What Is Different About Bring the Fresh 2012?

UPDATE: Guys, I only reviewed the old version. It worked then. I will not re-review the product so I can’t say if it works. I do know there are some happy and some unhappy people, as shown in this thread. So if you’re wondering if it still works – I have no clue.

Hi everyone! As you all know, I did a thorough implementation review of the original Bring the Fresh when it first came out, courtesy of Kelly Felix and Mike Long. I implemented it, showed earnings, the course worked perfectly to get my new domains ranked #1 with three short blog posts.

But now people are asking me if Bring the Fresh 2012 is worth it – how it’s different, etc. I wasn’t sure. Because I do things my own Frankentiff way, I don’t keep up with changes for everything I review. So Mike offered to fill us all in on what’s new and different – and answer questions about whether or not Bring the Fresh is still relevant post Panda, etc. (And by the way, Mike said the pricing structure is now like this: For a short period of time you can get BTF 2012 for a $7-7 day trial with a $37 rebill…and you can get full disclosure for $7 for 7 days and then $66/month for 6-months after that. This link takes you to their WSO for that deal.

Below is a video he made for my audience but I also asked him some specific questions via email. I’ll give you those details here first, showing you his answers to my questions.

1. Is BTF still doable post-Panda?

Yes! We’ve actually been anticipating these changes for quite a while and Kelly updated the fast start guide to reflect anything that we might have overlooked. Panda is about the same thing that Google’s been pushing for years – content. They aren’t thrilled with sloppy obviously phony blog networks either…so of course we steer people clear of signing up for those or making their own. A big thing to know is stuff we focus on still ranks. Same for our customers. I think Mike Swanson is still top 5 for Stock Trading for example.

2. What’s new about BTF 2012 that wasn’t in there before?

Big updates include the fast start guide (which we keep current) and a lot of additions to the fast start and new videos in the one article to rule them all area. We also give away two very nice done for you bonuses. I’ll detail those below as well.

3. Is it still Core versus Full Disclosure – and what’s in each one?

Yes there’s still a core vs full disclosure. Everybody gets the updates I’m discussing in the video and detailing below, but we update Full Disclosure constantly throughout the year. It would take a very long email to tell you the updates to full disclosure just from recent months. But suffice to say nothings changed – it’s constantly updated.

Mike added more information to the email that I had not asked about, so here are his additional details (this is all him talking here):

I want to detail some of the most popular additions for BTF 2012 for you.

There are 3 major areas things have changed for both basic and full disclosure members. So from here on in I’ll focus on those.

A) the fast start guide is current and spot on (as always).

B) Fast start videos. Here’s an extensive blog post that I wrote in the BTF forum. We’re keeping the specifics of the Launch Jacking Sequels listed below under our hat for marketing purposes. (More info in the video).

We also have another big change I mentioned before. The 1-article to rule them all bonus has 3 brand new videos of me writing a brand new one article from scratch in the market that’s most popular with BTFers…the make money online market. In the first video I also include a short but juicy lesson on why and how Google works now and why it will keep working the same way.

The quick rundown on the lesson is this. If you think about a hot party or night club…like Studio 54 in the 1970s in NYC, then there’s a huge line to get in, and most people won’t get in. But plenty of people do and it’s a cool party. The owners are who decide who gets in. Google is the same thing. Except instead of it being a “cool” party like Studio 54, Google is a big profit party.

There’s so much fear surrounding this update or that update. But the reality is somebody still ranks. It’s not like Google says, “New update, we’re not giving results for “kidney diet” or “stock trading” any more!

SOMEBODY ranks. And because of the open source nature of the internet Kelly and I do what we’ve been doing to get free traffic for years…we look at who else is getting free traffic and why with tools like Open Site Explorer, which lets us see what links people have and the Wayback Machine which tells us what the chronological history of improvement of a site is.

We encourage our customers to take a look at these things too – though in reality lets face it, one of the big reasons they pay us is so we can do that legwork for them, and provide a current, fresh, and above all EXACT and EFFECTIVE step-by-step blueprint for doing what we do…along with our unique custom tool set and a tremendous community by way of our 65,000 post forum where, as you know, Kelly and I are extremely active.

We also note that 1-article to rule them all is the primary thing that Kelly and I use for link getting. We’ve ranked hundreds of sites this way, big to small top to bottom. I think that lesson alone makes the update well well worth it.

One more thing in the new 1-article to rule them all area is this time I provide a before and after example article – the one that I wrote in less than an hour during my video (while commenting) again in the mouth watering make money market.

