Info Product Killer Review

When I sent my Mom an Amazon gift card for her birthday this week I was reminded that I needed to write up an official Info Product Killer review – because it’s hands down the #1 “how to make money” course I believe in AND it’s 100% white hat and long-term in nature. So let’s examine what it is first, then talk about why it’s so powerful and discuss what I’ve personally experienced, too. And look for a couple of freebies in here as well.

What Is Info Product Killer?

Info Product Killer (IPK for short) is an info product (ironically enough) that comes in the form of PDF text and video tutorial files that show you how to make money online by building minisites that drive traffic to Amazon.com (and other offers) using your affiliate link. The buzz around IPK is that during the holiday season, several people have raked in over $100,000 for a 3-month time span – and I DO truly believe that. Craig Kaye, the author of IPK, logs into his account on camera to show you his sales – he doesn’t just do screen shots that can be manipulated in PhotoShop (I never trust those). But the system works year round – some people making about $15,000/month on OFF seasons. Some of my own subscribers have said they’ve made $8,000 or more on their first attempt with it – with very little time for Google indexing, etc., so I’m hearing nothing but good feedback from everyone.

Here’s what you learn in the Info Product Killer membership area (which, by the way is updated for you whenever something new or helpful is introduced):

– Low cost PPC strategies IF you care to use them (I prefer organic free traffic so I don’t use this tutorial and it is not necessary either – still, when I first bought IPK, my site was indexed within 24 hours and made a sale the first night using PPC. After only reading the introduction guide, I put something together quickly and saw a sale the next morning! On day 2, I had another sale – and $10.46 in commission that took me a couple of minutes.)

– Website template lessons

– How to create an Amazon CTA (call to Action)

– How to set up cheap domain and hosting (read about a GREAT Squidoo-like option below called Network Blazer)

– Generic “Mother” sites and “Baby” minisite creation tutorials

– Picking a hot product to promote

– Legal and ethical shortcuts to content creation

– Applying OPSEO (on page search engine optimization) strategies to boost you in the SERPs (search engine results pages) – this includes linking strategies, keyword strategies (not your typical “target a long tail phrase” lessons, either – this is VERY specific to his particular program and is unlike anything else I’ve seen by any other marketer, and model # strategies.

If I’ve ever had a question, Craig answers it immediately. And that goes for my subscribers as well – very good feedback on the way he’s handled customer service for them as well. He’s one of the most attentive marketers I’ve ever encountered online. And the way his PDF and video files teach you, you’re not left scratching your head trying to reorganize something or trying to fill in the gaps – it’s ALL there for you.

Why Is Info Product Killer So Powerful?

In the paper this year there was an article about a guy who sells fried butter at the Texas State Fair. He works 3 months out of the year and make enough to relax the other 9 months. Sounds pretty good, right? Well this is what I hope to build with IPK over time and I’m on my way – already earning from it. I want to have residual, long-term income streaming in from January-September and then get a big boost in October-December for Christmas sales.

IPK is so powerful because:

– it’s easy for a newbie to Internet Marketing to use

– it doesn’t require a big investment (I use $0.89 dot info domains from GoDaddy FYI and yes, dot info domains perform just dandy!)

– people shop and can buy anything from Amazon (I spent a couple thousand dollars there myself every year)

– you can earn money from other sources – including Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale and even ClickBank)

– the more you do, the more you earn – incentive to roll up your sleeves and put some time into it

– it works on web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, too – I have $119 pending in one of my Squidoo accounts right now with only 16 IPK lenses I set up with zero additional promotion – set and forget. And there’s more money I earned through direct links that Amazon will pay me (The $119 is what Squidoo Amazon modules earned).

– online shoppers aren’t skeptical of buying brand name tangibles like they are buying “how to make money” products from marketers, so if you’ve tried promoting those and failed, the tangible route is much safer and converts well!

What I’ve Personally Experienced with Info Product Killer:

My first Christmas season I bought IPK in mid October 2008 (no, it’ll never become outdated as far as strategy goes and Craig stays on top of current Google news, etc.). I was kind of late getting in on the gravy train and I only had limited time putting it together. I bought some domains but had NO clue how to build websites or do graphics (thank God for IPK’s Network Blazer now – more about that in a bit). So I stuck a couple of domains up but didn’t have time to promote them at all using free traffic sources. I was just too bogged down in ghostwriting at the time. I earned $667.22 putting up about 10 total pages of content and not messing with it.

