The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 9

Hi everyone! It’s day 9 for me on the Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge. I cancelled my doctor’s appointment because Scarlett’s home sick so I wanted to take care of her and not have her running around all day. I do have to go to the store but I’ll do that in a bit.

No vlog today as I just feel too sleepy to even push the button. LOL! Not going to wear makeup, do a single thing to hair – nothing. So it’s text city, baby.

I did my entry for day 9 here: You’re Pregnant. Congratulations!

I wanted to talk about blog steps today. Just giving you my process. I’d love it if you shared your too – because remember, many people feel new or awkward at blogging and they might prefer to FrankenTiff or FrankenYourName their system and follow something that helps them blog better and more efficiently.

Here are my steps:

1. Figure out what I want to blog about.Β This could come from an email someone sends me, a book I’m reading, a forum post I read, my own head – whatever.

2. Create a title for it. I try to be somewhat catchy here and there – I don’t waste time on it because I’m not real witty but I’m sure not going to name it, “Product Creation.”

3. Jot down the main points I want to make. I’m not fancy here. I just know if there are a Β few points that I might forget one as I get into writing it, so I want a quick and sloppy outline.

4. Flesh it out with content and as I go, have my DepositPhotos.com tab open to find images that relate to the main points.

5. Post it, add the images, and make sure I add my Read More tag. I add keyword tags and categorize it. Then hit publish.

6. Double check to make sure it looks okay (no image too wide, etc). If I have time, I’ll proof read it.

7. Tweet it.

8. Google Plus it.

9. Facebook Fan Page it.

10. Add a link to it in my “Today’s Email” document where I compile everything I want to email my list about.

11. Check back continually to approve comments. I never wait until the next day to approve them all because you want social proof to help create a community feel – and you want interaction among your readers to grow. If there’s one thing I’ve found to be true, it’s that your comments here are equally, if not more powerful in affecting each other than my post alone.

IE: Β People posted about how they wouldn’t have been able to post positive things about themselves if they hadn’t already read the other people’s posts. My urging alone isn’t enough.

I wonder how many of you have done #s 7-10?

Do you just wait for visitors to socially share your content? Are you timid about emailing your readers? Because I’ve already told you and a few others did too – that we don’t subscribe to RSS feeds – we need to hear about your blog post via email.

Alright hope you all have a great day today! I feel happy – going to make some cozy Manicotti and a Wacky cake tonight to enjoy over this nice long weekend now that Spring Break is here!

Tiff πŸ˜‰

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102 Responses to “The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 9”

  • Mary Kathan says:

    I found this cool infographic that is a Cheat Sheet for all the sizing on the Social Media Sites.


    This was a good way to give great content without having to make the infographic myself – they wanted people to post it on their blog and even gave the html for it….smart by them.

    Mary Kathan

    • Tiffany says:

      Cool! Great Curation example Mary πŸ™‚

    • Tiffany says:

      You might even add some of your own content (like an intro about the confusion of sizing etc) and a closing by you too. Unless you’re short on time in which case a simple share works too!

    • Bonnie Gean says:

      Google just changed their cover size. You might want to notify the owner of the InfoGraphic, as he/she will need to update their graphic. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Mary. I love playing with photoshop and you sharing this will help me so much!

    • Marsha says:

      Hi Mary,

      This is a fantastic thing to share. Thank you so much. I’m starting to use images, and *gulp* will have my own pic up soon so having this at my fingertips makes life so much easier.

      I created a page on my site (mainly so I’d be able to go to it whenever I needed it) about it — but I made sure that I mentioned where I learned about it (here at Tiffany’s) and who shared it Mary @ your website as well.. so I spread a few links around. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Tiff,

    Thanks for the tips. I also posted tips on my blog about using power point slides as a way to re-purpose your PLR material.


  • Great tips Tiffany.

    Pardon the 1 day pause. Spent a couple of days worrying and planning. My husband was discharged from his union job. He’s going to fight it to get his job back.

    I wrote a blog about Cat sayings, poems and quotes. Does anyone have a special saying you wrote about your cat? Please do share. I’d love to hear it.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ouch! Good luck Cheryl! Cute topic πŸ™‚

    • Alex says:

      Cheryl – good luck to your hubby about his job.

      About cats – my mum used to exclaim, “Its enough to make a cat laugh!” – usually not about something funny, more farcical or unlikely!

      Best Wishes


    • Debi J says:

      Good luck to your husband on the job stuff. My other half just started a new job today.

      Cat sayings: I’ve always been in constant motion… SOME part of me has to be moving at all times. Mom used to tell all our family that “She’s antsier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!”

