Vlog Challenge Day 24

Hi everyone! Today’s vlog answers one of the questions you guys submitted to me that is: “What are your best sources and methods for researching “hot topics” to create products, books, blog posts, etc. about?” Watch the vlog – there’s a part under the vlog in bold where I did not have that text in the video.

Before we get started, I am thrilled because my husband – after I told him my computer told me I didn’t have much memory when installing Dragon Naturally Speaking – said I only have 1 Gig!?! That’s not much at all! So he said he could upgrade me to 4 Gigs. Yea! And he said my computer would be much faster. Can’t wait – so he’s going to get that today.

Now on to the question. Here’s how I research for everything I want to do as far as coming up with ideas and then researching and planning:

1. I do it on what I already know I enjoy. If I know I like Squidoo, I write a course on it because others will like it, too.

2. I do it on what I know is right. If I see shady stuff happening, then I’ll create something that teaches the right way to do things.

3. I do it on what I don’t see others doing enough of, that they should. Video blogging – I noticed not enough people do it, so I’m creating my course now. Branding. That’s another thing I don’t see enough of. Personalization. Another thing nobody seems to know how to do.

4. I do it based on what’s in the news. FoxNews.com, Cnn.com, newspapers and magazine covers – just a glance will show you what’s being talked about around the world. Jump on it.

5. I do it based on what I read in forums. I can go into a marketing forum and see what people need to find answers to – and voila – a blog or product is born.

6. I do it based on what I read on Quora. This is one site I haven’t really mentioned to y’all although I know many of you are already on there because I see you there 😉 This is a Q&A type site – better than Yahoo Answers – it seems to be frequented by higher thinking adults who give much thought to their responses. So in the video I give you examples of what I see on Quora and how I’d use it.

As for in depth research once I get an idea, a lot of it is gained from the following (this isn’t in the video):

1. Personal experience. I don’t just write about stuff, I experience and share – even if it’s new to me.

2. Books. Good old fashioned books – I get about 5-10 resources and educate myself about what I need to know as exhaustive as humanly possibly for me.

3. Competing products. You ALWAYS want to know what your competition has done – NOT so you can rip them off – only losers take that approach – but so that you can offer something BETTER.

Tiff 🙂

17 Responses to “Vlog Challenge Day 24”

  • Bonnie Gean says:

    Hi Tiff,

    Some great ideas here for finding topics to talk about. People can brainstorm to find topics to talk about on their blogs.

    Just do a brain dump on paper of all the things in your brain that you know and then figure out a way to tie that knowledge into your niche…

    Here’s my vlog today, where I disagree with almost every Guru online. LOL

  • Minna Bryant says:

    I will absolutely be back to watch. Here’s the link to today’s video.


    I’ve still got sales letter work to do! 🙂

  • Iris Johnson says:


    Thanks for running down some of the steps you take for researching topics. How long does it take you, on average, to research and complete the final draft of a blog post for one of your sites or for Squidoo?

    I love to research but I have to MAKE myself stop so that I can begin putting my thoughts on paper to get the blog post done. I’m about three weeks behind on blog posts for my main blog.

    I wish I could be as prolific as you when it comes to churning out content.

  • Debi J says:

    I’ll have to go check out Quora…sounds familiar. I get lots of ideas from many of the places you talk about. It’s getting the ideas from my head to paper that’s not connecting right yet. 🙂

    Oh, got one up that won’t make you nauseous! Must remember to put the info under it that I talk about IN it…one more step!

  • Forums and magazines are my favorite for coming up with article and product ideas. Most of my Kindle books were based off of ideas I got from magazine covers. The covers tend to be more helpful to me than the magazines themselves, so sometimes I’ll just Google magazine covers!

    Here is my vlog for today! I talk about how I’m giving away a free copy of Squid Pro Quo, with Erica’s permission, over on my site and my December PLR sale.


  • Love the tips. I’m very excited this morning because I checked out my amazon affiliate account and found out that I’ve made some money from one of my lenses! It’s a lens I didn’t think was very good either.

  • Jenn says:

    First of all, you said something I have to take you to task about. You said you don’t think $20,000 a month will be for you. Are you limiting yourself or God? Our words have power. The Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. My hubby says “Speak what you want not what you don’t want”. $20,000/month is nothing for you to make over time as you continue to build. Don’t sell yourself short Tiffany! That’s just my little 2cents. Ok now that’s over, moving on. lol

    I am off to check out Quora. Sounds interesting. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Joanna says:

    Just 4? If your hardware can handle it RAM is so cheap these days (and makes such a huuuuuuge difference for performance) that you might want to see if you can fit 8 or even 16GB in there.

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