more.
    Hear that? No more! I’m walking the walk, not just talking the talk.
    I’ll socialise, reply to commenters, connect and enjoy the rough and tumble.
    Bring it on!

  • Melody says:

    OMG!! SOOOOO loving this one!! I am sitting here right now with the box of kleenex in front of the keyboard….LOL….I am so not good at giving in to the flu!

    There are things I do during that the day that I love to do and there are things that I do because I love the income I know those tasks produce. The tasks may not rock but the money always does!

    It took me a long time to learn it’s OKAY to LOVE MONEY…not in and of itself – but because it’s what you need to have the life and lifestyle you want.

    When people meet me for the first time and learn that I work from home – the first comment is usually ‘You are so lucky!”

    Luck had nothing to do with it – I worked my ass off to get here, and still do so to maintain my various businesses. But it was a personal choice I made almost 20 years ago, and I have never regretted it.

    It’s not always easy, but you cannot do it at all unless you develop the mindset and that often means being a much tougher boss than I ever worked for in my corporate days!

    There are always going to be distractions, and problems, and family interruptions. That’s life. Deal with it and move on.

    Great column!!! Get well soon!


  • Tony B says:

    Dang that was a great read Tiff – Sending you lots of Karma with my http://mission0ps.com/general/new-year-new-me-new-who.php post ..

  • Jessica W. says:

    Where’s the ‘LIKE’ button? Seriously though, I honestly think that it’s posts like this that keep me from giving up trying to make a living online. I’ve only been at this ‘online thing’ since September 2012. I have wallowed and doubted enough for ten of me, but I keep coming back to your blog and it reminds me that I and I alone chose this, and I will be as big a success or failure as I choose to be.

    It will probably take me longer than some (just during the writing of this comment I had to stop 3 times to get my baby to leave the Xbox alone!), and it may take me less time than others, but by golly I’m going to give it all I’ve got!

    Thanks for all you do Tiffany!

    • Tiffany says:

      Sept 2012? You’re a babe! But time to graduate out of the wallow. You can do it Jessica 🙂 I raised 3 kids – homeschooled and built a business doing this 🙂

  • Jordan says:


    It’s in my bookmarks as of now.

  • Rod says:

    God bless you, Tiff.

    Just what I needed to read.

    I’m going to print this out and keep it as a periodic reminder and not-so-gentle nudge.

  • Katherine says:

    Before I begin, thanks for helping me out during a rough patch that I am currently in the middle of. 😉 I have been using Ghostwriting Cash diligently to rebuild my ghostwriting business after not having worked at it for a good year (or more if I am being honest).

    With that said, I’ve seen this before, too. I’ve known people, both online and off, who get really annoying with their self pity. Examples: I should get a job. I tried to submit to magazines but failed (they pitched one or two and then gave up)… that kind of thing.

    I don’t even know what to say to them anymore. Part of me wants to help them, the other part wants to tell them they aren’t cut out for this. You can’t lock yourself in your room and cry if a magazine rejected you, or if you placed a bid at a site and didn’t get the job. It takes a lot more than that! And I’ve known people who are fond of crying whenever something goes wrong, no matter how small. Crying is a waste of time. lol.

    It takes having a very thick skin to make it as both a freelance writer and an online marketing professional.

  • Ann says:

    Hi. I so agree with you about the age thingy. In my J.O.B. I work as an online teacher. The students study at home and send me exams. I have to phone them first and get so **** when I hear, I am too old for this OR What have I got myself into? OR I don’t know how to use the internet and I am too old to learn…..then when I look up their DOB some of them are younger than me!! LOL
    Don’t want to give my age away but some of them are not even in their fifties!! If you want it, go for it…. Age is just an excuse for doing nothing!!
    Great article Tiff. This is my year to get organized and start doing instead of just looking.
    Best wishes from Spain.

  • Karen says:

    Excellent, excellent and exciting post, Tiffany!! I have a friend who’s also in online and network marketing and we’ve been bouncing back & forth kicking each other’s butts for over a decade.

    We’re each in different network marketing programs, but the whole basis of any type of business is – you have to work for it – despite what these mindless alleged ‘gurus’ try to get away with and sell you.

    Once you get your business off the ground and it starts to snowball, you might be able to kick back more often and enjoy the passive, residual income. But if you want the business to keep growing, you have to keep DOING.

    That’s my motto – DO Something Every Day and Never Give Up.

    And – Unsubscribe from the people who aren’t helping you but always trying to sell you something. You don’t need the distractions.

    Keep up the great and inspiring work!!

  • Debora Humphries says:

    Wow, that was a post that seriously needs to be past around and appreciated for getting straight to the point. It slapped me back to reality!:)

    I think that is why you are so loved.

