Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 6

Good morning, sunshines! Well okay so maybe it’s not morning, but let’s pretend we’re all bright eyed and bushy-tailed for today’s free home and garden niche monetization series, shall we? This is brought to you courtesy of HomeAndGardenPLR.com. Today I want to give you the free PLR article FIRST because that’s what we’re going to be using as our example of how to rewrite PLR content.

Download that here: Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator (it’s 448 words). Just right click and save as.

I’m going to go through this paragraph by paragraph (starting with the title) and edit it as I would use it on my own site. That will include rewriting stuff, adding commentary, and using Amazon to expand my review.  Ready to get started?

The Title

The current title is: “Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator.” So I want mine to be a little different. My PAGE URL will be /blackanddeckerasi300airstationinflator.html because I want people to find it to be relevant.  But that doesn’t mean my content title has to be the exact same. I first plug the product name into my free Google keyword tool.

I see it gets about 590 searches per month. (By the way I chose this because it was #2 on the bestseller Amazon list today AND because someone requested some tools for the PLR). But it offers no additional options when I check the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” option. So let me UNcheck that. I kind of look through and come up with this:

Portable Air Pump Bestseller: Black and Decker ASI300 

In this, I have captured another common search phrase “portable air pump” and mentioned that it’s a bestseller – social proof of its value. Plus, I used most of the exact name in the title.

Paragraph 1

Here’s what it says now:

It’s that time again! If you’re a parent, then you’re bound to hear kids constantly coming up to you wanting you to air up their basketball or inflate their pool toy. Yes, you could blow up a raft by mouth, but how exhausting! Inflating a ball with a hand pump is equally tiring. A better option for homeowners is to always have an electric air inflation system on hand.

Here’s how I would rewrite it, adding in some personalization:

Last year we set up an above ground pool – one big enough for the whole family to enjoy. With that luxury came the burden to inflate five different rafts. I may be full of hot air, but it wore me out having to do all that by mouth! By the time I was through, I didn’t feel like enjoying the pool anymore. And we also added a volleyball net to our backyard, so guess who’s going to get asked to inflate the ball when it leaks? This year, we’re getting an electric air pump to do the work for me. 

That whole paragraph is 100% true! A little storyline. A little “get to know me.” But you can write anything you want, even from their point of view, like this:

Do your kids always bug you to inflate their toys? Do you wish you could pump up a raft without having to tire yourself out in the process? Hand pumps used to be a household staple, but now people are into convenience and they’re buying electric air pumps, instead. 

Paragraph 2

Here’s what it says now:

The Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is on the bestseller’s list online for a reason – several, actually. The most important benefit it offers is sheer value! It’s priced affordably, it works like a charm, and it lasts a long time, even though it does have a warranty of two years for your protection.

Here’s how I’ll rewrite it:

When I went searching for a good electric air pump, I looked online for what other consumers who have gone before me have bought and loved. I found the Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator on the bestseller list. Several things stood out to me as I poured through the reviews.

First, it was priced right for my budget. I really liked the fact that I would get free shipping with it, since heavy tools can tack on a lot of shipping expense. And the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with most people pleased at how durable it was and how well it worked. I hate buying things that break 2 weeks after I buy them, and with a family of five, we can be hard on our gadgets!

This was a simple rewrite. A tad bit of personalization, but mainly just rewording the sentences. I did add in the fact that they get free shipping, which wasn’t in the original article. That’s because I know for a fact I’ll be promoting through Amazon, but not everybody is, so I didn’t have that in the original article. I also broke that into two paragraphs because long paragraphs don’t do well.

Paragraph 3

Here’s what it says now:

You’re going to be able to air up athletic balls and floaties, but it does heavy-duty stuff, too – like lawnmower and car tires. Many people buy two – one for the car in the event they need a quick airing up of their tire, and one for the garage whenever something needs inflating, like an air mattress for unexpected overnight guests.

Here’s how I rewrite it:

Floaties for my toddler are one thing, but if I need to air up my car tire, for example, or if my husband comes in red-faced because his lawnmower has a flat, I need more than a wimpy hand pump. I need something heavy duty. I think it’ll be a good idea to get one of these for each of our cars and one to stay at the house.

