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Hi everyone! I had no better way to title this baby – too many different things to discuss today. Tomorrow is Easter here, and my younger son, daughter and husband are all sick! It’s supposed to storm for days, too – so it’ll be an indoor egg hunt and I hope we don’t misplace and forget one.

I have to tell y’all something too before I get started with my IM stuff. My sweet, sweet neighbor next door – Don – got a piece of my beloved tree at the end of the road and he’s making me something out of it! How precious is he? I almost cried (okay I did) when his wife told me that.

Get this scary piece of news: The adjuster was here yesterday and the damage surveyors have determined that the tornado began dropping RIGHT next door! Then it lifted for a sec (at my house), started dropping again on the OTHER side of me, and touched down on my beloved tree at the end of the road when it finally landed for good. That’s why house was unscathed and both my neighbors had more severe damage. Whew!

Okay on to the marketing news!

1. Check Out My New Handy Dandy PLR Mini Mart Coupon and the New DLG

Up until now, Download Guard hasn’t had the ability to let me do coupons! So we were doing the $1 sales and all that jazz. Well Sam (love Sam) upgraded DLG and he let me take it for a test drive (it’s not public yet).

When you go to PLR Mini Mart, you’ll notice a new design sort of. I have to hire Oki to make me a proper header. But here’s what I LOVE about the new DLG – and there’s a perk in here for you!

  • I can do coupons!! If you add stuff to your cart and go to the checkout and where it says Discount Coupon, type in the word: TIFFLOVESME – and it will knock off 50% for you guys! Not sure how long I’ll keep it up so if it quits working, it means it will have expired. Maybe a week or so? (Make sure you click Apply Coupon after you type it in).
  • Another thing I love? It recommends things to you based on what you’re searching for or have in your cart! And it changes it on the pages. Wherever you see “You May Also Like,” it’s recommending something to you. It has it on the home page. Then let’s say I type in “relationship” into the search box…and I add the relationships plr pack to my cart. Afterwards, it tells me I also might like Online Dating. It does this on the checkout screen, too! As a PLR seller, this is AWESOME!!
  • More? Sure – it showcases my bestsellers! At the bottom of the screen on the home page it has three of my bestselling packs on there. I need to get images for my packs, I think. I believe it would look better with images on it.
  • Sam said he did this upgrade a lot with my customers in mind. He’s good like that! He also made the upgrade way more SEO friendly. I like this, too!

Sam said he is going to make this not-yet-public version available to my customers, so you can order Download Guard here and then get the upgrade from Sam!

2. Finished Ought to Be an F Word for All of Us

Oh this is a good one! Read this blog post about some really motivating stuff as an entrepreneur. I loved it!

3. Niche Monetization Efforts

Quick update on the niche Home and Garden site – I added another page yesterday for deep fryers. I used a different widget on the sidebar because the other one wasn’t showing deep fryers. It was showing other stuff. This one let me choose specific products, so I picked the top 6 items.

I also checked on my niche lenses I had created so I want to update you on those. I had another one delivered that’s broad for the home and garden topic. Everything else will be product specific. Here are some stats about these lenses, which were made last week I think – it’s all becoming a blur:

Presto Kitchen Kettle – 365 hits this week! Bringing Google traffic in for the keyword phrases “using the presto kitchen kettle” and “cooking with a kettle” (which I think is not relevant, but maybe?).

Shop Home and Garden Gifts  – my newest lens, which was transferred to me yesterday. It’s had 5 hits inside Squidoo. No Google traffic yet but it’s been 1 day.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 123 visits this week and bringing in Google traffic for “breville sous chef,” and “premium food processor,” and “breville sous chef quad blade” – nice! Love this progress.

Breville Food Processor – 113 visits from my email and inside Squidoo – no Google traffic yet.

Koolatron Coca-Cola Personal Mini Fridge – 91 visits and bringing in Google traffic for keyword phrases “koolatron cola,” and “personal mini refrigerator” – nice!

Webmaster tools tells me that my site itself is now being found for the homemade fries blog post and also now for “kettle electric.” I like that! But see, I haven’t seen any sales yet. I have seen some various home and garden items selling in my Amazon, but not the specific stuff I’m promoting YET – and that’s because my traffic is still low.

Sites like these take time to build (unless they’re your primary business – for me, it’s a side hobby). Once I have traffic, I expect daily sales and massive growth like have happened on some of my other niche sites.

