How Do I Block Someone on Pinterest?

Update: I’m going to show you how to block someone on Pinterest and make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post if you would ALSO like to cash in on Pinterest!

Can you block someone on Pinterest? You can, but it might not be a complete solution. You might block someone but they can open up a new account. Not only that – but they can still SEE all of your pins, even if they can’t officially “follow” you! However, chances are the site doesn’t notify them about your block, so they may think you just quit creating Pins. Hopefully they’d go away.

Let me SHOW you on a short under 2 minute video how to block someone on Pinterest.

Pinterest and some of its hardcore groupies say, “Well it was built as a SHARING site, so making some of your boards private would defeat the purpose of the site.”

Come on, now!

That’s just ridiculous. This is one of the top social networking sites online – and there are no built in privacy settings to control who sees your boards?

Most people DO want to share almost all of their Pins, but there are some things that you find that you want to pin for your own self to see but don’t want others to see.

For example – you and your friends all follow each other. You see an ADORABLE birthday party idea. You want to Pin it, but you don’t. Why? Because over-achiever Nancy is watching you…she’s watching your boards and she’s going to one-up you and use that idea for HER kid before you do and then innocently (and we all KNOW she’s not innocent) say, “Oh this? i just saw it online – isn’t it cute?”

And you’ll want to smash her head in because she’s a sneaky Pete!

There needs to be some sort of groups or friends option you can add to Pinterest and share among only those you want to share with. So WHAT if its not open to everyone? It’s still sharing! No one’s taking away from that.

I hadn’t even thought of needing a blocking option until tonight – when I started thinking about how I saw someone I dislike in the friends list of another friend and I thought, “Hmm – I’d love to block her so she can’t see my Pins” and I Googled it and discovered there was no way to – well, I could, but she would come back under another name – so I need a private board.

Epic fail, Pinterest.

But yes, I’ll bend over and take it because I’m already an addict of your site. But I’m warning ya – if someone uses my b-day idea before me – I’m blogging about this AGAIN – and next time, I won’t be so nice.

Tiff πŸ˜‰

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118 Responses to “How Do I Block Someone on Pinterest?”

  • James Artre says:


    I had a name other than “sneaky Pete” in mind, but this will do for now.

    I, too, was surprised to learn that Pinterest did not have a blocking function. I love their site, very graphical and easy to use, but I have enough people ripping off my ideas and content as it is.

    I’m going to re-blog this over at my site, maybe this will help get someone’s attention.

    Be good to yourself,


    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks James πŸ™‚

    • Anita says:

      I don’t mind if somebody copies my every pin or board. There are worst ones. Some people are really sick.There is now one young woman who has some 60 group boards and she keeps sending me invitations to these boards as soon as I refuse to join one. In few days I have got hundreds of invitations.I wrote a note under one pin on these boards and asked her kindly stop sending invitations. She got pissed and now I can’t hardly open my any board without first refusing her invitations. I wrote to Pinterest and got just an automatic answer, that’s all. I suppose I should deactivate my account until they develop this “block board invitations” or “block a person” option…if ever.

  • Suze P says:

    Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day, too. It would be nice to be able to have boards that are private, just so you can save websites or ideas you don’t necessarily want to share, or like you said for parties. What if you wanted to plan a surprise party for a family member who follows your boards. Can’t pin stuff where they can see it. Hopefully, they’ll get with it eventually. It’s still in beta, there’s time for new features and stuff still.: O)

  • Bob says:


    Did you know you can post all your videos on Pinterest?

    I finally figured out how it is that someone knows what I am pinning. I was getting repins in about a minute and I’m thinking, how can that be? I found out that when you are logged in, if you click the red Pinerest logo at the top it takes you to a page that shows who is doing what in real time.
    Which also means that some one has to be sitting there staring at the computer waiting for something to happen. How pathetic is that?

    What I would like to see is some formatting in the text area so it doesn’t come out as one long paragraph.

    Speaking of text, did you all know that when you pin an image and there is text relating to it, all you have to do is highlite the text you want to use and pin. The text comes along with the image. Neat feature. saves a lot of writing.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah I do but I won’t be pinning my marketing vids on there. I have a Tony Robbins vid on there. Yes the red Pinterest logo shows you people you’re following and what they’re doing and you get notifications on the left side that say things like “4 new pins” so you can refresh it. they’re not watching and waiting – but if they happen to be logged in and it says “4 new pins” they might refresh to see what got added πŸ™‚ I have noticed some long pin boards with too much text. The text should be shorter.

  • A. says:

    I have a special needs child and would like to pin articles and ideas for him…without the whole world knowing about his condition. Private boards would be nice.

  • Jana says:

    I have a board that gets a lot of traffic. Unfortunately that also means some unkind people. One individual is driving me nuts with her rude comments. I delete them, but I really wish I could just delete this perfect stranger from posting comments on my pins! This needs to be an option!!