I REALLY wish I’d known about this back when my son bought his first car – a low rider that gave me tire headaches out the gazoo. For some reason, he had special imported rims that could ONLY be fixed at the dealership, so he’d let his air run out, have a flat, and then it was a 3-4 day nightmare of importing a replacement tire. If he would have had this Black & Decker pump, we could have kept those tires working for longer than they did. And I recently forked over $1,000 for some domestic ones and paid more to have the car raised to a proper height. He hated me for making him part with those rims, but oh well. 

Again, true personalization. How could you do it generically if you have no personal story? Try this:

Rafts and balls aren’t the only things that need airing up. Those are small potatoes. You also might need big time pump action, like for a car tire or lawnmower wheel. It’s a good idea to have one of these around the house for convenience (like if your kids have a slumber party and you need to inflate the air mattress), but also tucked away safely in your car in case you’re out and about and notice the tire’s getting a little low. The last thing you want it to have a blowout!

I changed the unexpected guests to a slumber party. You could change it to a grumpy mother in law or a place to stick your daughter’s boyfriend – in the garage! LOL! Whatever you want to say.

Paragraph 4

Here’s what it says now:

Its portable design makes it convenient for storing out of sight if you don’t want it out in the open. It only weighs a little over six pounds, too. You get a few things with the main tool, too – including the needle and a standard and extended nozzle. You also get both a 12 and 120-volt cord with the plugs.

Now to rewrite this, I go to Amazon and look at the 3 and 4 star reviews. Why that particular number? Because I’m looking for feedback about this specific idea – it being portable, and what comes with it. I find this one. It educates me about what consumers really think of the tool. So now look how I rewrite this paragraph:

Some tools have cords and attachments overflowing into other areas. It gets kind of annoying. Other reviewers said they liked the fact that this air inflator allowed everything to be neatly tucked into the unit and its portability came in handy. One thing I am grateful for is that some people said the regular cord was a little short, so the fact that it comes with an extension is a perk. It includes both a 120 and 12 volt cords for your convenience. 

You can link to specific reviews with your affiliate link, too! If you find a good FIVE star review, click where it says Sort by Most Helpful First. That means that the first ones shown are the ones most consumers appreciated MOST. Then click under the review you want to link to where it says “Permalink.” When it goes to the specific review page, click the Amazon Associates “Link to this page” option in the top left side of the page. When users go there, they’ll read that review AND be able to “Add to Cart” right on that review page on the right side! Nifty 🙂

I’ll show you how I use one of these “mentions” in the last paragraph about “noise” in a bit.

Paragraph 5

Here’s what it says now:

If you’re using the Black & Decker Inflator for tire pressure needs, then you’ll be glad to know you’re not going to have to continually take a gauge of the pressure while you’re filling the tire. It has a dial that shuts it off when the right pressure is reached, making it a pretty mindless task.

Here’s how I’ll rewrite it:

Now I’ll have to admit something right here and now. Even when it comes to airing up my car tires, I always relied on my Daddy or my husband or the dealership to do it for me. I have never touched it. Why? I don’t know how and I don’t want to know how. Reading a gauge? Um, no thanks.

So I am in LOVE with the convenience this B&D air pump has where I can just enter the proper pressure and let it figure out how much needs to be added. I never understood what my Dad was doing when he’d check my tires and fill it some, then check it, and repeat. Confusion! And what if I went over? Would it explode in my face? I have no clue but I’m not pressing my luck. the ASI300 shuts off for me when the pressure is right. So no need for a 911 call. 

Again, broke it down into a couple more paragraphs and added true personalization. How would you do it generically?

You won’t have to keep stopping and checking the pressure and then restarting the process with the Black and Decker air pump, either. All you have to do is set the pressure and let it go to work for you. You can be doing other tasks because it will automatically shut off when it’s finished. That’s convenient and it prevents a possible mishap, too. 

Psst guess what? My rewritten article is now 660 words. And we’re not even done yet. Just sayin.

Paragraph 6

Here’s what it says now:

Campers love the gadget because it light up, making it simple to inflate an air mattress around a low-lit campsite. That feature also makes it nice for those who find themselves with an almost flat tire on the side of the road at night.