    I myself had a silent pity/crying party a few days back after creating an entire business that I am very good at on 11/19/12(developing websites for local businesses) only to make a few calls and hear a lot of no I don’t need a site and I was at the give up point.

    Then, I found a mayor in our community who wanted to go into business with me and has all the advertising connections that I do not, like six radio shows. Which is great, but I am waiting on pins and needles for the ads to finally go out.

    I also purchased PLR ATM and although I am no writer, I plan on investing money from my site building efforts on a great ghostwriter, even if it costs more for high quality content and takes a little more time to fill because I know it will be well worth it for the second income stream when I launch it.

    For 2013, I plan to participate more socially as well. Your blog is the only blog I read regularly, because it has always offered something new to me knowledge wise and I appreciate you for that.

    Anyway, thank you. This post came just at the right time to help me stay on the forward path and lose the excuses I had been making all last year and the year before and so on.

  • Cindi says:

    Excellent article, Tiffany! I will share this with one of my Facebook groups, for sure!

    I really like some of your tips about implementing things already archived on the hard drive. I have too many myself. I think I will take a look and see what kind of treasures I can discover there.

    Did you see my 3 PLR articles?-lol! That is something I need to amp up a bit. I have had sales though-surprise-lol!

    Keep kickin’ our butts!


  • Karen De Haan says:

    10 Thumbs Up Tiff!!

    What most people seem to forget is that what we focus on – grows. So if we think we can’t – we’re right! But if we think we can – we’re still right.

    Thanks for the butt kicking. It’s just what I needed today.

  • Lisa Oliver says:

    Awesome post Tiffany, I needed the reminder to just get on and get things done 🙂

    Still Love Ya!!


  • Mathea Ford says:

    I’m going to admit to all of those, especially when I wrote a fiction book and got terrible reviews – I pouted for 2-3 days. Then I just said, “well, it’s my audience telling me what they want – they are right.”

    But I think the biggest problem is failing to plan. You drift from thing to thing because you fail to plan and put on blinders.

    Everything is so “you have to do this now” when you should only consume what you need to get your work done now. If you are doing facebook, learn more on facebook. But not twitter, linked in, etc. And, I have found, that for the most part people can find good enough information by searching for it on forums and blogs that is enough to manage to do better at it. You don’t have to buy a product for it.

    I working on 3 years of part time, half assed work, and for the first time this year – after reading your post in December about making your plan – I will make my goal of earning enough to quit my JOB. Because I have 6 pages of goals, and I have plans to get it done every day – small pieces.

    And many times, I hear the voice in my head that goes straight to my heart “you aren’t smart enough to ask that guru or famous person” a question, or to be on your podcast, or something else. At least now I recognize that voice, and I know I am moving in the right direction when she starts up. It’s the “not so easy” part – rejection potential – that makes it hard.

    This year I have a grand plan, and if I get to half of the goals I have I will be doing it scared out of my skin and afraid that someone will realize I am not perfect.

    It’s easy to underestimate the power of your fear, until you ask it the question – What if I do succeed? What if I do make it? Then you see that you are just afraid of success and that is a silly thing to be afraid of because – isn’t that what you want? So you make excuses. But somewhere along the line, excuses stop and answers are all that matters.

  • Minna Bryant says:

    I can relate.

    I started at the bottom of your list and have been working my way up and out of all of those over time.

    That’s the one thing we seem to forget, it takes time.

    Time plus excuses = failure.
    Time minus excuses = success.

    Even yesterday I held a two hour pity party with Angry Birds but not before I researched, wrote and published two different blog posts.

    I know it isn’t enough on it’s own, yet this time last year Angry Birds or something else would have taken me away for the entire day or maybe week because I’d have felt bad about it taking me away in the first place.

  • Priscilla says:

    Great post Tiffany. I’ve been guilty of not following through on business models and not putting myself out there. Your Shiny New Object Syndrome guide is helping me to kick the first habit, so I really recommend it to anyone else who has the same problem. As long as you actually implement it and don’t just let it be another business model you don’t follow through on!

    I’m working on putting myself out there more, and as soon as I get paid this month I’m gonna get your 30 Day Branding guide to help me along 🙂

    Also looking forward to your vlogging course. I have always been too scared to make videos because I stutter and I’m very self-conscious about it, but I can always just edit it out and re-record the parts I need to, so there’s no excuse really. Of course I’m also embarassed about my skew teeth, but I’ll just have to get over it 😉

    Wow, how’s that for putting myself out there? 2 of my biggest insecurities for everybody to see ^^;

    • Tiffany says:

      Priscilla I have a nervous tic where I scrunch my nose up. In fact one reader nicknamed himself The count and he would count my scrunched lol! I also have big teeth and crooked bottoms ones. Good thing this isn’t a site on how to be perfect. Nobody cares.