    • Leesa says:

      I totally agree with this! Someone could delete me on facebook, but they still “follow” me on pinterest and make comments. They couldn’t discuss something like an adult that THEY had posted on facebook, so she deletes me. But she still makes comments on MY pins. Just WRONG!!!

      • Kat says:

        I so agree with you! I’ve deleted people on FB but they can still see what I have on Pinterest. If I delete someone on FB, you BETTER believe I don’t want you seeing my stuff anywhere else!!!

    • Jil says:

      Jana, that’s weird!! Why is someone following you and then making mean comments about your board. Where’s the logic in that one? People are so odd. I don’t follow someone board I don’t like. Just don’t get it.
      It is annoying. I repin other people’s pins but I have this one girl that literally reins 20-25 of mine in a row everyday. Couple times would be fine, but I’m not exploring items so other people can just repin!! It’s annoying. Especially when it’s so many pins. Wish I could blocker her. I’m shocked this isn’t an option. Dont these people have their OWN ideas and likes as well. They must if they repin everyone else’s pins. So people if you’re reading this a you apply to the category “repinners that don’t contribute” stop!

      • michelle says:

        I just had someone repin 80!!!! pins from one of my boards basically a 1/4 of my board I agree with everything you are saying. I wish Pinterest would limit people from repinning more than 20 pins/day from an individual. I really want to leave a message her board under my “stolen” pin about how unoriginal she is

        • Chelsey says:

          But the whole idea behind the site is to SHARE ideas. So if you dont want people to repin your ideas why even pin at all? Obviously pins are created because people want to share something cool that they have seen. Why get so offended? Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery? I repin people’s stuff ALL the time. There are so many cook ideas on Pinterest. If I want to repin 100 of someone else’s pins, well I shall. Don’t like it? Stop pinning….

          • Michelle says:

            Mean spirited unoriginal lazy pinners like yourself are one of the main reasons I want a blocking function.
            Of course it main purpose is about sharing ideas and photos BUT you obviously didn’t read Pinterest rules of conduct here: http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette

            you will note that you should pin original source whenever possible. That means you SHOULDN’T repin 100 pins from one board of mine as I get them from MULTIPLE original sources. It would be violation of Pinterest TOS for pinners to repin my entire board onto their boards. I do share my boards and want to be inspiration for you to do your own work.

            2. Have you read Pinterest Terms of Service?! You can be sued, not Pinterest because you are to lazy to research your own pins and would rather copy from me rather than pin from the original source.

            3. I do not own nor have copyrights to my pins BUT there is value in the time I research both the idea and in giving credit to original pinner, Value also, in the fact that I am very selective in my pins and have originally to my boards and it is disrespectful not to acknowledge this, instead pinners like you would rather repin 100 pins that you “found” and since there was no personal investment, you abuse other pinners sense of acclomplishment.

            • JMM says:

              Chimin in here. Not only do I scour the internet for original pins, but I happen to enjoy repinning other pins. You follow boards to see those pins, do you not? If you click on something that is repinned, it takes you to the same exact site the original pinner got it from. Thus, sources are credited, as is the original pinner for being an excellent scout. If I could find all the awesome ideas I’ve used from other boards all by myself, what would be the point of using Pinterest?

              • AnnoyedByPinterest says:


                The occasionsal pin is fine, but there are a handful of inconsiderate or lazy jerks who will re-pin about 99% of everything on one or more of your boards, in effect duplicating our boards, taking images you found yourself that are not on Pinterest.

                I don’t mind people occasionally re-pinng a handful of my photos and content here and there, but every. single. blessed. time I make a new pin, this one guy re-pins it immediately, or the next time he gets on the site? -no, heck no, that annoys me. At that point, you’re not really pinning yourself so much as just copying off someone else.

            • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

              I agree with you, Michelle.

              I don’t mind people who pin a few pins from my boards once in a while, but I have a handful of people who copy entire boards of mine, or 99% of the content per board.

              One guy on Pinterst in particular, he has copied about 99% of one of my boards, and each and every time I pin several new things to that board, just one second later, he has re-pinned them all.

              I spend time going out on the internet looking up material and photos in this particular content area – all he’s doing is copying what I have invested time in, what a lazy bum.

              I think I might stop pinning to that board.

              Why doesn’t he get off his rear end and look up his own content, instead of re-pinning 99% of the photos I find?

              • Monica says:

                I agree with everything above. It’s so frustrating and discouraging to work for hours and months gathering images to build a board you find thematically/creatively satisfying, only to have someone come along and usurp your entire board, title and all, in a matter of minutes … then. when searching out the title, you find their board shows up with only 43 followers, and your original with well over 1,700 does not. Not all pinners compile every board with helpful hints, recipes, and inspirational quotes, but use them more to satisfy a very personal way of seeing the world through images and sometimes words. And, even though most of the images used are those others have created, when put together into a cohesive unit, they are meant to express something more personal than just a scattering of varied photos. So far I’ve been reticent to scold, or ask the swipers to stop, as I don’t feel it would be the polite thing to do, especially when I see most of the culprits are new to pinterest and probably don’t understand the etiquette involved. I actually like having people repin/like and find interesting the images I’ve chosen, and gratefully appreciate all my wonderful followers, most of whom understand the pleasure of using their own eyes to assemble what pleases them. That said … I’m on my way to correct all the pins I’ve pinned without meaniful descriptions! Eekkk!

