Quality PLR Articles – Yes, There Is Such a Thing

Hi everyone! A couple of you have emailed me some article written by someone I won’t name who bashes PLR for a variety of reasons on some article site, asking my opinion about it.

Well here ya go…

I think the article is a blatant attempt to rank for the keyword “Quality PLR Articles” and drive traffic to their product. Yawn.

But let me address the issues this person brought up. The reason people are sending me this article, by the way, is because this “marketer” is saying PLR is a hoax and shame on you if you sell them – so obviously that’s supposed to offend me, right?

It doesn’t. I know PLR isn’t a hoax and I have a gut feeling about this person’s intentions.

This person has a different opinion than Google about “dupe content.”

Now granted, I agree it’s a great idea to alter your PLR. I do it myself when I buy and use it! But this person says if you use PLR, your site will be “red flagged” and punished. Well, not according to Google, old chap!

Google says here, “There’s no such thing as a “duplicate content penalty.” At least, not in the way most people mean when they say that.

So let’s look at how they DO mean it.

“Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results. If your site suffers from duplicate content issues, and you don’t follow the advice listed above, we do a good job of choosing a version of the content to show in our search results.”

Google goes on to say, “So when people say that having this type of duplicate content can affect your site, it’s not because you’re likely to be penalized; it’s simply due to the way that web sites and search engines work. Most search engines strive for a certain level of variety; they want to show you ten different results on a search results page, not ten different URLs that all have the same content. To this end, Google tries to filter out duplicate documents so that users experience less redundancy.”

Okay so let’s review. You’re not getting “red flagged and penalized.” Google will look for the better websites to show when content is the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use PLR. What it means is that you need to create the best website possible – by providing great information, by engaging your audience and building a rapport with them, so that Google says, “Hot damn! This site has it all, let’s pick this one!”

So should your site be 100% PLR, unedited 100% of the time? Well not much value in that. The content is meant to help you, not stand IN for you. You have to add some personality and opinion and spirit to your site. Even if you can’t edit, you CAN offer commentary on the PLR as you use it, as if it’s coming from another source, which it is. I’ve taught y’all that before.

This person worries about outsourced PLR.

Outsourced or not, you always want to look for quality, period. PLR is cheap enough – look for quality or ask for a recommendation and then you won’t have to be angry that the packs you buy aren’t usable because of poor English skills.

As for Subject Matter Experts, really? LOL! (He says it’s not a good idea to use PLR because the writers aren’t subject matter experts, yet he’s fine with outsourcing to a ghostwriter – who probably isn’t, either).

I have to laugh my ass off at this because most gurus aren’t “SMEs.” Most have ghostwriters who don’t know a thing about a topic, but who research it and write about it. But hey, if you’re worried about subject matter expertise, add your own to the framework of the PLR article.

This person says there’s no way to use them that’s a good idea.

Really? Well let me ‘splain. He says it’s a BAD idea to use them on your site. Not really. They can be great fillers for when you need a blog post or to curate some content to share your opinion.

He says not to give them away as a bonus. Doesn’t say why, but I’ll tell you why you SHOULD. Let’s say you have an exercise site, for instance – and you are teaching people how to lose weight. You created a great course on exercising to flatten your belly.

You would like to give a bonus. How about my PLR eBook “Stick to Your Diet?” It’s relevant and related and would pair nicely. And the work’s done for you. I know if I bought a course on exercise and a free bonus that was informative and well written came with it, I’d be one grateful customer.

He says not to use them in your newsletter. Bad for relationship building and all. Hmm. Maybe the problem here is his concern for just cut and paste usage. Is he ignorant to the fact that you can actually add to PLR?

I could easily plop a PLR article that’s informative and relevant to my readers into my Aweber queue and add a little introduction and conclusion and I know many people who would be grateful to get that nugget of information for the day.

Now on one thing, we do agree. You can’t use PLR on many article directories. They (like EZA) scan for it. But then, I’m no fan of article directories anyway.

This person says PLR is no different from free online content.

I say, define, “Free.” You mean content people put out there that specifically says, “Come and get and use me?” Because aside from article directories, there’s not a lot of that.

Many unethical marketers unethically and illegally scrape content or go to someone’s site and rewrite their content. PLAGIARISM, people! That’s what it is. Don’t believe me? Go to your local college and sign up for a Journalism class.

