I Went Undercover at iWriter

Update: One of my gripes has been remedied by Brad Callen, so I wanted to share that with you. My main issue with being a buyer was that my content failed copyscape. So Brad apparently went in and fixed that! Here’s what he said – I admire anyone who fixes problems with their product because it shows they care:

The Copyscape check is fully in place now. There should not be any instances where an article doesn’t pass Copyscape. Here is a screenshot of what happens if someone tries submitting an article that is found elsewhere on the internet:

http://screencast.com/t/TFaL4DIT (note, the text in the screenshot was just text we copied and pasted from Wikipedia I believe, except for the beginning which I edited already)

You’ll notice that the copied text is highlighted yellow, as well as the red error message at the top of the page.

Hi everyone! I started thinking about something. I have been talking about iWriter and my opinion about the site’s worth (or not) without going onto the site myself as a user. I have taken YOUR experiences and babbled about it. That’s NEVER how I do things in the past, so why start now?

I went undercover with one person knowing what I was doing – Paula Seymour. I did it under my maiden name and signed up Sunday, January 8th. I wanted to use the site from both sides – as a writer and a client.

I’m going to journal my experience here and not publish it yet until I’m finished. Signing up is very easy. Scrolling down I’m seeing articles I wouldn’t want to write about – Minecraft (although my son would love that), mortgages, bar stools.

I see that clients don’t list right either. I saw a listing under relationships for an article on gifts to buy for college students. An article on discount lodging under Internet businesses. Some are just too short. One article title said “I need 2 quality articles” under Business. The specifics only said “planning.” Is that all you have to go on to write?

Update: Brad said that I’m wrong (I am). We’re able to click Special Instructions and see the project details. I explained to him that the gray button looked inactive to me. It was paired next to a bright green Write Article button, so I thought it meant it was inactive. gray looks dead to me. Good to know you can see details. 

I have to say that brad STILL maintained a sweet disposition even after reading this. How does he DO that? Anyway, he said he wanted me to ask questions – but a real review is the same way YOU would experience it, and you wouldn’t be PMing Brad back and forth to get all your questions answered.  He IS working on a feedback reply system for the  ratings – I like that. 

Thought I found one on social media, etc. His approval rate? 0%! He’s rejected all 8 articles he got. Okay here’s another guy – he has a zero approval rate too but only 2 rejections. He needs a 500 word article on internet marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, work at home, seo, and pay per click. I can do this quick and it should get approved. Let’s give it a try.

Okay I clicked to accept it. You don’t get the specifics of what they want UNTIL you accept it. That’s no good! What happens if you don’t like what they say but then you’ve already accepted it?

Oh no! He’s asking for H2 and H3 tags – can you put that into the system? I have no clue! Oh damn he ALSO wants an image in there! See there was nothing about images and tags in the listing. What a mess. Also have to ensure certain keywords are used once every 200 CHARACTERS. No way, Canceled the project. All that work for $2.43?

What happens when you cancel? No clue. Does that count against me? Back to the forum to search again and this time I’m searching for 300 word articles. LOL I see Chris Deals on there – tempted to write for you, Chris but what if you rejected me? I’d be all shamed.

Update: Brad said it just goes back in the queue and doesn’t count against you. Good to know. 

Okay I find a big one on credit score stuff. I know this topic okay so I’m going to do a 300 word credit score chart article. No big specifics except to use it three times in the article. THIS is a good seller. S/he has a five star rating. I now know that as a CLIENT, I won’t be like the first person with too many specs, but more like the second person – easygoing. Delivered in 9 minutes. But $1.62 for 9 minutes? Ick! I make more doing my own stuff.

I find another one that’s in business and says Marketing Plans. Oh no. I get an error and it says, “Error: New writers are permitted to write 1 article every 40 minutes. After you have received 5 requester reviews this limitation will be lifted automatically and you may write as many as you wish. Thank you for writing with iWriter.”

Wow. Okay that will be a much slower start. Sigh.

I must say that the clients get the option to create a favorites list. The writers ALSO need a favorites AND an AVOID list. Playing around I notice the sorting is much better – choose from word counts AND topic categories to search for projects (as a writer) rather than scroll an entire list.

2 hours and 53 minutes later …

My article got approved. I see a four star rating. Oops. LOL! I was supposed to use the keyword phrase 3 times in the body, which I DID however…I screwed up and instead of using the entire phrase “What’s my credit score chart?” on the last one I forgot to add the word “chart” so he dinged me.

One thing I don’t like is that there’s no way for the writer to reply to the feedback. I’d like to explain that I did include the phrase but just left off the last word. Oh well.

Okay taking on another one about web design. Approval rate 63% for this buyer. He says he wants a creative approach.  I wrote it – 300 words with a 3% density but the tool on iWriter shows a 14% density! Huh? That’s not what the Live Keyword Analysis tool shows. Hmm Oh well. Let’s see what happens.

It got approved and I got  5 stars. But still under $4 sitting in my account. Not worth it to me but I can see someone who can’t get projects wanting to use this sort of platform. You don’t have to GET chosen, you choose them. Still, the problem I see is that too many have high rejection percentages, too many projects want WAY too much for the money (images, alt tags? header tags? No thanks). There’s no way to reply to feedback you were given except to go leave it on your client’s page but that doesn’t help YOU whenever someone is looking at your ratings. I much prefer Elance to see both sides at once.

iWriter as a Buyer

Okay time to request an article! Hmm what do I want an article about? Maybe I’ll do some for my website hosting site. I’m putting everything at default – even the price – and I will leave it open to everyone and tip if the article is good. Praying some non English speaker doesn’t pick the article.

Okay when I try posting it, it tells me I don’t have funds available – but I do in PayPal. Do I need to fund iWriter? Ah yes there’s an Add money link there! So someone else had said if the buyer has no funds, the writer is screwed – looks like that’s not the case. They can’t post unless they have funds in there. Writers should be protected then. That’s GOOD!

Okay I put $10 in and posted the project. Let’s see what happens!

I got my article back from a 4 and a half star rated writer. Now look at THIS shit. I’m pissed. She delivers on time, right? I am able to read it, but not copy and paste it. I see that iWriter has a little blurb ensuring me that the content has been copyscaped for me. It reads well! It’s 537 words, so the payment would be $3. She has one spelling error but I’m not persnickety.

I approve the article and tip her $5 on top of that – and see that iWriter CHARGES me a $0.95 fee to tip her! What a crock. Anyway, I agree to it. THEN I download the article and just because a nagging feeling is in me, I open copyscape MYSELF and use my paid account to run her content through.

Guess what?

FORTY SIX FREAKING PERCENT is copied! VERBATIM!! Look at this crap: Plagiarized

Now not only am I steaming because I just got ripped off TWICE – once by username Anne Daniels (Anita McDaniels) who wrote the shit, but AGAIN by iWriter for promising me they ran it through Copyscape, but I had to leave her feedback right when I approved and paid – so I can’t even go in and alter it to show she’s a damn thief!


Here’s what I just messaged to Anne:

thanks for ripping me off with plagiarized content! Just ran it through copyscape. And I even tipped you too. Nice ethics!

Anyway, I suggest as a buyer you run that crap through your OWN copyscape. Not that it’ll do much good by the point you’ve paid for it, but at least you won’t unknowingly be using other people’s content.

So now I’m no longer talking out of my ass. I went undercover using a pen name and I got both sides. Not impressed either way. Too bad because this COULD be a decent platform.


All I had asked for was this (verbatim – this was my job listing):

Just use the exact phrase about twice in the article – most important to me is conversational tone, as if you own the blog and are recommending Hostgator yourself. Use the word “I” freely if you want. (ie: I don’t like this about Bluehost” for example). I like truth and opinion, so feel free to be opinionated, funny, sarcastic – whatever.

Is that too freaking hard for you? No. You had freedom to write in your own way and you still ripped someone else off. And Brad, um what’s with promising copyscape? That’s a bunch of bull because 46%? I don’t think it’s gonna miss that. And she’s your almost 5 star person? A content thief? No thanks.

