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So some of you have asked me questions and I wanted to answer them – or have Craig answer them, in regards to Network Blazer.

Question: What if I want to close my account on Network Blazer and move my files elsewhere?

Answer: This question occasionally gets asked. When we first started out I was asked the same question by a guy called Kevin. He since made over $100,000 in November and December just from his NB sites and makes about $15,000 a month rest of the year (growing). He never asked me since. I have had 2 people in the past 18 months ask if they could transfer their sites (TWO). In both cases the guys had about half a dozen sites and were not using the software or actively marketing/building sites. I bent over backwards to see that they got their content/files and moved them elsewhere. I would happily do the same for this chap/lady (or anyone else) should it ever come to that., basically we would provide zip files.

Question: For the $30 per month unlimited domains etc. is there a limit on the bandwidth, or is it likely that we might get an increase if we get a ton of traffic from a ton of websites built. There HAS to be a real limit no matter what is said about unlimited domains can be hosted…?

Answer: The usage is unlimited. Bandwidth is not an issue as we are constantly adding new servers which are always located in different Geographical locations – eliminates bandwidth issues from massive traffic (which some of our users do generate – MASSIVE) – never an issue. There is a “clause” in the Terms of Use… *The unlimited sites has a “reasonable usage” clause which prevents abuse of the hosting facility (e.g is someone outsourced and gave account access to 20 people). This would flag up and we would suspend the account. It’s never happened! For individuals you can pretty much host as many sites as you can make.

Question: Can it upload and download ebooks and audio for us to sell our own products on the sites, or do we have to host our products and download pages elsewhere?

Answer: Elsewhere. The software is not designed for that. though requests can be made to add components for this type of thing. We have added stuff in the past on request.

Question: Since I want to create a ton of websites that sell the books I want to get published on Amazon, and then flip the sites (and Amazon book accounts) is it simple to sell and/or transfer websites with his system – or would I have to create a $30 pcm account for each of those sites to be flipped?

Answer: Again the software is not about this. However I do see the potential to integrate a smooth flipping option in the future – not imminently I’m afraid. We have facilitated this manually on one occasion where a user sold a site – we created a new account for the buyer who had to pay $75 + the £29.97 /pm.

Question: I don’t remember seeing a video in IPK on promoting CPA offers? If there is can you direct me and if not can you give some pointers on using CPA offers on my NB site?

Answer: There is not actually a video about CPA but Network Blazer can be used to create sites that generate traffic for CPA type programs. If you wanted to add a specific CPA custom feature the tech guys at Network Blazer would be happy to discuss it.

Question: Can the newfangled Aweber account I signed up for be used on these sites to build lists and send ezines?

Answer: No.

Craig adds, “Pleases understand that I appreciate these questions but ultimately NB is about creating mini sites that make money from the IPK strategies promoting real products. Downloads, list building (although possible presently) are not what the software was developed for.”

12 Responses to “Network Blazer FAQ”

  • Luke says:

    Hi Tiff,

    awesome videos thanks, just one question, i am assuming that the headers and amazon buttons you have created yourself ? if so, how did you do it ? outsourced them? or are there templates in the members area ? I guess that’s three questions 🙂

    Thanks again.


    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Luke! I have a video somewhere on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/TiffanyDow that teaches how to make IPK images. I know mine aren’t professional and if anyone wants to make me a utorial for how to make images in Gimp, I’m all for it. But I’ve TRIED Gimp and deleted it completely frustrated. I just need a simple, “here’s how to paste the image in, here’s how to choose text font, color, underline, save as jpg. lol

  • Luke says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Thanks for the reply, I will go take a look.

    Have a great Easter Holiday


  • Jonel says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I totally agree with what you say about the “uncertainty” of relying on Web 2.0 sites for building a business. I’ve also run into problems with the sites you’ve mentioned – Ughh!

    Thanks for the great info about Network Blazer. As usual, you cover the topic very well.

    Looking forward to getting involved.


  • I make mine in Paint shop pro. It is easy to do. If I knew how to create a tutorial I would gladly do that. Tiff, If you can help with that I would be happy to put one together.


  • Luke,

    I tried Gimp and didn’t like it. I use PhotoShop Elements 4 that I got for $10.00 on eBay. It’s probably cheaper now. PS is up to Elements 6 – I think. It is a “stripped” version of pro PS. But for my use, making headers and touching up web images, it is more than I need. There is a learning curve but once you learn the basics the program is easy to use.

  • Hilary says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Thanks for all the great info. I dont remember seeing a video in IPK on promoting CPA offers?
    If there is can you direct me and if not can you give some pointers on using CPA offers on my NB site?



  • Janet says:

    I want to embed a youtube video, is this possible? Also, I’m new to Network Blazer and have left several questions for tech support but I have not received one response so I’m hoping my question can get answered through your blog.
    On my homepage I have a price comparison but only two right now. there are two ‘best price’ graphics to the left of my two price comparisons, not even over the amazon and compusa price comparisons, how do I get rid of those?

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes Janet choose to add the Third Party Code module and then it’ll let you choose YouTube from the drop down menu. I’m sorry your support questions aren’t getting answered. This is very disappointing 🙁 You can delete the price modules.

  • Stephen says:


    Do you know if anyone ever receives a response from Network Blazer when they need help? I have written to them several times with no response. I am currently having a problem trying to add a link to the navigation bar at the top of a site. When I try to enter the link page all it does is allow me to choose items from a drop-down menu. These are items I initially added when I first created links for the navigation bar. I tried creating a new site to see if it would allow me to enter new text in the link page box. On the new site it only allowed me to choose the one item that was in the drop-down. That was “index”. It worked fine the first time I used it but now I can’t get past this obstacle. Unless I find a way to fix this I can’t even set up any additional sites. By the way, why don’t the guys at Network Blazer respond. I have been paying a monthly fee for quite awhile now and am just now getting started. They promised support but is like everyone there died. What gives?

  • Isobel says:

    From what I remember, you have to create a page before you can link to it.

    The owner’s name was Craig something .. haven’t heard from him in a long time.

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