Tiff’s Hotseat By Peg Baron

I’m like everyone who is on Tiff’s list; I like to read her emails and blog posts. I’ve been following her, because like you, I appreciate her honesty and her smarts and Honey. 🙂 I read her reviews with interest and follow along to see how they work out for her. And yes, I also purchase the products she’s reviewing when they look like they’ll be a good fit with my online game plan.

One day I found myself, or rather, my product, Become a PLR Writer on the other end of one of Tiff’s reviews. Gulp. It was my turn to be on the hotseat! I did a quick mental scan of what I knew were sticking points with Tiff…

  • Sales page not over the top and smarmy? I think I’m good there but I reread it to be sure. Yep, no false promises. In fact, I probably lose sales because it’s not hypey enough by some marketers’ standards.
  • Good product? I sure hope so because I’m passionate about the topic and I feel like I can help people.
  • Honest and transparent marketer? I really try because this is certainly a sticking point with me too.

So I felt pretty good about my product, and I’m always here to help if someone has questions or gets stuck. Why was I feeling squirmy and anxious? Well, even though I’d been making consistent sales and the feedback had been positive, Tiffany held the power to immediately sink the ship I was cruising on. It made me feel as insecure as I did when I first started IM in 2007 or when I asked that cute boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance in, ahem, 1978.

If Tiff didn’t like the ebook then the sales would probably slow to a trickle, but worse than that, I’d feel like I failed people. And come on! What were the chances a competitor’s product would get a favorable review? I wonder if she understands her position as All Powerful Reviewer?

Okay, I found my big girl panties (as Tiff likes to say) and read the reviews one by one as well as the comments. There are two ways you can go when you’re on the review hotseat… the low road where you deny and argue every issue brought up, get defensive, stop returning emails, call your buddies in to support you and bad mouth the reviewer.

OR you can take the high road and first of all – listen – to what everyone says, then consider all input because they’re giving you GOLD and ideas on how you can make your product better.

This being on the opposite side of the whole review process has been quite educational for me. Feedback is valuable. Willingness to adapt is necessary. My thanks to Tiff for the exposure and the chance to grow.

Plus, I learned a HUGE marketing tip that I don’t think she even knows she taught me!

I’d like to encourage anyone who has never made a product to do it. While you might not know all the technical details or the marketing ropes, you do know enough about something to create a product around it. Then ask a marketer to do a review of it! Do, experience, learn from actually doing, and you’ll reach higher levels of success each time.

Peggy Baron

23 Responses to “Tiff’s Hotseat By Peg Baron”

  • Terry says:

    Good post Peggy,
    I bought your product to go along with Tiffany s PLRATM course. I got some gold nuggets from it and if anyone is on the ropes about getting it, get it.

    I’m new at writing plr and my stumbling block is doing research for the articles. Wished that would have been covered more in-depth in both of these products. Also, more information on out-lines.

    I’m hanging in there and will eventually get my plr store stocked.

    • Tiffany says:

      I left that out because I was working on Gathering and Structuring Ideas. That should help with your content 🙂

    • Peggy Baron says:

      Hi Terry,
      Thanks and good to know. What exactly did you want to know about research? Where to do it?

      As far as outlines, I do mine differently than Tiff does, but they both seem to work. I’ve read her Gathering and Structuring Ideas and I’m going to try it her way to see how I like it. She makes it look easy…

      Email me if you’d like, Terry. 🙂


  • Jan says:

    I too bought your product to go along with PLR ATM and have learned a lot from both. I’m still working on getting things organized on the site, but I feel sure I’ll get there. I refer back to both products when I get stuck or feel like I’m forgetting some all important step and they are very helpful guides.

    I truly enjoyed reading Tiffany’s reviews and followed along the entire time and if she pointed something out, I went immediately to look and see what she meant.

    Anyway, I can understand your nervousness. I’m not sure I’d want to be in her hotseat because she is, as you said “the all powerful reviewer.”

    You survived it well and that was because you did have a good product and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that. Keep up the good work.

  • Peggy Baron says:

    Hi Jan,

    You might not like me now that I’ve just critiqued your site! 😀 But seriously, I’m excited for you because I think there are some definite steps you can take now that will help get you to the next level.