      • Priscilla says:

        Very true. I don’t care about anybody else’s crooked teeth in videos, so why would anyone care about mine? And if they did, why should I care that they care? 😛

        I think we are all our own harshest critics and we are cheating ourselves out of the life we want if we let insecurity get in our way.

  • Awesome post Tiff! I needed to hear this today too. I’ve been wallowing for the last week, and decided today that I’m just not gonna do it anymore. I’ve got a plan for the year and it’s time I started working at it instead of feeling sorry for myself here. 🙂

  • Tish says:

    So Tiffany… when did you get ordained? Cause that sure was “preachin’ it”!!! Man, you’ve got my number, and made me realize yet again what I need to do to make 2013 better!

    I NEED TO STAY FOCUSED!!!! No more BSO stuff.

    Keep right on preachin’ woman, cause it helps to hear someone else remind a person of what you know (or should know!).

    Thanks for a GREAT post!

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Will definitely be snipping a few sentences for an excerpt and linking back to your post….It fits right in with a blog post I’ll be publishing Saturday “You Can’t Get Something for Nothing..”

    Love it!! You have a certain way of communicating….Learned a lot and yes, it needs to be said. 🙂

    Way to Go on staying in touch with the needs of your readers/subscribers/freinds!

    Have a MARH-velous day… 🙂

    – Carol

  • Just the kick in the pants I needed today! Thanks as usual Tiffany. Gotta go and post some stuff on facebook about the new immersion program I’m launching in a couple of weeks. You continue to push and inspire.

  • hagar says:

    I was answering questions in FB groups (It’s how I pay my fees in some of them) and a friend I’ve made in one of them starting talking about “how amazing it is that I’m re-inventing myself at 60”. And while they were saying nice things about how it gave them a role model to be less afraid to try “techie” things, I realized it was kinda ticking me off. (I already knew it wasn’t THEIR fault, so I didn’t yell at them).
    Then I figured it out – moving from ground zero wasn’t a choice. Not a real one anyway.
    Okay, so I’m unemployable because my health sucks. My skills outside my field are hampered by the same health problems. Nothing I used to do, works anymore for me. True stories; tough gig.
    So now what? cry? die? lay around and complain about how tough life is?
    Or hit the computer and type in “work from home”, and start weeding out the scams until I finally find Tiffany Dow and Craig Desourcey?
    Think you know the answer LOL
    Graduated from my Social Media Certification course in December; going to my very first “marketer event” in Feb… picked my path, learned some skills, and now dowsing for clients (whittling that stick is taking a lot longer than water dowsing LOL).
    Joke about “bad products” that I heard yesterday:”This product is crap; I read the whole thing, watched every video, and didn’t make a dime!” 😀

  • Ted says:

    Tiff, I see myself in a few of these examples. Thanks for such a terrific post. I got the message loud and clear!

  • Bev says:

    Yep, thanks TIff, I needed that kick in the butt, lol. Gotta go create a few more article packs for my plr store!

    But hey, one thing you mentioned: you said you can’t make money with just a plr few packs, but YOU did when you first started off, remember? OK it might not have been a whole lot, but it got you started. And it really inspired me to hear about it…

    Bless you, Tiff,


  • Joe says:

    Tiff, you should become a college golf coach. You’ll win 5 championships in a row just based on your motivational skills alone!

  • MOM says:

    All I can say is, “Sigh…”
    LOL…Thanks for that, Tiff. I’m so lucky to have you as a daughter.

  • Anthony says:

    Still love ya Tiff!

    Hey I’m one of the ones that have severe doubts about my abilities sometimes. I admit it! I’m also one of the ones that have emailed asking what in the world I’m doing wrong.

    Thanks to your email response yesterday, some more constructive criticism from another marketer, and an all night squidoo fest last night, I am now happy to report my first ever squidoo sale. Not only that, but it’s been a $20 day on squidoo and it’s only day one with this lens batch!

    The future is looking brighter, and thanks to the swift kick in the pants from you yesterday, I’m really thinking that all of this is going to be possible.

    All of us need a good swift kick every now and then, and the first step to success for many of us should be the admittance of our weaknesses. For me, it’s been the intimidation of letting the real me be heard. Allowing my opinions to be the directing factor to my readers has always been a scary thing for me because of a deep seeded fear of rejection. Now, I really don’t care what people think because they can press alt-F4 if they really need to.

    To everyone who has taken the time to read this extremely long post, I wish you the best in 2013. It is a fresh year with fresh opportunities for all of us. If you are willing to reevaluate yourself, take Tiffs advice, work your tail off, and overcome your own demons, then as someone who is finally seeing the light I can attest that anything and everything is possible for you. Best of luck all, and I hope things all work out in your favor this year!