Here’s how I’ll change it (and by the way I see a typo with lightS):

If you like to camp out, which I don’t (but you might), then you might love to take the B&D ASI300 with you to your campout. My husband always camps out once or twice a year and he uses an inflatable mattress so he can get comfy at night. This tool actually lights up, so you can see it even if the fire has already gone out and you’re stumbling around the campsite in the dark. 

If you want to extract the hubby comment, just make it generic like this:

If you like to camp out, then you might love to take the B&D ASI300 with you to your campgrounds. Some people only camp out once or twice a year, but they use an inflatable mattress so they can get comfy at night. This tool actually lights up, so you can see it even if the fire has already gone out and you’re stumbling around the campsite in the dark. 


Paragraph 7

Here’s how it’s written now:

You can plug it into your car’s lighter plug and start airing up your tire in seconds. Some consumers buy one for their watercraft vehicle, so they can blow up tubes and rafts in an instant.

Here’s how I’ll rewrite it:

One thing I saw time and time again when I was looking at consumer reviews of this product was that everyone appreciated that it came with two options for plugging it in, including conveniently fitting into your car’s lighter socket. So you don’t have to have an adapter for it if you have one for your car. Another place this would come in handy is on the water. Here in Texas, water sports in this sweltering heat are a staple in our lives, so anything that can help us have more fun, quicker is a gadget we love. You can blow up tubes and rafts for the lake in a flash!

You could remove the mention of Texas to make it generic.

Paragraph 8

Here’s how it’s written now:

Now what about noise? We all know we prefer silent tools around the house, but when it comes to air inflation systems, they’re often enough to shatter your eardrums. Not this one. It’s noisy, sure – but not the loudest in the pack. Anything that does its job well is going to have some power behind it, and this one certainly proves its worth in the “airing up” department.

Here’s how I’ll rewrite it – and remember from above, I’m going to link to that review by someone else and show you how that works.

Many people want to know how much of an issue noise is when they buy an appliance – because some tools can sound like a train coming through your living room! Andy Landen, one of the consumers who bought and reviewed this product for Amazon, said in his review here that it had, “Moderate noise levels with NO irritating or annoying high frequency (pitch) clanking/knocking of metal parts.”

I know what he’s talking about. Some air compressors have some odd high-pitched noise that affects me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Yes, it’s going to have some noise – because it’s a powerful tool – but as long as it doesn’t shake my windows, I’m good. By the way, that link to Andy’s review is where I discovered I could get it shipped free to me. And you can read more product details if you click on the on the product link on right side of his review, too. 

Okay that’s it! My 448 word article is now over 1,000 words! It’s 1,005 to be exact. How do you like that? Personalization goes a long way. It’s a little more interesting to read than product specs, too. And talk about revamping PLR into a unique article! You just read my paragraph, and reword it, adding your personal stories if you have them, or making up scenarios for “what if” situations, like the campout or slumber party.

This has been a LONG lesson. So tomorrow I’ll show you how to put the review all together into a page that goes live.

Hope you’re enjoying the lessons by HomeAndGardenPLR.com!

Tiff 😉


24 Responses to “Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 6”

  • Marg says:

    Well, actually Tiff, it IS morning here in Australia, a beautiful sunshiny day, and I am definitely all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and waiting for my next lesson from H&GPL. 🙂 Your message sailed into my inbox at 7.19 am.

    Have a nice day (what’s left of it for you… well, actually, it’s still yesterday over there.)

    Marg 😉

  • Diane says:

    Tiff — amazing lesson — you could sell this as a product it’s so thorough. I love getting inside your mind and seeing how you think. You also seem to be able to pack a lot of activity besides work into each day. I think the secret is that you love what you’re doing so it doesn’t seem like work (most days anyway!). I’m over shiny object syndrome (at last) but still having trouble sitting down and getting things done. Keep giving me this great information to inspire me. Thank you for your incredible sharing.

  • Rich says:

    Okay, Okay. I just wanted to take the time to share my thoughts a little here and let you know that the last week or so has been very eye opening for me. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good about marketing!

