The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 2

Hi everyone! Good morning πŸ™‚ I’ve been up since 3 working on some ghostwriting but also mapping out today’s blog post that I plan to do a bit. I haven’t written it yet and I’m going to pop in and see my Mom this morning, but I wanted to tell you a few things and I’ll be back for a video later – just want to get this up here for you guys to start posting day 2’s links:

a.) I am SO freaking proud of all of you. So many people fearing this just DID it. LOVE that about you. Fearless. I look up to you.

b.) A few rookie mistakes I’m seeing on many blogs I want to point out:

First, please make sure you have a social plugin on your site. I think mine is WP Socializer. You can use any one you want, but this is how your blog posts go viral and you get more traffic and list members.

I see some who either have no buttons, who have buttons that are hard to see (icons, not a drop down menu work best – and big enough to notice), and some who have buttons but not the major ones. You really want: Facebook, Twitter!! (that’s Β how I’m personally sharing you), Google Plus, and Pinterest at the minimum.

Second, enable your comments and check to see if it’s a deterrent. Some people have no comments enabled at all. You want social proof of activity on your blog and this challenge can provide that. Help you build an audience.

Some people have comments enabled but you basically have to do a dance and pony trick to get approved. Keep it simple, people. Name, email address, website. I use the free CommentLuv plugin – you can use anything – but some of them were massively annoying.Β CaptchasΒ out the gazoo, firstborn handed over – etc. LOL!

I get that you don’t want to have to deal with spam, but there are behind the scenes ways to do that – make participation FUN and easy, not frustrating and hard.

One other thing – one a few sites, the comment form and words were almost pure white – I could barely even tell there was one there. Very odd – no clue why, but fix that.

Third, make sure your post name is set in permalinks. Go to Settings then Permalinks. If it’s on default, then your URL is ugly – it looks like this: tiffanydow.com/blog/?p=123. Eeew. Instead, choose Post Name so that it looks like this: tiffanydow.com/blog/my-blog-post-title. This helps with SEO but it’s just friendlier for readers IMO.

Fourth, Is your opt in visible? A few people just had a text hyperlink. Nah – you need a big old freaking FORM on there πŸ™‚ A place where they can enter name and email right then and there. Mine is in the sidebar and below the post. I get tons of opt ins below my text. Kicking myself for not knowing that sooner.

Okay I’m about to take the kids to school, go see my Mama, and then come home and work! I’ll post my link later.

Note: Here’s my entry for day 2: Tiff’s Rules for Better Email Communication

Make it happen, Captain! Oh! And if you’re NOT on my list, get on it – I have the daily option (below) or a Weekly Tiff Digest!

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