Vlog Challenge Day 24

Hi everyone! Today’s vlog answers one of the questions you guys submitted to me that is: “What are your best sources and methods for researching “hot topics” to create products, books, blog posts, etc. about?” Watch the vlog – there’s a part under the vlog in bold where I did not have that text in the video.

Before we get started, I am thrilled because my husband – after I told him my computer told me I didn’t have much memory when installing Dragon Naturally Speaking – said I only have 1 Gig!?! That’s not much at all! So he said he could upgrade me to 4 Gigs. Yea! And he said my computer would be much faster. Can’t wait – so he’s going to get that today.

Now on to the question. Here’s how I research for everything I want to do as far as coming up with ideas and then researching and planning:

1. I do it on what I already know I enjoy. If I know I like Squidoo, I write a course on it because others will like it, too.

2. I do it on what I know is right. If I see shady stuff happening, then I’ll create something that teaches the right way to do things.

3. I do it on what I don’t see others doing enough of, that they should. Video blogging – I noticed not enough people do it, so I’m creating my course now. Branding. That’s another thing I don’t see enough of. Personalization. Another thing nobody seems to know how to do.

4. I do it based on what’s in the news. FoxNews.com, Cnn.com, newspapers and magazine covers – just a glance will show you what’s being talked about around the world. Jump on it.

5. I do it based on what I read in forums. I can go into a marketing forum and see what people need to find answers to – and voila – a blog or product is born.

6. I do it based on what I read on Quora. This is one site I haven’t really mentioned to y’all although I know many of you are already on there because I see you there ;) This is a Q&A type site – better than Yahoo Answers – it seems to be frequented by higher thinking adults who give much thought to their responses. So in the video I give you examples of what I see on Quora and how I’d use it.

As for in depth research once I get an idea, a lot of it is gained from the following (this isn’t in the video):

1. Personal experience. I don’t just write about stuff, I experience and share – even if it’s new to me.

2. Books. Good old fashioned books – I get about 5-10 resources and educate myself about what I need to know as exhaustive as humanly possibly for me.

3. Competing products. You ALWAYS want to know what your competition has done – NOT so you can rip them off – only losers take that approach – but so that you can offer something BETTER.

Tiff :)

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