    Thanks again Tiff,

    • Tiffany says:

      Woohoo congrats Anthony!

      On rejection – I get rejected every day multiple times! But there are billions of people out there. Surely you think similar to some of them 🙂

  • Edie says:

    Too bad you don’t have a “like” button – would have saved me leaving a message. 😉 Hope everyone who needs this butt-kicking pep talk takes it seriously and moves onwards and upwards. Take care!

  • Katie says:

    I’ll admit, I get a bit discouraged sometimes. I’m blogging, I’m doing stuff to promote my Amazon sites, but … I’m kind of in that limbo, I think, before things take off. I’m working on faith. Hopefully not misguided faith, at that.

    Still, I enjoy this. I enjoy it way more than writing for content mills. Not that that’s all bad, but … not where I want to be five years from now. So I work nap times and when I can get the baby playing at my feet, and I keep on trying.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Katie says:

    I was laughing all the way through this – and I love the “doubt” quote!! You go, Tiff. If I was in Texas right now I’d give you a big hug (and some Wellness Formula LOL).

    I realize I am an overachiever in life – it’s my eternal optimism I guess – and that not everyone has the same point of view, let alone stamina that I have.

    But even without a college degree I was able to reach positions that most people wouldn’t have even been considered for – like Personnel Supervisor for our county Health and Human Services department, Training Manager for an international software company, Assistant City Manager, etc. The point is that you have to have a vision, create a plan and then work it, not ever taking someone else’s NO as a reality. And actually you can’t take your own very seriously either, or you’ll never get the rewards you deserve.

    I’m not putting anyone’s “reality” down – we all have something that can interfere. You just have to figure out what works for you.

    But last year at 62 I became a published author – 4 nonfiction books and a novella. And I have a nice little income on a regular basis as a result. It happened not because I “could” but because I DID.

    I did what it took. And that’s the real key – doing what it takes. You either do it or you don’t. And if you’re not willing to do what it takes, then give it up and move on to something you’re willing to commit to.

    This past month I’ve been closing down all the things I played at “half-assed” and the things I used to do but I’m no longer interested in. I’m guessing it will take me maybe another 6 months to get fully untangled, but what a wonderful sense of clarity and freedom when you let go of the old crap and move on.

    I have another book almost ready (final touches), one that’s at about 80% finished, and 2 novels both at about 70-80%. I’m expecting they’ll all be out before the end of March.

    Tiffany Dow – my favorite marketer – keeping it real! xoxox

    • Tiffany says:

      You are a go getter!

      • Katie says:

        …and you are a great support, Tiffany! It was your digging into the Kindling stuff that caused me to go back and do the same. Otherwise it might have languished on the hard drive for a while longer since I bought it when there wasn’t much yet and moved away to take care of other things.

        That’s a part of the process – paying attention to who and what you already have access to.

        I stopped buying WSOs “on spec” – the speculation that I would either get back into the arena or I might want to get into it one day.

        Now it’s “take care of what’s in front of your face” time. I dumped a ton of email subscriptions that no longer serve me and I’m getting rid of things off my hard drive, my files, my house – and my focus is back again.

        I so appreciate you. I get a lot done, but I am amazed at what you accomplish, my dear.

        Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Maggie says:

    “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

    –Abraham Lincoln

  • Hey Tiff

    You hit it right on the nose again I can’t count how many times I half-assed it, you do all that work and get right to the crest of the hill and then pull back because you’re scared you’re not gonna be accepted in this internet marketing world.

    You really get yourself worked up into thinking you don’t have anything to offer, like who in the hell wants to hear what I have to say. I know I have to get out of that because I’ve learned a lot in the last few years and they are new people coming online everyday who need help and it’s our job to help them.

    Good Kick In The Ass Tiff

  • Sydney says:

    I think I have most if not all of your products on my hard drive and I have not implemented one of them even though I know they work. This post was so straight-forward that it did make me brush several times and say, “Yep, she’s talking directly to me!”

    Thanks again for the ass-kicking. I needed it and from the looks of the comments no one unsubscribed; I think if anything you probably gained several subscribers.

  • Jenn says:

    Quote – “go through your hard drive right now and implement what you’ve bought. No buying anything new until you do or delete it.”

    I stopped right at that point, got the external hard drive and copied all the pdfs that I have to my tablet so that I can read them and start making a plan of implementation.

    I realized that I’ve been using our busy schedule as a pastoral and homeschooling family as an excuse to not push myself or to stop myself(out of fear) when I was making good progress.

    Thanks for this. Love you mucho.

    • Tiffany says:

      Great Jenn! I know you love nurturing your family like I do, so keep the time with them but make time for those PDFs too 🙂 Way to take action!

    • Janet says:

      Hmm I like the idea of copying the pdf courses to my Kindle. How do you do that ??

