Types of Web 2.0 Tools for Social Networking

If you’re still getting your feet wet with social networking, you might be wondering what the different types of social networking tools are available. Even if you’ve been working at social networking for some time, you might not be aware of everything that’s available. So here’s a run-down that will help you become familiar with what Web 2.0 tools are available to you for your social networking efforts.

Let’s start with a quick list:

There are blogs, microblogs (like Twitter), networking sites such as Facebook, wikis, niche forums, article directories, and sites that let you build your own mini-sites such as Squidoo. Each of these Web 2.0 social networking tools does something different, but they have one common theme – they help you connect with others who have the same interests or share similar goals or work in the same industry.

Blogs and microblogs allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with others. They also invite others to share their thoughts with you. Wikis create groups around the idea of creating a community source of information on a topic. Facebook and similar sites allow you to find people worldwide who share your interests, start groups and share information.

Niche forums, article directories and Squidoo pages let you share your knowledge about a subject. Each of these social networking tools helps you to build your reputation as an expert and to market your personal and business brand.  Every one of these tools and more can be helpful in building a strong marketing campaign that will help you grow your business and gain credibility across the globe!

Tiff 😉

2 Responses to “Types of Web 2.0 Tools for Social Networking”

  • Morning Tiffany,

    I’ve been meaning to subscribe to your Blog’s RSS feed for ages … and finally, yesterday I did! Now when I power up my email (I use a Mac) I can see (right in my email inbox) if you’ve got anything new on your blog. How cool is that?

    Anyhoo… todays’ post – social media. I thought I’d add my 2-cents to the conversation and just say this “the tools don’t make the master” and what most folks get hung up on is trying to learn what tools to use.

    The reality of it all is that the WHY is far more important. Twittering or Facebooking or any using ANY SM platform is potentially a waste of your time *IF* you are not developing and broadcasting your messages as part of an overall marketing strategy.

    Success in marketing (specially online) is not won with technology so much as it is one with the psychology. Let me give an example:

    Tweeting about what you had for breakfast (the common argument I hear) is not much point unless it was congruent with your overall persona, the prior messages you’ve been sharing, and perhaps inline with the fact that you are involved in publishing information about food health and wellness… THEN is makes sense. It supports and moves the marketing messages forward.

    Bottom line is this, the tools need to support the message/marketing and as I’m fond of saying … “to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail!”

    Have a great day,

    ~ James

    • Tiffany says:

      You’re right on James – the site and strategy all differ and then it depends on your niche, etc. lol Lots of elements to nail down.

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