  • Kathy says:

    A wonderful post Peggy and yes I’d be extremely nervous as well.

    Before Tiff’s review I’d never heard of you. However I now feel confident that your product will help me the way PLR ATM has and when the time (and finances) are right, I’ll certainly purchase it as well.


  • Peggy Baron says:

    Thank you, Kathy and good luck with your PLR endeavors!


  • areaman says:

    I have PLR ATM, Become a PLR Writer by Peggy as well as the Gathering and Structuring Ideas from Tiff.
    I feel fortunate because I feel with the 3 combined, I have the information I need to move forward as a PLR provider.
    For those of you who has not purchased these 3 three, I would recommend it because the two of them together made a heck of a product.
    What makes it better is if you know either one of these two, you know you have great information and you do not need to go anywhere else. Plus you don’t have to worry that you are being shortchanged. These are two quality individuals who sincerely want to help you get started as a PLR writer.
    In addition, I also want to recommend Peggy’s monthly newsletter. The only negative I have is that because I joined the newsletter in the second month, I missed the first month and I can’t get it without buying it separately. Sorry Peggy, I’m too cheap:).
    I hope many of you don’t take advantage of the wisdom of these two individuals because that leaves more for me…lol.
    Seriously, if you are looking at PLR as a revenue source for you burgeoning empire, then you seriously need to do what I did and get these courses.

  • Peggy,

    I have to admit I would have been shaking in my boots to have another PLR writer examine my PLR book.

    I have been searching for someone to take a critical look at my new site. Now I know I have not searched hard enough, because I have not made it happen. Having that extra critical eye can make a big difference.

    I found you book to be complete and a perfect business model for anyone that loves to write.

    • Peggy Baron says:

      Hi Sheila,

      I know you make beautiful and highly functioning sites, so I bet your new site looks amazing. However, you are smart to get a critical eye who isn’t married to it! 😉

      Thanks for your kind words about the ebook.

  • Adrienne says:

    Good post Peggy and heck, I’d be nervous too! Having someone review your baby can be nerve racking. But this too can be a learning experience right! Learn from our mistakes, improve things and move on.

    I haven’t purchased your product, at least not yet. But am really curious about your stuff. I do buy PLR material from time to time so I need to make sure to check out your site the next time I get ready to get something. That I will do!


  • Peggy Baron says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Good choice of words… your baby. I wonder if Tiff’s review would be so nerve-wracking if it was for a product I created but didn’t put my heart into or felt passionate about the subject? Hmmm.

    Do stop by and purchase PLR anytime! Of course, Tiff has really great PLR too. 🙂


  • Tiffany,

    Peggy’s comment on my blog led me to your site 🙂

    I’m new to all this stuff – affiliate, internet marketing, etc. I am currently looking for alternative money streams.

    I am glad I stumbled upon yet another site that I thinks will teach me a lot of things

  • Hey Peggy,

    Thanks for sharing what was going on behind the scenes. 🙂 I know your stuff is always good but I would imagine it was a bit nerve-racking to go through it. I have never seen such thorough reviews as Tiff’s!

    Tiff, you’re like Oprah. The Tiffany-effect. 🙂 Well deserved since you look after your subscribers so well.


  • Kathy Dobson says:

    Hi Peggy,
    Congrats on passing such a grueling test…

    Tiff’s blog is new to me but I can already see the kind of power she exerts with her reviews and will be paying more attention.

    As for me, you have already built your reputation with me as an ethical, honest marketer.

    Any book or product you put out would be considered by me for these reasons (I have bought previous products of yours so I already know their quality) and although
    I have not yet read your new PLR product…but I love to write and I am curious. 😉

    Loads of luck with it!

  • Peggy Baron says:

    Thank you, Kathy! That’s so nice of you to say. 🙂

    As far as Tiff’s blog goes, its a community of people learning, experimenting, and sharing and I’m glad to be part of it.

  • Hi Peggy:

    It really feels like an exam and though you know everything on the topic, but inside you it feels like you do not anything and how will you answer all the question. Oh no I have to pass with flying colors. And after all the nervousness, the result came and you passed with flying colors.

    Now you have proved to have more advanced skills than before.

    Peggy I am proud of you and you should be too, as you got what it takes to be an outstanding business girl with your effort and insight.

    Keep up the good work

    Fran A

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