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Hi everyone! Before we get started, I want to thank Jenn for sharing what she did on her Special Needs Blog Post. It gave me the idea to make a video tutorial about the topic. So thanks, Jenn!

I made a video tutorial but below I also walk you through it. Okay LMAO – at the 3:29 mark the VIDEO makes a noise and it is NOT me. I swear on my kids. LOL! My kids are dying laughing with me. It’s technology I swear!!

Target Audience Blogging

Okay so recently, I announced that I had a disaster survival PLR pack ready. Jenn mentioned that she had bought the pack, intending to alter it and use it on a Squidoo lens. But then she realized that she could use it on her special needs website, which I thought was FANtastic!

A really cool, specific slant to use the content on.

It made me realize how much we DON’T do this. What we normally do, let’s take the example of acne, is go to a keyword tool, type in acne, and see results for phrases like “what is acne,” which is over 9 million searches. We blog about it, hoping to rank high. LOL!

Oh sorry, didn’t mean to laugh.

One thing I emphasize here in my blog is making the CONNECTION to your audience. So let me ask you which works best in this scenario:

A 40 year old woman, a 15 year old male, and a pregnant lady all land on your site for the “what is acne” phrase. In it, you’re promoting a “clear your acne” book.


The 40-year old woman lands on your blog post titled, “Best Acne Treatment for Women Over 40,” the kid lands on a blog post titled, “The best Acne Treatment for Teenage Males,” and the expectant mom lands on your blog post titled, “Best Acne Treatment for Women Who Are Pregnant.”

You’re promoting the same book in each one, but in the blog post that has a specific audience slant, the content talks just about them.

Which one do you think would convert better – generic and broad or specific audience slant?

I can’t say for sure, but as a consumer, I know which one I’d trust more. I want the one that resonates with ME – 40 year old Tiff who might have a pimple on her forehead and a video blog to make. Not the one size fits all audience.

Look at this blog here – we’re all needing “make money online” help, right? (just like the acne people all need acne help). But there are different situations – some of you are elder caregivers, some stay at home Moms or Dads, some laid off, some retired – and if I wrote a specific blog post JUST for you, it would affect you more than a generic “make money online” post.

So in the video I go through several example niches showing you how I do this with Ubersuggest and PLR Mini Mart (but you don’t have to use PLR)  – I go through diet, depression, and dogs – just to show you a wide sampling.

I dislike the audio in this file. I didn’t use my headset because my son had it in his room – I used my webcam, so sorry it sounds awful. Won’t do that again!

Tiff 😉

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26 Responses to “Target Audience Blogging”

  • Mathea Ford says:

    I do this for my renal diet site – predialysis, renal diabetic, and dialysis diets. They are all actually very different but when people start looking for information they start with “renal diet”.

    I have actually been thinking about creating a survey that helps people get to the right place for their needs.

    My husband, who helps me, gets mad on Amazon when people promote a “renal cookbook”. He had a rant one night about how not all renal diets are the same! And how could they promote that.

    I also think it’s about “going deep and narrow” in your work instead of “shallow and wide”. You will only scratch the surface and provide some help, but when you go deep and find all the info and learn the intimate details you can really provide the assistance that you want to for your target market. Another world opens when you “go deep” into the specifics.

    I would venture to say that acne for a 40 year old woman raises different emotions than a teenager. I am not worried about going to prom, but I am irritated and I probably have more money to spend.

  • Katie S says:

    I feel a “well, duh, of course you should do that” coming on. It seems so simple when you say it, but I was doing exactly what you described – the general keyword targeting.

    Knowing who your audience is and targeting them specifically would definitely make your site more personalized. Especially if you use PLR, which is usually written in a generic way on purpose.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    I am all over the dog ideas!

    Thanks for giving tips for different niches.

    I appreciate it.

    Mary Kathan

  • MamaRed says:

    So I definitely understand what you’re saying AND, drumroll for potentially dumb question alert. This is something that a) really explained something I haven’t known about and b) really got me thinking. I don’t have a “niched” site at the moment. I’ve been pulling my efforts into one site. It sounds to be like doing something like “Content repurposing for coaches” could be a title. Am I on the right track? Thanks for all you do!

    • Tiffany says:

      Well my site isn’t niched to a specific audience – the site itself can be broad, like mine is IM and blogging – but the individual blog posts you wrtie can be niched up for a specific audience. I’m doing this for my websitehostingfornewbies.com site – I have “how to create a website for a band” and “how to create a website for a church” etc. I could have just created a “how to build a website” single blog post but it speaks to the band or church better if it’s specific to them.

      • MamaRed says:

        That makes lots of sense Tiffany (by the way, do you prefer “Tiff” or “Tiffany?”). After I watched your video, it gave me some ideas to do some specific posts on repurposing (e.g., for coaches, speakers, etc). The core philosophy is the same, of course, and there are examples I can pull in.

  • MamaRed says:

    OH, and one more question (PLR Virgin here). When you graciously let us pick a PLR package from your site, I wasn’t sure about what to replace/not replace, etc. Anyplace for me to go read about that? I’ve stayed away from PLR because I didn’t want to put out schlock AND I didn’t know of a good resource likes yours! Thanks oodles!

  • Holy cow, thanks for the mention!

    Here’s the funny thing about that PLR, when I started writing the article, I thought I was going to use more of the info in the article, but then I got to thinking…..

    It’s THAT time of year and after reading a book last year called The Second After (I think) and watching Revolution on TV last year (it’s coming back in a couple weeks), I’m terrified at what life would be like for my daughter without her meds, support and pull ups!

    She wouldn’t make it for too long. Or I wouldn’t make it long because I’d have to protect her from herself or others.

    So, the ideas came to me based on my own experience.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    What a great idea on this post. I had never thought about that angle. Just fantastic. Take Care, Sam

  • Olive says:

    You are sooo right Tiffany. We forget to think of our audiences so often as we get carried away with our writing. I just posted a new blog but the amazon links don’t look right and I couldn’t wrap the text around the images. Then the font changed when I was in text mode and in visual it would right itself…maybe I hsould go to bed now. Thanks for the video on adding links and thanks for commenting on my cherry blossom blog. If you have the time do have a look and let me know what I did wrong. I am really enjoying this.

    • Tiffany says:

      Sometimes I have to cut and paste everything into TXT (not word) and then go back and cut and paste it into the HTML or text area (not visual). As for the text wrap, click on your image and there will be an edit area where you can choose left or center. I think that’s in that video too. Let me know if not.

  • Robert Mason says:

    WOW! Amazing!! Thank you, Tiffany and Jenn, for these great suggestions.

    My mind is buzzing with ideas, not just for this blog that I have started for the Challenge, but for blogs for other businesses that I am running.

    And thank you for mentioning Ubersuggest – that is new to me and looks very useful; in fact, I am already using it minutes after watching your video!!

  • This tutorial is awesome. That’s one of the main ways I find ideas for Zujava leaves and Squidoo lenses. It also works great on niche sites.

    The best writing comes when you have you’re thinking about your target audience and you’re writing specifically to them.

  • Carol says:

    thanks for the great tutorial, please make more of these tutorial about ultra specific niche.

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