Quit Saying PLR Is Dead You Fibber!

Hi everyone 🙂 Nah I’m not ranting – well, not really. Just annoyed that some marketers email out titles about PLR being dead in some sweeping statement and panicking all the people who then quit using PLR because one guy said so. LOL!

Others wisely email me all scared wanting to know if it’s true. I got a swarm of them today after someone named James emailed his list.

So I read the email. What he’s talking about is true – the Kindle slap. But his statement near the end where he wrote: “PLR is D-E-A-D.” was just stupid.

Amazon DID start going through their system and trying to remove duplicate products, like PLR – which is smart. Think of it from a buyer’s perspective you have an unhappy marriage. So you download “How to have a happy marriage” on your Kindle for $2.99. A day later you download “10 tips on a happy marriage” but WHOA – it’s the SAME content as the other book!

Nobody wants that! So I’m glad Kindle is allowing one copy on the system.

But let’s move on to the “PLR is Dead” statement. No it’s not. Geez. PLR is thriving more now than it ever has and here’s why:

1. Everyone knows unique content is VERY important right now. So what do you do if you can’t write your way out of a paper bag? Oh, and you don’t have the budget for a good ghostwriter? You get some PLR and rework it. It’s a smart way to quickly get some good content out. A LOT of my customers use my PLR as a springboard. You can buy a $1 article and reword the sentences so easily. Then you’re unique.

2. PLR is used for a ton more than Kindle! You can sell it on your own domain as an info product download. You can use it on blogs, in email autoresponders, article directories, viral reports, convert it to video, etc etc etc.

We WANT Kindle to be a thriving network, right? Be glad that it’s not going to be viewed by customers as a spam fest – that’s in OUR favor. Because we can create unique content to sell on Kindle and do very well. But you can still buy a PLR eBook, rewrite it and upload it there.

There are tons of levels of PLR usage – “as is” for people who want to stick it in an email autoresponder system, for example, “a little tweaking,” for people who want to use it on their blog, for example, and “total rewrite” for those who need someone else to do all the research and organization of thought, so all they have to do is rework the content and run with it.

PLR is far from dead. It’s booming – and so is ghostwriting. What’s dead is scraping and stealing. Those ideas are getting slammed left and right – and rightly so.

tiff 😉

37 Responses to “Quit Saying PLR Is Dead You Fibber!”

  • Hey Tiff,

    Glad you addressed this! I had a friend forward me that dude’s email and I thought the same thing. Gimme a break.

    Fear-mongering and a blanket statement thrown in for maximum effect, condemning all PLR… Silly.

    I’m not familiar with that marketer but chuckled since he’s selling a Kindle type course so his email now makes more sense. 🙂

    scraping, stealing, and copying/pasting has never been the way to go. Unfortunately a lot of folks where tricked into it and Amazon had to slap back (thankfully).

    Sticking with QUALITY PLR and putting your own elbow grease into it, is not dead.

    And as you said, there are a lot of other ways of using PLR vs. just Kindle publishing!

    Rock on.


  • Jim Hickey says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I had the same email end up in my inbox this AM.

    That was the closing statement of the email implying direct publishing of PLR material into the Kindle system.

    The problem, it basically came as a sound bite (tis the season I guess with all the political bs sound bites)…

    If you want to see something totally interesting, you might want to check out the bonuses on his sales page for one of his products (I believe it’s his at least).

    Do a G-search for Micro Niche Finder …

    Sometimes you just have to wonder…

    Jim H.

  • Kevin Wilson says:

    I had that email too. I took James’ “PLR is DEAD” statement in the context of the email, which was specifically about the Kindle, and indeed, straight PLR is dead on the Kindle (though some folks still haven’t got the message) as it well should be.

    I didn’t take it to mean that PLR is dead across the board, indeed I’m in the middle of launching a PLR store myself 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      You’re unique – the emails I got were mostly from people worried about it in general. I agree it should be dead on Kindle. lol

  • Jean Morgan says:

    Hey Tiff this is what Martin Avis (one of the good guys) said this morning:

    “Usage of private label articles seems to be going from strength
    to strength. When Google made their Panda changes almost a year
    ago, many people thought that PLR would die because Google
    appeared at first glance to be waging war against it.

    The reality has turned out to be much different. If anything
    there seem to be more people using PLR as the basis for their
    websites and blogs now than ever before and are having a huge
    amount of success as a result.

    The secret is to make sure you get PLR that is well written to
    start with and is fresh. Also to ensure that your source of PLR
    is restricting the number of sales of each article.

    At KickstartPLR you can tick all three boxes. Our articles are
    well researched, are of a decent length and read well. If you
    download them on posting date, they are as fresh as can be. Also,
    membership of KickstartPLR is limited, so no pack of articles
    that we create will ever go to more than 400 people – and usually
    no more than half that number.

    The other secret to the successful and highly profitable use of
    PLR articles is to make them your own. Revise, rewrite and adapt
    each one so that what goes on your site, while based on the same
    thing that other members have, is unique in some way.

