How to Make Money Blogging

Hi everyone! I got a wonderful question via email that many people are asking, and this person asked it very bluntly and perfectly, so first I want to share their question and then share with you an infographic I created for free on Piktochart.

Here’s the email I got:


Will you explain to me how money is made by blogging. I’ve heard of John Chow and he makes a lot of money blogging. I just don’t understand. If I were to get started in blogging find a niche or subject to write about, say golf. What are the mechanics of how I would make money with this. Who would read it and how would they pay me for this and how is the money paid and how does the money come to me. It just seems that somebody would pay me for something I might write on a particular subject. I don’t get it.


Below is the infographic and then I’ll share even more thoughts below that. If you need it to be bigger, click on the image and you can then zoom in on it. 

Blog Money Infographic

I hope you enjoyed the infographic. It was really easy to make. I like that tool! Okay so let’s expand on the questions that this reader emailed me about:

What are the mechanics of how I would make money with this?

The mechanics are that you’ll launch a blog – buy a domain (I like GoDaddy) , get hosting (I like Hostgator), and install your blog. I have a free blog install offer if you look at the top of this blog. Then you follow the infographic advice on finding out what your niche needs. You’ll have sidebar graphics that help you convert – for your own info products, for those you promote, and for tangible items.

You’ll build a list. See that opt in at the top of my blog? I use Aweber and I communicate with my list almost daily. You can do less if you want. Share good tips in your blog posts. Hyperlink them to items. See the Hostgator and Aweber links? I make a commission if you buy those through me. But it’s genuinely what I use and recommend – trust is everything when it comes to profits.

Who would read it?

People who are interested in the topic. You mentioned golf as an example in your email to me. As a golfer myself, I know we spend tons of cash on our sport. Not just on clubs and GPS gadgets and stuff, but info products to help us get better. How to stop slicing, how to get rid of the yips, and so on.

How would they pay me for this and how is the money paid and how does the money come to me?

If it’s your own info product, you can set it up via PayPal and get paid instantly. If it’s a ClickBank info product, then you’ll create a ClickBank account and get a hyperlink to promote someone else’s product, and you’ll get paid weekly, but two weeks from the time you make the sale. If it’s a tangible item on Amazon, you get paid monthly, but 2 months from the first sale. You can have that direct deposited into your bank.

I hope this helped some! Anymore questions – ask and I’ll answer!
Tiff 😉

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55 Responses to “How to Make Money Blogging”

  • Mary Kathan says:

    That Piktochart looks pretty cool!

    Are you using it in other ways besides the blog (like Pinterest or anything)?


    Mary Kathan

  • Anthony says:

    Nice post Tiffany. I stumbled across PiktoChart the other day, as well. Pretty nice for your very first infographic. 🙂 and interesting pins you have.

  • Yoan says:

    Oh waaoooww! The infographic is WICKED!! Really cool stuff! Hope you’re better, by the way! I am! No more fever, cold nearly gone, I even ventured outside today and I am down to 2 paracetamols a day! On the mend I guess! Hope you’re too! Yoan xxx

    • Tiffany says:

      Glad you’re mending Yoan! I’m not yet but I am working. Tamiflu is just giving me massive dry mouth. Annoying – even water’s not fixing it.

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I love the infographic! I’m jealous I didn’t make one yet. Now girlfriend, this has my gears churning! ROFL

    I love how you break things down… I am known to do that as well. Golf? I LOVE to golf and buy all the little gadgets that go with it.

    In fact, I’m in the market for new gear this coming Spring!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes when I got the question I was like, “THAT’S what I could make my first one about!” LOL

      I need to get back to golfing but it takes so much time and money.

      • Bonnie Gean says:

        I will make it a point to go over to the INFO graphic-making site and check them out. I’ll probably use it for mostly inspiration.

        I’m not happy unless I’m trying to make them through Photoshop. LOL We’ll have to see. With writing more on the blog, and doing lenses… time is pretty limited.

        I barely have enough time to write PLR or develop additional PLR graphics. Now add video to the mix and I’m booked solid! 🙂

  • Great post – so easy to forget there are REAL newbies who don’t know how it works yet.

    I get stopped in my tracks when someone asks me that question… hard to believe we were all at that point at the very beginning.

    Your infographic will be helpful with this post to explain this for me.

    Now I’m off to play with the Piktochart – can’t help myself.

  • Hi Tiff

    just took a look at Piktochart and it looks pretty cool I’m kinda drooling thinking about using it looks like you got the hang of it good enough.

  • LisaH says:

    That’s the best summary of making money blogging that I’ve seen in a long time. Simple and to the point.

    It’s easy to get distracted and tangled in all the bells and whistles and the newest whatnots, but this is what it comes down to. Get this right and it’s hard to NOT succeed eventually.

    Great infographic, Tiff! Never heard of Piktochart before, going to check it out now. 🙂

  • Pat Busch says:

    Wow, Tiff. You are amazing even when you are sick.

    I tried making an infographic on a couple of sites, but they were a pain. Can’t wait to try this one. Thanks.

    Feel better soon !!

  • Lanita says:

    Absolutely LOVE the infographic! Another great tool to provide not only vital, informative information, but visually appealing graphics that visitors should love.

    I had been looking for just this type of resource/tool just the other day! Thanks for passing this along.

    BTW…Tiff, I’m so happy to hear that your son is okay! =)

  • dolores says:


    You did great with the infographic it looks super. I picked up Blogging with John Chow a little bit ago, getting ready to log in and learn. Hope you feel better fast!

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Dolores! I think as I get ready to go bed I might be starting to feel a teeny bit better. Not sure though. LOL!

      Enjoy the course 😉

  • Ian Whyte says:

    Magic infographic and the information is equally valuable.
    I have been following your John Chow information for a while and am poised to try blogging. Falling into the totally new (uninformed)category your post is right on target

    Thanks for making it that much clearer.

