Screw Negative Self Talk – Tell Me Why You’re Wonderful

Hi everyone! I have a challenge for you at the bottom of this. It’s a one-day challenge. Keep reading afterward but here’s a vlog for you:

Today we’re saying goodbye (just for a day or for a fleeting moment if not forever) to the way we put ourselves down and hammer into our heads how much we suck.

“Well I think I’m pretty okay,” you might be thinking to yourself. But let’s be honest here – there’s probably SOME area where you beat yourself up, right?

I do it in both my business and personal life. I see you guys doing it all the time – here, in emails, on your own blogs. Men and women – all ages.

And I’m so sick to death of all of us wallowing in our negativity that I’m declaring this one post a “negative-free zone.”

So I want you to tell me all of the things you do well – maybe not PERFECT but damn it, you’re doing good at some stuff. Why are you a good person? Why are you a worthy marketer? Why should people look up to you in your niche?

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Please enlighten me. Because we have all downed ourselves so much that sometimes it’s hard to breathe – and today we’re going to celebrate how absolutely awesome we all are.

Here’s why I’m wonderful:

I am first and foremost an amazing Mom. I protect my kids. They feel extremely loved with me. I am always looking out for their future, helping them learn from the past, and trying to set a good example along the way.

I was a great wife. I did everything I should have done – I baked meals, I rubbed feet. I left love notes. I concentrated on other people’s happiness. I gave it my all.

I’m a great marketer. My ethics can rival anyone’s in the business. I’m true to myself and truly caring about others. I don’t sacrifice my morals to get a quick buck.

I implement stuff I buy religiously. If I’m scared of technology, I eventually push past it and do it anyway. I answer every person who emails me personally. I foster a great sense of community here. I do things that help change lives behind the scenes.

I have beautiful blue eyes and a smile for anyone who needs it. I hold doors open for everyone. I am kind to cashiers and service people. I pay it forward in life all the time.

Why are you wonderful?

First, I want you to practice writing a comment with no buffers like “Well even though I’m…. I can still…” because they you just put yourself down right before you gave yourself a compliment.

It’s kind of like kicking someone in the gut and then helping them stand back up.

Once you write down all the ways you’re wonderful – because we haven’t ever celebrated that here – we usually focus on our fears, our failures and how to get over them, etc. – I want you to be VERY vigilant today about interrupting your self talk.

If you catch yourself saying, “Oh I’ll never understand this!” immediately say, “Yes I will – I am a determined person who can get this.”

FIX the negative self talk today. And if possible, tally it up to see how often you put yourself down verbally, in writing, or even in your head. Even small digs. Not just the “I’m such a failure” drama. At the end of the day come back and talk about what you discovered with your discussions about yourself.

Just for a day – let’s try it. I’ll do it too.

Tiff 😉

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90 Responses to “Screw Negative Self Talk – Tell Me Why You’re Wonderful”

  • Janet says:

    I don’t think I do put myself down. I know my strengths and equally I am aware of my weaknesses. My friends say I am hard on myself but I just think I am honest about myself. I accept my faults and try to work on them. Generally our faults don’t serve us well so it makes sense to work on them.

    However in the spirit of this blog post. I am very loyal to my friends and family. I will do anything for anyone (but woe betide if they use me or take me for granted) I am very generous to my children(now adults)with time and money. I am conscientious and will always do my best. I am a much better mother now since my kids have grown up. I am a good daughter to my parents who are still going strong at 88 Years old. I adore my grandchildren.

    I wish I was a good internet marketer but I have improved a great deal in the last 6 months

    Phew that was hard – seems a bit egotistical!!!!

    • Tiffany says:

      Janet change this: “I am a much better mother now since my kids have grown up.” to this: “I’m a great mother!” and this: “I wish I was a good internet marketer but I have improved a great deal in the last 6 months” to this: “I’ve been really kicking butt as a marketer lately” and you’re golden!

      🙂 I point this out because the digs are subtle – barely whispered but there. Saying you’re a better mother now brings up the fact that maybe you weren’t previously. Wishing you were better at marketing implies a negative mindset of not being good.