    Yes, it is a bit more work than just copying and pasting, but the
    rewards will be far greater.


    A quick work on Kindle.

    If you are a regular reader of my newsletter, KickstartPLR
    (archived at http://kickstartnewsletter.com/archive in case
    you’ve missed it) you will know that I believe that Amazon’s
    Kindle is one of the most exciting opportunities of 2012 for
    online marketers in general and specifically for those of us who
    can string a few words together.

    But like all good things you have to know how to do it right.

    Making an ebook to sell on the Kindle Store is really easy and if
    you already have Word (or Open Office) on your computer, is
    completely free. You can write, format and upload a book to the
    Kindle Store without incurring a single cost and then make up to
    70% of each sale.

    With a million Kindles being sold each week the potential market
    that Amazon will put your product in front of is already vast and
    is growing by the day.

    This is one opportunity that I believe we should all be embracing
    as hard as we can.

    What has this to do with PLR articles though?

    When the Kindle first launched, and Amazon was keen to get their
    Kindle Store populated with lots of ebooks for people to buy and
    download, they were not very much bothered about quality.

    Many marketers sold get-rich-quick schemes based on the idea that
    you could cobble together quick Kindle ebooks from batches of PLR
    articles or from existing PLR ebooks.

    Of course, as the emphasis was on getting rich quick, very few
    people took the trouble to rewrite the PLR that they used and the
    result was that the Kindle Store soon became flooded with
    multiple copies of the exact same book – most of which were of
    very dubious quality to start with.

    Naturally the buying audience was unimpressed and Amazon quickly
    realised that their relaxed attitude wasn’t doing them any

    They cracked down and announced that PLR material would no longer
    be allowed in the Kindle Store. Thousands of existing ebooks were
    delisted (and are still being weeded out) and a much stricter
    quality control was instigated.

    It is all to the good, of course, but the gravy train had hit the

    Now, anyone with any sense that is teaching how to grab the
    Kindle opportunity is very quick to say that any hint of using
    PLR in your Kindle products is a total no-no.

    But wait a minute. Does this mean that PLR articles and ebooks
    are now completely forbidden territory for anyone who wants to
    make money from Kindle publishing?

    Absolutely not!

    If anything, PLR is now even more valuable because although,
    quite rightly, you should never use it in the creation of your
    Kindle ebook, you absolutely can – and should – use it in the
    websites and blogs that you use to help promote your Kindle

    It seems to me that PLR – good, well written, high quality PLR –
    has just become an even more valuable commodity than ever before!”

    Martin clearly says that PLR is alive and well and like you did gives good ideas on how it can be used and how to use it.

    I buy PLR from several sources, yourself,Martin,Lisa,Nathan and a few others who produce consistently good work in a niche I am already in or one that is on my list.

    To me PLR is no way dead. Much alive.


  • Hi Tiffany,

    I just got the email from James and then your email, they came in one after the other. Thanks for clearly clarifying this issue. I do want to do come kindle publishing and don’t want to have to do all the research myself.

    Long Live PLR.

    ps, don’t watch scary movies before going to bed–lol

  • Robbie says:

    Ha! That is so funny because I know who you are talking about. The same guy that’s got keyword lists going out on subscription with PLR content included and has software available loaded with MRR content. So funny what these clowns do. If people listened to them, the folks scaremongering could be out of business overnight with their statements. The problem, folks are listening to what others are saying. The solution. Test it and see what works for yourselves. People would do a whole lot better.

  • Brenda says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I also got James’ email this morning. He is a long term, respected marketer so I too was a little shocked by the subject line. However, like Kevin, I read it as only with respect to copy & pasting and look! I’ve got a Kindle eBook.

    In James’ defense, he did send out a follow-up email to clarify his first email.

    Have a great date night!

  • Tiff, he resent an email that said for us to not use it as is but to rewrite it into our own words. This is what he meant to get across in the first email but for us that are not that secure, he came across telling us it was DEAD. Thank you for writing this post.

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    I think it is good that Kindle has cracked down so it preserves the integrity of those who publish quality works on there.

    PLR is definitely not dead. If you rework or rewrite it, many won’t even know it’s PLR. Two people can start with the same articles and end up with something totally different.

  • hagar says:

    had to hand it to Amazon about how they originally handled the “duplicate content” angle…rather than step into the “it was mine first” or even “its public domain” wrangling, they simply found all the versions of duplicates, and priced them all at whatever the lowest priced one was selling for. In no time, the average cost was 99 cents, and those products quietly faded away LOL
    someone thought smart!

  • Bea says:

    Hey Tiff,
    Yeah, I got that email too and read through it. I know I don’t want to buy duplicate information in different books, but it doesn’t really worry me because I know the books I intend to publish will be my own works.

    I do use information from PLR, but I also use the library and the internet and personal experience…PLR is just another source of great information and inspiration. The only danger I see is when the PLR is not rewritten. This is how many “real” books are written anyway and if used this way then there is no reason for panic.