4. More PLR Seller Lessons

I wanted to pass along the link to this PLR course – I haven’t read it yet – I haven’t had time with the tornado and sick family – but it’s by Ruth Pound, so I trust the source and the quality.

The reason I’m sharing this before I get a chance to read it is because it’s a dimesale, so price keeps going up and I want you guys to have a chance to get it earlier – and this is NOT an affiliate link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/574558-proven-insider-secrets-earning-full-time-income-writing-private-label-rights-amazing-reviews.html

Well y’all have a great Easter! Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday and we’re celebrating it tomorrow (I’m baking her a delicious caramel cake – she’s a caramel fiend like I am a chocolate fiend!).

Enjoy your weekend!
Tiff 😉

33 Responses to “Tiffany Dow’s Internet Marketing News”

  • Steve says:

    Don’t know if DLG has the ability, but I would find a ‘latest’ or ‘what’s new’ section very useful. I’m sure many of your customers are repeat visitor, so this would make great sense.

  • Cindi says:

    Hi Tiffany!

    That’s really cool that you will get to have a part of your tree forever. What a nice neighbor! Let us know what he makes for you.

    Great new DLGuard feature. I purchased DLGuard through your link last year. I wonder if those of us who did will get the upgrade as well? I have often wondered how to add product pictures through them also. I need to get busy putting more packs on my site. I’ve been slacking on that lately.

    Our prayers must have been answered with your storm situation. Thank God! How fortunate for you. I remember the tornado I was in 37 years ago took out everything around us, but left the house I was in pretty much unscathed. Whew!

    Tell your mom happy belated birthday for me. I want a piece of that caramel cake! I make myself a mug of coffee once a day with light whipped cream, topped with a drizzle of caramel and chocolate. The best of both worlds!

    Try and stay healthy! Have a happy Easter!


  • Minna says:


    I noticed one issue with the new DLG. When you do a search using the search box and it returns multiple pages of search results, if you try to go to the next search page result, instead you are redirected back to the home page at http://www.plrminimart.com/dlg/cart/.

    It’s ONLY when you do a search that it sends you back to the home page instead of the next page of search results. When you’re under one of the product categories, accessing the next page work fine.

    I tested it with multiple search parameters to make sure it wasn’t isolated and each search with more than one page of results sent be back to the home page.

    The coupon worked great. And I agree images would help the bestsellers and related items stand out more.

    DLG looks like a great tool. It doesn’t make sense for ghostwriting or a niche site though so I’m going to avoid purchasing it. (See I’m learning — only purchase what I need when I need it and not before.) 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    Wow! That was a close call with the tornado! Glad you are all okay!

  • Sandra says:

    I am working on my squidoo account these days, so I followed your links on the other email and gave you some likes.

    they look good.

  • Jay Piecha says:

    Hey Tiff, I’ll have to look into the new DLG. (Is the affiliate program capabilities there yet Sam or what??? 😉 )

    I could always use coupons with DLG, but I guess maybe you couldn’t with your “store”?

    • Tiffany says:

      Weird! I didn’t have that option or I couldn’t find it. LOL! And no, still working on the built in affiliate program.

  • Jay Piecha says:

    On “edit product” page, there’s a button at the top that reads “edit coupon”….you click that, create a coupon, then you can get code to use. Not sure if it could function with your store checkout or not though as I’ve never used a store set up


    • Tom Parker says:

      Hey Jay & Tiff – I think the difference with this upgrade is that the discount coupons now apply to the shopping cart instead of the original product. This makes managing the whole process a whole lot easier.

      Previously in DLG you could apply a single discount coupon against each product but you had to set it up on a product by product basis and you could only apply one discount per product.

      So with Tiff’s $1 sale, if she wanted to use discount coupons previously, she would have had to edit every product and apply a $1 discount code to each one. Then once the sale had finished she would have to go back into every product and remove the $1 discount code. This isn’t so bad for just a few items but if you’ve got 100s of items to edit then it’s quite a task.

      The new system will allow you to apply a single discount coupon to the whole shopping cart. So instead of going in and setting up a separate code for potentially 100s of different products, you just set up a single code that applies to the shopping cart.

      I personally cannot wait for this feature as it will make managing discount coupons a whole lot easier. I’m gonna contact Sam now and see about getting an upgrade :).