    • Marsha says:

      We had “conversation starters” on our name tags at work (I was a bank teller) Mine said: My cat owns me. Just about everyone had a cat or dog story to tell me and it usually made people smile.

    • Good luck to hubby getting his job back, most unfortunate situation, to say the least.

      I added a couple of quotes to your post, but in writing this it also made me think about how whenever I’m trying to organize something difficult I always say… ” Its like trying to herd cats”

      • Thank you Helene, Tiffany, Alex and any one else who wished my hubby well about his job loss. He’s filed a grievance with the Union, we continue on from there.

        Thanks for posting sayings on my cat blog everyone.

  • My post today is about getting focused in business. It’s something I struggle with all the time. It also talks about the re-launch of Kelly’s first ever product–The Power of a Focused Business.

    I have a dead link too. Better go find out why. Yikes!

  • Olive says:

    Thanks again Tiffany. You really have inspired me to keep writing everyday. I’m also in the ETR challenge to report on what I’ve done to improve my self (and others) …healthy, wealthy or wise and I do report that you’re keeping me on track with your blog challenge.

    I do tweet my posts but hadn’t thought about Google+ and I haven’t set up a Face Book Fan page. I do let folks on my FB home page that I’ve updated the blog. I’ve added that CouponAZON plug in ….the categories don’t exactly match so I stuck to “books”. It’s supposed to update automatically. Will let you all know if I have any success with sales. It should work well with some of the other categories like “health”, “baby products”, etc.

    I spent hours trying to add an affiliate link from Amazon into my posts to show a rpoduct relating to the Post. It wouldn’t “take” Any suggestions?

  • Ana says:

    I use Depositphotos.com too and really like them. They let you subscribe for 5 or 10 pictures a day, rather than paying for them one by one, and you can build up a pool of pictures on your hard drive if you don’t need them on that day.

    Sometimes a picture serves as inspiration for a post like it did today. Though the picture is not rude like you might expect with a title like this!

  • Sticking to my workload, chipping away at the pages to be loaded, only have 20 documents open on the desktop right now…

    Added a couple more pages today:



    Just banging away at it all.

  • Thank you Tiffany for more incredibly useful content! I especially love your point #2, being “catchy” with the title. Do you think that hurts your SEO impact, though? Nowadays I’m just putting stuff out and not obsessing about SEO. Got something for today’s post about the Amazon Kindle Singles – it’s a fascinating publishing angle, isn’t it! http://ematthewshelton.com/writing/kindle-writing/reacting-to-amazon-kindle-singles/

  • Katie says:

    My Day 9 post is here. It’s about giving yourself a break: http://www.iminurinternetmarketing.com/give-yourself-a-break/#.UTogGhyG3Xo

    My blog process is similar to yours.

    1) I come up with something to say based on something that struck my interest or something I needed to learn myself.

    2) I do research, if necessary.

    3) I write the post, stopping in the middle frequently to tend to baby/dog/cat/phone/etc.

    4) Paste the article into WP, paste in my aweber code at the end, and hit save draft because I’ve wiped out posts too many times by forgetting that step.

    5) Come up with a title if I hadn’t thought of one while I was writing. I try to think of something catchy and possibly something that has keyword-sounding phrases, but I don’t stress about that part.

    6) Skim the article for good places to put an image. I try to break up the text at regular intervals either with an image, list, header, or something. Hit save drafts again because, well, you know.

    7) Search photodropper for an image if I don’t have an appropriate on already. 7 times out of 10, give up and go to FreeDigitalPhotos.net or MorgueFiles.com (I’ll have to check out the one you mentioned).

    8) Check categories, add tags, add related posts.

    9) Schedule or Post, depending on when I’m doing this.

    10) Go back and add the “More” tag and update because I always forget to do that.

    11) I usually tweet posts, but I’ve fallen out of the habit of Facebook Page-liking them because I have no audience there and am not sure how to get one. I’ve just set up a Google+ account for my business, so I’m not in the habit of posting there, either. I need to fix this.

    12) Email out the link a couple of times a week. I should probably do this every day?

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks for sharing your process Katie! You don’t have to email daily. I pretty much do but I also offer a weekly digest option. But about 3 times a week minimum is good to me.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for telling us about FreeDigitalPhotos.net I had a quick look and love the site its ideal as the free pictures are a perfect size.

  • Edie Dykeman says:

    I do most of the points you listed, but I haven’t used that many images – trying to do more. Also 10. is a great idea and maybe that would prompt me to send out more email notices when I’ve posted.

  • Hi Tiff – OK, so I do all of the above points when I am putting a post together.