      Tiffany – harsh words never hurt anyone. You can choose between feeling hurt, ignoring them and thinking it isn’t about you, or take an honest look at yourself and find out what pertains to you and do something about it. I certainly intend to do the latter. I did have my first online success with my first Kindle book last year and that has galvanized me into action and helped me to realize I can make a success of this. So much of this is about finding something that “feels right”. Many of the pdf’s I have on my hard drive that haven’t been implemented are those that I didn’t “feel were right” for me. They just didn’t sit well with me.

      I now know that Kindle books do feel right and I also feel that I want to develop Squidoo lenses and get my PLR store up and running. Like many others, I bought your course, set up a site, wrote a few PLR article packs and then got side tracked. Time to revisit I think.

      Many thanks

  • David says:

    Good post, Tiff… loved it! Your responses are very gender-specific and country-specific, but it’s the same for us blokes and for those of us who live on the opposite side of the world.
    It’s funny how so many things are the same everywhere… people are people… even though you’re freezing your buns off in the Northern Hemisphere when it was 34.5 degrees Celcius at MIDNIGHT in Sydney on Tuesday night and half the state is burning.
    I needed your tough love… thanks.

  • Patricia says:

    Love this post! I’m going to print it out & read it everyday!!! And yes, I still love you : )

  • Heather says:

    Great post Tiffany, agree with you. I have to kick myself every day and then some. From when I started my one site 2 yrs ago I knew nothing…..I kept learning…complaining …crying, but never gave up. I gave up on buying every gurus dream and put into action what I learned from the true good mentors I found and then I was on a roll. Over 2 yrs later, I have offline clients and an email list. Sometimes I’m exhausted but never give up…I do like you said kick myself in the butt and take care of business and family.

    Lol I still buy some warrior stuff, it’s in my arsenal of tools BUT now I implement and see results. So, anyway thanks for your honesty and posts, I for one love knowing you are in my corner. Thnx Heather

  • Howard says:


  • Sarah says:

    Thanks Tiff
    guilty, guilty, guilty
    am printing this, copying it, posting it all over my walls…and every time I wobble..I shall read it..
    Once again, thanks

  • Always love you Tiff!

  • Wow! That was right between the eyes. Just as well I had the tissues out to wipe off the blood from my nose! I will also have to stand or kneel today…..butt too sore!!!!Just noticed the little window at the bottom right corner. It says Like this post? I have more just like it! Cripes!!!
    All jokes aside, that was what I needed and I am sure many others as well. Thank you Tiffany. Despite all the things we would disagree on, your help in IM is invaluable. Keep it going.

  • Pamela says:

    Amen! Love it! Thanks for the truth. I know I can sometimes go down a few of the roads you listed, but it’s about recognizing when we are gaming ourselves and stop.

    A lot of people want the diamonds without the dust… most times you have to get down and dirty before you get to the purty stuff…

    I will be re-reading this post when I need a kick in the pants at 4:30AM and I don’t wanna get up to work on my business (exit plan) before I go to my J-O-B…

  • Ian Whyte says:

    Thanks for this and all the other unseen pieces of ‘guidance’ – always right on target.


    Thanks for caring enough about all of us to push us and more importantly for being honest with us. I think my problem is having the 9-5. It’s somewhat of a safety net. It keeps me from pushing myself harder and further. However, if I really want to be successful, there’s nobody else that’s going to make that happen but me.

    Thanks Tiffy!

  • Please forgive me, I meant to type Tiff!

  • Fran T says:

    Thanks so much for these ass kicking words of encouragement. I know I sometimes forget to look at how far I have come. I also love the advice you gave a while back about working on more than one system at a time. And do what I enjoy. 🙂
    Silly me! Onward and upward and NO more buying ANYTHING until I am making lots of money with what I already have. 🙂 Except for John Chow’s course. I will be getting that soon and am excited to go thru that. I am making some money. Not what I would like but more than I made last year. 2013 Here I come!

  • Tamsin says:

    Well you seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this one, Tiff! I still swear that you have a camera in my office and you check out what I do (or don’t do!!) I can certainly put my hand up for guilty as charged for quite a few of those!

    I’m sure I’m like most people who want instant success 🙂 We have to remember that this IS a long term strategy and each small step that we take gets us closer to that goal. Not even the top, successful business people get “there” (wherever there may be for them) and go “OK, I can put my feet up and relax now” (although they may take some time off to relax and recharge their batteries!!)

    Bonnie talks about trying not being enough – well, as Yoda from Star Wars said “There is no try, only do” 🙂

    So give it your best shot, if it doesn’t work, tweak it and do something else until you hit the jackpot!

