Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 9

Hi everyone! Today we’re going to discuss how to pick a product to showcase on your site. This lesson brought to you, courtesy of HomeAndGardenPLR.com! So as you know in the membership there, you get a certain number of specific product reviews. Those are given to you – but how can you add additional content to your site?

I’m going to show you 7 ways to find products to promote here today:

1. Look for other PLR reviews.  Might sound kind of weird, but I’m advising you to go check out all of my competitors – look to see who else has PLR in the same niche for you. Look for lawn, garden, electronic, and appliance PLR. Try to get specific product reviews. I know I even have some home and garden stuff on my own PLR Mini Mart – so let me show you an example of how to work with something like that!

Here’s a similar pack to what I offer on the HomeAndGardenPLR.com site: Coffee PLR. It comes with the specific two page long reviews, email autoresponders, niche report and volume product articles.

But I want to show you another type of PLR pack and how you could use it. Here are some ideas:

This $5 gardening pack – take it and create articles like this:

  • With the “Create a Backyard Oasis with a Water Garden” article, you could promote a filter system or a water garden pump.  Just work it into the original article as some of the equipment they may want to investigate.
  • Use the “Herb Gardening Tips” article to promote items like herb gardening stoneware or an aerogarden (bought my mom one of these and it was awesome).
  • Work with the “Control What Your Family Eats by Growing an Organic Garden” article and promote seeds, composters and books.
  • Take the “Keeping Bugs Out of Your Garden” article and promote various insect repellents.
  • The “Gardening in Small Spaces” article is perfect for the promotion of all sorts of container gardening equipment.
Another PLR pack I can do the same with? The $5 Health Benefits of Tea pack. You could promote tea kettles, actual tea, tea sets and more!

2. Look in your weekly newspaper ads. I do this ALL the time. If stores are promoting it, as a consumer, I see it in a circular and then go online to find the best deal. I look in this past Sunday’s ads and I pull out Target’s ad. I see Patio Furniture sets – really great for this time of year. I would promote that. Or maybe a vacuum cleaner or cookware set like they’re advertising.

3. Check out relevant magazine mentions. Consumer Reports is just one name in the game. Get Family Circle, Women’s World, or a dozen other magazines that have mentions of products in them. In the April 2012 Family Circle magazine, right inside the cover, on page 8, the editor names a few of her faves. One of them is this: Dyson Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum.

Or, when I look on page 38, I see an article about organizing and storing more. A small, 1-inch square blurb mentions this: Vinea Undershelf Basket. And yep, it’s on Amazon – for a full $3 less than what Family Circle is advertising it for.  There are dozens of them in just one magazine.

4. Look at the Bestseller and Other Lists. Straight on Amazon click on a category you want to look into. I click Power and Hand Tools. At the top I can click on Bestsellers and see the top 100 items in that category. I can then click on Hot New Releases on the right and investigate those! I can also look in gift ideas, top rated, and most wished for.

5. Check out the Deals & Bargains.  Also on Amazon – click on the category and then Deals & Bargains. When I go to that page and look on the right it has a list of specials. This would be GREAT for you to email your list about! Look at this one:

So this is a timely special – but it’s an instant $25 free plus most of these items involved in this deal offer free shipping too!

6. Don’t forget to review…everything! Quit looking just for good products. Why not review some stinkers, too? If you exhaust the good products, start reviewing the negative ones. You will always give them an alternative. Let’s say they opened up their Target ad from last Sunday like I did and they see an ad for the Sunbeam 12-cup coffeemaker.

P-U! What a stinker that is. A measly 2 and a half stars? Better warn consumers. And feel free to tear Target a new one by even promoting this awful product. At the same time, give your reader a great alternative. Do something around the same price point – $24.99. How about the Black and Decker one that has a solid 4 stars?

So first, you’ll tell them what’s wrong with the Sunbeam one and why they need to steer clear. Then tell them what to replace it with and why. This is a great, trustworthy review because you’re not slamming it just to promote a $300 coffeemaker. You’re honest about the drawbacks.

Hope this helps!

Here’s your Free PLR for this part (just right click and save to your hard drive): Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills – and it’s 428 words

Tiff 😉

15 Responses to “Home and Garden Niche Monetization Mentoring Part 9”

  • Jim says:

    Better make sure you make it clear to all blog visitors that your links take them to Amazon. I know of a couple people that have been permanently banned from Amazon for not making that clear in the last couple of weeks.

    They could be becoming more strict but there is not enough evidence of that yet in the IM world to make a conclusion.

    Just a heads up.

  • Tom Parker says:

    Some great tips Tiff. One thing I’d also add is use Google Trends. A lot of products are seasonal and there are good times of year to promote different ones.

    For example, if you look at the Google trends for washing machines over the last couple of years, searches have peaked in January. However, searches for fridges over the past couple of years have peaked in July. If you find the best seasonal products for each month you can increase your chances of getting sales.


  • Sam says:

    Great information on where to find PLR for a particular niche. Very valuable information as always. Tiffany, your the greatest. Take Care.

  • Thank you for this information. I am going to give it a try. I thought of a name for my site and what I will be adding to it. I thought I would call it Grandma Marilyn’s Shopping At Home. I am going to start off with craft & hobbies and books. I have some other ideas that I plan to add in also. Have no idea when I will get it up and running but it is a start. I even have the header made up. LOL

  • Sue says:

    Tiff, I got this in my inbox the other day for anyone that promotes Amazon products.

    What you need to do immediately is add this to your sites that have Amazon affiliate links:

    X is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking “your website name” to Amazon properties (amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com).

    Replace “X” with your domain name. And replace “your website name” with your domain name.

    Some people lost their accounts recently because they didn’t have this on their website.

  • Edie Dykeman says:

    Great information and reminder to keep an eye out in a number of places. Never thought to turn negative reviews into a positive sales opportunity. Brilliant!

  • Janet says:

    Hi Tiffany – I did read somewhere about having a small disclaimer, re being an Amazon Associate,on every page. Do you think that is necessary??

    Also your disclaimer is very long and detailed. Did you pay to have that written?? Is it acceptable for us to use some of the wording ourselves or is it an infringement of copyright??

    I think you may have covered this in another post but I can’t remember which one it was.

    Many thanks

    • Tiffany says:

      Hmm I don’t think so Janet. Amazon says: “You must, however, clearly state the following on your site: “[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com, endless.com, smallparts.com or myhabit.com)].”

      So to me, that means my site has to contain it – obviously where it’s accessible. I have a disclaimer link. However if it makes you jittery, just do an includes file or put it in your footer or something so it’s on every page.

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