    The only thing I was wary of was sending the email each day. I am/was worried that this would be too much and people would unsubscribe.

    The stupid thing is, I like receiving your daily emails, so I suppose I have to think, why wouldn’t other people like to receive mine?

    Something to ponder.

    Got my post done early today so now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my Friday evening.


    Happy Friday Everyone πŸ™‚

    • Tiffany says:

      For some people it is too much. You just have to do what you want to do and possibly offer a digest version πŸ™‚ I’d like to get yours daily!

    • I think its good to offer a choice… anyone who wants to see every site update and blog etc can subscribe to the rss feed (like I do for Tiff) or subscribe to the ezine which is sent weekly.

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    I basically follow the same routine you do in writing, promoting, and approving comments.

    It works best for me in this fashion. Doing it the same day in and day out, helps. πŸ™‚

    Here’s my #10 post:

    I LOVE these results. I can’t wait to see what happens after 6 months has gone by. πŸ™‚

    Get well soon, Scarlett!

    • Tiffany says:

      Scarlett says thank you! πŸ˜‰

    • The spike in your traffic the past 90 days is very impressive indeed. But with participating in at least 3 blog challenges, and implementing the Chow training, all that work must surely earn you some traffic growth and Alexa ranking boosts!

      You have EARNED that traffic Bonnie – hope it grows by the hundreds every day for you.

  • Alex says:

    Well it’s been a slog yesterday and today but here is my Challenge Post




    – its on a new keyword tool.

    Tt is totally wonderful to see some of the “Challengers” commenting on the blog – makes it feel more real for sure.

    I am also doing an almost daily post on my health blog too but I haven’t been posting links to that.

    heck it’s Friday so why not…


    or here http://is.gd/kbsXf5

    Looking forward to a couple of days without blogging. Do some planning which is probably harder.

    Off now to read some Challenger Blogs!


    All My Best


  • Erika says:

    My post today is a random thought that comes up periodically for me and I’m sure for others as well. Great tips on creating blog posts!

  • Michelle says:

    I just posted Day 10! I just can’t believe its been 10 days of posting! This was such a Great thing for me to join. I am creating a pattern that I follow everyday. I make a list of my Top 5 things I HAVE to do everyday.

    1. list 13 items on eBay
    2. PLR because that is what I am doing now (Thanks to Tiffany and PLRATM!
    3.Blog Challenge of the day
    4. Post to Tiffany’s blog
    5. Broadcast Aweber

    How many days for this to become a habit. I think I remember Tony Robbins saying something like that back in the 90’s, I listen to him on cassette tapes… YIKES I’m old!

    Well anyway I am creating a Habit to follow and I am getting so much work done.

    Today in eBayland I am listing flatware and Freebie Friday…

    • Tiffany says:

      Cool Michelle! I’ve heard about that habit thing but I forget how long too πŸ™‚

    • Iris says:

      Hi, Michelle!

      I really need to go through tons of stuff and start listing them on eBay. I love vintage things and just hate to part with any of it but I just don’t have the room for it all. I am currently renting 5 storage units to hold all of my things since I downsized 5 years ago. At least 1/2 of that stuff needs to go SOON!!!!

      Do you have a special scanner you use to capture to upload images of magazines or paper products? I have some vintage patterns I would like to sell on Etsy and maybe eBay but my HP-Printer doesn’t do a great job of scanning the images.

      What do you suggest in terms of getting a crisp, sharp image of magazine pages and pattern covers?

      • Iris says:

        Oh, by the way, I saw a couple of things in your opt-in form (spacing and typos) I would like to bring to your attention:

        and everyweek get Valuble eBay Selling Tips, only availble to subscribers.

        You may want to reword the text to maybe read as follows:

        “Get valuable eBay selling tips weekly and FREEBIES only available to subscribers!”

        Of course, you can add emphasis on certain words by capitalizing the entire word or changing the font color so it stands out.

        Maybe Tiffany and other challenge participants can chime in and offer ideas on wording for your opt-in form.

      • Michelle says:

        I found that scanners are not the best for pictures. I have a cannon camera that we took wedding pictures with, but if you have an Iphone you can get great pictures with that as well.

        Most of the women that I know have a storage unit for there eBay Biz. So see you already are doing it, you just need to clean one out and put in shelves to store items that you list on ebay and that will be your store!

        Thanks for the tip on the type o’s, off to fix!

    • I have always told clients it takes 28 days to get a habit going well, but for exercise I believe 6 weeks has the body craving it and I love Tony Robbins! I too have some of his old stuff on cassette.

    • MamaRed says:

      Depending on which source you read, it’s 21 days to create a habit (and have also heard 30, but 21 days is the more common statement I’ve seen).