He asks, “Why are you paying for it?” Well PLR gives you the legal and ethical RIGHT to use the content, to alter it, to put your name on it. If you’ve ever written an original article yourself and had someone scrape and use it, then you’ll know how infuriating that is.

Also, a free article directory allows access to anyone, anytime. PLR won’t be as diluted with competition vying for it.

This person says too many people have the same content.

So if that’s a concern of yours, edit! If you’re putting up additional content on your site, it’s okay to use PLR in conjunction with it.

And many PLR packs aren’t even “online” visibly, anyway. Email autoresponders, viral reports or opt in reports, eBooks for sale or as bonus items, membership sites, etc.

Also, I think someone tends to exaggerate the numbers of people buying individual packs. I don’t know about those 8,000 plr articles for $0.01 deals, but with $1 per page packs, you’re not competing with 1,000s of people per pack. LOL!

I do agree about creating a brand for yourself, but PLR can ethically and helpfully play a role in that if you need the content assistance.

This person says PLR sellers should be ashamed.

Now this is where I eye roll. An obvious attempt to stir controversy for comments and traffic so his links will get some traffic to his product.

He says you shouldn’t feel good selling PLR because of what little value they provide. So in other words, all you PLR sellers are scam artists and all you buyers are idiots – that’s the gist of this article, really.

He says you should be ashamed for selling something of so little value. The problem is not that PLR is of little value. The problem is that this person seems to be using his ignorance about the best way to use PLR in a pathetic attempt to parlay it into traffic to his site.

Even has the obligatory keyword phrase in the conclusion, not just the title. LOL! Please, have an opinion about whether or not you want to use PLR all day long – I don’t care. But calling it a hoax?


Tiff 🙂

23 Responses to “Quality PLR Articles – Yes, There Is Such a Thing”

  • James Pruitt says:

    Hey Tiffany, thanks for sharing this post. I just found your blog through G+ great job you are doing here. I have used PLR for a long time, and never had a problem with it. I once built 10 sites using the same PLR pack. each site was targeting different keywords, and they ALL ranked well, and some still do even after all the recent updates.

    I always use PLR that I have the right to edit for posting on the web, although I do like a good PLR ebook for bonuses.

    For me, the hard part is finding that first part Quality PLR is rare, and when you find it, you need to treat it like the hidden nugget of gold that it is..

  • Marla Hughes says:

    Well said, Tiff!
    Too many think it’s okay to go to a popular site, copy what they wrote and tweak it a little to make it theirs. A trusted PLR source lets bloggers stop and catch their breath and/or deal with IRL problems while maintaining an online presence.

  • I love PLR! I use it and I sell it. I get people emailing me almost daily bashing on PLR! Many of them are uninformed and you can tell they aren’t 100% sure in their email. I usually take this chance to link them to a few blog posts or articles to help them understand. (This will end up being one I link to for now on.) Some people though… they are so stuck on the idea that all PLR is bad that it isn’t worth arguing with them.

    It drives me crazy when people spread these lies and ill feelings towards PLR. I have a feeling a lot of the people I got emails from last night recently read that same article!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yep and I won’t comment on what people have told me about the quality of that product being promoted. lol

  • George says:

    Hey there all, I haven’t seen the article that Tiffany refers too – I’d like to though, but why should I give them any ‘read’ credits? Anybody got a copy they could send me? lol

    What makes me smile more than anything, is that apparently the ‘author’ of the article is taking exception to us writers not being ‘experts’ on the subjects we cover. Okay then, is the article author in question an expert on his/her subject(s). Apparently not – as they use Ghostwriters……

    I’m with Tiffany on this one; it sounds like an attempt to drive traffic……

  • Cindi says:

    Touche, Tiffany!

    That sums it up for me! Thank you for this excellent, eye-opening article!

    Take care!


  • Shan says:

    Hi Tiff
    What a sad and misguided person. PLR is fab! Especially yours 😉


  • Edie Dykeman says:

    What some people come up with as a ploy to draw attention to themselves! Much of his thinking doesn’t even make sense.

    People keep bashing PLR and saying there is so much bad plr and little good. Yes, a lot of it is bad. However, I would suggest there is a lot more good PLR online than people realize.

    It is more likely that people are unwilling or unable to find it because much of it is from newer providers who have not yet become well known.

  • Ruth P says:

    Well said!

  • I say that person is just a Donkey (with a capital D)

    PLR is awesome I have filled plenty of pages with GOOD quality PLR and done fantastically from it.