So as a buyer? NO THANKS! I want my account emptied and returned pronto. As a worker? If you’re desperate to supplement, go for it – but NEVER EVER let yourself get so comfy there that you lose site of the ability to make REAL money upwards of $20. It’s very easy to get invested in ONE site where you have built up a star rating and ignore other better paying opportunities because it means starting from ground zero again.

111 Responses to “I Went Undercover at iWriter”

  • hagar says:

    holy crap! 46 percent?
    uh, yeah, not such a good thing…
    I’ve dealt with some folks on Elance that wanted you to screen capture your copyscape listing; now I understand better (was never a problem for me, since I don’t copy-n-paste. I charged em a dollar for it; put it in the proposal. Nobody ever declined it).
    Good for you to actually go research; truthfully? hadn’t occurred to me you HADN’T already; like you said, NOT doing it isn’t your usual style.
    Tiff, you’re going above and beyond to check into this; suggest you copy the iWriter guy and let him know what happened – he doesn’t want to run a site that chases away his customers. Meantime, take a break 🙂
    Liked the Brady post this morning; good job. Chris has been kinda quiet the last few months, but his site with IM beginner videos was updated in December, so he’s still around 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah let’s not even TRY shall we? I was livid and it doesn’t matter the small amount – I just hate thieves! I did notify Brad. Only fair. he seems okay so he needs to know.

      • hagar says:

        we’ve both known folks that work this way – the writing version of the gas station guy with a ring that makes a nick in your fan belt (sigh).
        Thought that occurs to me – I wonder if the buyers have a forum where they exchange info about the writers? might be worth looking for…

        • Tiffany says:

          They should! When I asked Brad about replies, he gave a long answer but basically it was too much chaos for replies to feedback.

      • don says:

        Hi Tiffany,

        I joined iwriter.com to purchase articles but decided to have a go at writing a 500 word article as an experiment. Based on my experience I can’t see how the article, you purchased, passed Iwriter’s copyscape test when my article got flagged for plagarism

        I’m not a very good writer but I tried to do the best I could for the client. I used 6 different sources and spent 2 hrs and 59 minutes writing, and researching. I wrote almost everything in my own words and invented new phrases like, “Nipple Accusation”

        The only things that were copied verbatim, from other sources, were the following terms
        -Joggers Nipple
        -Fissure of the nipples
        and possibly the following sentence.
        “Surfers, Gardeners. Weightlifters also commonly suffer from Jogger’s nipple.

        Because I’m such a mediocre writer I was all excited waiting for the client’s response. Would my article be rejected or accepted? How many stars would I get?

        When I saw the article filed under “REJECTED”, in my dashboard, I was disappointed but not overly concerned. Then I saw the reason for the rejection and I was furious.
        I had put so much effort into that 2 dollar article, tried my hardest to be unique and still got called a thief.

  • Hey thanks for doing the research for me. 🙂 I never considered writing and buying from this site for a gazillion reasons. I think it is insulting as a writer and complete exploitation. What can a buyer possible expect for such ridiculous low pay!?!! Garbage. What kind of writer can afford to live on these wages? Not me. I am sure Brad is a “nice” guy, but I don’t agree with this site at all. I wrote about about it months ago just from a philosophical perspective. Check it out. http://www.inspiredtowrite.com/2011/09/another-website-paying-slave-wages-for-writers.html

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree Julie but I wanted to be able to say I did it without just having an opinion. LOL! So I did and I won’t go back for seconds.

  • Kris Solomon says:

    I’m glad to see that you went further in your research into iWriter. I’m thinking of doing some work there, simply because I need to build up a client base as quickly as I can. But I certainly won’t be using them if I ever find myself needing a writer myself (I can’t imagine I’d ever need that, but you never know)!

    If it’s fairly easy to get work, it may be worth it for awhile. A couple of bucks at a time isn’t much, but it’s something and a way to get the ball rolling.

    • Tiffany says:

      IF you can find topics you know without research and do about 5 articles per hour, you’d make less than $10 an hour, which is okay. Problem was too many topics were ick. Bar stools? Pulling teeth to me just for lack of interest lol

  • Sue says:

    Thanks for this Tiff.Now I know not to recommend it to my sons girlfriend who is looking for a way to make money by writing.

    While I was reading this I had someone skype me for PLR content wanted 100’s of articles at a cheap price. Told them my current price is on my site and I don’t go below that and that they can put in topic requests and I will write the articles. Crazy what some people expect to get for nothing.

  • Wow! That is a lot after being assured that it was checked. I have been trying to find writing work on both elance and freelancer without too much luck. They all want to pay you next to nothing for your work or want way too many articles written at a time. Need to get to work on some of my own stuff.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    Sound like Iwriter is not for me. Thanks for the info.

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Wow 46% is huge. There should be a way to get your money back because it’s supposed to be original content, right? That doesn’t make sense but sad to say getting paid so low, some writers may not take the ethical route and just crank out whatever to get paid.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes and I hope I can! I read someone else’s bog post where they had a huge amount too and one of HIS commentors said his was over 50%! I know WHY she did it but then don’t take the gig. (I know you know that, I’m just ranting LOL!)

  • Wow! that’s all I can say. And there are marketers out there saying how great iWriter is. Ugh! Thanks for doing the research so we can avoid it like the plague!

  • John says:

    Hi Tiff,
    Interesting – as usual. I had a “go2 at this site in the middle of last year I think it was. I was looking for work and thought I would give it a go – the project was to write “in a professional tone” on what a “Marine Damage Survey Report” was and gave their site as a reference. I went there and found only a very very brief outline. So I wrote the words – this was a topic I knew a little about as I had been an insurance loss adjuster AND Marine Surveyor for over 30 years. Guess what – it was rejected – if I remember correctly for being too formal!! Two others were also rejected I noticed and having had a quick look at the site again, I notice it has not been changed. I have had nothing to do with the site since then. but I do ask, can the contractor copy the writing before or even NOT paying for it? You said you couldn’t copy and paste but you can still type and dictate!!!!
    Up until before Chrsitmas, I have been doing OK on Elance but I have been noticing the prices getting less and less. There are just too many people who will work for $5 per hour (a reasonable figure in their country but not here) and unless you are very exceptional, you cannot speak or write “native” English if English happens to be your second or third language.
    I now have a select few number of clients that I write for on an exclusive basis and it is best summed up by one of them. She said “I am giving you all my work now because I have just realised it is pointless AND expensive for me to get it written mediocre elsewhere and then have to ask you to review it. It makes far more sense to get you to do it all in the first place!” ‘Nuff said!!!

  • bev says:

    Hi Tiff, I must say I’m impressed with the fact that you went to all this trouble with iwriter. Years ago I checked out the site briefly and didn’t like the way it was set up, especially for the writer.
    I was searching for ways to make money writing in those days and landed on guru.com where I settled in very happily and the rest is history as they say.
    So for those poeple who are looking to make money writing, I recommend guru.com as one of the few sites where you can actually make much better money as a writer and you can build up a reputation as a good writer.
    I mainly chose Australian clients, since I’m an Aussie, and have kept them for years, moving off guru.com once trust was established on both sides. I now have enough work from my clients – one is a US person – to not have to work through guru.com any more (and pay their fees, lol).

  • Terri says:

    Wonderful review Tiff! So glad to see that you took that extra step to prove your point! There isn’t a better way to drop your site in the ranks than to use plagerized material!

    I write my own posts but have used PLR on my niche sites too. I’ve found some really good PLR providers thanks to your PLR sources.

    Don’t think I’ll be using iWriter anytime soon (if ever)!

  • Suze P says:

    Wow..46% that’s insane! I don’t blame you for being PO’d, and maybe that explains why some of the buyers have such high rejection rates. Then again, a lot of people want to pay nothing and get top quality writing. I actually saw a post the other day on a forum from someone looking for writers for $1.50 an hour! I think we can thank sites like Fiverr and IWriter, etc for this whole mentality. Unfortunately, as long as there are people who are willing to do it, even just to get your foot in the door, it’s not going to change.