Tiffany here…

Okay so that’s what Mike had to say. I do like what I heard about the investigation of a site’s history and how it’s ranking. That’s the kind of stuff I found valuable in the original Full Disclosure portion, which I always tell people isn’t necessary – it’s just a perk that’s neat to learn from.

This concept seems the same – it’s insight into how they THINK – and trust me, the technical details of getting online are NOT why these people succeed. It’s the thought process that really gives you an edge.

So that’s all I know about Bring the Fresh 2012. I’ll add Mike’s video below for you. I wish I had time to thoroughly re-implement it but right now, I’m swamped. I just wanted to get answers so that those of you emailing me asking about it can know what I was told.

Hope this info helps a bit!

Tiff ๐Ÿ˜‰

46 Responses to “What Is Different About Bring the Fresh 2012?”

  • Ashly says:

    Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing this new information. I know I can always trust a recommendation from you, which is why I find it useful to read these types of posts.

    I’d heard of BTF before, but didn’t know much about it. I think I’ll check it out for some of my new sites.

  • Darryl Hurst says:

    Thanks, Tiff. I was one of the questioners, mostly I did not want to buy something you had reviewed previously and you would not get a commission for. So, thanks for the extra time even though you are busy. I want to buy through your link only.


  • Becki says:

    To clarify, I’m pretty well sure it’s not a $37 rebill, it’s a $7 7-day trial and then $37 once. That’s much more doable for more people. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s how I read it.

  • I joined last week, sorry I didn’t use your link Tiff, never thought about it. After only a day at the 7 day $7 trial I upgraded to full membership. Why? Because what I had read in the basic membership site, and the videos I watched made me feel excited again….I couldn’t keep off my computer and was researching, tweaking sites, and doing follow up research.

    The Full Disclosure membership is well worth it, I was taking action after watching just the first of many videos in the FD area. It’s a gold mine of ideas and out of the box thinking.

    I think the information and the videos is well worth every penny. I even went one step further and spent a small fortune on a Deluxe Built For You site….but of course that was my choice, no pushing or pressure…the info is there, if you want a done for you site they do two.

    The downside:
    I have emailed a couple of times with questions about the $7 trials and monthly billing. I did get one response after a few days from the support desk, but I still don’t know if I am paying a monthly $37. I upgraded within the first 7 days of the basic membership but it looks like I was paying another $7 for teh FD upgrade – or maybe it’s just the wording and that $7 comes out of the monthly price. SO as of now I don’t know if I still am paying the monthly basic price on top of the FD monthly fee.

    It also took a few days to get access to the FD area on the forum (Note: you get instant access to the FD membership area)That was only solved yesterday.

    Once I has support emailing me to check I had forum access I used that conversation to get them to change my email address. They use the one attached to your paypal account and there is no way to go into your profile and update email address or passwords.

    Once the email address was changed inhouse I was no longer able to take part in forum discussion because my user name showed it belonged to someone else…..obviously the change in email address isn’t linked to your user ID. Haven’t tried since this morning to see if I can enter forum discussions yet…I truly do not want to have to register yet another username.

    All in all my frustrations are nothing to do with the quality of material, just the administration of the site…having said that, I did email both Mike and Kelly and tell them I was disappointed with the video about the done for you site…..it did not cover what the hype said it would cover….and I never received a response from either of them. Please note that this did not stop me from buying the package.

    Sorry to go on….but I hope this feedback helps someone make their mind up.

  • Agneta says:

    I signed up today so I’m only started to read the Fast Start Guide.

    When the $7 – 7 day trial payment was cleared, I landed on, what I didn’t expect to see from these guys, an upsell page. I had to scroll far down to find the small text-link that took me to the stuff I expected to get “instantly”. Annoying.

    After 7 days, they’ll charge another $37 for lifetime membership but as it look so far, I’m not convinced. They’re promoting article spinning. Be it from original content, like your own writing or a bought article for said purpose, it’s still not coming out right in my head.

    In all honesty, this first pdf is condensed with useful information but it has recurring links as upselling methods. Prepare to cough up some extra $ to get at the full content. I still think the basic material, judged from a quick peek, is worth the $7 trial.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey Agneta! Be sure and let me know how you like the actual content once you dig in good. I ignore upsells and recommendations myself. LOL None of it’s necessary – but they’re good at selling. I also did the spinning for the review portion but gave that up and it still worked. If you write from scratch, it’s just as good – meaning better.