      We all need to practice how we give ourselves compliments 😉

  • Karyn says:

    Awesome vlog Tiff and I have to say that you are looking FANTASTIC!!!
    Certainly some points for us all to ponder and ask ourselves.

    Regards Karyn

  • Janet says:

    Hahaha – yes you got me in one!!!!!

  • Marsha says:

    I am an awesome mom. I know when to listen and then give my opinion, more important to me is that I know when to shut up and let my kid fly on his own. He’ll make mistakes, but in the end he will be a better man for it.

    I know how to “accept the things we cannot change” and more onward to whatever the future holds.

    I also know when to challenge others when I deeply believe I am right. *Do not tell me my son will live in a hospital for the rest of his life – I will prove you wrong and strut with pride at the accomplishments that have been made living a normal life*

    Oh, did I mention I fight like a lioness for those I love – do not mess with Momma Lion.

    When you have my friendship, you have it for life and I will do anything (legal) for you – even when you say you don’t need it. When you are my friend, you are family.

    I can write. I can write very well when I allow the words to flow and not think of them.

    At this point, in all honesty, I am a marketer in training. But I will be the damned best possible marketer I can possibly be –and I have to ad this, Tiff — in time.

    If I were someone else, I’d love to have me as a friend. 🙂


    p.s. I’ll report in later on the negative thing – let’s see how I do on catching myself on that one.

  • I think I’m a great mom, I love my kids with all my heart and always put them first. I am a great wife to my husband, I’m his best friend, his confidant, and I am affectionate to him in some way every day. I’m a good writer not because I’m technically perfect, but because I write from my heart. I am extremely empathetic and care deeply for family, friends (online and off), and even strangers. I’m an excellent cook. I kick butt at lifting weights and can shoot a mean game of pool. I am a good marketer because I am constantly improving, relate well to customers, and I’m honest. I’m getting much better at taking action consistently, even in an area where I’m terrified.

    Deep breaths….hehewhoo….why would it be easier to talk about your weaknesses than your strengths? Hmmmm

  • Pat Busch says:

    The negative stuff really kicks in for me when I can’t get to sleep. Like how I should have handled things differently. Not that I can change anything from the past – ha.

    So, what I do now is say to myself – “Just take care of yourself, Pat” Sometimes I have to repeat myself, but it stops it.

    I set an example out in the world by being polite and kind.

    I’m a great Mom and super loyal to my friends!

  • Ruth says:

    I have to admit that yes I do put myself down, sometimes more than others.

    So, here’s my POSITIVE self talk. I am proud of creating an income for myself and pushing through things that were very hard for me. I am proud of pushing my limits to do vlogs, Kindle books, blogging etc even through times of low confidence. I am good at teaching myself new skills and never giving up.

    I am also very proud of travelling in Asia in 2012, I was SO scared and never thought I’d do that.

    I am also a thoughtful person and try to put myself in other people’s shoes. I always try to be diplomatic in the way I respond to people. I am a good partner to my boyfriend and over the years we’ve been together I have supported him financially and emotionally through ups and downs (and vice versa!)

    Not easy to write all that but definitely very good 🙂

  • Mathea Ford says:

    I am a great mom and wife – my kids are the most rotten and most wonderful people I know, and my husband is my best friend.

    A good listener because I have practiced and observed and stopped thinking while others are talking. I treat people like I want to be treated.

    A great cheerleader – talk to me about your ideas, and I will give you 50 reasons to start right now!

    An awesome marketer who learns more every day and implements even though I am not sure.

    Well, maybe I will go and make myself a list of affirmations since you inspired me to think positive thoughts.

  • Laurence says:

    I’m a great listener and the person others come to with their problems. Having faced a lot of health issues myself, I can help others get through theirs.

    I am the best proofreader on the planet. I find the mistakes others miss. I know this is a fact and it’s one I am proud of.

    I am proud of my writing accomplishments…more than 5000 articles written is no easy task and they’re all good quality.

    I am very considerate of others and always try to do the right thing. I am very giving of my time if other people need help. Proof of this is a new website I have put together for my landlady who has also become a good friend.

