Use Keyword Results to Create Article Ideas

Hi everyone! Feeling a teeny bit under the weather today but am working anyway of course 🙂 Someone who is taking the PLR ATM course from the Angel Fund (forgot to tell y’all about that – happened last week, so thanks for your donations) had a question about how to get article titles when they type in a phrase like “affiliate marketing” into the Google keyword tool and they all basically look like they want to know “what is affiliate marketing. ”

So I typed it in myself and I wanted to share the lesson with y’all. While it might look from the start like the phrases are all alike, there are subtle differences that will allow you to create different slants for your articles. Now in PLR ATM I tell you that your keyword phrase can be the entire title, but it doesn’t have to be at all! You can add words or turn it into an entire sentence.

Look what I would create for a pack on affiliate marketing when I found several different keyword phrases in the tool:

what is affiliate marketing – would explain the concept of you being an affiliate for a tangible or digital store, how you get paid when you promote, etc.

affiliate marketing how to (guide) – steps for being an affiliate like 1. find a product to promote (what to evaluate about it), 2. write up reviews 3. put them on article directories or blog, etc. (The guide in parenthesis is the word I would add to the title)

affiliate marketing programs – a run down of the different ones – clicbank paydotcom, commission junction, share a sale, amazon, etc.

affiliate marketing software – cover some software out there…like WP Robot

affiliate marketing money – whats possible? how to tweak conversions for more money? how to add on promotions for increased income?

affiliate marketing tips – some dos and don’ts like don’t get your account banned for breaking the rules, do build a list even as an affiliate, etc.

So yes, basically all the phrases want to know how it works (except the software one) but you have to know or educate yourself enough about the topic to be able to see various slants you could use for the articles.  Let’s look at it another way. Let’s take ONE keyword phrase: “what is affiliate marketing” and let me show you how to answer that five different ways.

what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way to leave your job and be a work at home parent, discussing all the perks of being your own boss.

what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way to grow financial stability in your life, discussing all of the monetary benefits of promoting for someone else, like no product creation overhead – promotion only.

what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way to break into online sales without any expertise, since that burden is shouldered by the product creator. All you have to do is have good reviewing skills, and explain how to size up a product.

what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way to conduct research on what your target audience responds to. By promoting as an affiliate, you’ll see what type of sales copy converts, which slant of a topic the audience responds to best, which ones get the most refunds, and then you can break into the niche as a product creator with a better understanding of your niche and audience.

what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way to earn prizes and extra perks online. Talk about the affiliate launch prizes – cash, iPads, etc. Discuss how when you get to be known as a top affiliate, you get invited to promote FIRST – before average affiliates, so you get to rake in more money.

So just because a search took returns similar words, it doesn’t mean your slants have to be identical. I hope this helps!
Tiff 😉

25 Responses to “Use Keyword Results to Create Article Ideas”

  • Tiffany H says:

    This helps a lot…thank you Tiff for this post!

  • Jim says:

    I just clicked on your Bring The Fresh ad and low and behold, I thought I was back at the Rich Jerk all over again. Pictures of mansions, cool cars, pools, jets, and fast women.

    You sure you want to be promoting all that BS?

  • Jenni Johnson says:

    Great “angle” for keyword use. Thanks Tiffany!

  • Fran Civile says:

    Thanks for those suggestions Tiffany! Good ideas for several blog posts.


  • Kater says:

    You are a concept machina. I love the way to tweaked 5 titles into 5 different slants. One thing that helps me create titles and the supporting content is to create the person I’m writing for. Am I writing to a mom who wants to make some extra cash sharing tips, or a shop owner wondering how to fire up stale sales or a person who is looking for a new career. Then I give the person a name. Sometimes the character is someone I know. It helps to drill down to the actual persona to create content that fits the audience. Did you teach that tip? I don’t recall.


    • Tiffany says:

      good tip Kater!

      • Latha says:

        Hi Tiffany, I used to use thinking like a customer and addressing her needs approach before for affiliate products.
        But the way you have approached this subject is a total new appraoch for me. For things related to stuff like technical terms I would just state them. This article gives me a total fresh perspective.
        BTW I went to the link you sent me (on warrior forum) and yes I must say that you have sparked a new way of thinking.
        I had a question – I have been through your free download on 52 squidoo lens.. Is this approach still working for you? Some of your websites are up for sale and I was wondering if this business model was still viable. Also, I get through to your youtube channel.

  • Tina Golden says:

    Excellent post, as usual, Tiffany. People tend to get some sort of mind block when it comes to this stuff. I have shown people where I can come up with at least 10 completely different articles from one keyword and can often come up with 20 or more. And I don’t mean rewording one article… lol.

  • Edie Dykeman says:

    I can usually come up with titles, but struggle with coming up with more than one slant. Your examples really helped a lot. Thank you!!!

  • Ruth says:

    Thanks Tiffany,
    I want to be the best I can be. That’s why I follow the winners, like you. I’m in no hurry to make an unethical idiot of myself. I’m leaning a lot from you and others like you. You don’t pull any punches and that I appreciate! Don’t like “yes”people unless a “yes” is warranted.

    • Tiffany says:

      I’m glad you’re cool with it Ruth. Had 1 unsub today who didn’t “like my tone and thought I felt superior. LOL! It’s not about that. It’s about not mincing words, which cause confusion.

  • Alice Coaxum says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Hope you feel better. Good tips. Keyword research really helps me when coming up with titles for articles. I like how you showed that one article title can be presented several different ways.

  • Kathy says:

    Yet another genius post Tiff. I can see I need to boost my brain power, I’d take a week to come up with those different slants on the same keywords. I’m like Kater, I picture the person I’m writing for and it’s different for each niche.

  • Amanda says:

    Always love reading your posts! You bring great ideas and tons of creativity to the table every time!

    I sometimes struggle to come up with creative ideas… So I’ve tried to come up with a few methods to keep my brain thinking creatively.

    When I want to write a 5 article PLR pack, I write down at least 10 general titles. Then I go do some more research, reading forums and blogs. At this point I try not to touch the topic until the next day.

    I ALWAYS have new and creative ideas at this point.

  • Nayan Mandal says:

    I am writing at least one article each day for my PLR site that I plan to launch soon.

    I have been following the way you have shown here in a smaller scale. However, your idea is a goldmine, I have to admit.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Sam says:

    Great information on how to use the keyword tool in finding titles of articles to write about. I would also like to Thank each of you who have been praying for the heart surgery of our granddaughter to be successful. We were just notified by the hospital that she is in surgery currently. Thanks for all your prayers. We sincerely appreciate them. Also a Special Thanks to Tiffany, as she has been very supportive.

  • Jay Miller says:

    Hi Tiffany,
    I never thought about this idea before. I used to write articles solely based on the main keyword. But this article has given me more ideas to write my articles.

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