    • I have to get really into doing the eBay thing as I’ve been gathering up stuff I want to sell and convert into cash for my other projects.

      It seems that you really CAN have too much of a good thing, and I’m beginning to resemble a Hoarder to some people – lol!

      To develop a permanent habit you need to practice it without a break for 30 days, any less than that and it does not become an ingrained total auto-pilot habit, and much too easy to conveniently let slide, as you have to ‘think’ about doing it and ‘make the effort’ to do it and ‘remind yourself’ to do it, yada yada…

  • Lost some productivity with sick monkeys but I am back. Thanks, Tif!


  • Joanne Reid says:

    Here’s mine…http://geekgranny.com/setting-up-the-galaxy-tab-2/

    This has been fun exploring the tablet. I went and got the Kindle Single program too and am going to explore that on the weekend while making lists of blog topics so I can start getting some of them done ahead.

    Meanwhile, the best thing that has happened is that blogging this much this fast has loosened me up about blogging and being personal.

  • Another post done. Think am slowly finding my voice.

  • Trying to make #7 – 10 a habit!

    Two posts today, one just a short reminder by Dr. Suess http://www.workathomemarilyn.com/today-you-are-you

    And then the daily post – Work at Home Tip #7: Making Lists

  • Tiff I notice that my picture does not show up here but I have an author bio, any ideas why its not happening! Maybe I need to change my email address! lol Maybe I have anwered my own questions!

  • MamaRed says:

    Here is my entry today. Was “gonna” get fancy and put screen shots of each step and didn’t ‘cuz I had a chance to connect with 2 amazing people by phone! Both great connections to where I’m heading with my biz: http://mamaredspeaks.com/how-to-turn-your-signature-into-an-image-2

  • My blogging steps are about the same. I always outline everything before I write it so I don’t miss any important points.

    Here is one of mine for today!


    I also made some big changes in my direction on my video game blog and I’m going to write about that tomorrow.

  • Usually, I write when the thought strikes. I rarely use bullet points of organize my posts. I do that as I go along. I try my best to proof read before hitting the publish key. A bit of OCD in me. I usually add one photo which supports the title/topic of the post. I tweet, and share on G+. I try my best to respond to comments on the day they’re made.

    I try to think of things newbies are thinking. It’s been a while for me, but I can still remember the things I didn’t know. That is when I start jotting down questions people have and try to answer them. I’ve got about 12 post ideas for the next two weeks.

    Speaking of which, I need to get to work…..

    Here’s my post for Day 9: http://thenewinternetmarketer.com/why-you-need-an-email-autoresponder/

    Day 10 is also below.

  • Thx. Yes, everyone is better. There is sooo much good info in this challenge from EVERYBODY I feel like I need year to process it all! Thank you to everybody for sharing every day!

    • Tiffany says:

      I know me too – and life’s so hectic here that it sucks I can’t be really immersed fully but we go on, right? πŸ™‚

  • Michelle says:

    My post for the day is here. I’m giving all of you a plug on this post.


    Usually, I just look through the photos I’ve taken to get an idea of what to write about. There is always something around here to take a picture of.

    If I think of a subject at work, I plug in my USB stick and start writing a few lines. I save to the stick and have my idea and I can get back to work. Lunchtime is my time for doing this.

    I’d also like to thank all of you who’ve stopped by my blog. Take care.

    • Tiffany says:

      Aww thanks Michelle! I wonder if it’s possible to put the social share icons on those blogspot blogs – does anyone know? Id’ love to Tweet your pages easily for you.

  • Jeannie says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    I have been working so hard on client material I haven’t done anything for myself — I’ve got to refocus!


  • Jeannie says:

    Oh, and I bought the Kindle Single too– it’s intriguing!


  • Hey Tiff,

    Nice walk through of your steps to a blog post! I really like your style, and I am sure everyone is a little different here and there. Though, I know I can pick up and learn from other approaches.

    I am doing okay with the whole social media aspect, but do you do anything else such like bizsugar, blog engage, or anything else like that?

    Just wondering,


    P.S. maybe you could walk through how you write an email for your list just throwing that one out.

  • Debi J says:

    I’ve got a list of about 30 things that were coming to mind as I was planning for this challenge and figuring out what direction I wanted to head. I glance thru the list and see which one sparks something for that day.

    Then I just start writing. I used to work on an outline first but found it slows me down and I get thinking too much about the technical stuff and I start editing before I ever start writing…. NEVER a good thing when I wanna be “me”. πŸ™‚

    Once I’ve got something written, I go thru these steps:

    Add headings where appropriate for the people who like to skim posts for what they like.