    I think that is enough for now. 🙂

  • Jan R. says:

    I am a good mother now that my children are adults with their own children. I love each of them equally and they feel safe when they are with me. I am protective of them and probably more so of my grandchildren.

    I am a good wife to my husband. I listen when he needs an ear and I hug when he needs that too (he’s a good husband too!).

    I write my blog from my heart because I have been in a position where I didn’t have any money, so the experience and all of the hard lessons are there for others to learn by.

    I am loyal to a fault and love my friends unconditionally. I am accepting of everyone. I believe that women should support women and be the one behind other women saying “you go girl” when no one else seems to be doing that for them.

    I’m sure the negative self talk will begin later in the day, but I’ll come back and read this post so that I can remember what a great person I really am! 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    I am the best me there is.

  • I am a super cool, totally awesome person. If the world can’t see that, well, I don’t have time to worry about that. I’m too busy being Patti “Freakin” Stafford and that is a grand thing to be.

    Okay, I’m not quite that conceited in public, but I do tell myself that pretty dang often.

    I am a great wife, a great mom (I have awesome kids, btw) a great friend, a great writer, a great researcher, a fun-goofy-make you laugh kinda gal. I can be seriously serious when the need arises.

    I live my life by my design, and it may not be my ultimate dream life yet, but it is in the making.

    I’m sick as a dog right now, but my greatness shines through. Go me! Now I will take a bow and go back to being my awesome, yet humble, sicky self. 😉

  • I am so proud of how far I have come, the challenges I have over come and I am a fantastic coach for my friends and clients and so proud that I have a gorgeous 27 year old partner that thinks I am the bees knees! lol I have made sure my daughter was able to attend some fantatic courses with some top people so I feel that I have given her all the tools she needs in life to succeed and I feel really good about that.

  • Hey Tiffany,

    Well lets see, let me start with a little negativity so everyone can see what my mindset was as a child growing up. My mother although she loved us she also had mental problem and she was also physically ill with Adisons disease.

    She grew up in a very abusive home and so in turn so did we, she was not only physically abusive she was mentally abusive.

    Herself worth was zero and she made sure that we knew our self worth was also zero.Every time I would try to improve myself she would laugh and say oh you thank your better then the rest of us, then go into a rage for days.

    So I struggled for years to get past my mothers demons, I knew deep down that I am worth something and in spite of my mother I will prove to her that am.

    I’m telling you this because some of us are negative because of our past.

    Now for the good stuff, I’m a great mother almost to a fault, I’m a hard worker I’ve raised my children by myself. I put myself though beauty school while raising my children.

    You can’t say to me, oh you can’t do that because I’ll kill myself showing you I can. I’m a loving and caring person, I try to help others anyway that I can.

    There is nothing I wont try, I’m persistent and determined to get though this, I will succeed.

    I told everyone this because we all have had one thing or another put that negative feeling in us but we must push though.

    We are all worthy, and there hasn’t been one post that I didn’t want to hear or read.There is people out there that want to hear what you have to say.

    Thank about it you wanted to hear what I had to say right.

    Thanks Tiffany have a great day, Sandra

    • Tiffany says:

      Love it Sandra!

    • Hi Sandra, I share a similar story and was so touched reading about your history, both my parents are dead now and I choose to remember the good times and the lessons learned.

      We are all such brave souls! thanks for sharing.

      Now if video was just easier! lol

  • Buddy says:

    I risk sounding like the Department of Redundancy Department so I’ll just acronymize it.

    It’s the freaking BS and it’s PT and CT-freaking-C!

    And by the way, I’m a fantastic Dad!

  • Kristina says:

    I can multitask like a crazy woman. It really is a gift. I am an amazing mom to three kids who have stolen my heart. I work my but off to make sure no one else raises these kids except me and my husband (no daycare). I am proud of my decision to be a WAHM. I pride myself in how my family is being raised, and my confirmation comes every time my kids throw an arm around each other, make each other laugh and comfort each other when they are sad.