Then I decided I didn’t even want to manage domains of my own (stupid as I look back), so I DELETED my domains that were making money (AGH!) and I decided to put my time into Squidoo (hindsight = 20/20). I put it off and put it off, working on ghostwriting all year until I finally gave that up for good and decided to focus on my own marketing efforts more. I developed a free report that shows people how to use some IPK tactics on Squidoo (see below) and that’s going just fine – but as I learned lately, if I don’t OWN the site, I’m not in control. I don’t like that.

So luckily, Craig emailed me again to find out if I’d given Network Blazer a spin yet. I hadn’t. Network Blazer is his all-in-one website hosting/site building tool for Info Product Killer. Now I use Hostgator for my hosting for my own sites, but I can’t do with Hostgator what I can do with Network Blazer (and vice versa). Network Blazer is specifically for IPK.

It’s similar to Squidoo in that you can easily build a website using what he calls components (like modules). You can use text with image, text by itself, Amazon, AdSense, video, RSS, and more. All of the behind-the-scenes SEO is set up so all you do is create OPSEO (which Info Product Killer teaches). Want to see my first “mother” site using Network Blazer and IPK? Check it out here: Unique Toilet Seats and that was my first attempt. Since then, I dug back into IPK and did a much cleaner, more targeted website for a specific product as he teaches (more like a minisite). You can check that out here: Concept2 D

I don’t have to mess with site creation and complex stuff that confuses me. It’s all there. I still highly recommend IPK. There are many people earning much more than me – I am only now (since Network Blazer) TRULY giving it my all, so I’m very excited about how I’ll do this coming Christmas. Sales are already coming in.

I want you to get a better feel for what IPK is, so first read Craig’s PDF and then you can also use mine. While the free guide I made is okay, if you look around my blog about the dangers of web 2.0 now, you might want to use i as testing ground only as I am and NOT build complete mother-minisites as IPK teaches on it.

Download Your Free Info Product Killer Files Here:

IPK Squidoo Companion Guide

Craig Kaye’s Sneak Peak Into Info Product Killer – Read this FIRST!

Questions? Ask them here!

Tiff 🙂

27 Responses to “Info Product Killer Review”

  • Edie47 says:

    Thank you for this detailed IPK review. I have been eyeing the product since I started the Squidoo 52 lens building challenge. Your willingness to share what you are learning, your successes as well as mistakes, really helps those of us who are fairly new to this type of money-making opportunity. Some of us do not have the income (yet!) to try everything out there, and your reviews are timely and appear accurate. Thanks again!

  • David says:

    Hi Tiff –

    In an email that Craig sent out about 6-8 weeks ago, he said that Google was about to make some changes that would affect every website in the world. He said that he would be sending out an update to IPK in March that would address these Google changes.

    I’ve not received anything from him since. Has he shared any info about this with you, and do you know what he was talking about in that message?

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey David – inside the member’s area there’s a PDF about this – is that what you’re talking about? In the video about network blazer that he made for my subscribers, he talks about it.

  • David says:

    Yeah, that must be it. It’s dated February 1st.

    In it he says he’ll be explaining his new strategies in six weeks, so I guess he’s running about three weeks behind.

  • David says:

    Another little testimonial to Craig’s strategies, not that he needs praise from me.

    I put up a site in January that is sitting at positions 7 and 8 on Scroogle and Google. It has no backlinks (testimony to my laziness) and no page rank. I simply built it to Craig’s guidelines, and let it sit.

    Some guy, who has been ahead of me since day one with an EZA article, has a PR of 4 and 4400 backlinks to his article. He’s in position 5.

    The moral of this story, in case you missed it, it that the grasshopper may have been right. And, Craig is my hero.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I’ve read the PDF’s and have watched a few video’s so far, and I can already tell this is the real deal! My boyfriend bought IPK for me for my birthday which was in March. He’s wonderful!

    I’m on fire about this method and can’t wait to get started. Next I’m gonna purchase Network Blazer! I think it will help me with setting up the sites like it helped you.

    Thanks for your post!

