Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 10

Hi everyone! Let’s dig into Part 10 of our niche monetization series, brought to you by HomeAndGardenPLR.com. First I want to let you know that I had put SkimLinks on my site and yesterday it converted into a click to an eBay item which I made a whopping $0.21 from! LOL

Still, what it says to me is – it works! So I’m glad I installed it because as my site grows, that can only build and help. But I want the majority of my links to be my own personal Amazon links.

Okay last time we went over how to pick a product – or more specifically, where to find products to pick. Today I want to cover a few more things.

Here’s my big plan for my site:

  • I plan to make broad pages for all my levels (ie: kitchen, living room, bedroom).
  • I plan to make broad pages for each of the next levels (small appliances, coffeemakers)
  • I plan to create a page for every product I can find on Amazon in each category. Good products get good reviews, and bad ones get bad reviews with a “buy this instead” piece of advice. I will start by getting to the product level and putting 5 reviews up per category. For instance, I wrote the food processor review on the Breville – so now I’ll have my ghostwriter do 4 more and then I’ll tackle a different small appliance category. I’ll come back to it later and add more content. But I want about 5 specific product reviews per category.
  • I plan to eventually do keyword research and add pages for those. More on that coming up…

So now that we see what all has to be done (lots of content), it’s time to start scheduling your management of this site. Now next time we’re going to go into some of the social networking things you can do. But for now, let’s talk about schedules.

We’ll all have different time commitments for this project. On days when I don’t have much going on, I plan to upload as many pages as I can fit in the day. But there has to be a bare minimum for me. So here’s my plan for that:

I will upload one broad and one specific page per day to my site.

Those tasks will include:

  • Writing or outsourcing the content.
  • Adding the content to a new page.
  • Adding links in the form of text and images to Amazon.
  • Adding Deals and Recommended Products Widgets to the pages.
  • Uploading to my server.
  • Adding it to the manual sitemap and replacing the old one on the server.
  • Submitting to Google Index via Webmaster Tools.
  • Tweeting each new page on my account.

So today here’s what I did for my home and garden niche site:

1. I took the page I had my ghostwriter create on Food Processors and stuck it in FrontPage.  Added my widgets from Amazon and my text and image hyperlinks. On the sidebar now I’ll be linking to each review of actual products, which as you’ll recall was the Breville one.

2. I logged into webmasters and did a fetch and index on Google tools.

3. Normally I would go write a specific product review, but I have all the other ghostwritten pages to get up – so until I finish getting those launched, I’m going to just work on those to begin with.  I added the Utensils and Gadgets page today.

4. Tweeted both new pages from my home shopping addicts account.

What I did was create a sheet in Word of the Kitchen categories. I drilled down on the broad ages I had so far and I am bolding anything on my sheet that is up and live on my site.

What will your schedule be like?

I think it’s important to get to the  specific product review pages ASAP because those will probably convert and be found better than the broader pages, yet the broad pages (in my opinion) are necessary.

I want to keep the ball rolling – try to get something new up every single day for those Googlebots. I noticed in my webmasters tools it went from my business name being the top keyword to kitchen being the one. And I’m being found in search engines (and getting traffic) for bakeware stuff.

How’s yours coming along?

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Tiff 😉


15 Responses to “Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 10”

  • I am still working on my static page. I love watching your site come together. I used to have a site that was a static website but can’t remember everything that I did in it. I need to pull it up so that I can remember.

    Thank you for everything that you are doing for us.

  • cyril almond says:

    Well Tiffany i have not been much involved lately. Reason i had both my websites hacked and rendered useless. You hear of it happening to other people. But think it can not happen to me. Well it did and i have had to start afresh. It has taken time and expense.

    cyrilalmond.com.has only been hosted today and i have to rebuild it.I will take my time. i got a firm who said they would clean my sites out and find them. Waste of time and money.

    Not a sob story. you can not keep an old Korean vet down!

  • Brian E-P says:

    Hey – you’re really putting me to shame Tiff. Sort of getting my structure sorted. it’s organised in my head and I’m getting a friend to help me translate it into WordPress speak! The basic’s up and we’ll build as we go.
    What with distractions it’s taken me three days to re-write an article ! lol

    However, I’ll be bashing on through the weekend and i’ll have another ‘Home’ product review and, let’s see now, say two ‘Garden’ product reviews up come Sunday night.
    No distractions.
    Oh yes. excitement tomorrow night. We put our clocks forward. YEAH. Summer’s coming. Whistle, whistle.

  • Clefty says:

    SkimLinks looks interesting. Is it easy to setup/signup to? If you use it for amazon it’s just as easy to go in and get the amazon shortlinks which also look good and most people wouldn’t realize they are affiliate links anyways 😉

    • Tiffany says:

      very easy! Free sign up and one snippet of code to install by copying and pasting. But they don’t replace your amazon links.

  • Edie Dykeman says:

    I learning at least one new thing every post as we go through this process – cool! Doing something every day is so important because it’s easy to drift away and start working on something else (she says to self).

    Your plan and task list really helped a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a manual sitemap or submitted to Google Index. So much to learn and still keep uploading content. 🙂

    Really appreciate the intensity and depth of this membership course.

  • Hi Tiffany and everyone else! I’ve been out of the loop, busy with teaching some classes. I feel like I”m behind now. Gotta get caught up. Always more to do. thanks for the tips.

  • Katherine says:

    Well, I’m happy to say that I got everything done today that I had planned. While I’m not going into the same depth for the navigation as you are, Tiff, I’ve learned so much from what you’re doing. Big, big thanks there.

    Now tomorrow I get to put a little more content on the site (yay!).

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Tiff
    thanks for the heads up the other day about my site…darn techie stuff! Am reading along with your posts and setting up my site structure…but admit have run into difficulties as I am using wordpress and am mired in the posts versus pages conundrum! Help, is there anyone out there who can help???????? Biggest problem is to get posts to “stick” to certain pages..or alternatively finding a theme that allows proper drop down menus that don’t disappear into the background because the text is the wrong color!

    Would very much appreciate some pointing in the right direction over this.


  • Debi J says:

    While I’m not big on the Home and Garden stuff, the training and information you’re putting out here is a huge help for what to be doing with any niche site…so I’m applying it there.

    Thanks for the info!! I miss being around more regularly but as long as I keep following what you’re doing (even at this pace), I’ll get my time back!

    Hope you guys weathered thru yesterday’s weather!


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