  • Maya says:

    I am a great mother. I am a true introvert, yet when my son was born last year with a disability, I did not rest until I knew that he had the best doctors, therapists, and home therapy possible. I’ve carried out this therapy every day for almost a year now, telling myself that one day he will thank me for one more degree of range of motion that i can get for him now, even though it hurts me to see him hurting now. He’s gotten better every day and we are thrilled with his progress! I also recognize my daughter’s high spiritedness and unique way of seeing the world and I seek out information on ways to be a better parent to her.

    I have great empathy for others. I have the ability to put myself in their shoes to see their side of things.

    I can spin a good yarn. Not a story, but actually get wool, dye it in beautiful colors, and spin it. I’m really proud of this and I love spinning, though I don’t get to do it much lately.

    I’m really sweet to cats. I love them. I fix my cats raw food and have watched one of them go from sickly to healthy and both of them thrive. One of my cats came from a rescue and had been caged 6 months of her 1.5 years. I’m so happy to have watched her come out of her shell over the last 3.5 years. I’m happy to have given her her forever home.

    I give really good customer service in my businesses. I care about my customers and am happy to make them smile.

  • Robert Mason says:

    I think I’m ok – I certainly don’t put myself down! I’ve come too far to allow myself to feel other than an ok guy!!

    What I especially enjoy is sharing healing energy with other people.

    I have a part time business delivering parcels – and this brings me face-to-face with 30 to 40 people every day, people with whom I spend 5 seconds or 5 minutes, depending on their needs. Just talking about them, or their garden – saying how great their roses look, waiting for them to come to the door to show how important they are.

    My goal is to leave them smiling, feeling better than they did before I arrived.

    I know that sharing healing energy is part of my life’s work, and I love it! And a higher power selects the people for me to visit each day.

  • Jessica W. says:

    I didn’t feel like a good anything last night when I couldn’t get my one year old to go to sleep…after a night of no sleep and a busy morning I felt pretty low. But a nap (for both of us) later and a sweet smile from little Miss Grumpy made me feel like I must be doing something right, lol! It’s easy for me to be hard on myself, but I’m getting better at ‘accentuating the positive’. Thanks for the post, and the pep talk!

  • Yoan says:

    Ummmm, Tiff…I don’t know why you ask….you know I am perfect!! Why bother? Honestly lol! Funny you did a Vlog on this today because I was reading a book by Dr Wayne W. Dyer…i know you don’t like self-help books but this one is SHORT AND SWEET! Only 10 chapters…and number 9 is about cherishing oneself! There we go! Meeting of the minds! Pure perfection here! What else???????????? LOL! Going, going back under my rock now before I hear the T Dow’s Chopper landing on my lawn for some serious REALITY CHECK! LOL! And, these are my final words…for tonight before I pull the curtain on my INFLATED EGO “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers, plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” Good night people!! Xxxxx Yoaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

    • Tiffany says:

      I know you are! But I need to know if YOU know you are! 🙂 I’m getting more into self help – just not meditation and hypnosis and all. Not there yet. LOL I like an ass kicking.

      ACK! I love that poem about decorating your own soul! My Mom has always told us that.

      • Yoan says:

        Well, I wasn’t into meditation simply because I AM TOOOOOO LAZZZZZYYYY…until the day I found Brainsync by Kelly Howell! No, no, not trying to persuade you or anything, just suggesting that if you’re ever interested in meditation at some point…that’s where you need to head! As for the rest, I like small self-help books! I tried hypnosis but I can do it myself!”Close your eyes…you’re so great” bladibladibla… I hate Yoga…for instance…being locked up in a room with people making scary looking moves, faces and not to mention the UNPLEASANT noises we are gratified with when one tries to bend down more than the others to impress! I hear some do Yoga in saunas now as well…not to mention pilates…! I am sure I have enemies here now…lol…. can’t help it! MOuahahahahhahaha

      • Debi J says:

        Read an of Larry Winget’s stuff like Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life? I like his. It’s not all… there’s NEVER a problem unless you decide… and more of… yes, there are problems. but how are you dealing with them… 🙂

  • Shan says:

    I’m an excellent therapist and coach. I’m a good listener, loyal friend and am dead chuffed (UK expression for very pleased) that I’m pushing through my tech barriers.