  • Lisa Oliver says:

    Hi Tiffany

    Thank you so much for this post – you know after I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to do any ghostwriting anymore hubby came home and said that he will only have work for the next two weeks. So I had it in the back of my head that maybe iwriter would be okay for a couple of short sharp bucks. But after reading your story I will stay well away from it. There are plenty of other places to make money 🙂

    Thanks again

  • Deb Marsden says:

    Hi Tiff,
    Great snooping! well done.
    Your approach is the only way to check out sites like this. I appreciate that you took the time to do it and let us know about it. I never heard of the site before and now that I do, I’ll stay away from it big time.

    Can’t believe that 46% pf the article was plagerized!. Well, on 2nd thought I’m not. I think I read somewhere that an article only needs to be 25% different and can be seen as original content.
    I don’t agree with that at all. I write all original work, don’t copy or paste and even though I do that, I STILL run it through Copyscape because I’m a bit anal about ensuring everything I write is original:)

    I’m a crazy person, what can I say!

  • Jean Morgan says:

    I am so glad you did that Tiff. It proves that you know what you are talking about as you have experience rather than going on heresay.

    I wasn’t planning to use that site but now I am definitely not going to use it unless it is totally cleaned up. I have been taken for a ride by writers before and am older and wiser now.

  • Donna White says:

    Well, now we understand why all those people requesting articles had a 0% approval rate.

    I have an account there, but I’ll be closing it. There are better places.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Tiffany says:

      But I approved mine because you can’t cut and paste it until AFTER you approve. So they’re rejecting on quality or because they are stealing it by screen capture.

      • Donna White says:

        Oh,okay. There seems to be too much wrong with this site. I never used it. Glad I didn’t. I don’t know you very much. (I’ve only been on your list for a few weeks.) But for some reason, I trust you on this. Take care!

  • Patricia says:

    Okay, so now we know the owner of iWriter has absolutely ZERO respect for writers and not much for his other clients either.

    Turns my stomach.

  • Jodie says:

    Wow! Thanks for the recon work, Tiff! I only just heard of the site from your recent post, but I don’t see any reason to go checking into it now. I’ll stick with Elance! It’s been good to me….


  • Nancy says:

    I was thinking about going over to check the site out. Glad now I didn’t waste my time.Thanks for saving me the trouble, Tiff. We all sure do appreciate the effort you put into checking all these things out.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I’m just starting the process of finding people to write for me, and was considering iwriter. I so appreciate you doing the hard work and showing us the results… saves many of us having to go through such a negative experience, leaving us with a bitter taste for outsourcing.


    • Tiffany says:

      You’re welcome Carolyn! I just think at Elance, you can get the content and run it through copyscape before paying and leaving feedback too. It irks me that this thief has a 5 star rating from me now AND my money AND my tip!

  • Zoe says:

    I am still picking up my jaw. Darn! Well I’ll just say these few words- Thank you Tiff and that honey badger in you. To do all this, take your valuable time to really see it on both sides and sharing it with us with much detail is truly what makes you stand out from other online marketers that “want to teach you right”. A+!

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks Zoe. I hate just talking about stuff from other people’s points of view because mine usually differs in some way. It was worth the time – now I know.

  • 3bagsfull says:

    please let us know when iwriter and Anne Daniels responds to you. It should be interesting.

  • Tiffany says:

    Just an FYI that I updated the blog post in red Update notes with brad’s clarification.

  • Stewart Shaw says:

    Hi Tiff

    Ah Copyscape, the bane of College students everywhere! Last time an assignment of mine got pinged was because I had the audacity to actually call tech things and professional associations by their actual names, etc. Shock horror, the exact same words were found in others’ writing.

    Anyways, in a thread of Brad’s on the WF I found this choice quote from him: “…we run through Copyscape, and then through our threshold. Copyscape’s filter is far too high. They are definitely not the end all, be all, to telling whether content is unique.”

    Brad was informing one disgruntled user that what they are really on the lookout for is that the whole article is not copied verbatim. Wow, talk about lowering the bar!

    Seems to me, after reading every post on that thread, that Brad has little sympathy for IMers who submit iWriter jobs but are only willing to pay at the “Basic” level.

    Not the way I’d choose to set up a service.

  • Jo Ann says:

    Hey Tiff,

    I have used TextBroker.com quite a bit but I never see them mentioned anywhere and I don’t know why because most of the articles I have had written there were actually pretty good.

    (Hope I’m not outsourcing to Charles Manson or Jack The Ripper’s mob!)

    I’ve never done any writing for them so I don’t know how that side of the company works.

    • Tiffany says:

      lol Jo Ann! I just found something else I’m looking into for y’all too.

    • Karen says:

      I have used TextBroker as well, just over the last month or so, and I’ve found the quality to be pretty good. One thing I have done though is trusted their Copyscape rating and not checked it myself. In the light of Tiff’s revelations, maybe I should start :-\

      I’m paying $8 for a 500-word article there, so I think the pay rate for writers seems to compare favourably with iWriter, for sure. I don’t know if TextBroker take a percentage of that, though.

      • Tiffany says:

        Oh I’m sure they do 😉 But it would still leave more than $1.62

      • Niky says:

        Hi Karen

        Im a freelance content writer and have been looking for good and reliable clients who can pay me a decent amount for my work. If you need any writers to join your team please do consider me. I will provide you with a sample article on a topic provided by you, post which you can decide weather to give me work or no. Awaiting for your reply.


    • Troy says:

      I run a service that requires a stack of 50 word snippetts and despite many attempts with hired writers, Textbroker is the only provider that has given consistent results from writers who know how to follow clear instructions.

      I’m not talking about article quality content but just a few sentences about a keyword with decent grammar and spelling. They are fast, easy to use, and reliable.

      I’m not sure what they are like to work for but they do seem to moderate and review the writers *as well as the buyers*. With TB taking care of the moderation I don’t have to worry about the poor standards of other buyers skewing the actual skill level of the writers. As soon as I read that iwriter was user moderated I knew it would produced rot.

      For real end-user content I have had the best results building up relationships with skilled writers so they can learn my requirements and I learn their specialities and tone.

  • Jo Ann says:

    Looking forward to it. I know it will be ‘enlightening’.

  • Beat you to it, Tiff … I went undercover in December and wrote 40 articles in my quest to discover everything about writing on iWriter. Can’t say as how I agree with everything you’ve written here, though I can see where it came from.

    Here are a few key points from my experience.

    There IS a way to respond to feedback from a requester, but it’s not made obvious anywhere. If you see that an article needs your attention, you can click on your star rating first and it will take you to your public feedback, where you will see how many stars your article was given, and what feedback you may have received. Then you can go back and leave feedback for the requester.

    You also have the ability to open the project and see the special instructions before you agree to write anything.

    If you can stick it out until you’ve reached that coveted “Elite” rating, then the requests are higher paying. I’ve seen some up near $20, but they go fast.

    Also, although money must be in an account before a requester can place a project, if he or she uses up that money by tipping, so that an article is approved after the 3 days but not paid for, the writer has no recourse and cannot even pull back the article. There it will sit in limbo until such time as the requester puts more money in. I know this because my husband has one such article hanging in that limbo, and he contacted Brad about it and discovered this particular glitch.

    The one thing I find most curious and somewhat frustrating, is that although the information at iWriter indicates they run it through Copyscape on their dime, the money comes out of what the writer should receive, so it appears that the writer is paying for Copyscape. Neither my husband nor myself have had any issues with that, but then we actually have hand written every line we’ve submitted for payment.

    While my experience has been terribly unsatisfying except for the little influx of cash every Tuesday like clockwork, my husband has had a wonderful experience and truly does not understand what I don’t like about it.

    The prompt payment and the fact that he has found a huge number of articles that he can literally write off the top of his head has meant he’s been putting about $100 a week into our account from what he feels is like child’s play. We’ve started joking that his computer has become his magic money machine.

