What Do You Put on a Ghostwriter “About Me” Page Without Experience?

Hi everyone! This is a common question I get from students of Ghostwriting Cash. People always ask if they should put their college education information in there, etc.

First, I want to emphasize the three MOST important qualifications any marketer is seeking when they go to find a freelancer. They are:

1. Price – Can you match their budget? If you’re the best writer in the world but way out of their price range, it won’t do them any good. So this is a prime concern for them.

2. Quality – Is your writing decent? I have to laugh at how many crappy writers feel like they’re the next Shakespeare yet the good writers are so down on themselves, wondering if they’re good enough. Well if you care about your content, chances are you’re WAY ahead of the rest of the pack.

3. Understanding of Marketing -They’re not asking you to be a pro here, but understanding the basics of marketing – enough to write a thorough “how to” eBook, for example, will help them feel confident that they’re in good hands. It doesn’t have to be every nitty gritty detail, but knowing what affiliate marketing is, and what an eBook is – that’s a good start.

So for an About Me page, when experience is lacking, play up those three points above. Make your About page primarily about THEM, really. What YOU can do for THEM.

Let me show you an example – if I were someone who had no experience:

Every marketer needs a freelance connection that puts their needs first. I’m here to ensure that you get the best quality content at a price you can afford.

I can meet all of your niche needs – from dog training to wealth building or relationships. I’ve created a few short sample pages so that you can gauge my style and if you feel we’re a good fit, then I’ll be happy to discuss your project specs with you.

Then go into the detail about what you offer…

All of my content is 100% original. I research a multitude of resources and them compile a creation just for you – something that you’ll be proud to have your name on once you take ownership of the content.

I always meet my deadlines and can hope to gain you as a long-term customer where I can provide assistance with your content needs as you grow your business in the future.

And then just tell them where to order…

You could also include your specs about font size, spacing, etc. Don’t create an About Me page thinking the marketer is curious about your life story. WHat they really care about is how much of a good fit you are for their needs.

Tiff 😉

7 Responses to “What Do You Put on a Ghostwriter “About Me” Page Without Experience?”

  • Great advice! I really struggled with that when I first started freelance writing.

    Try to focus on telling your potential client what you can do for them. You should also remember to watch your spelling, grammar, and so on EVERYWHERE on your website. I made a small typo on my freelance writing website and only got 2 clients the first two weeks before someone mentioned the typo.

  • Joe says:

    Good stuff as always. Don’t be afraid to share part of your personal story. I don’t mean waxing poetic about your Hemmel collection. But if you are targeting health markets and you spent ten years as an emergency nurse, talk about that. Or if you were in the military, work that in.

    Help them know, like and trust you. Like Tiffany does with her dog. But here’s an inside secret- that pooch is on the payroll!

  • LindaP says:

    It’s incredible how many college educated people there are who cannot write. Your advice to make the about page about what you can do for them is excellent!

  • Nayan Mandal says:

    Hi TiffanY:

    Seems to be a timely write-up for me. I am just planning to launch my PLR site (with huge help from your PLR ATM), and added an ‘About’ page here http://plrsuperb.com/about/.

    I am writing for the last 10 years, but in office set-up. After reading your article, I think I have written it the wrong way. I have talked more about me here, rather than how my writing can help my customers. May be, I have to tweak it a bit now.


    Nayan Mandal

  • Yoan says:

    Also, If I may add- don’t forget the importance of a portfolio of work! I have created one from scratch, adding 1 or 2 pages everyday! Easy peasy! People really want to see your work. You don’t need to write a whole article but give them excerpts. I usually have a word document, 5 or 6 pages with 6 different excerpts on it, starting with the title of the article/report etc and then conclude with this (…)- meaning “hey, this is only one bit, guys”! Write things people want to promote. Credit, mortgage, health, wealth, love! On my portfolio I did a word doc for all three main ones ( health, wealth and love)- and then another one with “various topics”! Gotta start the e-book and report thing now! But yeah, I do think that showing what you have done remains one of the best thing to get you started…You can write ” these are excerpts I have written for clients”..( this was actually inspired by our lovely Tiffany :)))- It works so try and direct your potential clients to your portfolio. I have seen so many people winning jobs on Elance and all, with a couple of half decent articles so there’s the chance to make a BIG DIFFERENCE! Cheers! Yoan

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