    I went through a negative phase a few months ago when I would wake in the morning with negative thoughts. I used some cognitive-behavioural coaching on myself so, as soon as I recognised a negative thought, I would turn it around with a positive thought.

    Since then, I’m much clearer on what I want to do and I’m going for it. Today, I did stuff with Gmail so I can use admin@selfhelptipshq.com!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah that kind of stuff is awesome. Being aware of thoughts – like I had to learn to be aware of my hunger cues.

  • Carol Amato says:

    Excellent post – very relevant!

    Okay, I’m a good friend because I put others first…I’m a good marketer because I really care about my followers and protect them from anything I think could hurt them.

    I do my dead level best to treat others the way I want to be treated in all areas of life.

    – Carol
    P.S. You look beautiful in that shade of blue! 🙂

  • Susan Myers says:

    What a great exercise. I didn’t realize how I was really talking to myself until I paid attention to it for awhile.

    I realized, I am not the greatest cook, but I am a pretty darn good and my family loves my meals!”

    Thanks Tiffany! 🙂

  • Hi Tiffany,

    I’m a good husband and father, and I should know (it’s my fourth time around).

    I’m a good blogger, and a good marketer, and I’m determined to be a GREAT marketer. I am making great progress (You’ve been a HUGE help!).

    Sometimes you DO have to toot your own horn, and positive beats negative any day of the week!

    Thanks, Tiffany. – Steve

  • Ruth Clark says:

    When I am asked, “How are you?” I answer like this: if I am feeling icky or ill, down or have had a sleepless night, I answer with, “All the important things are GREAT.”

    And I say it with a smile, knowing that I am a valuable person. It’s true. Sometimes “feelings” lie to us.

    We have no right to criticize God’s handwork (if you don’t believe in God, choose like I did…G(ood) O(rderly) D(irection.)

    I also count my blessings, realistically, and last, but, by no means least, is: I try to stay out of my own way and just do the next right thing that’s in front of me to do.

    I ask, every morning, for the grace to be who I am meant to be and to pass forward all good things that come my way.

    I remind myself, not with egoism, that I am a worthy individual, no better than anyone else but certainly no worse than anyone else.

    We are worthy of love and it must first from ourselves. A healthy self-love is the most important gift we can give to ourselves, our families, and friends. We can’t give what we don’t have. I cannot selfishly declare that I am not deserving of the esteem of self and others.

    And, finally, it is not my business what you may think of me, but it IS my business what I think of me.

  • I am a wonderful daughter and fantastic sister. I am a great friend and am always there to listen, support, and cheer whenever needed.

    I am an excellent customer service provider and last but not least I am the queen of the dancefloor – any song, any genre and I am and ready to shake my booty. 🙂

  • Jo says:

    I’m most proud of my ability to learn, and to learn fast – whether that’s learning new technology or learning from my own mistakes!

    I believe I’m giving this motherhood gig the very best I can, and I’m proud that I have room in my heart and my ego to learn everyday from my daughter and our daily interactions.

    I’m proud of supporting my daughter through her illness and continuing to pay off my mortgage single-handedly while working from home.

    I’m very pleased with the happiness I find in my life right now. I’ve had to work hard to find that. Happiness doesn’t just descend from some special place. It is, actually, all around us, we just have to know how to look for it.

    And I can very nearly do the splits. I’m dead chuffed about that!

  • I believe in myself and my ablities
    I believe in being more tomorrow than I am today
    I believe failure is not an option
    I believe in laughing and saying I love you
    I know I have what it takes to learn this business and excel at it
    I know I can help others
    I know I have a pretty darn good marriage and the most understanding husband ever
    I know we have the best tail-wagging english cocker spaniel on the planet

    I am a great friend, a great wife, emotional, 95% positive, and confident.

    Oh yeah, and organized to a fault but that’s a good fault : )

  • I decided to blog about this a bit today. It’s hard to talk about what you like about yourself. It almost feels wrong but it’s really important you remind yourself from time to time!

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Tiff –

    What an amazing idea for a challenge! We all need to do this!

