PLR Store, PLR Interview, and Bad Monetization Plan

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday – it was my son Shawn’s 12th birthday so I was a blur of last minute preparations and stuff 🙂 Today I have a few things to chat about: a new PLR provider I want to promote, an interview, a bad monetization plan lesson, and Honey’s in BIG trouble – BIG!

#1 – Let’s take a look at Sue Fleckstein’s PLR store – Buy PLR Today.

Her site has some unique things, like website templates and topics about stuff like coaching, autoblogging, and running. The reason I specifically wanted to check her out is because I kept seeing responses in my blog comments section from MY buyers replying to Sue saying things like, “Sue I love your stuff!”

So I figured she must be good. I downloaded a copy of one of her products and I never read the first page – I figure people always try hard and get sloppy later, so I drag all the way to the middle-end part and go through the content. The people were right – it was good! And Sue reassured me that she writes everything there herself.

#2 – Pam Brechlin approached me for an interview about PLR.

You can read that here: PLR interview

It’s kind of a mix between buyer and seller questions, so there’s something for everyone.

#3 – Monetizing a site with a bad plan.

Someone emailed me who was floundering with her online money making efforts. Well this isn’t new – happens constantly. But she happened to put her site in the email and so it sprung to mind a lesson I wanted to teach.  I won’t mention the domain, but I hope she doesn’t mind her issues being a good lesson because many others are right there with her.

This particular domain had a few problems you should avoid:

If you’re truly trying to be an expert, avoid spelling errors in the domain. It’s one thing to create a little niche site for a product typo – but to become an authority, spelling is going to reflect poorly on you if your domain is spelled wrong. I don’t know for sure if this was intentional or not – I didn’t ask, but one of the words in the URL was spelled wrong.

Stick to one niche or make sure the pairing is super connected. Don’t pair two niches into one website unless it’s a tight slant you’re tackling. This site was trying to mix travel and food. The tag line even indicated it was about tying those two together. But the posts showed something different.

There were articles on office space in NYC, for example. No mention of food in it. Maybe she could tie in something about office space next to the best street vendors in NYC or something. I don’t know. But another article was about the Housewives of NYC. Now I’m starting to think the person did keyword research on NY and wrote about whatever it was.

Keywords don’t rule! Content rules. Engage your audience!

Stay on topic! If you have one or two topics (let’s use this as an example: weight loss and anti-aging), don’t suddenly start blogging about how to choose a pet. Not unless you tie that topic in with how pets can help you lose weight because you have to walk them, or something similar!

In the case I was looking at, the pairing was travel and food but there was a post about escalators. This is a case where, if I saw the domain, I’d assume everything would be about food while traveling – but toss in escalators and color me confused.

Ask yourself how the site will be monetized! Well it’s no wonder she hasn’t made any money with this – there’s nothing to sell with an article about her favorite housewives.  Pick a niche – travel OR cooking. Then see how you’d monetize the site. AdSense? Affiliate tangible items? Digital downloads like courses? Mentoring or memberships?

A teeny trickle of ad revenue isn’t gonna cut it – and as we saw, that’s not what the big G wants your site to be built for ANYway. They want a content RICH site. Something oozing with consumer appeal. Those are the ad spots paying marketers are salivating over.

If you were a marketer running an ad campaign, do you want a site people land on, think poorly of, and click out? Or do you want a site that has 20k+ visitors who bookmark and share that site on FB, G+, and more because it’s such a good read? I know where I’d want to spend MY money. I want my ad showing up on the great sites because it’s almost like an endorsement.

#4 – Honey….? Ohhhhh my she got in BIG trouble yesterday!

It was my son’s birthday, and he wanted pizza for his dinner, so when the pizza guy came, I opened the door and scolded Honey to stop licking him to death and get back inside (which she did). I had a stack of boxes to hold. Honey must have slipped BACK outside UNDER the boxes so I couldn’t see her.

