Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 12

Hi everyone! Enjoying your week so far? Let’s continue on with our free niche monetization series – brought to you by Home and Garden PLR. My goal now, since I started building this site before I started this series, is to get caught up. I have 3 more broad pages finished by my ghostwriter and an entire set of Living Room pages I can get started on, too!

Oh crap I have to show y’all something on video. Then I’ll talk about some other things I’ll be doing. Watch this:

Okay so now you see what my next steps are as far as content outsourcing. What else will I be doing to bring in sales in this niche?

Well I want to dominate the first page of the SERPs and my own site can only have about 1-2 spots usually, so I need another site to pull in traffic. I’m thinking my static page can be one and my blog post can be another. So I then need another page that is offsite. I’ll use a Squidoo lens for sure for each product. That’s more content and time putting the lens together.

I kind of want to find someone who can build Squidoo lenses for me here and there. What I would want or build myself is like this:

  1. URL of the product name – same thing for title.
  2. Intro module article of about 200 words with title relevant to product name.
  3. Amazon spotlight of the item.
  4. Text module with article about 200-250 words.
  5. Amazon 5 product module of comparable 4 & 5 star items (ie: if I have a lens about the presto deep fryer, then this module will promote 5 others). You’d have to choose manually, not let the system choose.
  6. Text module with article of about 200-250 words.
  7. Amazon 5 product module of even more comparable 4&5 star items.
  8. Guestbook – even this is keyword relevant (ie: Have You Used the Presto Kitchen Kettle?)

All modules will have titles with a version of the product name or category in them. Ie: Presto Kitchen Kettle, Presto Deep Fryer, Presto Multi Cooker. If you need to, download my 52 on Squidoo guide (it’s free) on tiffanydow.com – scroll down to find it. This will help you make your own lenses for YOUR niche site.

On mine, I would want the tags put in, etc. If anyone knows someone who does this type of thing cheapish, let me know.  I’m persnickety working with new people. I run everything through copyscape in small increments to catch plagiarism.  So no spinners or people who don’t know how to write from scratch.

I think the top 3 SERP spots would be good enough per product. I know I won’t get all of those, but it’s enough to try. Plus, the lenses themselves will convert into sales – not JUST point to my own site where sales can be made.

Okay here are the new pages I put up today:

  1. Kitchen Storage and Organization
  2. Kitchen Decor
  3. Grocery and Gourmet
  4. Cookbooks

As you’ll also notice on my site, I have included the Google Plus One button on all of my pages.  Why not all sorts of other buttons and badges? I don’t want the clutter to be honest. I think G+ is fine and it’ll help in Google probably. I’m sure they say it won’t, but I’ll bet it will.  I might add the Pin It Button too at some point – maybe near the bottom.

The site is coming along nicely. Takes awhile to build up steam but I know this and once it takes off it’s amazing. How is yours coming along?

Tiff 😉

12 Responses to “Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 12”

  • You are doing a great job on your site. I think doing Squidoo lenses is a great addition. I have done some for various items that I thought of making pages on my site for. LOL I guess I am just backwards. LOL

  • LindaP says:

    Hi, Tiffany,

    I sent you an email about building lenses for you. Best wishes.

  • Kathy says:

    Tiff your site is looking great. One thing that stands out for me and is a bonus of a static site is having different widgets in the sidebar on each page. I put a widget in my posts and have a general one on my sidebar.

    My site (www.HomeAndGardenGnome.com)is live with a few posts on it. I’m sorting twitter and will do a Facebook page for it very soon. Right now I’m trying to get everything back onto my big laptop. It had to go to the doctor who replaced the hard drive. 🙁 Everything was backed up but I’m now having to reinstall my programs each time I need to do something. I’m glad I kept my old small laptop so I could keep working.

    This Home and Garden PLR membership has to be the best investment I’ve made in a long long time. I’m making notes to jog my poor old memory. Thank you for the detailed info you are giving us plus the extra articles. 🙂 Now I just need another 36 hours each day!

  • Isobel says:

    Thanks for all the excellent tips, Tiff 🙂

    One thing I keep meaning to mention about your site … the footer links could maybe do with a blank line underneath them? I keep trying to scroll down because they’re RIGHT at the bottom of my screen.

  • Brian E-P says:

    Err – slow if you want to know ! lol
    Have several juicer posts done so today I will get them all aff linked, keyworded, Yoasted, WP Syndicated, work out webmaster tools, submit for index and and then uncheck the privacy box for the world to see.
    Then I’ll have another coffee and do some more posts.
    (gotta get the speed up)

    • Tiffany says:

      It isn’t as easy as slapping up some content is it Brian? I noticed yesterday doing those pages I was like, Aw man! I still have to… add widgets add it to webmaster tools, tweet it, add images, hyperlink everything, etc.” LOL!

  • Hilda says:

    Hey Tiff,

    How would I set up a different banner ad on different pages on my website? For example, if my page is on water filters, I JUST want a water filter banner on the right hand side of my page displayed.

    It seems that Amazon places the same banner ads on every page on your site regardless. Which doesn’t make any since to me because if I have a page on automotive tools I don’t want a kitchen banner on that page. Does this make since?

    Thank you.

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