    First of all, last week I joined Nathan Devlin’s membership program and I was emailing him about how to avoid competition when using PLR content. LOL! I’ve gotten to the point where I ask questions to marketers and never ever get a reply so I wasn’t expecting one. And yet he responded with one of the longest emails I think I have ever received that have me the biggest kick up the butt I’ve ever been given! LOL! I was buzzing after reading it and felt ready to take on the marketing world once again. One of the nicest and helpful people I’ve come across online. THEN he did something that I thought was unheard of: he recommended your HomeandGardenPLR because he said that it would go well with the content that I was already getting from him and that it would be great quality (I had been asking about more content etcetera). Now, my background is in SEO and WE NEVER go and recommend someone else’s service, especially if it’s similar to out own. And yet that’s what happened!! No affiliate link, nothing.

    First of all, I got my wife to sign up to your membership and we’re going to work on this project together and really make something good out of it. We’re also doing video reviews of the stuff we already own and anytime we get more stuff, we’re going to do a video review of it for our new site. We’re really excited to be able to do something together.

    Then when I look at the way that you talk about competition and the way that you teach like how to rewrite stuff, I’m just amazed at how much I’ve learned from you PLR sellers. You never ever get free info like that from other marketing people and I feel like I’ve stumbled into a different marketing universe. If I had only come to the PLR family when I first started it would have saved me so much time and heartache.

    I’m so glad to have found this whole PLR realm because it’s a million miles away from the rest of the marketing world. Sending people to your competition without an affiliate link and all this free advice? It doesn’t exist anywhere else in internet marketing and we’re deeply humbled. Thank you so much for all you give! It’s greatly appreciated! I’m really enjoying your daily tips.

    Rich in Colarado…it’s nice and warm here today.

    • Tiffany says:

      How great Rich! And how thoughtful of Nathan – selflessness is admirable 🙂

    • Nathan says:

      That’s great, Rich! Your site is looking good already – you’ve obviously been busy! Yeah, things tend to work a little differently in the PLR world. Welcome! 🙂

    • I remember the first time that Nathan commented to me. I went to my newletters section of my Outlook and sent him an email asking if he was the same person. It blew me out of the water. LOL

  • Rick says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Excellent rewrite lessson! Personalization puts a nice stamp on the piece and that Amazon review page link trick is a great way to backup your own words and put the sale on the platter.

    Thanks for all 1005 words.


  • Kathy says:

    Tiff I think I’ve finally figured out how you fit all this, plus the WF, plus the family, into one day. You’re secretly triplets!

    Thank you for this lesson. I started to take a couple of notes yesterday as my 62yo brain gets a tad forgetful at times and I now have 1.5 pages! Thank you for your generosity and for sparking some more neurons in my brain.

    I’m also in Australia and it’s a beautiful sunny day. I’m looking forward to autumn and some cooling gentle rain. And seeing some green paddocks out my window instead of brown ones.

  • Shan says:

    Hi Tiff

    I agree with Rick – great rewrite lesson. I was going to ask where you found all the info to do the reviews and here it is!

    Thanks, Tiff

    PS it’s overcast in the UK today

  • Jack says:


    This would have to be the best step-by-step/how-to lesson in rewriting and personalizing PLR I’ve ever read!

    Thank-you for your taking the time to do this.

    Your generosity is overwhelming. 🙂


  • Andy says:

    That’s one of the best rewriting lessons I have ever seen. Your writing is top notch and I’m finding your plr articles so much easier to write than other plr.

  • Liz says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Now that’s how to rewrite PLR 🙂

    If you can relate the ideas to your own life, the content will become so much more interesting and memorable. Maybe it won’t seem easy to do at first but it definitely does get easier the more you do it.

    Thanks so much for the great examples, so helpful!


  • gmasoup says:

    Excellent information.
    You really go above and beyond for all of us.
    And we love you for it!!!

    Thank you so much

  • Darrel Hawes says:


    You’ve really gone above and beyond in showing writers how to improve their craft. Thank you!

    Darrel Hawes

  • This is just what I needed. I own so much PLR but haven’t been able to figure out how to really use it. Thank you.

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