              • Sasha says:

                I agree. I don’t mind sharing but when someone takes entire boards that I have spent hours creating to express my personality, then it annoys me. I wish Pinterest would limit repins from any one board to no more than 3-5 per day per person. This would eliminate most of these board copiers as they appear to be basically lazy (or so new that they don’t understand the personal creative value in board creation)

                I admire many boards and wish I had thought of them – but I just would not feel ok with myself if I copied them. I really like my friend’s husband, too, and wish I had found him first but… You get the idea!

                I have had so many complete or nearly complete board repins lately that I am seriously considering deleting my account. It’s taken much of the pleasure out of pinterest for me.

          • Pam says:

            I totally agree!

  • Katie says:

    Thanks for this post. I hope it gets some notice over at Pinterest.

    I don’t even need a private board, I like sharing with everyone. I just want be able to block certain people – like the mean stranger in the post above. My issue is my boyfriend’s former girlfriend (he and I have been dating for two years now, so its not a recent break up, and he and I live in a different city/state/time zone from her!) is repinning from my boards – including a Valentine’s Day gift idea for him! I’d just like to be able to block her, because it gives me the creeps that she is watching what I’m doing!

    • Miss says:

      I will have to agree with needing a block option! This is a place that I absolutely love, enjoy sharing everyone’s individual ideas ect. I have an ex family member that I want nothing to do with in my life and she and her kid just recently started following ALL my boards (with the petty intent to keep an eye on me) it is such a feeling of intrusion I am to the point of canceling. Privacy is a must have!

    • Jen C says:

      YES! This is the exact problem. I don’t see an issue with having private boadrs because I have private bookmarks on my computer. Anything I’d like to keep to myself I just bookmark. Problem solved, but I think it ruins Pinterest for people when just anyone who feels like it can follow you. It would kinda suck to be blocked if you are just innocently following someone you like, but I would rather have that than to be followed by hurtful people. I have a former friend who hurt me very badly and now he follows me and re-pins things that come across as passive aggressive at times. The real problem is that I have no desire to be reminded of this person or what they did on a regular basis and it’s mind boggling how you could betray someone and still wanna follow them on a web site. Who does that? It would be nice even if you could just block someone from showing up in your activity feed.

  • Edie47 says:

    I may be in the minority here, but when someone creates a website, especially one that is invitation only, they have a right to set it up as they wish.

    If people want to join the site, and in this case even go through an invitation only process to do so, they should accept the rules and preferences of those who own and run the site.

    If they don’t like rules of the site, it’s their choice whether to stay with the site or leave.

    To be up in arms over the fact that one cannot block someone they don’t like seems rather pretentious because it’s not their site to make such decisions in the first place.

    Either stay with the site and enjoy all the positive aspects, or if the negatives out weigh the positives, leave.

    That’s what choice is all about.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes they do. But really, if you’re setting up a social platform, which they are, they should be considerate of how the social element of that site will affect others. Becoming one of the top 10 social networks means you need to listen to your users. Doesn’t mean you always have to do what they want. IE: Squidoo doesn’t need to do something detrimental to their site, like accept spammy topics. But they DO listen to us a lot and take feedback into consideration and implement change we appreciate. Pinterest should do the same. People will still use it, but it’s an element that sucks – so I will gladly sound off about it and nag them to see if it helps πŸ™‚ lol

    • Tom says:

      Pinterest didn’t set up the site for their own enjoyment. They set it up as a business, and they try to attract customers. You can’t really be suggesting that customers have no place providing their feedback to companies that they patronize, can you? Or that businesses aren’t interested in hearing their customers’ feedback?

      Have you ever asked a store to carry an item that you wanted? Or alerted them to a spill in the aisles? Or told them they were charging too much? Would you suggest that you instead just stay quiet about it and find someplace else to shop?

      • Chelsey says:

        I’m sure there are plenty of stores you won’t shop at because of price. Based on your comment, you’re implying I should walk in SAKS and tell them that they are charging too much for their clothes so please change their prices. Why would they listen to me when they have a specific clientele. I’m sure they would just laugh at me. Pinterest has become a top social site running things the way they are. Plenty of people are happy. American’s are so entitled – “You’re site is great, but change this to cater to me.” If a person isn’t happy about the privacy settings, then leave pinterest all together. It’s a simple as that. The owner’s at Pinterest can run their business however they see fit. If they don’t want to listen to the demands of certain people, they don’t have to. Hasn’t seemed to hurt the site so far…..

        • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

          Chelsey, some stores do exactly that very thing. When you bring in an advertisement from a competitor of theirs showing that their competitor is not charging as much for an item, that store will mark down the price for you. Some companies do listen to their customers.

  • SarahJ says:

    Good post. I keep hoping they’ll release some sort of update with the ability to block certain people… like the certain person who copies every.single.thing I do.

  • Joe says:

    Be careful with Pinterest. Some content creators are starting to cry foul. Read the comments on this post here:

    Here’s one commenter:
    “User generated content sites passing the liability through to their users is nothing new & UGC sites putting the burden of opting-out of getting their content stolen is nothing new either.

    What IS new is the fact that Pinterest is claiming irrevocable, perpetual & transferable rights to any images you upload that you do own. That’s a HUGE problem and one that basically renders the site useless for anyone that cares about controlling their copyrighted images.”

    • Tiffany says:

      I like the change – never thought about that issue since you’d want traffic, but if the read does the highlight and share, copying ALL your content (as some I know do), that is theft of content without permission. So 500 characters is a good restriction!

  • Alli says:

    Please consider a block function. Many reasons, some petty some legitimate. Planning a wedding and don’t want all your attendees to see all of your surprises before the big day. A friend has a protective order against someone yet they follow all her pins. Creepy.

  • Jujube says:

    OK…I figured out early on that if I want to save things for myself that I don’t want others to ‘rip-off’…. I save it to my own documents or photos. Just leave it off of your Pintrest boards. It kinda sucks, but until they have more privacy settings, its all we have.

  • Katrina says:

    It makes me mad that I’m not able to block someone because this girl is following ALL of my boards and EVERYDAY I get emails telling me shes repinned my entire board!!!!!!!!!!! I’m pissed!!!!!! Get your own ideas. Be your own self. STOP repinning EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. Really? UGH!

    • Gen Travis says:

      Well, I have done that once, one of my friends, who actually wasn’t following me, had a whole board full of ravens, that had I not found them on her board, I would have found them on my own anyway, but I repinned them all. That’s the only time I did that though.

    • Chelsey says:

      Get over it. That’s the point of Pinterest. To SHARE.

      • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

        Chelsey, why don’t you “just get over” other people taking issue with how Pinterst is?

        Also, stealing is not the same as “sharing.”

  • Denise says:

    I just got an email letting me know some chick from Houston is following me and her “about me” section states she is looking for female playmates for her and her boyfriend!!! Really?!?! And there is no way I can block her! Isn’t that just great!

  • Gen Travis says:

    I just want to block some one who has a female name but a nearly naked man’s body as their default picture, and their info is a Sara Palin quote about how she won’t quit being mayor of alaska until they tell her to quit. That wasn’t what offended me, it was the default pic. It would be nice not to have weirdos following my pins.

  • Wendy says:

    I have some chick following me now and spamming me and mentioning me in her pins. Annoying!

  • Lisa says:

    I was just pinned by a woman/man, who I am sure, is in the porn industry. She has pics up that I don’t wanna see nor be affiliated with. I can’t block this person?!?!?!

    • Tammy lambert chandler az says:

      I have the same thing,well similar, he /she latched onto me as soon as i joined, stinks

  • Lisa G says:

    Just read a few comments on here while trying to figure a way to block people and my frustration is that I want to block certain people from seeing my boards….maybe it cant be done but I certainly would like it to be an option. I agree with the porn and innaproproate material inc spam, so why cant they make it so we choose who ‘cant’ see our pins/boards? That way we arent blocking people from enjoying and us sharing (obv what Pinterest is all about) but when we encounter certain people, like an annoying in law who pins everything my daughter puts up for reasons I wont go into or these spammers, porn fanatics. Just a thought.

  • I’m amazed, surely I should be able to block someone who is deliberately ‘Stalking’ me? This person is a loony-tune and I’ve managed to eliminate them elsewhere but now they’ve landed as one of my Pinterest followers and I can do nothing about this, really?

  • (6v6) says:

    What a sad bunch of bitter, pedantic psychos some of you are (Tiff et al). What planet are you from?

    • Tiffany says:

      lol you’re the kind of person we probably want to block.

      • Jules says:

        πŸ™‚ AMEN Tiffany.

        I am also appalled that we can’t block idiots, porn stars and Mean Girls.

        I’ve considered creating a “fake” pinterest board — one that isn’t attached to my Facebook or other account, making it harder for people to find me.

  • Alissa says:

    Not only that. There is some creepy ass people out there. There are people that are so creepy that I just don’t want them to see me. It may cause me to re think having my pintrest account.

  • shoegal says:

    I agree. I’ve gotten a lot of people following me lately who mention me in spam bout diet products and sex ads! Something should be done. emails to pinterest go unanswered. It’s their responsibility to keep these people off the site and keep the community safe IMHO

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    Hi Tiffany

    I must have missed this post somehow. I wish there was a block button. I have written to support. There is a guy who is using 4 accounts to change the direction of where my pins for PLR either to my own site or for sites I am an affiliate for, go to whenever you click it. When he repins, he uses my image and I’ve seen other people’s PLR pins repinned to and is sending them all to one PLR site that he is an affiliate 4.