    Preview to see where pictures will work best to break it up a bit.

    Hunt down pics, usually over at DepositPhotos.com and match them up to the conversation they’ll be next to.

    Place the pics.

    Edit, check for typos, add any other thoughts that I feel I missed.

    Finish it up with questions for my readers to respond to, a short note about the challenge, and my opt-in code at the bottom.

    Then I publish, Tweet, add to G+, Pinterest, and my List.ly account. I just set up a FB Fan Page today but I’m still figuring out how it works. I don’t want to post all my business stuff on my regular FB page.

    Add the link to my Weekly wrap-up file, which then turns into a few posts on Friday and an email to my list… finally!

    I was really off today and not sure why… didn’t get my Friday post done or my weekly post for DebiJ.com and I still don’t have my gift for my subscribers done (but at least have figured out what to do). It’s like I had so much to do that I didn’t do anything.

    I did get this week’s participant posts up on my site though. I added them to the right sidebar of my blog so that everyone can just link to it if they want the list from Week 1 or Week 2.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah outlines are tricky. If you get too detailed, it’s a time suck. If you jot down a few words, it works better for me. Just so I don’t lose track of my thoughts. I totally feel that way a lot – so much to do that I don’t do anything. Why IS that!? It’d make a great blog post.

    • Wonderful rant today Debi, and well founded. Got me thinking too.

      Hope your hubby got his confidence back and kicked butt at the next interview!

  • I seriously need to get better at 7-10.

    My post for yesterday is http://crystaltouchton.com/staying-focused/
    I just could not get it yesterday.

  • Hi Tiffany, here are my links to days 8, 9 & 10. They all went out on time, I just haven’t had a chance to put them up onto your posts. Having some life changing drama here, in fact the same drama you have faced personally recently.
    Good job I had been proactive & had them scheduled or they wouldn’t have been done at all. Ok off to do next weeks now.

  • Olive says:


    Thanks for the tips. I need to publicize my blog more.
    HELP…I’m having trouble adding my Amazon affiliate links to products I mention in my post. I have the Amazon code but it won’t “take” in my blog. When I go back to edit to add the links, I don’t see the heading for html and the link image in the dashboard doesn’t hilite. What am I doing wrong? It’s a WP blog.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hmm I’ll make a video. Question: Are you just trying to do a text hyperlink or are you trying to post the image too?

  • Olive says:

    I am trying to add both text and image. The text is really brief..just a short description. This is a waist money belt.

    Maybe there’s something wrong on my blog site. I did read that some Themes have a code one has to bypass to be able to add links but I never had a problem before. Most of the photos in the previous posts are images I uploaded from my own photo album

  • Shan says:

    I’ve done my Day 6. I meant to do it Sunday but was away Friday to Sunday so I did it first thing this morning. I missed it doing it!

    Oops! Didn’t do #7-10. Better go back and do them now before I get Tiffed! LOL

  • Shan says:

    Tinkered with WP Socializer – realized it wasn’t showing G+. Now it’s showing everything I told it to and at twice the size lol. Got no excuse not to share now!
    What’s a Facebook Fan Page? Is it the same as a business page or charity page?


    • Tiffany says:

      LOL! Glad you whipped it into shape Shan! I don’t know that they’re called “fan pages” per se – just a Page – and then you choose what kind, like person, business, etc. I think.

  • Chris Usti says:

    got another freebie that I can give to my list (haven’t set it up yet though)
    “Twitter Traffic” πŸ˜‰ thanks a million Tiff!!!

    and used a new “Blog Checklist” πŸ˜‰
    Amazing reminders for keeping my post today (and all future blogging) on the path to success
    I think it’s more of the commandments to blogging vs a checklist LOL

    today I also submitted my blog sitemap to google, yahoo and bing, thought it was about time for that step

    I actually don’t do all the recommended:
    Tweeted, Facebook’d, Google Plus’d and possibly Pinned my post before emailing it to my email list.

    I usually publish a post
    ping at pingler, upload a previously posted and now indexed article to goarticles (which auto tweets for me), put a summary of that indexed article on my “win traffic” lottery site and my wf blog that both point to my main blog to “read more” before emailing the post to my list

    I’m in the process of setting up a little series about backlinking and linking all the post together in one article

    Today’s post is the second post that will be in that mini series
    how to prepare link spam and eggs, quickly and easily

    I am feeling productive today but am still two weeks “behind” the pack, even though there is no such thing as being “behind” or anything per Tiff. Thank God, LOL

    So, no rest for the weary, off to day 10 … can I catch up and get 9 days done from now ’till Monday? Time will only tell.

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