Sunday Vlog April 28th With 90 Day Warning

Hi everyone! Did my Sunday vlog check in but today I want to warn you off of doing something – and, tell you about two motivational quotes I heard at my son’s 8th grade banquet – quotes they got from others that are too good not to share:

Have a great week ahead!

Tiff 😉

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26 Responses to “Sunday Vlog April 28th With 90 Day Warning”

  • Shan says:

    Glad we”re allowed to be uneasy about the 90-day challenge 😉 I’m definitely uneasy!

    Thanks for the butt kick, Tiff.


  • The 13th? Oh boy! I’d better start getting my rear in gear now! LOL I’m excited about the challenge. I was working on my product this weekend, trying to come up with a title that sparks interest, but also speaks to a particular audience. Got a lot of research to do. Really want to know what people need. No sense in making a product that doesn’t/can’t help.

    Looking forward to more videos about the challenge. Take care and have a great week!

  • Hi Tiff, wow that auction thing is working really well for you. Good luck to the winner 🙂

    I have a feeling that my product will be based on one of my interests, rather than online marketing. This will definitely be a lot easier to create. I just have to be sure that there is a valid market with people who are willing to spend money.

    No good picking a niche where people want and expect everything for free.

    I got my weekly video done – still keeping up with it.

    Have a great week 🙂

  • Tamsin says:

    Hi Tiff

    Yeah I’m on top of my vlogs 🙂 Woo hoo!

    Will have to watch your vlog at home. The next challenge is coming rather quickly ….


  • Bonnie Gean says:

    Hi girlfriend! I’m home! 🙂

    Here’s my video for this Sunday.


    I hope to catch up this week with your blog. I can’t believe all the comments my blog has on a daily basis! Hard to keep up with 30 of them. How the heck do you do it with 80=?


    You’re looking spiffy today! Feeling better?

    • Tiffany says:

      She came back! LMAO! Just teasing 🙂 Just watched your vid and left you a comment.

      I do feel better thank you! Catching up is making me feel good.

  • I’m also looking forward to another Tiffany Challenge. I’m in the middle of a Facebook Fan Page one now (thanks Bonnie) and loving it.

    I’m learning so much from all these challenges and I feel truly alive when I’m learning. It also helps with my time management, juggling everything. 🙂

    It’s more than time I created my own product so this challenge will make me get onto it instead of telling myself I’m too busy.

  • Lisa Oliver says:

    Hi Tiffany

    I haven’t commented over the past month as I have been coping with the death of my father but thank you for the heads up about the challenge start date – I haven’t written anything at all for more than a month and hope that this challenge will help me get back into the habit again. I have an idea and am working on an outline which is the most productive I have been in ages.

    Thanks again

    • Tiffany says:

      Lisa I hope you’re starting to feel better 🙁 I know how I felt when dad was just in ICU so I feel for you ((hugs)).

  • Ruth Clark says:

    You are looking good, Tiffany. I just finished watching Craig’s video, the one in your email. Awesome coach. I watched several of his videos on his site. Then I came here.

    I’m terrified (no I’m not, I’m just nervous) about the 90 day thing. I already have an idea for a product. I’ll be terrified when we get close to the end. 🙂

    I have some tech stuff to learn (It will require video to do what I want) then it should be smooth. I hope.

    Craig said it’s okay if it’s not smooth, just do it! lol So that’s where you got it. That’s what you tell us.

    I don’t think my product will be of interest to anyone here unless they’re crafters.

    My blog is acting up-been on the phone with Hostgator twice today.

    But, the newsletter is finally published. Only one blog is featured. Patti Stafford is the star this week.

    Thanks for the long hours you’re putting in for us. We appreciate it.

  • Buddy says:

    Welly, welly, well. I have no freaking idea what kind of product to make. My passion is in internet marketing, Chinese health practices, and personal development/self help. That’s the stuff I write about on The Buddy Show. Maybe a newbie’s primer for blogging or something. In the dim future I’m thinking about a divorce survival guide but I’m still working on the survival part.

  • Buddy says:

    BTW, a big shout out to Amanda whose post on her blog about how to blog made me realize just how simple it is! Thanks Amanda!

  • Sandy says:

    I’m having problems with my computer. It’s on a go slooow, like I’m on dial up or something. Result is I can’t watch the video so have no idea what the warnings are.

    Can someone fill me in?

    In the meantime I’m frantically trying to find a topic for this project. The good news is that at least I’ve found a niche – yay.


    • Tiffany says:

      Oh sorry Sandy! It was basically a warning because some people were saying, “Well I’m just going to create this for your audience and see how they like it,” and I think that’s a big mistake. My audience will differ from anyone else’s – even in the same niche. There will be variations. And some people even in non IM niches said that to me – and I think they’re doing it for comfort, but you WANT to feel uneasy and uncomfortable to push yourself.

  • I am a little uneasy to make sure that I can create a product that will awe my readers. There are so many times where I have purchased other products and no offense thought I could have wrote this or knew probably 75% of the information already shared.

    So I am wanting to make sure the product really makes people excited that they purchased it.



    • Tiffany says:

      Forget about awe Eric. My products don’t awe – the help. That’s all you need to do – provide guidance. You might buy below your skill level – and ask yourself how careful were you during that process? Did you read every word of the sales copy to see what it was about, shop smart by looking for reviews – and even ask trusted marketers if it was a beginner, medium or advanced course? Sometimes the sales copy sucks and you don’t know – but when I know 75% of a course, which happens often, I’m grateful for that 25% worth of nuggets.


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