    I have reported all 4 profiles. I think he must be using a script because when I repin I don’t see the option to change the link it goes to and nor would I do that. I have even put a comment several times asking him to immediately unpin but he isn’t listening and I have no other way to reach him on there besides commenting on the pin and so far haven’t got an answer back from Pinterest or compliance from him. I love the site and would still recommend it, but there definitely need to be some changes to protect people from unscrupulous marketers who are trying to get over.

    I have seen people who aren’t checking thank this guy for the repin, not realizing they are never going to gain any traffic from it because he has changed the link from theirs to his. Now I check when people repin and we really shouldn’t have to do that. It’s a shame when bad apples have to spoil everything.

  • Carrie says:

    I agree! It is so annoying! I have had a Pinterest account since December 2010. At first I loved it, especially since no one could see me planning my fantasy wedding. However, as more people got on the band wagon and my fantasy wedding is becoming a reality I hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and the inspiration, but being able to block would be amazing. I am to be married next June, but I am going to be in a wedding in September. The bride to be and her mother in law have pinned things from my wedding board and are using them in her wedding, these are things that I LEGITIMATELY had planned on using. Clearly they know I am also planning a wedding, you would think they would be more considerate. I would do anything to be allowed to block them.

    • Lucy says:

      People who are being stalked, okay, I feel bad for them and think they should be able to block their stalkers. However, I don’t think bridezillas who are indignant that “their” ideas from a sharing website are being “stolen” really need protection. Nobody other than you and your poor bridesmaids will remember your wedding either way, trust me.

    • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

      I am a woman who hates wedding pins, the dieting crap showing 20- year- old- females with flat stomachs (or six pack stomachs – some of these chicks look anorexic or manly), with little captions under them about, “this is my inspiration to lose weight!”

      Please, set up a private board and pin that stuff, where I don’t have to see it any more.

      I first thought Pinterest was a site for 12 year old hormonal boys, what with all the pins of photos of scantily clad young women- but no, 30 to 50 year old women are pinning these borderline soft pr0n images of half naked young women: it’s annoying and ridiculous.

      And baby pins. I hate the infant posts and pregnancy pins.

      • Tiffany says:

        Who are you to tell someone what not to pin? The site is for everyone’s interests. Don’t like it? Don’t follow her board. I don’t mind your other dozen rants on here but this one was ridiculous.

        • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

          I’m just stating my likes, dislikes, and annoyances. I have every right to hold what opinions I wish, and I find baby photos, wedding photos, and scantily clad female photos termendously annoying.

          I do not follow such boards by the way, but any time you click on any of Pinterest’s main categories, such as “Posters and Illustrations,” “Health” or their main page, it is filled to the brim with the boring, annoying baby/ dieting/ wedding pins.

          • Tiffany says:

            You sure can state your likes, dislikes, etc. But telling someone what she can’t post isn’t what you CAN do. Well you CAN, but then I CAN tell you that you’re ridiculous.

            • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

              Why do you care? I think I suggested that women who insist on posting that drivel consider posting it to private boards, where the rest of us don’t have to see it, which is not the same as saying don’t pin it at all.

              • Tiffany says:

                Why should she? It’s drivel to you but according to you, Pinterest is full of it, so it’s obviously inspiring to many.

        • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

          And your rudeness was quite uncalled for.

          • Tiffany says:

            Yeah cry elsewhere – my site, my voice.

            • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

              Wow, you are quite the rude bitch.

              • Tiffany says:

                Yeah some people have said that once in awhile. It’s really that I don’t take anyone else’s shit. And that seems to be what you’re dishing here today. I mean, we all get it – you have some guy pinning 99% of your pins. You hate it. Do you have to post a dozen comments stating that same fact – and on top of that tell someone else what NOT to post?

                • LisaH says:

                  This is hilarious. Don’t get what AnnoyedByPinterest is trying to achieve here, they didn’t even leave a link to THEIR boards – so we can see what high quality, inspiring, non-annoying content they post. πŸ˜‰

  • Madeline says:

    To block someone/anyone from stealing your ideas is sort of redundant. Aren’t ‘your’ ideas just someone else’s ideas anyway? And doesn’t that mean ‘you” are sort of just riding their creative coattails?

    Pinterest needs to have a block option to limit stalking. Period. I don’t care for being stalked, I don’t care for having people who are stalking me ‘talking’ to me through Pinterest and yes, even us nobodys have stalkers. Such is the nature of online. But if I am not required to automatically link to Facebook (which I am not) and I can make up a cover name to hide my real identity (which I can), how come I don’t have the option of blocking who follows me?

    • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

      Madeline with all due respect, no.