    I am always amazed that I will go out of my way to comfort others, do things to cheer them, encourage them, let them know they’re special, etc., but NEVER do that for myself. It is hard to be kind to ourselves, which is a shame.

    Well for today – nothing wrong here! I’m going to love me – and I might even love me tomorrow, too!

    Thanks again, Tiff!

  • Tamsin says:

    Hi Tiff

    I’m an awesome mother and wife. I hug, I love, I listen, I bake, I massage. I’m there when I need to be. I provide for my family and work on providing experiences for them that they will enjoy and will allow them to grow. I support my husband in all things that he battles to do and am grateful for how he supports me 🙂

    I am a listener at work and will assist clients to get the best result possible.

    I keep in contact with family and friends in far away countries.

    I sew and am good at making beautiful and creative items.

    I face my fears and act in spite of them! I rise to the challenges that Tiff keeps coming up with 🙂


  • Tamsin says:

    OK, so I’m at training tonight and for the last 5 minutes we have to take turns of facing a line of “opponents” who, one at a time, “attack” us and we can do any technique on them that we’ve learnt. My least favourite activity – being put under pressure and having to remember how to do a technique. I’m at the end of the line ‘cos I’m the lowest belt (it has it’s advantages!) I’m standing there thinking, “Maybe we’ll run out of time and class will end before it gets to me and I won’t have to do it. No, don’t be silly, there’s no class after this, he’ll let it run till everyone’s had their turn. Oh suck it up, Tamsin. So you’re not that good at it now, but if you don’t start doing it now, you won’t be any better at it when you get to a higher belt. Get as much practise in as you can now!”

    Did I do a great job? Not particularly. But I did something. I mucked some of them up, but that’s ok. The more I do, the more confident I’ll become 🙂 Boy, what a journey!

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I have a heart of gold. I’ll do the unexpected if I feel it will help you in some way.

    I’ll go out of my way to find the answer. If somebody has a question and I don’t know the answer, I don’t shrug it off. Instead, I’ll hunt down the answer or person (if need be) who can answer the question for you.

    I’m a wonderful wife. I make him surprise pastries, put love notes inside his sandwiches, buy him things he mentions he wants – but usually months down the road when he least expects to get them. 🙂

    I am a great sister. I listen when they need a shoulder, I open my door when they need time out, and I’ll cook meals for their family when they need the rest.

    I’m a thoughtful neighbor. I’ll take a turkey plate and pumpkin pie to the neighbor during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t like it when people have to spend a holiday by themselves and if they should decline my invitation to join my table – I’ll take a full course meal to their door.

    I am thee most precious buddy you could ever have! I’ll listen and console when you need compassion, I’ll go out of my way to make you laugh if you’re having a bad day, and I always give myself freely whenever you need support.

    I’m a helper and a giver in all aspects of my life. This boils down to helping the less fortunate, giving you tools that you need, and guiding you through uncertainty.

  • Marsha says:

    To every single person:

    We are all damned fine people, with great expectations of ourselves and a fantastic future ahead of ourselves.

    And if the outside world doesn’t see that — it is their problem, and their loss.

    I truly believe the only person who can destroy me is myself – and I’m teaching myself to love who I am, where I’m at and be excited for wherever I’m headed.

    If I have to live one day at at time until I believe that deep within my soul – so be it, and it will be one damned fine day – every single day. ‘Cos I am so worth it.

    Guy and Gals – We Rock!

  • Carol O. says:

    Okay, here is why I am wonderful:
    I’m a totally terrific mom and wife. I raised three great kids who know they are loved. I give hugs freely, advice when needed and listen with compassion. I am a loyal and devoted friend.

    I am a bear when defending my kids and grandkids, or when I know I am right;)

    I am a great writer expressing words others can relate to. I am a very creative and artistic person and can take a simple scrap of fabric and sew it into a beautiful creation. I cook delicious home cooked meals that everyone enjoys.

    I am organized and can multi-task with the best of them. I tenacious and persistent. I am becoming a great business person on my way to being a leader in my market.