I shut the door. Put the pizzas down. Phone was ringing, so I answered that, talked to mom awhile. Then I’m turning on Tivo till my kids get home (they’re on their way) and I realize it’s too…still. There’s no ball of fur fidgeting next to me. So I yell to my husband, “Is Honey in there with you?” Nope.

I go to each room, thinking she got shut in there. Nope. I run outside and call for her – nothing. I come BACK in, go through the house w/my son and husband this time – nothing. BACK outside to call for her again – nothing. Again inside, then quickly back out.

There that little toot stands at the end of the sidewalk looking at me with her ears up like, “What’s up, Mom?” ACK!!!!!!!!!!!

We have foxes around here that chase cats and Hawks that would eyeball her like a chicken nugget! She could have gotten kidnapped by the pizza guy! I was SO upset. She’s chipped and all, but that won’t matter to a predator.

She got her butt back in the house and I fake cried so she’d feel REAL guilty. LOL! I told her Mommy wouldn’t know what to DO if she ran away. Since then I’ve slathered her with treats and kisses so maybe she’s not too in trouble after all. Maybe I just got played. I don’t care – I deserved it for not being as attentive as I should have been. Lesson learned, Honey!

Tiff 🙂

25 Responses to “PLR Store, PLR Interview, and Bad Monetization Plan”

  • Ruth says:

    Aww I would have been the same about the dog too! Glad Honey is home safe and sound, even if she did have it all planned to begin with 😉 Hope your son had a lovely birthday dinner.

  • Dustin says:

    “Keywords don’t rule! Content rules. Engage your audience!”

    I could not agree any more. As a PLR buyer, as well as a PLR seller, I would rather buy quality articles with substance versus articles that were written simply because a keyword tool told me it would be a good idea.

    While you certainly want your content to be ‘copy-paste’ worthy, it is the buyer’s responsibility to integrate the content into their website. I prefer to rewrite any PLR I buy almost completely.

    By the way, can you add my link on your PLR sources page. Thanks!

  • So glad you got Honey back! That’s the most important story to me today, LOL. Dog lover here.

  • Philip C. says:

    I’m on a flight to Texas to talk to Honey about this.

  • Kristen says:

    I thought you were going to say she consumed a pizza! That’s what my dog would have done. He once snitched an entire chocolate cake layer (for husband’s b-day) I had cooling on the counter. Licked the pan clean. Luckily he’s a big guy and the chocolate gave him nothing but a well-deserved tummy ache.

  • Sue says:

    Thanks for the write up that put a nice smile on my face for sure!

    Was expecting you to say that Honey got into the pizza! Years ago when we had a cat plus our dog we left the pizza box with pizza inside down by the woodstove.

    Now our dog won’t touch anything that is not on the floor. So the cat must have knocked the box onto the floor, then it was a free for all to eat the leftovers. By morning it was gone and we had a guilty looking dog!

  • Rach72 says:

    Honey almost kidnapped by the pizza guy – awesome! Here I was thinking that she’d gone and eaten your pizza’s lol!

    You are right about sites that have mixed themes – as a reader nothing screams “I’m here to make money from you” more than sites with a whole lot of different promotions going on.

    Also with the deliberate misspelling of domain names and targeting misspelled keywords – when you do a Google search and misspell a word the first results that come up are the CORRECTLY spelled sites. So I doubt that basing a campaign around a misspelling is even a good option any more.

    Rach 🙂

    PS – Happy (belated) Birthday Shawn!

  • Cindi says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I just hope now that you showered Honey with kisses and treats, she doesn’t associate those goodies with running outside-lol!

    Take care!


  • Val says:

    I thought Honey was a cat?

  • Deborah Dera says:

    Hi Tiff! Our late dog, Shelby, used to go for walks (by himself). One of the time she was gone longest, we had gone as far as to call the police to report him missing. He was nowhere to be found. We were out looking for him and my mom went home to see if the police had called back. When she went outside again, he was lying on the front lawn in the sun!