      I don’t care if someone takes one, two, or five or even ten images I’ve pinned per week, or takes several every few weeks, but for one guy to pin 99% of all 20 to 50 images I pin per day, within seconds after I pin them?

      And he’s been dong this for weeks on end, and his board winds up being a clone of mine? (I went to his board. 99% of it is content from MY board.)

      No, that’s beyond ‘sharing,’ that’s being a creepy stalker, and an unoriginal copy cat to the max. That is not fine and that is not acceptable.

  • Arianna says:

    I’ve recently had someone that I know and don’t really like follow me on pinterest and I pin all of my style ideas and hair ideas and she’s already been trying to be like me by listening to the same music and trying to act like me, and now she’s getting to see my style and everything else I do because of pinterest and it drives me insane. I can’t be myself anymore because she’s trying to be me. I know it sounds so childish but it really is annoying because one month ago she was a total hick and now she’s saying she hates boots and country music. It pisses me the off. its one of my biggest pet peeves.

    • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

      Ariana, LOL, you could have fun with this. Start pinning lots of redneck fashions to your board now, make her think you love country clothes and music now! Then watch as she starts saying how country is cool again.

  • Mary Kate says:

    This drives me crazy. I’m pinning things for my upcoming wedding and who starts following and commenting on my pins (not wedding ones, but others)? My ex husband. Seriously? Why do you want to follow me. Ugh

  • Kate says:

    I WISH you could block people my husbands slut of a girlfriend is following me on pinterest and there is nothing i can do about it πŸ™

    • Jules says:

      I’d post a business card of a good divorce lawyer in your town. Then I’d use it. πŸ™‚

  • Lyn says:

    My ex’s new wife just followed me on Pinterest tonight. She has dreams about me coming and stealing him away from her. WTH?! I’ve been dating/married to my husband for 3 1/2 years. She stalked me on facebook, and now here. PLEASE make a block button, Pinterest! It is common sense when there are psychos like this out there using social media sites to keep tabs on people.

  • MomOfKids says:

    I strongly am in favor of a block. I have people that follow me and repin everything I pin. They need to do their own research. It’s very annoying.

    • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

      MomOfKids said,
      “I have people that follow me and repin everything I pin. They need to do their own research. It’s very annoying.”

      This has happened to me too, with a small number of people on 2 or 3 of my boards.

      One guy in particular is really bad about it, to the point his board is just a duplicate of one of mine.

  • momof2 says:

    I also wish they would have a blocking feature.I have a nutty family member who is stalking me..wake up Pinterest…I am about to dump my account as she will not stop.

  • Guider says:

    I’m a guider and get a lot of my ideas from pinterest… but now my guides and pathfinders can find them and see them all before we even do them! I’d love to be able to block them so that they won’t ruin the surprises for themselves (and their friends)

  • Rose says:

    I will no longer be using Pinterest until there is a block option. End of Story.

  • Cheryl says:

    I have a stranger following me. They post pictures of women in skimpy bathing suits on their pins. I am not following them, but I feel like this is a creepy person ( a man) I do not want this person following me. There should be a way to remove them.

  • Linnea says:

    Yours was my first hit. Really wanted to block some toxic family members.


    Here’s hoping Pinterest will get on that feature.

  • Allison says:

    They really need a blocking feature! There is a girl on facebook I had to block because she was copying all my craft things I was selling and making her own. Now when I find cute things on pinterest she repins ALL of them. Annoying!

    • Hope says:

      yes there is this girl who has a mommy blog. she takes pictures and pretends she cooks and bakes every day. she steels these off of other peoples pintrest and takes their ideas off of pintrest as if they were all her ideas and crafts. she’s basically a pathological liar and claims she was a former Dallas cowboy cheerleader and was not. she gets a lot of traffic on her site and gets paid for advertising and is a huge fake. she wont post anything people write to her that is ugly so her “readers” and followers wont know. crystal and comp google her, you might find some of your post he-he she has a mommy site but the courts just took her child away from her and put him into the custody of someone else because she is such a horrible mother. her child said she threatened to kill him and her husband beats him…. how do you like that?? she gets paid a lot of money for being a scam.

      • Jasmine says:

        How do you know this? I’ve seen Crystal and Comp’s site but honestly, do you know her in real life? Thats pretty personal information…

  • Andrea says:

    My issue with all this is that a whole bunch of people have started “following” me that I don’t know and whats “odd” about it is that several have the same name or the same profile picture but from different states that makes me think SPAMMERS….I want a little button that I can click that people cant follow unless I say so…I don’t mind my different finds being seen but I don’t want to be followed by people I don’t know.

  • Mark says:

    There is a new site named LoveIt.com that allows users to create private or restricted boards that only people you allow can see. Pretty cool feature.

