What Do I Have to Say That Hasn’t Already Been Said?

Hi everyone! Today’s lesson is a common one where many people want to go into Internet Marketing (whatever niche) and get down on the whole process because they keep feeling like they won’t be unique enough. Why would someone want to buy your product?

So let’s talk about that. Here’s my vlog and then text below…

Here’s what I have to say about this dilemma:

Let’s Get Real First

A marketplace is a marketplace because there’s competition. Who the hell wants ONE seller to buy from? I don’t want one car to choose from, or one burger or one design of house. I want a plethora of options – I love choice!

When it comes to info products, I never, ever, ever EVER buy just one product. Not with motivational books, Amazon tutorials, Squidoo guides, – NOTHING. I buy many.

Each one has a different nugget in it for me that I pick out, dust off on my shirt, and stick in my pocket to add to my treasure box later. That treasure box houses every bit of knowledge I’ve amassed over the years since I’ve been doing this.

Every teacher teaches the same basic information – how to succeed on Amazon. But they all have slightly different ways to teach it. Take Squidoo for example. I teach it a different way than Erica does – but I liked her research methods.

Imagine if I only ever took ONE course on a topic. I’d be pretty stagnant. When I was pregnant for the first time, I had a stack of pregnancy books. I don’t just want ONE book. And I found that sometimes, even with a good comprehensive fact book, I didn’t enjoy it as much as another one that was maybe less thorough. Maybe the author had a better personality.

Look at what happened with my own personal self help crap yesterday – Craig sent me links to a female speaker who did NOT resonate with me. It was her voice, her delivery. It turned me off. Yet Tony Robbins or Craig can say the same type of thing and BINGO! I absorb it.

You have to feel likeable. Everyone has an audience that likes them better than they like other people. Even me. And some people look at you guys and think, “Oh she’s so annoying, how can you even VISIT her blog?”

You’ll have that too with your products. People will want what YOU have to offer. Because of your style. Because they found a nugget in your book that someone else didn’t have OR didn’t explain the same way – and your way clicked with them.

Logically, I’ve just explained to you why buyers don’t just buy one product. And you’re probably still sitting there wondering how yours will be any different.

Well you don’t plan to buy someone else’s product and rewrite it in your own words, do you? Because then you’re a scumbag and I don’t have scumbags here. So that can’t be it.

You aren’t acting phony and trying to act like someone else’s personality, are you? You’re going to use your own language and personality, yes? Because if so, then your product will be 100% unique.

Mama Red (with her fabulous Southern lady style) could teach blogging in a different way than Buddy (with his prime time coast to coast flare) who would teach it different from Yoan (with his fun, gossip, full of laughter ways).

Think about my Ghostwriting Cash product. I not only teach “how to build a ghostwriting business,” but I teach you the scumbag tactics buyers will use on you – and how to turn the tables and protect yourself. Another ghostwriting course might be less blunt and “exposing” and more educational.

One more thing. What if you’re the FIRST person someone encounters with this information? Ever consider that? Maybe they don’t have anything to compare it to anyway.

Homework to Get Over Your Excuses

To me, the fear (and yes, I once had it too) of needing to make sure you’re unique to everything out there is just an excuse.

1. Think of a topic where you have either bought several products or studied different blogs. It could be how to make money on Squidoo, how to blog, how to make money with AdSense, how to lose weight, how to get over depression – anything!

2. Write down the list of those people who taught it – authors, Internet Marketers, bloggers, etc.

3. Beside each name, I want you to say what it is that you liked about that particular person’s lessons. It could be their sense of humor, the way they detail everything step-by-step, the format they use to teach, etc. Notice how they all bring something slightly different to the table – even when they all are teaching basically the same type of stuff.

4. Now, if you have a product idea, I want you to list your name along with a few of your competitors. They could be product sellers or bloggers – whatever. Write down differences that you know of between yourself and them.

  • Do you use video and they don’t?
  • Do you have a blunt, honey badger attitude and they’re soft and mild?
  • Do you plan to give extreme step-by-step screen shots and detail and they’re more “overviewish?”

When you get into the product creation process, you’ll see that you CAN set yourself apart in delivery and style – and there will ALWAYS be some nuggets that you share that others don’t. Sometimes you have to do the exercises like the one above to realize that you are unique.

Hell, I have a PLR course but I loved taking Peggy Baron’s course, too because she taught it differently! We all can learn from each other.

Tiff 😉

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31 Responses to “What Do I Have to Say That Hasn’t Already Been Said?”

  • Shan says:

    Hi Tiff
    Thank you. I get a gold nugget of confidence and “I CAN DO THIS” each time you do a post like this.


  • Buddy says:

    Aw shucks. Thanks for the mention but more importantly, thanks for the comparison because now I’m going to follow Mama Red and Yoan because I want to see how they do it differently than I will. And in those differences lies the magic.
    With my last breathwork article finished I’m now going to focus on IM.

  • Jennifer says:

    I recently took 3 different courses that taught solo ads. I took the information from all of them and then started to apply them. See my results of how I got my first 100 subscribers in just 2 days in my latest blog post.

  • People get too distracted that there is ACTUALLY competition, that they convince themselves it’s not worth the effort and never take action.