    I love Melody’s attitude where she says, “The tasks may not rock, but the money always does.” I keep telling my children that there will always be things in life to do that aren’t the most exciting and fulfilling, but they still need to be done, so get over it and JUST DO IT (maybe I should take my own advice sometimes – lol)

    And as far as luck goes, a famous South African golfer from way back when, Gary Player, once said, “The more I practise, the luckier I get” 🙂

    So we really need to get over ourselves and put what we have to offer out there for people – we all have our own unique gifts and our own tribe that we can grow and help, and stop worrying about what others think. There is someone else that will be able to help them.

    As an accountant there is no way I could possibly do every single person’s tax return, so thank goodness there is more than one accountant here – there is always enough work for everyone!

    Thanks for a great post Tiff and a reminder that this is the year to TAKE ACTION and GET RESULTS 🙂

  • Sheryl says:


    I so needed to read this post. I have literally sat on my arse as far as IM goes for the last 12 months. I have pretty much dropped off the IM planet!

    I even went and got myself a part time cleaning job which I HATE! But it helps to pay the bills and I can choose my own hours to work around the kids. But it is certainly not a job I want to do long term.

    So, here I am, back to give it another go. I’m not starting over, I am going to begin where I left off. I do need to follow through completely with my business plan and stop fart-arsing around waiting for it to work on its own.

    So thanks Tiff….. I really need a kick up the bum now and then 😀

  • Mikayla says:

    Well, I gotta thank you for tellin’ it like it is… thank you 🙂 In all honesty, I’m a big stickin’ combo of Not doing enough / Not following through on business models / Not putting myself out there. I’ll even throw in some “Work for days till I burnout and then not do anything for weeks” (i.e. lack of consistency). Hey, I know my weaknesses… but it helps to be reminded of them so I can re-focus and turn them into strengths. 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Clyde says:

    But, but, but, well you covered it all.

    Now I need an excuse for my excuses.

    Need to finish 3 more PLR articles for my next gift on the blog but,

    Oh, that won’t work either. 😉

    Thanks for the swift kick in the starter Tiff.

    Keep spreading the truth,

  • Bev says:

    Loved your post Tiff. Thanks for being brutal but true. I can see many of these in my IM life and the reasons why I have been unsuccessful.
    I often use life interruptions as excuses but then I remember you have a family too as do people like Sarah Young with 7 children and yet you are both very successful. I need to work out a plan and then work the plan.
    Another point I need to remember is not to be influenced by those who say I can’t do it!!!
    Looking forward to a great and successful 2013.
    Thanks again for a great post.

  • Joe Mudd says:

    I’m going to put a Post-It note over the webcam on this computer, because I think you’ve been spying on me… or is it just the government that does that?

    Just in case, I guess I should put on a shirt.

    Hate to admit it, I just bought something twice. Before reading this, I was just thinking about whether to ask for a refund or call it stupid tax. I guess you decided for me.

    I’m in a big soul searching process right now. I have a chance to actually retire from my factory job at the end of this year, and get paid for another year – without having to work. A buyout thing.

    I’m pretty sure my retirement savings won’t generate enough money to live on after that. So I’ll need some extra. I have to find out if this Internet marketing thing can be that extra before this year is up.

    So I should get to work now.

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL Well you can forgive yourself once since you hadn’t read the post but now that you’re aware, don’t do it again 🙂

      Big decision to make!

  • Tiff thank you. I’m guilty as charged Maam, not of all of them but certainly too many! Go look at my hard drive? I’d be too embarrassed! I have a folder there called New Purchases, just so I’d know where to look for the latest course/software/widget or gadget I’d bought. I have version 2 of a course when I haven’t done version 1. I even purchased your SNOS guide when it first came out and am only just implementing it!

    I now have my plan for 2013 and my business models. Today I wrote two PLR articles for my store, tomorrow I’ll finish the 5 pack. As I didn’t do any last week, I need to catch up. Next week I’ll do two packs and each week I’ll do at least one. I’m blogging daily and my visitor numbers on my new site (http://www.KathyRobinsonsBlog.com – shameless plug, I want more visitors!) have gone from 15 (last week) to 26 this week. Even better is that 18 are return visitors. I’ll be overtaking you by the end of the year so be warned Tiff! 🙂

    My mindset is where it needs to be and I can smell that success. I’m off to keep working. The timer for commenting on other blogs is about to go off. And I’m inspired to write about this post of yours.

  • Marsha says:

    Wow. I definitely needed that “smack upside my head”. Actually read this late last night, hung my head for a minute, gave myself a one minute pity party because every single point spoke directly to me. Then I went to work, looking closely at each of my sites to see why they are not doing what I had hoped for in their beginning moments… and decided to tear apart 8 of the 10 sites, the other 2 just need some closer attention from me.