  • KC says:

    I completely agree with this! I mean I understand that it is an invitation site so yes they have the right to do with it as the please! But I legitimately have a stalker. She is an ex friend and she tried to stalk me on facebook but I blocked her. But now she is following all my stuff on pinterest. And I wouldn’t be so upset about all my boards but there is a big problem here. I got engaged in June, She got engaged in July. She is going to be married in 8 months but my fiance and I are waiting until he is done with pharmacy school so we have a little over 8 months. My fiance and I started planning everything and we had all of our stuff planned…we have now had to change everything because she has taken our ideas! She even sent out the save the date cards I had on pinterest with the title of “We have chosen our save the date cards and I love them” She has already printed those exact ones and sent them out…I wouldn’t be so paranoid if I didn’t know for a fact that she is stalking me (even had to get a restraining order in real life) Sorry for a long post but I just completely agree with this!!

  • Holly says:

    I totally agree! Please go to the pinterest website and click on the support button. From there there is a FAQ section about blocking users. The site acknowledges that they need a way to block people, and under that you can “like” the response. I think the more people who can show they support the use of a block function, the faster we will get one!

  • queenofhearts21 says:


  • Kaitlin says:

    i just deleted my pinterest account just cuz there still isn’t a block function and i have this strange feeling that they don’t intend to have one at all. else if they intended to have one they would have had it a long time ago. its ridiculous that almost all social media platforms (including instagram) have got a block function so i don’t see why pinterest is the exception.

    i’ve had enough of people who repin 150-200 of my pins at a go and i don’t
    know why but it irks me when people just ‘like’ pins without ever repinning them. its like saying my pins are not good enough for them to repin. i’d like to be able to block these people so i’ll come back to pinterest when they put up a block function else i’ll never use pinterest ever again!

  • Kaitlin says:

    oh, i forgot to mention i had about 2,500 followers but i still chose to delete my account. this shows how much the block function means to me. its so important that i feel handicapped without it!

  • jean says:

    I have around four guys out of 1200 who are followers who pin hard core pornography. My followers numbers shot through the roof the last couple of weeks and they were there before I had such high numbers. I would look at my followers often because it’s interesting. Their pornography is so blatant. Pinterest absolutely refuses to do anything about it. I have reported the worst images time after time. They know what to do and they utterly refuse to take this pornography off my followers board. I think that they must be making a ton of money off this. Unfortunately, they refuse to protect their customers who may have minors looking at Pinterest. They refuse to enforce their own rules of conduct. Pinterest is filled with pornography. They know all about it. These guys know that they know and that nothing will be done. Meanwhile the content gets worse and worse.

  • Lisa Zido says:

    I have this one annoying girl who everytime I post something in a particular board, she’ll take it. Every. Single. Picture. I hate it and I’m so tired of it that I stopped pinning in that board. If I go to her page she has the same identical board as me because shes too lazy to find her own pins. I hate it! I contacted Pinterest but they didn’t do anything or answer my question. Why can’t we block people?!

  • Jazz says:

    I am so amazed about how many of you have written that you do not want people repinning or liking your pins! People, that is the whole idea behind Pinterest! I have been on since its inception and that is what Pinterest is designed for . To have a public place where you show what you love and share what you love. If you do not want something shared, don’t pin it! Sheesh!

    • AnnoyedByPinterest says:

      Jazz, speaking for myself, I don’t care if people re-pin some of my content, but when you get one or two people who are regularly re-pinning over 50% of one of your board’s content (I have one guy who reproduces 99% of my content from my board to his), that is where it gets annoying.

      I sometimes go out on the internet researching this topic on my own. I don’t always re-pin photos of this topic from other people already on Pinterest.

      There’s nothing stopping this guy from getting off his lazy rear end and doing his own internet searches instead of blindly re-pinning 99% to 100% of everything I pin.

      And what’s more, this guy usually re-pins my material within mere seconds after I first post it. It’s kind of weird and creepy and makes you feel as though you are being stalked.

      I just used the blocking option on Pinterest that I read about here on this blog, and I hope this works.

  • Michelle says:

    Oh! I just found out you can vote for blocking function on Pinterest. Go to: https://support.pinterest.com/entries/21719592-block-user
    Hope it helps

  • “But if I am not required to automatically link to Facebook (which I am not) and I can make up a cover name to hide my real identity (which I can), how come I don’t have the option of blocking who follows me?”

    Therein lies the solution, I think! Because we do NOT have to link our Pinterest accounts to our facebook account (though it wouldn’t bother me personally to do so), you can get a Pinterest acct under any username you want to. You can have more than 1 Pinterest account if you want to. You can therefore be “blocked” if Pinterest ever puts in this much-needed feature, BUT if someone is stalking you, all they have to do is create another username and follow you from that one.

    BTW, when you sign up for Pinterest, PINTEREST themselves already had several people that I was “Following” set up. I think some people pay to be auto-followed on new accounts. Then you have to delete those manually. So don’t freak out if you’re being followed by people you don’t know. Usually if I follow someone it means I like the inspiration their boards provide.

    And if you are getting married, and are all worried about people stealing your wedding ideas or whatever, just get an anon account and call it whatever you want or put in a different last name and voila – none of your friends will know.