    As he’s looking at other freelance sites, he’s becoming more discouraged by long wait times to join, the fees some places want, the bidding and samples demanded, and the lack of oversight by the site to ensure you are paid for your work. The deeper he goes into exploring this idea of free lance content provision on the web, the better iWriter looks in comparison.

    I’m not saying iWriter is all that great, but despite my own distaste for it, I have to say it’s better than any of the other platforms he has looked at so far.

    Now if I could only persuade him to write content for my sites, squidoo lenses, and blogs … !

    • Tiffany says:

      Ah Janelle no I know that – I’m talking about leaving a reply directly under the feedback he left YOU. So let’s say I’m a buyer and I click on Janelle’s username to see her feedback and if I want to hire her. I see some jerk left you 2 stars and said you didn’t do it right,etc. I’m NOT going to go to HIS profile to see if you said anything. It’d be better if the reply – your reply – was just underneath it like on Elance.

      That stinks about limbo. They shouldn’t be allowed to tip over what they have projects already reserved for! I didn’t like the fact they charged me $0.95 to tip!

      I’m glad your husband has found his groove here – I’m sure it’s just right for some people. iWriter isn’t ensuring you get paid for work, either though. I like Elance’s escrow and mediation system. Why not help him launch his own site for clients and get paid better and still get to pick and choose projects? Long term he might be better off.

    • Robin Layton says:

      Hey There CCGAL!

      Had to chime in on this thread…

      As you recall, my husband and I sold everything to live on the road in an rv a few years back. We make money with our own blogs and articles, but iwriter has been the BEST thing that has happened to us.

      My husband and I made our way to elite status and every Tueday we get a minimum of $300…that is $1200/month to support our unconventional lifestyle.

      It was rough when we first started…a long climb to the elite status for little pay…but it paid off in the end.

      We’ve met some great requesters who special request us a lot and make great pay. And no…we don’t have to spend all day on iwriter…we choose articles WE want to write throughout the day, while writing our own blog posts, etc. too.

      No offense to those who are ripping iwriter up and down – agreed, there are parts that could do better. But we are making a fantastic income thanks to iwriter and have formed great relationships with those requesting articles.

      It you want to pay $2.00 for a 300 word article, you will get what you pay for. Copyscape worked with us when one day we weren’t thinking and put in a famous buddhist quote in our article, and it was immediately rejected for Copyscape violation.

      As with any writing platform, there are going to be bad writers, bad requesters and a whole bunch of people in between.

      We love writing and 100% of every word we write comes from our own minds – those willing to pay a decent amount for an article recognize this and, in the end, we both win.

      Though it is nice that someone took time to go undercover, I’ve never been one to follow the herd and take their word for it without experiencing it myself.

      Really concerning to see so many people say they were going to try it, but now they won’t.

      Also, anytime I’ve had any sort of problem with anything (which is rare) Brad replies immediately and offers a solution. Can’t find that personalized service in many places, either.

      We’re with your husband on this one Janelle…we love iwriter and for a minimum of $1200/month pay AND we get to choose what we want to write, when we want to write it…we think iwriter is getting a really unfair critique here by the others – there are always two sides to every story – or at least there should be! 🙂

      Take care CCGAL!

      • Tiffany says:

        I found a great alternate site that has a minimum pay rate of $3.50 per 100 words. So this would be something I might recommend. I’m undercover there too. Glad you’re making what you need there. And Brad does seem to be great at customer service, I’ll give him that!

  • Chris Deals says:

    Hey Tiffany, I signed up at iWriter a few months back and decided to give it a try as a client since it received a few mentions on your blog.

    I ordered four articles, and received them within 24 hours. That I like.
    Of I rejected one of the 4 articles because it was bad, really bad.

    The other three were okay. They passed my run through of Copyscape, and few had a few errors. I would rate them 5/10.

    I will use a few of the articles on my affiliate sites, and the others will on BuildMyRank which I use for backlinking.

    Here is my overall take: You get what you pay for. I have gotten crappy articles from people I paid $12, and great content from people I paid $5. It’ about finding that writer that is motivated to deliver a high quality.

    Second, I don’t believe in taking advantage of people by having them work for me for low wages, but the writer on iWriter are making the “choice” to work for those rate.

    The method you teach will get writers higher rates, and I have paid them to several of your Ghostwriting Cash students. But too often people don’t have the confidence, determination or just plain need cash so they go to services like iWriter that offer a instant solution.

    Use correctly, iWriter can be a great launching paid for writers that want to make a higher wage.

    Here is a simple strategy for a new writer:
    1. Commit to writing 10 high quality articles with the goal of getting 5 stars. This can be accomplish within in a week.

    2. Invest the money you made on iWriter into buying a Warrior Forum Warriors For Hire thread.

    3. Promote the fact that you have 5 starts on iWriter, even cut and paste your profile into your thread, and charge a higher rate.

    Hey, this is coming from a non writer, so I may be totally off base 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Chris! Thanks for your insight. See I SHOULD have taken on your project – you’d have given me more than 5/10 for sure. LOL! I agree w/everything except the last 3rd step – I would say don’t do that because it signifies you’re willing to work cheap. But that’s just from a writer’s standpoint. Instead, I would quote the positive review feedback but not state where it’s from.

  • AJ says:

    I also ordered a few articles to see what all the hype was about. I won’t be placing another order. I received my 500 “article” exactly 1 minute after I posted it (I know because I was watching to see how long it took the writer), which tells me all they did was copy, paste and submit. Who knows where the article actually came from. I rejected it.

    Two minutes later, the same article was submitted back to me again – by the same writer under a separate account; they just had a different number behind the same screen name. I’m not a picky client, and I hate seeing a high rejection rate under my account because I had to reject articles that were very obviously spun.

  • Bob Kleppin says:

    There has been much said recently about several of the platforms used by Freelance writers of web content. In particular there has been much derogatory comments written about iWriter while praising the virtues of sites such as Guru.com.

    I am a writer for iWriter and my experience has not been what others have said. I have also looked at other platforms such as Elance.com, Freelance.com and Guru.com among others. Suffice it to say that I am most discouraged by these other outlets. First off iWriter is free to the writer. All these other sites do offer a free entry level but then they really start to charge you big bucks to move up the food chain.

    For instance I signed up as a writer on Guru.com. Of the 4000+ article writing jobs available I, with my free account, was only able to bid on 20 jobs. And those jobs only paid from $.50 to $1.50 for a 500 word article. At iWriter I am making up to $12.50 for a 500 word article. If I want to get to the higher paying jobs on Guru.com I have to have a paid membership. There two levels of membership too. Then I have to share my revenue and pay to have my bids featured.

    Things at iWriter are not all wine and roses either. There are things that I wish Brad would change. For instance iWriter has a policy that if a requester doesn’t take action within three days of an article being submitted the article will be automatically approved and the writer will be paid. The writers star rating is not impacted up or down by this action. The fly in this ointment is that if the requester has used up all the funds in their account the writer does not get paid and there is no way to retract the article to use for another requester. I would like to see that changed.

    I agree with you Tiffany, along with some of the other bloggers, that both the requester feedback and the writer feedback reply should be on the same page for easy viewing. I do take the time to run down threads on a requester who seems to have a high rejection rate just to see why their rate is so high and that helps me to determine if I want to take the chance of writing for them. I would also like to have someway to see all of the rejected article feedback that a requester has left and the writers response in a single grouping. Much like they do at eBay.

    A true benefit of iWriter is that I get paid every Tuesday like clockwork. As long as I meet their $20 threshold. Which I have always exceeded. Most of the articles that I write now never go for less than $6.82 for 500 words and some pay up to $12.50 for 500 words. I don’t write a lot of articles, maybe 10 to 20 per week now, but I consistently make close to $100 per week.

    I am sure that there are other ways to make money writing but I am just not sure that any of them are worth having to pay for the privilege of doing so. With all that said, one of the reasons I really like iWriter is that it got me turned on to writing. The instant gratification of feedback, the star ratings and of course the money. The trick with iWriter is getting through those first 30 articles. It is a screening process to separate the weekend writer from the true professional. With three levels of article requests starting at a “standard” rate and progressing to “premium” and then on to “elite” status there is room to grow. Each level up the chain does pay more.