  • I need to go back and revisit this one. IPK was the first product I ever bought (thanks to your review) but I just didn’t manage to make any money. I flirted with it again last year but think I left it too close to Christmas again. I need to set aside some time and actually follow all of the steps as I’m sure this could be a great year round strategy for Amazon.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah if there’s one thing I learned Clare, it’s follow the steps. LOL That goes with anything. Remember my OWM review where I wanted to quit? If I had, it wouldn’t have made money.

  • stella says:

    hi Tiff,

    just bought the IPK yesterday. to be honest this is the first info product i buy. i just want to say thank you for every effort by giving good recommendation,and your free courses everywhere.

  • stella says:

    hi Tiff, it’s me again.

    regarding IPK,it’s said the OPSEO method will make our sites go on page 1 google. but, how long do u think it will last? we still have to do backlinking works rite?

    now about backlinking..i’m not an english native speaker..so you see i’m a bit frustated if i have to write at article directories ( cause they need to be original and no grammar mistakes ).

    Perhaps, do you have any solution for me? I saw your article about magic article rewriter. should i buy also the magic article submission?
    maybe you can give me an idea here.

    last thing is do you know about articlemarketingautomation.com (it’s article spinner and submission , so we can get tons of backlinks) and freetrafficsystem.com ? what do you think about it.

    sorry ,it’s too many questions.


    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Stella! There are no guarantees on page 1 – depends on the phrase, competition, etc. Could be within 10 minutes, could be 2 weeks etc. You might buy PLR and spin it or outsource to cheap ghostwriters (search WarriorForum.com WSO section for specials or Warriors for Hire section).

      I like the Magic Article Rewriter but pass on the free traffic system. I don’t know the articlemarketingautomation.com product, sorry.

  • Tracey says:

    Hi Tiffany,
    I was wondering if you needed to have the Network Blazer to make IPK work? I have enough for IPK and wanted to make sure that I would not be missing a necessary component. Thanks for your helpful reviews.


  • Changis says:

    Hi Tiff,
    I am a brand new fan of yours.I just bought IPK.

    I just read your IPK review.
    But I am not sure what you meant about the dangers of Web 2.0 in your reviw (see quote below):
    “I want you to get a better feel for what IPK is, so first read Craig’s PDF and then you can also use mine. While the free guide I made is okay, if you look around my blog about the dangers of web 2.0 now, you might want to use i as testing ground only as I am and NOT build complete mother-minisites as IPK teaches on it.”

    Can yo clarify what advice you were trying to give there.

    Many thanks. Love what you write and how you write it.

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I have been reading your materials + WF. Then I bought IPK program. Now I find out that I do not have an Amazon id. I am a total Newbie and do not have a web-site yet. What is the best to do, in order to get “an Amazon Affiliate id”?

    Should I use “IPK software” to build this special site or use Fantastico (WP) to build one for applying?


  • Psipherious says:

    Hey Jeff,

    You can get an amazon affiliate id / sign up for their affiliate program here:


    And be sure to select the country you plan to target product sales from in the top right? I’m fairly certain you create a separate account for each country they run a site in.

  • Karen says:

    Is anyone making any money with IPK yet? I still don’t know if to purchase it.

  • Ricardo Vieira says:

    Hello Tiffany !

    Congratulations for your great website about IM.

    I am Brazilian, resident in São Paulo, I was following the comments on his review of the IKP and something caught my attention is on what you said about creating a different ID for each parent Amazon would I want to work?

    Could you clarify this please?


    • Tiffany says:

      Sorry not sure what you mean. A different ID for parent sites? I don’t recall saying that but let me know where and I can clarify 🙂

  • Ricardo Vieira says:

    Hello Tiffany !

    It’s about what you said here

    “And be sure to select the country you plan to target product sales from in the top right? I’m fairly certain you create a separate account for each country they run a site in.”


  • Ricardo Vieira says:

    Ok Tiffany!

    true now that I realized!

    Sorry my fault.

    Thanks anyway.

    great job.

  • Joanne Reid says:

    I see that the IPK page has changed — it has racing cars on it now and it is hard to get to the guts of the program and the price is $37 and the squeeze page heading says IPK 2010. Is this the same program just updated to 2010? I get a lot of emails from Craig Kaye but he seems to be promoting new stuff like Justin Michie programs.

    I spent several hours digging through it and am still unsure if it is up to date.


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