There’s No Shame in Starting the Freebie Way – Gift for You

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s how some marketers try to get broke, desperate newbies to pay through the nose for their products and then hit them with the knowledge that the tools they’ll need to succeed with their “system” will cost a whole lot more!

I got my start on free platforms with no help at first. I used Squidoo to make lenses (pages) and promote my ghostwriting service. One lens on ghostwriting garnered me $10,000 in payments.

But you can use Squidoo for marketing anything and/or branding yourself as an expert. I used to have a full Squidoo course, but the rapid changes caused me to take it off the market because if a teeny step was altered, I had to revamp and relaunch – and it was a nightmare 🙂

So what I did was come up with a free 52 on Squidoo course. It shows you how to make 1 lens a week for 52 weeks and this is perfect if you can’t yet afford hosting or a domain or other tools.

Download it free here.

There are benefits to using “web 2.0” properties like Squidoo.

Here are a few of them:

– Branding yourself as an expert

Even if you dabble in more than one niche, you can often register for multiple free accounts on web 2.0 sites – one for each niche that you’re in. You’ll be able to build a comprehensive profile on many of them, give viral freebies away to your visitors, and brand your name or company as a leader in your chosen field.

– Backlinks to your websites

Squidoo and other social networks have a high Google PageRank. If some of that PR juice is passed on to you, then it works in your favor to create as many backlinks as possible. Plus, it just improves your odds that a potential customer will fall into your marketing funnel because you have more portals working to advertise your links.

– Selling opportunities (depending on the site’s rules)

Some sites frown on selling, so you have to be very subtle. Others allow open marketing. Watch to see how many links to a single domain the site allows for and track your results so that you can tweak whatever you need to in order to get better results.

Join the Squidoo community and introduce yourself to other lensmasters.

I have used it for years and never have regretted it to date.

Tiff 😉

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