    As an ex college teacher and an avid magazine and book writer I had forgotten how much I like to write. I don’t like the aspect of just writing and hoping like heck that someone wants to buy what I have written and I sure don’t think I like the jumping through the bidding hoops that the other platforms I have looked at require you to do. I want that certain glimmer of hope that my article will be accepted and that within a couple of days the money I have made will show up in PayPal. I really like the aspect of accepting an article assignment and writing to meet someones expectations and needs.

    One of the main drawbacks is choosing the right articles to write. Many of those who make requests don’t know their behind from a hole in the ground. And based upon their request one can see why they are having someone else writer their articles for them. There is a way for the writer to contact the requester and obtain clarification of job specifics. But even then that is not always helpful and I run away from those assignments. I do take the time to “check out” the requester as best as possible and really shy away from those that are requesting articles for the first time.

    Writers earn 81% of the fee a requester pays and there are minimums but no maximums on what the requester wants to pay. In the event the requester wants a specific writer they can special request them and in that case the article is locked for up to 48 hours and only the specified writer can see it. There is one problem here too sadly. The requester can special request more than one writer for an assignment and it’s “first come, first served” so a writer needs to check in often and accept those requests promptly. In the case of a “special request” the writer does get 86% of the fee instead of 81%. I have written enough that I am getting a small following and most of my work now comes from the special request category.

    Until someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse I’ll probably keep writing for iWriter and make my piddling little $100+ dollars a week. I may write some more content for my Squidoo lenses and for my wife’s blogs, product review sites and whatever else she would like me to write about or for. Anybody want to make an offer? LOL

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Bob! I’m glad your experience has been positive there. iWriter isn’t free to the writer because they take fees (even charged me $0.95 to tip someone $5!) – but if they charged fees on top of making you write for $1.62, that would be ridiculous. At least at Elance, etc., you have access to higher paying projects immediately.

      Totally agree with you on funding and using up their funds. That’s ridiculous! We also agree on feedback being shown a different way. Glad you do your homework on people – that’s smart!

      I see that $100 per week would be a good supplement for people but I want you to also (even on your OWN site) start looking for bigger payouts – eBook jobs that pay $15 per page or up. I feel like many people will spend too much time on iWriter on these piddly jobs trying to make ends meet and the bigger paying jobs – they won’t have time to go after.

      You say you’re not sure if the other ways are worth it. On Elance, for instance, I paid for an account. The cool thing is, the BUYERS have to pay $25 to have their listing in the premium area, so they’re serious about finding good quality. iWriters expect to get what they pay for.

      Yes, it takes longer because you’re bidding against others – and the buyers are serious about checking out profiles and portfolios and having pre-discussions via message board to ensure you’re a good fit. But those kinds of clients are the ones who do stuff like hire you to be THEIR writer long-term. It’s where all the top gurus found me. They paid top money.

      See we’re totally different – you see the glimmer of hope that they’ll accept your work for $1.62 or whatever at iWriter as a PERK! I see it as an insult. I want to work with a buyer via PM and know they’ve seen my samples and feel confident they’ll like my work so I’m not wasting my time.

      Totally agree that some don’t know how to write an article request! I saw some doozies there.

      The time it takes on iWriter to check out people, continuously watch the boards like a hawk to grab a good assignment – all stuff that will take away from you looking for good paying jobs. You say, “until someone makes you an offer you can’t refuse” you’ll keep writing for iWriter. If you’re not on other sites being active, they’re not going to come seeking you out.

      I say write for your wife’s blogs and lenses whenever possible and get away from the ghostwriting on iWriter ASAP! But one thing I am glad about – you’re enjoying your experience – and that’s what matters MOST so don’t listen to my $0.02, listen to your heart and instincts 🙂

      And PS I can see you’re a good writer – you should be going for big paydays, Bob.

      Tiff 😉

  • marc says:

    I am a writer on iwriter. With regards to copyscape, I have had articles rejected because of copyscape issues one article asked me to put in how to set up a server( don’t recall the exact data) being a computer code if you were to change it around it would not work. Well so i put it in excactly as it should (works out to about 1-3% of the article)well iwriter did not accept it.

    my point is i dont know if you can blame Iwriter on the problem , i think its more of an issue with copyscape

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Marc! Brad said he has provisions in place for that issue – now this girl who ripped me off? Look at the image I added – she flat out plagiarized, period. I told Brad he ought to not even offer copyscape. Let the buyer do that.

  • marc says:

    Yes I know the provision is too submit it to the client as a message.

  • Ruth Stewart says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I had to just write and say that I have written for iwriter, and I had a problem with my account – for some reason it was accidentally cancelled. I was hugely disappointed about it and furious. I wrote a scalding message on a Brad Callen thread on Warrior Forum.

    Brad got back to me in minutes, and was actually very kind. I had thought I would never get a reply and it was all a bit of a waste of time but he sorted things out for me and was really very nice and polite.

    Although there are things on iwriter that are not perfect, the fact that Brad dealt with my problem in a very professional manner, even though I had been quite unpleasant, made me stick with it.

    I did apologise to him on thread and in email, and we concluded in a friendly way. I would just say that anyone who has a problem with anything on iwriter should contact Brad Callen immediately and he will do his best to sort things out.

    Just my experience.

    Best wishes,


  • Some Guy says:

    I’ve written at iWriter, and I feel it’s actually worse than this makes it appear. I take issue with Brad’s insistence that the poor pay is better than most beginning writers have access to. There are many content companies that pay better, even for beginners (Textbroker and The Content Authority come immediately to mind), and they actually have editors and will stand up for their writers against unreasonable clients. I had an article rejected. The reason, according to the client, was “grammer mistakes.” Now, would you take this guy’s word for it? Well, it doesn’t, because I have no choice. This guy who can’t spell “grammar” said I was wrong, so I just have to be wrong. No opportunity to correct my non-existent “grammer” mistakes…my time invested is just gone forever with no recourse. It also wouldn’t surprise me if some of these users reject articles just so they won’t have to pay for them and end up using them anyway.

    On the buyer’s side, I have seen a lot of complaints that people have gotten poor writing back. Well, with no actual qualification necessary, that’s not unexpected. It would be more shocking if the majority of the writing wasn’t substandard. Also, let’s consider the writer’s perspective for a moment. iWriter gives very little incentive for a writer to try her best. The top end pay is barely a penny a word, and pay is actually reduced for longer articles, which is ridiculous. If a) the pay is low, and b) there is always the risk that you could be rejected and receive no pay regardless of how well you write, then what is the incentive for the writer to submit good work? It is a far better investment of the writer’s time to crank out as much marginally acceptable stuff as possible to offset the inevitable losses. In a system with no revision and no recourse for a writer unfairly rejected, I find it far too risky to try my best, and that’s a very bad thing.

    • Tiffany says:

      Oh I’d bet my money they use them anyway and I swear I’d be honey badger about that – I’d run my article through copyscape to see if the client was using it anyway for months and then if he did, I’d send a DCMA and complain to the FBI’s Internet Fraud Complaint Center, threaten small claims, etc. Just based on ethics alone. lol

  • LindaP says:

    Wow! 46% is awful. Any at all is awful, but is just really awful. Thank you for checking this out. I had gone into iWriter a few times, but just don’t want to work for the kind of money offered.

    We’re so luck to have such a Honey badger on our side!


  • Clark Jameson says:

    I had a look at iWriter a little while ago, and admit I was briefly tempted. I’m British, and a *very* large number of US-based sites won’t accept non-American writers, for (real or imagined) tax reasons. I rarely see this problem addressed, probably because the great majority of bloggers on the subject *are* American, and writing primarily for a domestic audience. The fact that iWriter accepts international writers is a big draw for some, even in high-cost countries like the UK.