    I see this too often with students of ours, where they don’t give themselves enough credit to establish a unique brand in a competitive marketplace.

    Every single business in existence has features it fails to deliver on or could do better.

    Do u have to be the next Walmart? No….

    But you can find the weaknesses of both the smaller and large competitors and exploit them.

    What is your spin…. backed up by your passions/drive/and good research and you have the recipe for a potential successful venture.

  • Oh, is it me the “Yaaawwwwnn””?? Lol! The funny, gossipy one?? LOl! Nearly there- it’s YOAN(YO and then pronounce it ANNE)! Yes, I have altered my name on FB because I don’t want to be found out and FB is quite private for me! Still more or less the same pronunciation but you add the “H”! Thanks for the encouragement! We’ll see if my product is funny but one thing’s for sure, it’s not going to be politically correct! Mouahahaha!!

  • I know I always buy more than one course. I bought your Squidoo guide even though I had already gone through all of Erica Stone’s. Early in my career I bought PLR ATM and Become a PLR Writer. Since then I’ve picked up 3 other PLR courses and each taught me something new.

    I still worry that my courses won’t be unique enough but I’ve been getting over that lately. I had someone read over my rough draft yesterday and they said they found some tidbits they hadn’t read anywhere and that my guide had a different feel than the others they’ve read. It made me feel a lot better about releasing it.

  • Mary Kathan says:

    There are so many different types of people in this world and they all like different things presented differently….

    I agree – the same topic can be done in different styles and be very popular with different sets of people.

    Mary Kathan

  • You can always learn and you must continue to learn. Though, I believe it’s very important of who and where your learning your information from. I always say I don’t want to take diet tips from someone that’s over weight, I have also hear this one…you should not take financial tips from someone that is broke!

    It’s the same way I am needing to learn from someone that has a teachers heart, that has been there and done that, and someone that has experience. Not necessary all the answers, but someone that truly teach what has worked for them.

    Your posts always spur some great thoughts!


    • Tiffany says:

      I fluctuate on this Eric. With weight loss, I don’t mind learning it if it’s worked even a little for someone (but they’re still overweight) because I can then apply it in my own way and make it work. I don’t mind learning how to make money on Squidoo from someone who earned $5 because whatever that one little trick is that converted, I might be able to take it farther.

      BUT… a few years ago my husband and I went to a marriage counselor and I hated her – turns out she’d been divorced 3 times. Now if she was now in a loving relationship that was working for her, and she’d finally figured it out, I’d have been fine – but no, she was a sour mean single bitch LOL! So we never went back to her.

  • Robert Mason says:

    I know what you mean, Tiff. I have bought many books about personal development, and each one has a different take, a different point of view, and they are all thought-provoking! If we only bought stuff that we knew we would like, we’d never get to see different perspectives.


  • yes, we all buy more than one guide in a subject when we are earnest about wanting to learn all the angles about it.

    I apply that principle in publishing my current health and beauty books. Of course there are more books available, but my books are one week 7 step solutions to people’s problems.

    Have been telling people and posting about the upcoming challenge – you are definitely about to increase your readership from this one!

  • Ana says:

    I loved this exercise. I have a huge library of books and material on dating, relationships and marriage and I’ve been wondering about where the gaps are. And suddenly you made me see – I am the gap!!!

    OK, you have one more ready for your challenge. Thanks!

  • MamaRed says:

    This is my post that also announces my Pinterest 123: Plan | Prep | Serve course (with a tax day special gift). http://mamaredknight.com/pinterest-how-to-how-do-i-get-started-the-right-way-with-pinterest

  • Carol Amato says:

    Love it!

    I resonate with certain people because of content, yet, but more probably because of the WAY they teach and communicate… 🙂

    Pushing the envelope for growth and smashing the comfort zone in 2013!

    – Carol

  • MamaRed says:

    OMG…you reminded me of what someone said years ago (although I didn’t listen…gee, surprised that a red-haired Irish woman wouldn’t listen? Grin).

    Thanks for including me (I appreciate that!) and I love to teach, include fun AND swear like a sailor, which I do try to curb, at least some of the time.

    I a total Tiff devotee because of exactly what you said: who you are. Hell I haven’t even taken classes with you and was singing your praises the other day.

    You, Ms. Tiff, have given me the courage to have my own voice and create my own Pinterest class! Still working on the marketing on that one and love ya to bits!

    Big Southern Girl squishes (what’s funny is that everybody thinks I’m Southern, which I love, and I’m a good ole Hoosier!)


    • Tiffany says:

      LOL Well let me bestow an honorary Southern Woman Medal on you. There, now you can say you are – even though you’re not 🙂

      • MamaRed says:

        I’ll take it Tiff…absotively! There’s a reason for the Mama and Red together! I’m the Mama who’ll love ya up and kick your ass to make sure you succeed (so say my clients!).


  • Boy do I struggle with this! I always worry I come across as kind of boring, too, because I don’t feel like a dynamic blogger “personality.” I started to get over a lot of it when I started ghostwriting some other people’s blogs long term. When I realized people actually liked what those blogs were doing I figured nothing I did could be that awful just because it was under my own name!

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