    I have a positive attitude about life even while living with a negative nellie (my mom).

    I have soft, shiny hair and beautiful green eyes. I have a quiet voice and always have kind words for others. I am polite and demand politeness from others.

  • Ruth Stewart says:

    OOooh this is scarier than reading other peoples good stuff!

    Ok. I am the best Mom I can be to my children. I am a good wife. I will fight for my friends and do anything for them. I have made a positive difference to the communities I have lived in. I have taught myself lots of stuff to do with technology, and even though sometimes I am scared I make myself learn how to do it.

    I take care of my animals and love them deeply. I have got over shiny object syndrome and focus on my business. I don’t let myself make excuses and if I think I am slacking, I kick my own butt.

    I work hard to look after my self-esteem and I have conquered anger issues. When I am driving, I even let men jump into the queue! :o)


  • Denise says:

    I like to make other people smile. I sew school clothes for my friends’ kids or surprise them with an armful of clothes that I purchased like-new from the thrift store. I am a good photographer and take family pictures for all my friends and send cards and photo books out to make them smile some more. When my kids were growing up, I held many parties at our house and planned fun party games. I walked away from an abusive marriage and as a single parent, I raised two amazing sons that I love and am so proud of. I took my sons camping and fishing and on vacations to see grandparents, aunts and uncles. We made leather and wood crafts and played hide n’ seek together and shot homemade bows and arrows. I taught them how to garden, cook, bake, sew a button on, and wash and iron their own clothes. They are proud to be self-sufficient (but said not to tell their future wives they know how to do all that stuff). I am a good writer and have made some money at it. Most of all I enjoy writing. I plan to write a Kindle book on my experience as a diabetic and how I was able to get away from insulin and Metformin. I count that as a major accomplishment since doctors would have us believe that diabetes means a life of taking medicine with no other options. Even though I’m diabetic, I still make homemade candy for the kids at church for special occasions because it makes them so happy when they see this big bowl of sweetness show up. I make yummy wrapped caramels, caramel and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with fun colored sprinkles and peanut butter or chocolate fudge. Sorry to be late posting this. It was therapeutic for sure! We’re not used to thinking about all that we’ve done right! I’m not caught up to posting daily on my blog either but because of this challenge, I’ve at least “started” my blog that will give me a place to send people after buying my book.

  • Liz says:

    Ok Scariest thing I have ever done and if so many others had not been brave enough to respond I probably wouldn’t have either whew!!

    I can’t claim to be a great mum because I was never blessed with kids but I am a great wife to my husband and take very good care of him. Ilove my friends and I love people I am loyal, supportive, and always there for my friends and family if they need me.

    I respect everyone I meet and expect the same courtesy from them toward me.

    I am passionate about animals all animals and that includes spiders and snakes ( we have plenty of both in OZ) No spider or bug ever get killed in my house I collect it and put it outside.

    Everything I do I do with a passion I am a good cook, a good golfer, I make beautiful quilts and I have a gorgeous garden which I do myself.

    When it comes to my internet marketing I am persistant, I have taught myself to learn about the technology that goes along with this business, but above all I am always positive, despite being married to the most negative man on the planet.

  • Denise says:

    Liz…your spaghetti recipe looks so good. I’d love to see some pictures of your quilts – are they on your blog, too?

  • I know I’m a great mum (Aussie spelling). My kids tell me so frequently. My kids, as adults, still spent their holidays with us. And helped pay for them.

    I’m a great wife. I love my hubby and love doing things for him. I must be doing it right because he reciprocates.

    I’m a great internet marketer and getting better every day. Each new day brings something for me to learn, a way I can help someone else.

    I’m a fantastic friend. Things told to me in confidence stay that way. If I’m told something exciting, I hold it to myself until the rest of the world knows.

    I hold the door for people, allow them into the traffic in front of me and if I see something I like (a hairstyle, an outfit etc), I tell that person. I love smiling at strangers. They mostly smile back.

    Have an awesome day everyone. You deserve it. 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Wonderful Kathy! I do the traffic thing too – which in DFW is a big deal. Everyone’s in such a hurry to cut each other off. LOL

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