    BTW, if you stop posting pins for awhile, these Followers will quickly get bored and won’t be able to stalk the unstalkable. Unless you’re using this site for PR, just get an anon name and be done w/ your stalker.

  • Madeline says:

    well, my best friends psycho ex baby daddy just followed me and I feel violated… I would like to block him… he doesn’t need to see my pins or be able to follow her through pinterest, so I guess I have to delete because he’s threatened to kill her, her baby, her family, and her friends… I just feel creeped out and I should be able to block him from following my posts… I don’t have an argument about not being able to make folders private… that’s ok because it is a sharing site- HOWEVER, I should be able to block psycho’s from my entire account all together. Guess I’ll have to delete. sucks

  • Brenda says:

    I have someone following me who consistently disagrees with my posts, calling me names, using 4 letter words and constantly berating me. Is there anything I can do?

  • M says:

    While I understand it’s a “sharing” site, there are times when I would like to be able to have a private board, or atleast block certain people…
    For example, I was wanting to plan a surprise birthday party for my friend,
    so I was wanting to make a board full of ideas, gift ideas, etc., but I couldn’t, because I knew she’d be able to see it…

    Another time, I wanted to make a private board full of health tips and workout tips.
    I’m overweight, and wanted to get back into shape.
    But, I didn’t want to make a huge board full of healthy recipes and stuff, and then have people be like “Ha! Yeah, like she’s really going to work out!”.
    I also didn’t really want everyone to see what I was pinning on there, and then feeling like everyone was watching, waiting for me to lose weight, and stuff like that…

    And let’s just be honest… there’s an annoying girl who I used to go to school with.
    She was constantly trying to add me on Facebook, and I blocked her.
    Now, she follows my Pinterest boards, and there’s no way to block her.
    Which means she’s able to see all my pins, and comment on them.

  • M says:

    Ooh, I heard someone say there’s a block function on there now.
    But, I don’t see it…
    Anyone else see it?

  • Brook says:

    You could just copy and paste links/photos onto a word document. That would be pretty similar to a private board.

  • Karen says:

    I’m more interested in being able to block someone because my ex is following my boards.

    In cases like that, I think you should have some capability of approving who can follow you and who can’t.

    It irritates the hell out of me.

  • Michelle says:

    You can block now… goodbye porn guy followers. Just click on persons name and in the lower right hand corner of their info box is a flag icon. Click it and choose to block. Doing so blocks both of you from following,commenting and/or repinning from each other. Just did it and got rid of some nasty porn followers

  • Annoyed Pinterest User says:

    I just tried this with my daugter. She was on Pinterest and I was on Pinterest. I blocked her and she could still see me and all of my pins.

    When she looked at my account it said something to like “You can not follow because you are blocked.”

    I tried adding a new pin and asked her if she could see it while she was blocked. She could.

    This blocking option is useless.

  • UPDATE: Pinterest now has Secret Boards! We get 3. Just pin your stuff to these boards only, and there you go! No one can see these pins but you.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah but I also hate that. Well correction – I hate that that’s their solution. You want to have public boards to friends and stuff, but JUST block a stalker. If everything’s private it’s no fun. But I do appreciate they have private boards for wedding planning, etc.

  • Dee says:

    Thanks Tiff, I so needed to do this. I blocked a co-worker from facebook but still she was able to follow me on pinterest. I could not wait to block her. I hate being that way, but sometimes you just need your space.

  • Tammy says:

    Thank you so much! I had someone follow me with bad pictures, and I wasn’t sure who all could see her or him whoever it was. I don’t know my way around Pinterest that well, so this was very,very helpful!

  • Maria says:

    Right now as I type this I have a person on Pinterest repinning every damn photo I pinned from one board that took me months to compile.
    I have emails saying so and so repinned 45 of my pins & 20 of my pins all within a 15 minute time frame.
    It annoys me to no end that someone feels its okay to add every single photo whether its relevant to them or not just for what purpose?
    More followers of the board? More repins? Just to lazily add to their board in a short amount of time?
    No the board isn’t anything new or original on Pinterest, but its stuff that I took time and put forth effort to pin and someone clicking on my board and “stealing” my pins instead of finding it on the Internet themselves is ridiculous.
    I think there is a good amount of trolls popping up and Pinterest needs to address it or I might delete my account.

  • Carol says:

    It is to bad that Blocking someone on it does not work! I have someone stalking me cause I block them 7 months ago. Did you know that when you block someone they can still see who you are following who is following you and the worse your Activity! So they can see who you just follow that day so they can go follow them too!

  • I have been blocked by a complete stranger, who as far as I know, I’ve never repinned before. Is there any way to find out why and what can I do to be unblocked? I like some of their pins. Thanks

    • Tiffany says:

      Were you liking the pins? If they blocked you, they had a reason. If you know them, email them. If not, I’d leave it alone.

  • smbc62 says:

    A big thank you !!

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