    I needed an attitude adjustment, and this post did that quite well 🙂

    Thanks for the tough love – and to all the others in this community, I read each comment and have learned from you today. It’s not easy admitting that we need to change something, but that hard part is behind now to move on to the right now part of this journey.

    I feel bad for those that unsub’d — they need you the most, they just are too afraid to see it.

  • LisaH says:

    Wow, what a post! Are you a mind reader? This is the third time you’ve blogged about something I’ve been thinking about a few days before LOL!

    I’m guilty of some of those too, with not doing enough and getting distracted/not following through to the end. I’ve had some success, but it could be so much more if I just stopped sabotaging myself =)

    2013 started out with a plan for a change and although I’m already behind I won’t let that stop me from plugging on through like it has before.

    Once my printer works again I will print this out and put it up on the wall next to the monitor so I see it every time I’m tempted to waste time instead of work 😉
    It reminds me of a quote I had on my whiteboard some time ago. “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.”

    I know you don’t have any scheduled messages in your autoresponder any more, but I think this should be the exception. This and your open letter to newbies. Because those two are life-changing. Maybe even add a link to this post to the newbie advice.

    Powerful stuff, thank you for the loving ass-kick and saying what others won’t! 🙂

  • Caris says:

    Brilliant post, one of your best, I will print this out, thanks. The main problem I have is working when my child is around, I feel so guilty giving my attention to work instead of them even though child is 10 years old! If I could get over this I could work 18 hours a day instead of 4. Do you have any tips to get over this? Many thanks.

    • Tiffany says:

      I work right in the living room, so my kids are always around me. I soak it up. If they talk, I put the keyboard down and listen and interact. Once in awhile I’ll say, “Let me wrap this up real quick and then we’ll do that.” Might take me longer to get things completed by breaking when they interact with me, but it’s what I love.

  • I’m not a jealous person, but I admit I envy the way you push through emotional times and work anyway. I’m at that stage in a gal’s life where every day is an emotional roller coaster. I hate it. Yeah, I could go get medicated, but to me that’s a cop out. This is a natural process and I want to go through it and experience it un-medicated. (I do use herbal remedies with some degree of success.)

    It slows me down and I take more breaks than I’d like, but I’ve also accepted that from another post of yours where you mentioned going at your pace, doing things your way and what feels right to you. Doing what you can and not berate yourself because you weren’t superwoman on a particular day.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Tiffany says:

      Patti there are a few things I can’t really work through – marital problems or any distress with my kids, or extreme illness. But yes, some days I just flat out can’t do what I need to do – and that might last awhile (like when I was lethargic and sick those 2-3 months) so I just do what I can and that has to be good enough 🙂

  • Linda says:

    Sometimes a little tough love is what you need. Thanks for the kick start.

  • George Karklins says:

    Thank you very much Tiffany.

    You touched on issues in my life.
    So good to read.
    Very inspirational comments in your post.
    Just what I needed.

    Thank you again!

  • cyril almond says:

    Well Tiffany i have you on my website as the Lady who tells it like it is.OUCH!

  • Dionne 'Halfass' Maqsousi says:

    Well I chuckled all the way through that post…mostly because I recognised myself so many times and the excuses I come out with lol. I have used the excuse of working a full time job, having kids and having a b12 and iron deficiency which means I’m soooo tired. But as I ‘halfassed’ practically everything last year I had already made a plan to deal with that and use the time I do have more efficiently in 2013. I have made lists of all my halfassed stuff that is worthy of being finished and I am going to make some serious progress this year. I am generally a very positive person and I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, but I do lack a bit of confidence I think….that sounds contradictory to me…maybe it’s fear. Anyway, the people who unsubbed because of this post are quitters who can’t stomach the truth. I loved this post and I also got lots of motivation from the comments too, it’s a great community.

    I look forward to the next Ass Kicking! 🙂 xxx

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I really enjoyed this post and find it highly motivating. No tears but the part about the “I’m to old” excuse had me laughing. I love not only how you teach and share with us but your sense of humor as well. I don’t know if you actually realize how funny some of the stuff that you write is. This is a big part of why I read your blog, it’s interesting, I learn and it’s entertaining 🙂

    I used to have a problem with buying product after product without implementing which is why I’m so much more careful about what I buy now instead of grabbing every product I see. I’m only buying things that I can really use and will use.

    I naturally get annoyed if I feel like things aren’t turning out like they should and in the past it could upset my whole day as I wallow in my own private pity party. One thing could cause me to quit working for the day. Maybe I had an argument with my husband or sister, couldn’t figure out something technical or someone online was testing my last nerve. It really didn’t matter, whatever irked me, I wouldn’t feel like doing anything. I wouldn’t be in the frame of mind to work because I was letting whatever the problem was, control me instead of dealing with the situation and moving on with my day.