  • Thanks for breaking this down.
    I remodeled my site recently in order to provide a better space for this – promoting my own and other’s products.

    I’m also trying to find places that make it easy to sell digital products of my own. While wordpress is awesome and there are ton of options for carts to install, they are usually pretty damn complicated. So, I’m always looking for easier ways.

    I linked to your book (affiliate link) about squidoo on my latest lens. And, I talked about watching your community challenge that got me started and helped me understand how to do it.

    I have a lot to learn and figure out when it comes to my “right” blogging style. Glad I have people to learn from.

  • Carol Amato says:

    Wow – Great resource!

    Infographics is something that had been on the back burner, but will be moved to the mid/front burner for 2013!

    Hadn’t heard of this, so thanks for sharing the tool and your project – I see it’s high quality. 🙂

    Take Care,
    – Carol

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah me too Carol – it was fun. However halfway through my computer froze and I had forgotten to save it so I had to redo. D’oh! They have tons of templates with the upgrade but I wanted to see what the reaction to my free one was before I did that. LOL

  • Katie says:

    Great infographic! I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure out the process you outlined here. Hopefully it’ll help other newbies shorten that process of discovery.

  • Priscilla says:

    That looks fantastic, well done! And thanks for sharing the tool you made it with, I’m definitely going to use it in the future! 😀

  • Priscilla says:

    Lol, I was so excited about PiktoChart that I forgot to comment about the actual content of the infographic before I hit send! 😛

    I just wanted to give a thumbs up to your “Focus on SEO = $0” section there. Couldn’t be more true! I have a website that I made on a subject that doesn’t interest me at all just because the data said it would be a good niche, and it only makes me a few cents now and then. I have another website that I made because I was interested in the subject and didn’t worry too much about SEO, and that one makes me about $60 every 2 months (which I know isn’t much, but considering I haven’t touched it in over a year, I think it’s still pretty good).

    Another thing that can be a big block is wanting everything to be perfect before you open your blog to the public. I bought the domain name I wanted for my main blog over a year ago, but it’s had a “Coming Soon” page up all this time because I wanted to get everything perfect, and I wanted to have a lot of content already there for visitors when they came (that was from reading about the 10 pillar articles in Yaro Starak’s blogging ebook).

    However I realized that by doing this I would keep delaying the opening of my blog to the public, and so yesterday I finally decided enough was enough! I deleted everything that was half-finished, made some last-minute changes, and then deactivated the “Coming Soon” plugin. I already feel much more motivated to push myself to create more content even when I’m tired after work, because now that people can already visit my blog it actually matters whether I get things done or not.

    So don’t let perfectionism and insecurity become procrastination, just jump in and get started! A year’s worth of an average-looking blog or average posts will still earn you more than a year of procrastination will 😉

  • Britt Malka says:

    Thanks for the tip about Piktochart. I had been wanting to make infographics for a while, but I guess it’s expensive to have a graphic artist make it.

    Well, one of my hobby related New Year’s resolutions is to learn more about Illustrator, so maybe I’ll be spitting out infographics myself in a short while, LOL.

  • Marilyn says:

    Thanks for the great information on blogging, I love short simple to the point directions and thanks for sharing Piktochart what an awesome tool! already signed up and playing with it!

  • Buddy says:

    Like this blog, The Buddy Show focuses on more than one subject, namely health, wealth, and happiness. Three diverse yet interconnected pillars of life. Now I’m wondering if it’s too diverse (and I’m not great at doubting myself)?


    • Tiffany says:

      How is your audience responding Buddy? If they love the connection, it’s right – if they ignore one or more pillars, maybe revamp.

      • Buddy says:

        Audience? LOL! I literally have only two posts up. I’m sort of following John Chow’s course so haven’t really done anything yet. As I said, I’m not good at doubting myself so I will just plow ahead and not worry about it being too much while there still isn’t enough. 😉

        • Tiffany says:

          You’ll have an audience sooner than you think – and it’ll grow before someone’s brave enough to comment first 🙂

  • David Landen says:

    Excellent post and I liked the graphic! I think it is important to remember to make sure you are blogging about something you are passionate about. Also, it helps if the topic you are interested in is something that can be monetized easily.

  • Ruth C says:

    You make me so tired in a good way. Sick and so much productivity. I do understand the fulfillment of having your son right there.

    I did what I said I would do. I finished something. I finished my first lens today.


    I think that’s the link. My brain is fried. I made this too hard me thinks. I’m NOT going to try the infographic thing until I’m about 75 or so.

    You girls just go ahead. I need to do some other things.

    I, too, started with a new blog. I paid the money for this one but I can’t afford (yet) to have them set it up. I’ll just plug along. So, Priscilla, just get on in here. If I can overcome all this fear and be less than perfect it’s just ok. At least I finished something.

    I’m still trying to find spots to put Tiff’s affiliate links and have some others. Just takes time. Thanks, Tiff.

    You, Carol, Amanda, Ruth, (not me!) and a whole bunch of others here are slowly cracking open my shell. Take care and don’t overdo. Rest, plenty of liquids, and work, work, work. That’s the ticket.

  • Vicki says:

    Pretty Cool, Tiff! Well done!


  • I love the infographic! I’ll have to try out that tool. I have a lot of infographic ideas but I suck at making them and outsourcing them is expensive.

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    Thanks to your willingness to make an InfoGraphic and share it here… I made my very first one!

    Though, I couldn’t do piktochart.com – I got disgusted after a few minutes of the screen constantly redrawing!

    I spent more time watching the screen flicker than actually designing! So, I pulled out my Photoshop and did one there.

    Want to peek?

    Let me know what you think!

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