Got Rid of PayDotCom Today

Hi everyone! Like everyone else, whenever I created a product, I looked for the appropriate places to list it for affiliates. That routinely meant ClickBank and PayDotCom. I love ClickBank – they handle the affiliate portion for me. It’s worth the amount they charge to me.

But today I got rid of PDC completely. I replaced those links with direct payment processor links in PayPal. I’m bypassing PDC completely.

I had forgotten I was even using it – that’s how irrelevant it is to me. It makes sales, don’t get me wrong – but they pay through PayPal anyway, so why am I giving them a cut? Oh, for affiliates, right. Well I prefer ClickBank for that.

Using PDC, I always forgot about paying the fees and the affiliates until I got a reminder. So then I’d log in and send payments. It sucked because I like to be prompt with everything.

The only time I remembered PayDotCom was when I’d get one of those annoying telemarketer phone calls they do. That’s another reason to give them up.

Oh, and last? Something always nags in my head about PDC’s owner. Just something I’d rather separate from. I don’t know what’s true or what’s not. Just read way too much on that site w/his name on it and it makes me wary.

Why am I even telling you this? Because if you have affiliate links to one of my products via PDC, like Building an eBook Empire, etc., you’d better replace them with another product or a link via ClickBank.

Tiff 🙂

27 Responses to “Got Rid of PayDotCom Today”

  • PDC – I hear ya loud and clear, I dumped him & “keep” unsubscribing to his lists weekly… Ever since he & CF screwed me proper

  • Buck says:

    I have seen a number of people jump onto the JVZoo bandwagon. I haven’t yet, but it seems a viable option.

    I thought I remembered you going to it as well, but maybe not.

    How do you pay referrals from your PLR articles and article packs. I don’t think you are going through CB for all them are you?

  • Doug Douglas says:

    Good for you, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing this.

  • David Hurley says:

    Hi Tiff,

    Thanks for posting this. I have also been using PDC and not been very satisfied with it. I know what to do now.


  • Sounds like you needed to nix that account. Great work.

  • Britt Malka says:

    Is it trustworthy? I mean, the salty droid. His tagline is “you can’t make money online”. Well, yeah… maybe HE can’t. Maybe he’s just being funny. I’ve only read two of his blog posts: One about Harvey Kilstein, because I considered buying his Curation course (very expensive). And now one about Joel Comm.

    I checked if you were mentioned. You weren’t. I checked if I was – I wasn’t. Good news.

    Well, either of us are scammers, but I had no idea – or impression of – that Joel Comm or Mike Filesaime should be either.

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t believe everything anywhere. Except my own self and my mentor. Salty Droid might not like me for promoting Kelly Felix’s course. If you search my name, you do see in the comments where I had a back and forth with someone there and then he implied he couldn’t get past the fact that I promoted BTF but I stand by it. People asked me for a review, I did it, and i shared my results, which worked. I do think Rich Jerk was a steaming pile of shit though.

      Re: Filsaime. I didn’t delete my account because of that. It was primarily the lack of usage and remembering about it. No need for that middle man. But the droid thing just helps reinforce my own gut.

  • LindaP says:

    I am close to opting out of all Filsaime’s stuff. There are others I have already nixed. I like BTF, though. There is lots of information that really helps.

    • Tiffany says:

      Same here Linda

    • Done it ages ago. Super spamming emails are not my style.

      I’ve just started using DigiResults.com – they split the creator and affiliate payments automatically and immediately. The affiliate gets their share at the time of sale. And they’ll even host the download if you want. (No charge.)

      So far I’ve only added one product, but I’m going to change all my products over.

      • Tiffany says:

        The only thing that worries me there is refunds. If payment is instantly split, what if the other person doesn’t have their share when a refund comes in?

  • Ron says:

    Hey Tiff,

    I use to trust ‘ole Mike F., not so much anymore.

    As for Kelly Felix, your mentor as well as others have to remember, he’s come clean from “The Rich Jerk”. He was some foreigner or something…back then…he wasn’t himself. The real Kelly Felix has stood up.

    Kelly, Mike Long and BTF are the real deal in my book. Their SEO along with other strategies they share have helped me tremendously. Not to mention the info. you share Tiff. 🙂



    • Tiffany says:

      My mentor hasn’t ever said anything about Kelly 🙂 Just an FYI. It was Salty Droid. I agree that BTF has some great insight.

  • Isobel says:

    I’ve been so disgusted by some of the stuff Salty Droid puts up – and not in the way he probably expects. IMO he panders to trolls and haters who have nothing better to do than spew vitriol over people more successful than they are.

    Some of what he posts may indeed be true – but do I want to listen to someone so full of hate? Why would I let that person into my brain? I feel icky just going to the site (so I don’t anymore and have no idea what he’s said about Joel).

    • Tiffany says:

      I can understand that Isobel. Some people feel that way whenever I voice my disgust about someone/thing. I think the site overall though, is beneficial and informative because there’s a lot of exposure to behind the scenes things many marketers don’t know.

  • Stan Fields says:

    I’m not a fan of him either, yet it appears the rest of the IM world loves him, so I’m glad I read this today. He’s such a product pusher, you sign up to PDC and there’s constant ad after ad that promote his other products, before you can even get to your account page and it’s like that on all his websites, don’t trust him at all. You still using JVZoo, now these guys are constantly bringing new features and benefits and they are great, only downside I find with them is the consitant emails containing their own affiliate links, which I find to be rather annoying.

  • Jim Francis says:

    Thanks for bringing the PDC thing to light.

    I am a member of BTF and have been since its inception. I was their when you were interviewed.I would have to agree with your mentor; not so sure I would recommend something that uses UAW as a big part of their SEO. I still login at times and use some of the info in BTF for reference. But referring them.. don’t think so. Just my opinion.

    My opinion about JV Zoo… When I do research about a market I run some C.I. (competitive intelligence). I buy something from the competitors to get an idea how their sales funnel works. Those who use JV Zoo have a built in competitor. JV Zoo fills my inbox with offers all the time. To the point it pisses me off and I opt out immediately.

    If I find my competitor uses JVZoo I jump for joy. JVZoo will dilute the competitors traffic with their affiliate offers and piss the buyers off all at the same time. If I were going to promote an affiliate offer and they use JV Zoo… I move on to another product for the same reason.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah fyi I wrote that wrong. It sounded like I was saying my mentor didn’t like that I promoted BTF but I meant Salty Droid, not my mentor.

    • John Kirk says:

      Jim & Stan

      I know what you mean about JVZoo and their constant promotional emails with their own affiliate links, WSOPro do the same thing. But they both differ from PDC in one very important way, it is their sellers’ products they promote not their own!

      As an affiliate I’m unhappy about them all as I see this activity as unfair competition for their affiliates. However, if I was a product seller using JVZoo/WSOPro I would be delighted at their efforts to promote my product.

      I guess it depends on where you are standing.


  • Stan Fields says:

    Jim and John, your not wrong, but as an Affiliate for JVZoo, the simple answer is to use a specific email address just for their emails to go to, or filter to a folder, but as a buyer I think it can be off-putting to recieve their constant emails. However, as long as the buyer realises it’s not the Product Owner that’s spamming them with constant offers, it’s not such a big issue.

  • Brenda says:

    Hi everyone

    Can someone tell me what BTF stands for please?

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