    That’s something that might always be a struggle for me because I am easily stressed and it can be hard for me to brush things off but it’s something that I fight against and it is getting easier. I now work even when I’m feeling annoyed and things are getting on my nerves because I’ve learned that when I don’t, I stay exactly where I was or fall behind, depending on what it is that I needed to do.

    If I’m feeling so sick I can’t work, I don’turn the laptop off, I nap for a while and then I go right back to what needs to be done. No one is going to do the work for me, so I’ve got to do it or it’s only myself that will be to blame if I don’t see any success.

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL Alice I do think it’s kind of funny too – but it’s really weird. My honey badger – like on my personal FB page w/friends and family – will make some of them post, “Tiff you crack me up!” and some post, “I’m unfriending you!” Ya never know how people will take it :)I like people who can laugh. LOL

      I’m like you about not being able to work. Only marital problems shut me down. Other stuff I can push through.

  • Nick says:

    Wow, first post of your I have ever read and it is oh so true. Self motivation and following through are two of the hardest things to master when it comes to IM, working from home, working for yourself etc.

    Thanks for the inspiring words!

  • Debi J says:

    Boy I just don’t know if I can keep following someone who actually WANTS me to succeed bad enough to risk ticking me off! 😉

    Hmmmmm….well, given the girl crush and all (after all if I unsubscribed what would my son tease me about)…guess I’ll stay. 😛

    Just call me a glutton for punishment!! Off to focus and keep moving forward…. got my “No Excuses” t-shirt ready to go!

  • Hello Tiffany, I found your site through Carol Amato’s blog, and man, am I glad I did. I’m ashamed to say I’m so guilty of most of these things at one time or another. Actually I’ve been on the wagon for buying shiny new objects for several months. I’ve got courses and ebooks stashed in folders within folders and yes, I’m sure I’ve bought a few duplicates(never refunded on any though). Thanks for great advice that couldn’t have come at a better time for me!

  • kay says:

    Girl, you are the cat’s whiskers!

  • Janelle says:

    Tiffany, don’t know how I missed this post, probably didn’t want to hear the truth. I have flounder and flipped all over the place, always making excuses for why I never see any success, oh I’ve had a little here and there but nothing consistent, and the reason is I am making tooooo many excuses for not getting my butt in gear and working through the obstacles, instead I just give up and move on to something else, which then the cycle starts all over.

    Tonight I am having my coaching call with Craig, and now I have a clear expectation of what I need to do to make my business grow and bloom. No one else can do it for me, I have to get out there and feel the pain and the joy of achieving the small steps toward success.

    Thanks for always sharing what some don’t want to hear, because it is the truth. I know 2013 will be my year to finally show up in the I M community and make a difference for someone else, just like you have for me.

  • Joanna says:

    Actually ended up writing a post on a similar topic, after I talked with a friend, how many people just call other’s “lucky” for getting where they are. And then you post this the next day 🙂

    It’s quite annoying to hear about “luck”, from people who are often too lazy to even try to make their dreams happen and are happy just complaining about their current situation be it at work or in life in general.

    I worked hard to get to the sort of comfy place I’m at now – despite a job that often meant 12h outside the house (commuting to London is a nightmare), I would work on my side project on the train or late after work. It was gruelling experience, but the content for the website does not create itself. I didn’t even monetize the thing before it was 6 months+ as the traffic wasn’t there. But sticking to it was worth all that.

    I like your attitude towards jobs Tiffany, some people get a bit crazy and advise people to just jump of the cliff straight away. If you’re forced into the situation you might as well make the best of it, but if you have a choice, and have a family to feed and bills to pay then you need to be reasonable about your actions. Especially as there is no guarantee of instant gratification.

    So here’s my take on it: http://www.dreamdevourer.com/blog/7-reasons-why-successful-people-are-lucky/ and on a side note almost half way through my daily blogging challenge. 🙂

  • janice says:


    You have a wonderful way of jump starting those that need that proverbial take them by the shoulders and shake! What a great post to remind those of us that are procrastinators or info analyzers to get going and stop putting off what we can do today. Thanks for a great post. You are already on to having a great 2013. I only hope I will be able to join you in celebrating my own success! 🙂

    Take care care lady and best wishes for 2013!

  • dusty rhodes says:

    i didn’t see all that many guys commenting on this article. maybe we can’t stand the heat in
    the kitchen that well. it was a great post for
    2013 and just the butt kicking i probably needed! i am resolved to break out of the “i would succeed at this if i could just figure out what to do” mentality. just this morning i decided to go back again over the things i had spent money on and hit it again because if i
    couldn’t master those why buy anything else?

  • Gary says:

    Your middle name is halfass. For me this is spot on. I have bought many course but never see them through to the end, so this hit home for me and has inspired me. Great post

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