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    I also thought you were going to say Honey ate your pizza LOL. I’m glad you found her before anything could happen to her.

  • Allen says:

    Happy Birthday to Shawn!
    Welcome back home to Honey – glad you were not a salty snack for a hawk!!
    Thanks Tiff for another valuable lesson on PLR.

  • Paul says:

    Another excellent post about content. Stay true to your niche. Stop trying to add stuff that is not related to your niche. It is as simple as that.

    There is one word I should address here…and it is “revelence” when a visitor lands on your site it’s because they are looking for a problem they want solved. And if your blog or site wavers in any way…there are gone.


  • Hi Tiffany,

    I love that you are sharing other PLR stores with us. It’s good to see what others are doing successfully.

    I bought your course on Monday, bought two domains and have a bunch of content being written. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • LindaP says:

    Hi, Tiff,
    Glad Honey was OK. Texas critters would happily make a meal of her. Thank you for the reminder to keep focused and remember that content is more important than flash.

  • sharon says:

    Hi Tiffany, I am a new subscriber (thanks to the WF) and I’m glad I found you. Thanks for sharing about that business it has definitely given me a lot to think about and apply in my own business.

    Sorry Honey gave you such a fright… 😀 she’s one really smart lady,

  • jan says:

    Some good advice here as usual Tiff. RE Honey – my cats have been indoor cats for several years and on so many occasions I thought they had gotten out and would roam the neighborhood calling them, only to get home and find them sitting at the door as if to say what’s up Mum? Where they hide I do not know but there have been many “heart attack” moments!!

  • Dennis says:

    I guess if you analyze the comments you would be better off monetizing Honey stories than PLR Information :~)

    With regard to the individual writing about two unrelated products or fields, I have a tactical question.
    You have mentioned your association with Amazon and product reviews. If you want to review several products without any
    obvious connection, would you create new domains, register them and develop content for each? In this case, you would need
    to pay for registration for each domain even if you have unlimited hosting. What is your tactic for avoiding the additional
    cost……….if any?

    Also, would you describe your landing page as a Blog or Website? The two seem to have interchangeable qualities.

    • Tiffany says:

      lol yes! She’s my bait. I admit it.

      If I was going to review a wide range of tangibles on Amazon then I might create one domain like “consumerreviews.com” type of URL. I’m sure that’s taken LOL! But it would be something like “rateaproduct.com or whatever.”

      But I’m really not into doing just tangible product reviews for the sake of commission anymore. If I were going to implement it, it’d be like I do here – genuinely go into a niche, passionately teach in it, and happen to recommend some things from Amazon. Like the other day when I linked to the 3 branding books I ordered. It wouldn’t be something where every post is an Amazon item review anymore. Just not something I’m into anymore.

      My official squeeze page is at tiffanydow.com and this is my blog. Not sure what you were asking there…

  • pam says:

    Tiffany, thanks again for the interview and posting about it. And thanks to all the visitors who came to read it and check out my site.

  • Dennis says:

    Thanks for the reply! Yes – I’m familiar with “consumerreviews or consumersearch” but can’t start with that type of authority. Considering many angles – appreciate your insight.

    On the website — not specifically speaking about your blog/squeezepage but a general observation. Your blog appears to be the primary vehicle for generating revenue rather than your website / squeezepage. Is that a
    planned strategy or just how it evolved/

    I think I’m rambling……..sorry – for some reason I started dreaming about pizza ;>]

  • Matthew says:

    Whoooo – get down!!!
    Love to see somebody get real on the web, Tiffany you are something else!
    On the purely positive side, what you are showing in the video is your PASSION and how you can harness it to move ahead. W. Clement Stone in his great book The Success System That Never Fails describes how he would “get keyed up” every day for sales, and it is great to see you get keyed up and get passionate about your blog and your business and supporting your family – great job!!!
    ps: cool end to your video too

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