      • Agneta says:

        I didn’t buy in to the follow up. For two reasons. First I couldn’t get the money to the account in time. The second reason is that it was too much to digest for me. I would have loved a longer trial period. Not that I think the price for value was high, on the contrary. And these pretty boys seem to be doing a good job helping out others.

        If my financial times change, I might return to them even if I have to pay the higher price. Eh… wait a moment here… IF? I change that to WHEN… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Debi J says:


      Just my own experience but thought it might be useful.

      After Tiff’s review, I bought and implemented BTF as shown. My son and I literally threw together a quick test site simply to see if it would make it to page 1 of Google. It did.

      I posted updates on my blog as I went but just for time sake, here’s what happened with it:

      January 30, 2011 – Picked a topic, did some quick keyword research, then bought a domain name from GoDaddy.
      February 12, 2011 – Added content and site went “live” (It only took a few hours to do the content and set up the site…but I was only home for one day each weekend and we were doing it together).
      March 2, 2011 – Had all the background SEO done.
      March 3/4, 2011 – Ordered backlinks on the 3rd…they were done on the 4th.
      March 15, 2011 – Site was #5 on page 2 in Scroogle.
      March 17, 2011 – Site made it to #10 on page 1 in Scroogle!!

      Since then, we’ve periodically checked on it (having added NO additional posts), and it moved up to spots 2, 3 and 4 a few months back (not sure where it is today)…tougher to check now that Scroogle’s not available. ๐Ÿ™

  • Kristy says:

    Hi Tiff,

    Love your blog! Just wondering if current BTF members are automatically upgraded to the 2012 version? Are they different websites?? Sorry if the video has covered that, just can’t watch it at the moment.


  • Edie Dykeman says:

    Thanks for the update. I learned a lot the first time around, but over time most of it fell away. I want to at least check out the updated Fast Start Guide and see what’s happening. I still get their forum email for some reason. Love Mike’s enthusiasm!

  • jan says:

    Hi Tiff
    I emailed Kelly and Mike to ask them to clarify as it is a bit confusing. This is the last course that I want to buy so have had it on my list for a while and hopefully that will round off my IM education nicely.

  • Anthony says:

    Hi again Tiffany,
    I just wanted to verify something. If we go through the link in your post above, which looks like it takes us through the WSO on WF, do you still get the commission? I was pretty sure that I wanted to purchase BTF during your review last year, but I was on the fence. Knowing that the methods are still doable, I’d like to get in now, but if there’s a commission floating around, I’d rather you get it, because I value what you had to say about the program earlier.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Tiffany:
    Mike and Kelly are tops in the internet marketing field. They are always on top of the changes that take place all the time and keep their Bring the Fresh members on top of all the top marketing ideas. Bring the Fresh membership has been the best investment I have ever made.

  • Hi Tiff, just an update.

    I had the $37 basic membership dinged from my paypal account today, so that answers the question, yes, you pay the one time basic fee even if you upgrade to the Full Disclosure.

    Maybe it makes sense…to me, it doesn’t. What also doesn’t make sense then is that once you sign up for the FD you again pay $7 – 7 day trial.

    I think BTF and the upgrade to FD are well worth the money, I just think they need to make things more clear and do away with the second trial – after all, you have chosen to upgrade based on the first trial or basic membership so why would you need to pay for another trial?

  • Kelly Felix says:

    Hey Tiffany and everyone else here. Tiff, you always have such a lively blog. You must be doing something right!

    I’ll answer some questions here:

    1) The difference between 2012 and 2011 is we have added a LOT of new videos, updates, etc. We already add videos now and again in the full disclosure area, but for 2012 we went ahead and gave the new content to everyone.

    2) If you are already a member, you don’t need to do anything other than logging into the members area and checking out all of the new videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3) The price on the main site is $97 for a basic bring the fresh membership – for life.

    An upgrade to Full Disclosure is $7 trial for a 7 day trial. If you decide to stick with it, its $66/month. After month 6 we never bill you again though. We wanted folks to have an end in sight – not get billed for the rest of their lives.

    For the WSO, the difference is, instead of paying $97 for a basic membership, you can try it for a week for $7, and if you dcide to stay, you can become a member for life for a one time $37 payment. So basically you save $53 on the WSO.

    We still answer all of our emails directly. I get a good amount of texts to my cell phone, and my girlfriend Sarah still does the customer support for login issues, etc. You can submit a ticket at support.bringthefresh.com.

    Here’s a copy of something I wrote in our forum last night when someone said they hadn’t received a reply to an email:

    “Well its 2am here and i have to be up in 4 hours because my kids get up at 6am. And i’ve been answering emails, tickets, PM’s here and PMs in warrior forum for the past 5 hours. So I wish our emails really were just for show. I’d get a lot more sleep!