      I also forgot to mention in the last thread, that Sam’s one of the most helpful product creators I’ve ever come across online and an absolutely top guy. I purchased DLGuard last year and I was having a little trouble setting it up. Sam was actually on vacation with his family at the time but still responded to my ticket within 24 hours.

      Once we had it set up I had a few more questions about customising DLGuard as I wanted to go with a WordPress site design but use DLGuard’s shopping cart in the back end. I told Sam this wasn’t urgent and to enjoy the rest of his vacation and just get back to me whenever he had the time. Within 24 hours he had responded to me again with some custom patches to help me customise DLGuard the way I wanted.

      Absolutely amazing customer service and all while he was on vacation. Cannot recommend Sam highly enough :).


    • Thanks Jay! I use DLGuard too and had been wondering how to do a coupon. I’ll try that. Thanks for the quick how-to!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Tiff, what a wonderfully sweet neighbor you have 🙂

  • Fran Civile says:

    Nice neighbor Tif … I think he must appreciate your family as good neighbors! And you’ve lived there for so long!

    How great that your house was spared!


  • Tom Parker says:

    Hey Tiff – That was really lucky with the tornado for you. I hope all your neighbours manage to get their damage fixed soon.

    Did Sam happen to say when he plans on releasing the upgraded version of DLGuard?

    I can’t wait to get those coupons working on my site. I currently apply a discount code to each product but this coupon system will make the whole process loads easier :).

  • Edie Dykeman says:

    That’s good news about the DLGuard upgrade – I’ve wanted to use coupons as well.

    It’s interesting where traffic comes from, and good news that you are drawing traffic. As you know, the sales will follow.

    Have a great Easter/birthday party with Mom and family. Hope all are healthy by then!

  • Sue says:

    I have been using coupons with DL Guard for the last couple of months too, it is great! So not sure if this is another upgrade or not will have to check it out.

  • Kathy says:

    Hi Tiff,

    I think the good karma you earn with all you do for us took care of you when the tornado hit. Your ‘karma bank’ must be overflowing!

    What a wonderful neighbor, whatever he makes you will be something to treasure and pass down to your children.

    Hope the family are well enough to enjoy Easter and wish your mum a wonderful birthday with many more to come.

  • Mary says:

    Tiffany, I just bought and read through your ATM book. I’ll be reading it several more times — it’s great! I have been looking for a way to change my copywriting business, and this is the answer. Your book and videos are incredibly well done and helpful. So here’s a THANK YOU for doing all that work and sharing it with the world. I’m excited to start my PLR business, and I’ll be sure and thank you in a big, public way when it’s up and running.

  • Hi Tiff,

    When someone makes me something, it means the world to me. The fact that they just took their time and put their thought into it is awesome.

    Enjoy this great gift.

    Best Easter ever to your family,


  • Agneta says:

    Easter had me in a migraine grip but I’m back again. As usual. I hope you all get well soon.

    Angels take care of each other. They must have intervened and saved your house. They took the tree to allow your neighbor to show you he cares. Or something. Maybe. 🙂

    Great neibors are invaluable.

    DLGuard was awesome right the way it was. Got to get the upgrade right away. Looks really nice. Great job on the plr minimart. Tanks a lot for the heads up.


  • Tiff! WOW! Pretty crazy about that tornado! So glad you and your family were okay!! Sounds like you have great neighbors too. Very sweet.

  • Agneta says:

    On the images, maybe one for each PLR category/type of product. I think I’m going to have that. There’s not much of a point having one for each.

  • Sam Stephens says:

    Hi everyone,

    This is Sam from DLGuard – I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank not only Tiff, but all of you for your support with DLGuard.

    It’s your continued support and your feedback that allows me to spend my days working on making DLGuard even better.

    And it’s Tiff’s $2 extortion scheme that keeps me on my toes (more often than not, crying at my keyboard from hunger pains and total exhaustion, wishing Tiff’s voice in my head would allow me to sleep…even if only for a few minutes. A few sweet, blessed minutes of silence…)

    Anyway, I digress. Thank you all again (and please Tiff, can I take a break to eat some toast? I haven’t eaten for four days).


    • Tiffany says:

      I’ll have to think about it, Sam. I really want that built in affiliate program. You do realize it will allow me to be devoted only to you. I’ll have a torrid love affair with DLG forever and won’t need ClickBank or Jrox Jam or any membership tool. Well, I guess you can’t operate on fumes, so yes, go ahead and have a nibble of toast and water – but nothing more till I get my affiliate program, mister!

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