    Just my $0.02. Oh BTW…was at the bookstore and saw that Sookie has a book out…and people still think that books are written by the author? I thought that was funny. Sorry for the random comment but I thought we could all use a good laugh. Wonder how much her Ghostwriter made on that deal?

  • eva says:

    I received those emails also – my feeling was that they were a follow up to his latest product about how to publish on Kindle and didn’t seem to me to have anything to do with any other kind of PLR use. Just an urgent reminder to his customers.
    The follow-up email clarified that. He reminded Kindle writers to only use PLR as a research tool, in this way: (I hope its okay for me to paraphrase him)note down the main points in the PLR book as questions, then do your own research on them and write them up in your own words. In other words: when writing Kindle books, only use PLR as a jumping off point for ideas.
    But I can see why it might have sent people into a tizz. It was unusually dramatic for him. There’s probably a lesson there for all of us on how people can interpret our emails and how careful we need to be in how we write them. His emails are usually pretty straightforward. As these turned out to be in the end.

  • jan says:

    Totally agree that PLR is not dead! I purchased your WSO sale Tiff and stayed up until 2.30 am re-writing it (I didn’t start too late), but because all of the content was there I now have five great articles to start my new site and I haven’t had a chance to look at the other articles that came with it! PLR is FANTASTIC! Well your PLR is and a couple of others that I purchase from!!

  • craig o says:

    Oh geez, another marketer making bombastic statements…”twitter is dead” “affiliate marketing is dead”, yada yada yada…

    I expect to start getting emails: “open this email OR DIE!” It’s so often just about catching the readers attention, and appearing authoritative.

    It’s part of the problem with IM, and I’m afraid it’s never going to go away, because it works. 🙁

  • dora says:

    ahhh…these guys will keep tellin’ the same things :
    “affiliate marketing is dead”
    “resell right is dead”
    “PLR is dead”
    “article marketing is dead”

    this marketer just don’t want us to be his COMPETITOR! why would he jump into IM from the very beginning if it’s already dead? give me a break LOL

  • Oh dear, scare mongering is very annoying at times. Luckily, a lot of people can see it for what it is — usually a sales ploy.

    However, there may be newbies out there who can be influenced by such nonsense and that is annoying. Frankly, I just want to say “Oh shut up!” to such scare mongerers! (That was put politely because I’m a lady. LOL)

    Angel cuddles,


  • Sam says:

    Great post on PLR. I agree, PLR is stronger than ever. You just have to use it the way it is intended to be used. A little tweeking goes a long way.

  • Jim says:

    Interesting that I got NO such email.

    I’m sure you all got it because of your Warrior Forum connections and all the crap you sign up for there. You know its true.

    • Tiffany says:

      LOL Jim I didn’t get it either. Why? because I know whose list to sign up to and whose not to. And once someone sends out stuff like that, I unsubscribe anyway. Are you on my list? You love me and you know it 😉

  • Cindi says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I agree that PLR is far from dead. I publish on Kindle, Nook, etc. I use PLR for my basic outline to give me an idea of what I want to say. I mix it up, I swizzle it, I do whatever I can to make the final copy to be published my own. I find various research outlets to create my final product. I want it to be something I’m proud of, as well as something others will benefit from, and find a joy to read.

    I was a victim of the first Kindle slap back in the summer of 2011. This happened because I got lazy and didn’t take my time to do it the right way. I have only myself to blame for that one. Live and learn. I have been a bit gun shy of Kindle since then, a fear I need to overcome. I am about ready to dive into it again and take it to the next level with CreateSpace, etc.

    In defense of James, he was the one that got me started on my self publishing journey. This was the first decent money I had ever made online. I can finally do something I truly enjoy! Whoo-hoo!

    I feel he is only warning those who would go the PLR route not to use it in its raw form. We will all pay if it is done that way. I would really hate to see us get charged to publish on Kindle. Give Amazon the quality they want, and they will love us for it. Could he have worded it differently? Probably. He started out with using PLR for Kindle books with little to no tweeking. He now knows this was a big mistake and wants to pass that knowledge on to others.

    Take care!


  • Sharyn Sheldon says:

    Well, I didn’t get the email either, but I would have been annoyed also. I’m hoping that the type of PLR that’s dead soon is the “business in a box” type. You know, the type that tells you that all you have to do is publish everything as-is and the money will come rolling in? They sell like crazy and there are more suckers born every day to buy the stuff.

    I look at PLR more as rough drafts. It’s so much easier to take a piece of content that already has some of the research done and work it from there. And with the need to consistently add new content to sites? PLR can be a lifesaver.

    Mind you, my whole business is built around writing PLR that’s easy to make unique. So I would say that, wouldn’t I?


  • Kater says:

    Well, I recognized this as a often used tactic to rouse ire and get people to take action -like posting rebuttals and comments on blogs!

    I think this might have been lesson 7 in branding. One of those middle lessons. I think this tactic works!


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