    However, as Some Guy pointed out above, the lack of any editorial protection for writers is an enormous drawback – maybe even more so than the pitiful rates. If you have an article accepted, you can write a brief comment and give a score, which affects the clients’ overall star rating. However, if your piece is rejected, you can still write the comment – but you can’t give a score. Thus, a five-star requester who rejected 20 pieces in a row for utterly ridiculous reasons would *still* have five stars at the end of it all.

    For some people, I can see that iWriter has its advantages: it’s open to non-US writers, it’s free, you don’t need formal qualifications or a resume, you can dip in and out as you please, you can get paid weekly, etc. It might be a good place for someone to earn a little extra pocket money for a holiday treat. But it really does suffer terribly from the way in which it’s so easy for unscrupulous operators – both clients and writers – to play the system.

  • Britt Malka says:

    I use iWriter once in a while as a writer. I used it a lot in December, because I was really busy with Hebrew school and it didn’t leave me much time for my own business. So I found it nice to be able to spend 10-40 minutes (depending on the length of the article) to write an article and make some money.

    You can leave some kind of response to a review, in that you can review the article requester, too. The article requester who gave you only 4 stars because of a missing word seems to be a very stingy person. Not somebody I would want to write for.

    As for payment as a writer, I found out that you’re not paid the same amount per 100 words for all sizes. I made some calculations and put them on my blog about writing: http://brittmalka.com/iwriter-strategy-work-smarter-not-harder/

    That writer who cheated you should be banned from iWriter, in my opinion. However, it is very disappointing that the copyscape system on iWriter doesn’t perform as promised 🙁

    You wrote that you hoped you wouldn’t get a non English speaker. You can ask for that, when you make your request. I always avoid those requests, because I’m a non English speaker, I suppose, not being born in a country where the main language is English.

  • Ex iWriter Writer says:

    Hi Tiffany

    Thanks for your post, it made really interesting reading.

    I have been working for Demand Media for the last 18 months, and receive around $15-$20 per article. However, work there is seriously drying up, and I decided I needed to look for some new writing opportunities. This led to me finding iWriter.com. Needless to say, the rate was far lower than what I was used to earning, but competition is fierce in the freelancing game, and bills need to be paid. I also assumed that I would be able to do these articles a lot faster than the ones I was providing for Demand Media.

    I quickly got my scores are up and was promoted to the higher status. I had quite a pleasant surprise to see that many requesters are offering a good rate for articles for the writers with higher scores. However, if a requester pays $10, the writer only actually receives $8.10. I think this is pretty unfair, as around 20% is being deducted from the writer for each article she writes. I don’t think that a requester realizes this, and assumes that if he is paying $15 per article, the writer is receiving around that amount. He doesn’t realize that perhaps he will not get exactly the quality he expects, because a writer does not receive what he is paying.

    After a few weeks of writing several articles a day, and achieving high scores, I picked up an article about love quotes. It wasn’t one of the highest-paid jobs, but it sounded fun. I spent well over an hour on the article. Pleased with the finished result, I submitted, only to immediately get a message it had been marked as plagiarism. There was nothing I could do to get the article back, and at this time there was no way to contact a requester.

    I was a bit concerned because like most providers who take the job seriously, I would never plagiarize and did not want this negative strike against my writer’s account. I realized that I would not get paid for the hard work I’d done, but I did want the plagiarism strike removed. In addition, the site only allows three plagiarism strikes before a writer will get banned. Needless to say I did not expect to get any more strikes, as I would not be taking quote articles in the future, but wanted the site owners to be aware of the issue.

    I contacted the helpdesk and explained what had happened – that the strings of words I had used in the article were quotes, which had set the plagiarism checker off. Eventually I got a reply from B. Callen himself, who told me there was nothing that could be done and I would have to contact Copyscape???!!! As somebody who has written articles for Demand Media I am well aware of what sets a plag checker off, which is a certain number of consecutive words that can be found elsewhere on the web.

    I was furious to be treated like this because he lied to me. I imagined if I had been new to this game and had contacted Copyscape wasting my time and theirs, telling them I had written an article for iWriter about quotes and it had been refused and I have been told to contact them…WTH?? It would just be more time lost in addition to the hours already wasted writing the article and contacting the “helpdesk.”

    I cannot see or understand why he lied to me and why he didn’t just remove the strike, or indeed not remove it, it wouldn’t have really mattered, because as I said there’s no way I would have taken an article that required quotes or anything like that again. As long as he was aware of the flaw, I would have been happy. In that situation with Demand Media, a human helpdesk worker would check the article, and upon seeing it was wrongly marked as plagiarism would release it for publication and payment.

    I have lost respect for this man and anything he is involved in, which is a shame because I’ve purchased SEO elite and was also a long-term subscriber to his newsletters.

    While of course there are always going to be writers who will take the dishonest way because they’re just doing this to try and earn a few quick bucks, there are also others who take the job seriously and do not deserve to be treated in the way that Brad C seems to think fit. After I told him what I thought of his response and the fact that he lied, he closed my account. Not that I would have ever considered writing another word to put money in his pocket again anyway.

    My advice to decent writers is to stay away from sites like this. I since started a few Fiverr gigs, which I have suspended now because from the contacts I made from the gigs, I now have six happy customers who are giving me enough work to pay my bills and more. Once they see you put effort into your work, many site owners will be happy to pay much more than $5.

    And don’t forget to always do a bit of work everyday to your own sites. It is hard to fit it in when you are in a poor place financially, because you need to concentrate on work which will pay you quickly – but my two sites are now earning me around $500 per month between them, and it is rising.

    My advice to webmasters is also to stay away from iWriter. It’s a crap shoot as who will pick up your article. Someone I know from my town also writes there, and just rewrites any old junk she finds on EZA. She does not give a hoot about what she submits, and admits it. And yes, she is an “Elite” provider.

    • Tiffany says:

      1. I’m glad they have a 3 strikes rule on plagiarism.
      2. You got screwed having him tell you to contact copyscape. A simple human review could fix this. ‘
      3. Love that you took the Fiverr clients to a higher level – that’s the way to do it. Intro pricing for a taste of your talent and then long-term work.
      4. LOVE that you emphasize working on your own stuff – I always say that too.

  • Ex iWriter Writer says:

    Yes Tiff, I agree the 3-strike rule is good. Though not when they, or rather the owner, is not prepared to look into individual explanations by somebody who is earning them money and producing decent content for clients.

    At the time, iWriter was pretty new and I would think that people like myself were key to helping build a new service, and getting a good name for the company. Copyscape can unfairly mark certain titles as plags, and the owner should most definitely have known that. If he did not, he should have thanked me for pointing it out, not tried to fob me off with a ridiculous lie. Anyone who has any respect for the people who are paying for his service, in this case mainly the writers, should have a little more consideration and thought for them.

    If my general attitude to my clients is crap, and I treat them accordingly, I don’t think my service would last very long. However, somehow Mr. BC seems to think he can do this and still have a viable business.

    I am still receiving his newsletters to a dead email account, and today opened the account and read some of his recent mails. They are along the lines of being quite detrimental to the people who are working for pennies (i.e the writers) so it doesn’t surprise me that in general, decent providers do not seem to be touching this gig, and you are left with the type you experienced first hand.

    The worst thing in my mind is that many requesters won’t have a Copyscape account to check articles themselves, and why should they check when the service ensures them it has been done…therefore many are unwittingly publishing dupe and plagiarized content on their sites without even knowing it.

    • Tiffany says:

      Agree. Someone said they’re promoting $1.25 content to buyers now! LOL! Wonder what the left over pay is for the writer – $0.25? Hope you find plenty of decent paying jobs 🙂

    • Aila says:

      I had the same problem…. I wrote a product review and the requester wanted the keyword written 8times… I was charged with plagiarism for using the keyword “Sony Bravia 32inches black” I sent a message to Brad and his reply was “There is really nothing we can do about it “. It sucks….