    When ever I buy PLR I do a quick search fro how many “exact copies” are online and If I see any I just do a little tweaking to the article… Lazy .. hell no Just smart!

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    For many PLR is a blessing. Everyone doesn’t have the skills or even the time to write their own content. I’m not ashamed to use, write or sell PLR.

    I have ran across people who think PLR is bad but it really isn’t and because you can edit it, their is so much you can do to make it unique if you really want to. They are misinformed so they think that it’s bad and make it harder on themselves by having a lack of content or quality content.

    I have also had some who were against it completely change their opinion once they realize how helpful it can be.

  • Cindy says:

    There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen when trying to write content for your site. PLR gives you a place to start with the ideas already strung together nicely into an article or better yet an ebook. You just need to spend a little time and make it your own. I’m not sure why people (idiots?) think a little leg up is a bad thing! Their loss.

  • Thank you for this writeup, Tiff. I think you are right on this person. The fact that he uses keywords states that. LOL

    I have read your PLR and love it. I bought some of it to see how PLR is put together. I bought some so that I could learn about the subject. Then others I bought to use on my blogs. There are many reasons to use PLR.

  • Bev Boorer says:

    Tiff, he probably heard that a controversial topic would draw attention to his website and so he chose that one, just to get traffic. For all we know he might even use PLR himself! haha.

    I’m so glad you replied to that with such a lot of sensible comments. I know my PLR articles are of good quality and so are yours.

  • Mark Upshaw says:

    I couldn’t make half the money I make without PLR. It is indispensable for daily operations here. One simply must know how to use PLR and how not to. BTW, yours is always top notch. Thx.

  • Leanne King says:

    I love PLR to give me ideas for topics that I might know little about it or when I have dried up on blog post ideas. I can read a PLR article, get a grip on the topic, do a little bit of research and rewrite it in my own words – huge time saver.

  • Imagine a world without Reference Libraries or tutors and teachers?

    The first place we are (usually) taught to look for answers, or to write school reports and term papers is the Library. When we would miss a class we would ask for “the right to use” a classmates study notes to complete our assignments.

    The only difference is that PLR gives us the indisputable license to alter and integrate the information in any way we wish.

    I could go on and on and include talking to specialists, study groups and so on. But the bottom line is that we are not born with the millions of books and research embedded in the forefront of our minds for instant retrieval.

    If humans were born with such a gift, I could not imagine who would NOT have a Doctors degree or website by now.

    The knowledge must come from somewhere and good PLR is a great source for it.

    Many times I think people get PLR and Babble mixed up. Unless I am mistaken, Ghost writers by the very nature of their business, give you “the right to use” the articles they have written.

    PLR is simply a spring board for jump-starting your creative juices. The key is what you put into it (knowledge – research – passion) will determine what you will get out of it.

    Thanks for addressing this issue Tiff. I hope a gazillion people get to read this post.

  • Sid says:

    Many peole say that PLR artcles don’t work any more especially after all the updates Google has come up with in recent times. I have started my own PLR store about a month back and feel that if you write quality content on topics people are looking for PLR still works. Many people still an’t write their content because either they are too busy or too lazy to do so. Quality PLR artiles is the passport to success online.

  • Donald Brown says:

    I don’t now who that marketer is, but he doesn’t know what he, or she is talking about when it comes to PLR. I am a firm believer in PLR content, and I am actually in the process of creating what I think is the world’s largest PLR collection to ever be assembled in one place, and no, it is n’t a membership site, but rather, it is a physical product.

    Anyway, As long as you use PLR in the right way such as change it, add to it and such, you will be fine. That’s what PLR is meant for. It is there for you to add to, take away from, and so much more.

    Don’t let anybody tell you that PLR isn’t any good because it is. Don’t be afraid to use it and don’t be afraid to purchase it either. PLr is the perfect tool for your online business. It can save you a whole lot of headaches.

    Sure, you’re going to have people who say that PLR is dead just like there were individuals who said that e-books were dead, and article marketing is dead and yada yada yada. However, none of that stuff is dead, so don’t listen to those people who say that they’re dead.

    PLR is very much alive and doing quite well. There are PLR e-books, PLR reports, PLR Articles, PLR videos and even PLR adios, as well as a bunch of other types of plr not mentioned here.

    The point is; is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting and using PLR content. It really can make a difference in your online business.

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