  • Linda says:

    Thanks Tiffany for the awesome and candid post on iWriter. I looked at iWriter quite a while back for one of my clients and did some research. I found more negative comments about it, than positive. The positive ones were promoted by affiliate marketers.
    I have personally steered clear of them and advised my clients to also do so, if they want quality articles.
    It goes to the old saying..”you get what you pay for,” and in this case there are no truer words. I appreciate you taking the time to do the research and post your findings. It will certainly enlighten people.

    All the best

  • Mike says:

    I use iWriter for extra income, and it’s not worth it until you reach the higher level. At the 4.6 star level you can find articles that pay $15-$20. The problem is that it takes awhile to get that level. At the step above basic level iWriter is good for making extra money for gas and grocery.

  • A.Roddy says:

    I am having my own suspicions about writer. I have been getting more rejects lately even from the $1 articles and I follow all directions. Not all writers at iwriter are bad writers. I think some of the clients are extra picky and not clear on instructions. Their rejections make no sense when I did what they asked. I had one rejection of a $1 article because the client didn’t like it. Another two rejected they wanted a product mentioned in the article but that wasn’t stated in the directions. It is a two way street here.

  • Michelle says:

    I’ve written about 10 articles on iWriter so far. Up until today I had a 5 star rating. I wrote an article for a requester two days ago and today he decided to reject it claiming that the article was spun–dropping my rating to 4.6.

    I spent an hour writing the article. It took all my strength not to cuss him out in the feedback box. The subject of the article required specific facts such as the types of hearing loss and causes. I had to use the medical terms several times in the article to distinguish between the three types.

    IWriter is supposed to run it through copyscape to catch duplicate content. My article was never flagged. I’ve had an article flagged before……side note…I WIll Never Write An Article On The Origin Of Anything For A Requester On iWriter Again!….Copyscape Hell!

    I digress….I will be getting copyscape to make sure my REJECTED ARTICLE is not being used. I have plans to expand it and put it on Constant Content or write some additional articles on the topic and create a PLR package.

    Someone accusing you of spinning an article can knock your confidence down a peg–but I know my work and strive to create quality articles.

    My intent is to use iWriter only to get my feet wet before I go out on my own providing SEO articles. That time is now here.

  • IWriter Elite Writer says:

    Hi there! I am a Filipino writer for the site and I don’t think it’s fair that you are judging iWriter this way. I have been writing for iWriter for 5 months now and it’s paying off for me. I admit, it was really low paying at first but right now, I can actually earn a living by writing for sensible clients who trust my skills in writing.

    I appreciate your concern for doing this to “warn” clients or writers. But until you’ve made an in depth study of the site and how it works, you shouldn’t make such scathing remarks and “conclusions” about how everything works. A lot of writers are actually good and in the same way, I’ve met a lot of clients who were fair.

    I hope you know that with the “helpful” review you have made about the site, you’re actually robbing a lot of jobs and ruining the careers of a lot of writers who are relying solely on iWriter. A lot of us are educated and talented writers from Asian countries who need this kind of writing platform. Think about all the people who are going to go hungry when the site loses its clients.

    If it did not work for you, don’t make that quick judgement that it won’t work for everyone. My mom, sister, brother and bestfriend work for iWriter too. And we are lucky to find trusted clients which have made it possible for us to survive this crisis.

    • Tiffany says:

      Happy it works for you and you’ve been able to sound off with your opinion. But I’m not going to hide my experience, either – I got rubbish for content as a client and pennies as a writer. For some, maybe it’s enough to live on in their country – not here in the US.

  • Thom says:

    I read all the time blogs like this. You bad mouth the site (even though you did not take the time to learn how to use it properly) but give no ideas or mention where to write for higher pay, or better sites.

    You talk about how making $1.62 in 9 minutes is not enough, but if you did that for an hour, you would make just over $10 an hour. (after the 5 reviews you mention)

    I do not think that is too bad for just going to a website and start writing without having to pay a fee for a membership or buy an ebook of some sort.

    So, if there are better places, please tell us where and how?

    • Tiffany says:

      Already have Thom – not here to serve you – go look it up 🙂 And if iWriter works for you, cheers for you. Even $10 per hour is not what I would promote.

  • ANON says:

    You are correct in that iwriter does not check for duplicate content in what they sell. I have had from 40-60% matches on over 100 articles.

    My mistake was not checking them as “Brad” had assured me they were all checked using his system that was “better than copyscape”…that was crap…and he did refund all my money paid.

    I did have to go back and remove all that crap content and replace it.

    FYI…I think you wrote the article about “What’s my credit score chart?” for me 🙂

    And if you are not familiar with SEO for “Long Tail Keywords”, using the EXACT phrase is THE most important part of an SEO article. So you deserved that ding 😉

    But again, his site is useless as the articles are never checked for dup content and it is impossible to check them as you can’t check them until “after you accept them”. Your only recourse is writing to Brad, which I did. I ordered over 100 articles and had to toss most of them.

    I will say there were some very good writers, but it is so hard to separate the good from the bad. The good writers should move to Elance or Guru. IWriter is not good for buyers of content. You have better sources.

    Or just buy yourself “Dragon Naturally Speaking” and do your own perfect content. It saves me hundreds of $$ per day. (Wish I had an affiliate link for that product)..but it is GREAT!

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL Yeah yeah Jim! It was a typo though. If I had cared about the site it would have mattered but I didn’t, so I don’t :)~ I know my article passed copyscape! I am glad that he refunded you on the items that failed. He seems to be a stand up guy in that department.

  • Les says:

    Great article. I have been using iWriter for the last couple of months as a client.

    I usually pay $25 to $50 for one article. Most of the time the articles are great. I hadn’t thought about the copyscape issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to inform us.

  • iwritetoo says:

    Thanks for your post. I’m a newbie freelancer who’s about to face her first rejection at iwriter. It’s a 700 word article with vague instructions. The client did not like it and as yet have to leave me feedback. That’s when I started reading up about requester and writers feedback and reviews about iwriter. What I found makes me feel quite exploited. It says that rejected articles still belong to the writer but what happens if the requester still uses it? I guess I just need to post on my blog etc whatever article gets rejected.
    It cuts both ways doesn’t it? I’m just disappointed with the whole thing. Are there better writing sites you can recommend? Again, thank you for posting this blog.

  • iWrite iLike iEnjoy says:

    Tiffany, first of all kudos for taking out the time to get ‘inside’ iWriter. Brilliant job, love your commitment!

    However, I disagree on a few points. I have been an iWriter author for about 3 weeks now and have made close to $300 in this time frame. Considering that I belong to a country where this amount is more than enough to live satisfactorily, I don’t consider iWriter a bad choice at all.

    Also, I have had my fair share of picky requesters and plain psychos who don’t even know what they want exactly. I had an article about online games rejected because the requester wanted it to be about just one game. This was ridiculous as he had never mentioned that. I promptly messaged the help desk and raised a ticket. Within a day, I got a reply stating that requesters have the right to reject articles. When I explained to them my position and how a good rating matters more to me than money, my issue was promptly resolved.

    It’s not always about the money. Sometimes it’s about respect and someone shouldn’t let a few rotten apples define the whole garden. My ratings have been consistent, I have a few requesters who like my work and keep sending me special requests. Since I also have a day job that pays me 4 times as much as what iWriter does, maybe I am not able to understand the plight of the suffering masses here.

    For me, it’s a nice way to earn some extra income without bidding and the amount of requests posted daily have been increasing steadily over the weeks I have been here. Dunno, maybe I shouldn’t be the one commenting on this topic since I take it as a part time job that let’s me indulge my creative writing skills along with earning a few extra bucks here and there. My $0.02, that’s all. Cheers!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah I’ve said before if you’re foreign where $100 a week is plentiful, go for it. It’s ridiculous for an American though – so they need to stay away. You mention having to deal with your fair share of the type of clients no one wants – know why? Because they’re cheapskates and those are the WORST ones to deal with when it comes to quality. The people with money to spend on higher per page rates are typically the easygoing clients.

      Glad it’s working for you, though! LOL

  • Robbi Drake says:

    As someone else who chose to view and review iWriter from inside the site, I found that it was–as noted by the site owner here, nothing short of abysmal. The pay was very low. I’ve written online for some of the largest sites going. My content is tagged with my own name for more than 10 years. The rate of pay at which a writer for iWriter begins is demeaning at best and does not take into account experience or collegiate experience and credentialing. A professor of English with whom I work began at the same rate of pay as an ESL writer. From the client side, I too was given absolute crap with a 24% copyscape failure. I own several pr3 and pr4 sites and needless to say, I’m not going to include garbage on them, but there are times when I’m too busy to write my own. Just as an interesting side note, there is a list of who writes the most content as well as a list of who is the highest ranked on the front page of the iWriter site. It is interesting to note that those who are the most prolific are notably missing from the list of those who are the highest ranked. In other words, those who put out the largest amount of work are ranked lower in ratings Chances are very good that you’re going to get writing from those who write the most,as they will typically grab the most articles, but your work will be far lower quality. The pricing is–to me, more a bait and switch tactic, since you pay much more for a writer who actually has a vocabulary and a spell checker.

  • Maria says:

    After reading many reviews of iWriter, from very diverse perspectives, I’ve found that an issue is largely missing from the debate. I’m referring to the fact that iWriter has been advertised deceptively from the beginning. The most blatant example is the Warrior Forum, where the site’s owner opened one thread advertising it to requesters and another one promoting it to writers. Those threads contradict each other in many regards. Writers are given the impression that it’s a guaranteed way to earn an income (when in fact there are no guarantees at all)and that for an article to be rejected, the quality would have to be very low. They’re led to think requesters need proper reasons to reject their work. Meanwhile, requesters are led to think it’s a liberty, and, paraphrasing, that if they’re not 100% satisfied they don’t have to pay a dime. There’s an obvious discrepancy here. No wonder so many people on both sides end up having unrealistic expectations as they are lured in with false descriptions of this service.

    • Mike says:

      Guaranteed income doesn’t mean a lottery. Of course you will need to work well. All that’s assured is that you will get money for the work done well..

  • Mick says:

    Hi Tiffany, I became aware of iWriter today, having received the following email from BC (i’m on his list):

    Hi Mick, as you know, submitting to article directories is critical if you want to get links to your website and rank highly in Google. Without links, you won’t rank anywhere.

    Submitting to article directories is VERY easy, if and only if you have articles to submit.

    The problem is, writing articles is a major pain, and outsourcing articles can get expensive.

    I’ve developed my own solution to this, and it’s what I personally use to get all of my articles. More articles equals more article directory submissions.

    More article directory submissions means more links… which means higher Google rankings.

    The site I’m about to show you is the key to getting LOTS of articles at very low prices, and super fast. No more waiting for days. You get these in a matter of hours! And the price is insanely cheap. As low as $1.25 an article!

    Check it out:


    People are loving it so much that there have been over 2.7 MILLION articles written so far!

    I highly recommend you check it out and start getting articles to submit ASAP, as it was built exactly for people like you and I.


    That’s all for now. Enjoy!

    Brad Callen
    Bryxen Software, Inc.

    I was curious so I googled associated reviews and found your article. It was from this that I deduced Brad actually runs iWriter. Whilst he subtly infers this in his email it’s not explicit, and that’s enough for me to now unsubscribe from his list. I think he should have been right up front from the start.

  • Liz says:

    Hi Tiff, thanks for this article, I’ve been trying to build a solid rep on i-writer for some time now; & get really frustrated at how little protection there is for us writers, I didn’t realise they were mishandling the clients too! Textbroker prevents articles being rejected without good reason, & they make darn sure that the writers are up to scratch & they do check ALL submissions; protecting all parties in all cases, which is great when you are just trying to make a living. My latest attempt for them having been summarily rejected with absolutely no comeback available, I’m giving up on them, will stick to textbroker and any other similar companies that DO look after the people they make money from…

  • Mike says:

    Tiffany I agree to what you say but considering the fact that iwriter is free for anybody to join, its bound to face the wrongdoings of many spammers who just join to spam. The writer you experienced is one among those. And I am sure that after reporting such an experience you must have got your money back with the writer banned.
    Like in this world you are free to come and go, the same is with iwriter. Bad and good both will be there.
    I will explain how he might have cheated the copyscape api present on iwriter. There is one thing known as character encoding. If somebody encodes the article then copyscape will pass it as the characters are different. Now iwriter shows you image of the article and then the image is converted through OCR. This way after OCR the encoding goes off and you are delivered a 100 percent duplicate article.
    There is no use using these techniques as they are short term and someday the writer will definitely get banned.

    So all i find about iwriter is that Brad is trying his best to keep it available for all. Some may face problems but in no way you will be at a loss as you will always have your money refunded.

    Same spamming thing is applicable to requester s. Now i wont tell how requester s can get it for free as i am also a writer and don’t want such things to be promoted. lolz


  • MissS says:

    I ended up here after doing a search on iwriter reviews.

    I don’t write for this site often; the money isn’t good and there is a huge problem there with people requesting articles, rejecting them and then using them anyway. Writers have no protection on that site from scammers — of course, it’s not that hard to stalk up the content on the Internet, and Brad is good about giving a writer credit if it’s been posted somewhere buy a shady client. As writers, though, we shouldn’t have to police clients.

    I wish that they would remove the ability to rate writers from clients who have rejected articles. Because many clients do this for less than ethical reasons, it isn’t a clear reflection on a writer’s abilities.

  • MissS says:

    As far as Copyscape, it isn’t always proof that content has been plagiarized. Copyscape sometimes picks up technical phrasing and flags it as copied.

  • Nigel says:

    Hi there

    Just been searching for Iwriter reviews so I thought I’d give my take on it.

    I am just starting out in the ghostwriting game so I wanted to test the waters by seeing if anybody would buy anything I produced. I have signed up for testbrokers (UK) but no projects available there so I got my account at Iwriter and got stuck in.

    The Good

    I have done 10 articles and had 10 acceptances (one with a tip too!). There also seem to be enough work for people.

    The Bad

    The rates just seem far too low to stick around there. A lot of the instructions are so vague as to be useless and even a newbie like me can see it just leaves the poor writer open to rejection and subsequent rip-off.

    As I said, I will use it as a proving ground for a month or so and then I’ll wave a tearful farewell.

    Just as thought, could you not post any articles you complete on a free blog of your own prior to submitting? If it got rejected you would keep it on your blog to make sure that if the requestor has ripped off your article anyway, they’ll get done for duplicate content?
    If it is accepted, then delete it from your blog?

    Great blog and general writing resource by the way and I’ll be keeping this one in my faves for definite!

    • Tiffany says:

      Prior to submitting I don’t know anyone who would buy with that stipulation – it’s used content. After? Sure, but Google themselves dispels the “duplicate content penalty” so they won’t care.

  • Argo says:

    I have started using this website three weeks ago as a writer. I am pretty satisfied because I now earn about $20 – $30 daily, it’s not too much but it is a decent money. But you know what is annoying from stand point of a writer, from my 70 articles I have been rejected twice. But 2nd time really pissed me of. The guy blew my 2 hour work which was one of my better articles really, and gave me 2 star rating. Now tell me how does that make sense. See I had rating of 4.54 and I needed 4.6 for Elite Writer. So, basically I worked hard for 1 almost 2 hours to get my article rejected and to get my chances of becoming an elite writer minimized. That doesn’t make sense at all and it really pissed me off. On top of that requester’s reason to reject me was 3 phrases that were considered awkward to him (and my opinion still is that they are normal sentences). I am gonna still use iWriter, but the owner should really took some time to improve some of this crap, because it doesn’t make sense some of them. Anyways, it would be also awesome for owner to add forum to website so that writer’s and requesters should chat and discuss some topics.

  • Amit says:

    I think the site is dying. There are no good requests since many weeks. May be because of other alternatives that have come into existence recently. What’s your opinion???

  • Mary says:

    How on earth do you unsubscribe from iWriter? I have tried to no avail. They need to put a link on every email they send you.

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