    Sarah (my girlfriend) answers tickets for 10 hours a day most days, especially with the recent influx of around 3000 new members. She escalates tickets to us that aren’t basic stuff. The kellyandmike email address you used has been a problem for us spam-wise. Actually the only way anyone should even know that email address exists is from before the ticket system was installed over a year ago – or perhaps you replied to an email we sent out to our customer list from that address? The short story is, that email now forwards to the ticket system, but please don’t use it, because again, it has spam issues.

    Definitely use the ticket system. Usually Sarah is sitting right next to me so I see lots of the tickets – and even the ones I don’t directly answer, I still have input on. Whats funny… or more sad actually is that so many folks have been treated like garbage elsewhere – so they email poor sarah about a login issue or something simple that she can fix within the hour – and they treat her like a piece of trash because they come into it thinking nobody cares.

    Its pretty disgusting some of the names and things they say to her. I’ll reply personally to some of those folks and they usually change their tune, saying they thought sarah was a minimum wage worker in India or something. Whats fascinating is that so many people seem to think that sort of behavior is justified if she was “just a minimum wage worker”. Like she is somehow beneath them if she doesn’t make a lot of money or lives in a predominantly poor country?

    Its pretty sickening actually.

    Anyway, enough of that. 90% of the people who write in are nice and polite. If thats you, thanks!”

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks for clarifying everything Kelly! Sorry to hear about your girlfriend being treated that way. I believe it because I know some people who don’t know me buy something and God help us all if there’s a glitch or they don’t know how to unzip a zip file because they can be flat out evil.

  • Stefani says:

    Thanks for all the work you do Tiff! When I saw the WSO on BTF I immediately came to your site to see what you thought. I remember the review you did a while back and couldnt’ believe that it was finally affordable to me! I really value your opinion and how you work – I’ve been busy on other things lately – but I love checking in on you and seeing how you’re working! I keep telling myself that when I grow up – I’ll work from home like you! (LOL- Although I’m probably older than you!!) Keep it up Tiff!

  • vivek says:

    hey evryone!!i am really excited to join BTF but just wanted to know are there any further charges like buying domain n stuff after I join the BTF??
    another question is how long will i take to start making money after i join the very BTF??expcting a rply…cheers

    • Tiffany says:

      Yes it’s about buying domains. I implemented it as is for my review but later I didn’t use the additional stuff like spinners so it’s not necessary. But a domain would be. Some of my sites were profitable in about a week or so but some not.

  • Zack Sprague says:

    Hey Tiffany,

    I have recently took a look at your post and I am still worried alittle about the BTF. Will you make money and rank in the search engines with just the core membership with BTF. I cant really afford the FD yet, But If I make money with the core membership I will then upgrade. What are your thoughts on this situation?

    • Tiffany says:

      Zack I’m not sure about it anymore because I haven’t implemented. I just wanted to share what I was told. Now when I did have the 3 blog post domains, they did rank fast and well. Not sure how that works now. I do still have a few BTF sites I built using Core principles that rank well and make me money.

  • Adam says:

    I joined BTF just over a month ago, everything started of well and was able to get my site up. The rest of the info was a bit confusing. I suppose if you already have IM experience you can read between the gaps in the training. But for the newbie it’s really a waste of money, I tried to reach out for help but all I received was upsell after upsell. It is no different than any other “I’ll show you how” program. They will show you just enough so you have to buy something else.

  • an says:


    I wonder if this Bring The Fresh is for newbie, Is this not complicated to follow or to understand for beginners.

    Can I buy under the WSO (discount) even Iยดm not a member from a warrior forum. Hope to hear.


  • adi says:

    well..im a complete beginner to im..and id like to know if BTF covers the topics of site building and all.Id like to know if this is the best course through which i can start IM. Hope to Hear.

  • sudosu says:

    My experience with BTF:
    For those who are thinking about purchasing Bring the Fresh Deluxe Done For You (DFY) website offer and Full Disclosure Membership, you need to know this.
    1) BTF offers no refunds – period.
    2) If you pay BTF with PayPal, you have only 45 days from the date of purchase to file a dispute. File your claim within that period, even if you are trying to be generous with BTFs time. You can always retract it.
    2) BTF states their DFY website will rank you on page 1 of Google within a few days to 2-3 months. I waited 3 months before asking for product delivery. BTF customer support/service is rude and vague if you ask questions about your order. You have to ask questions, because BTF does not automatically update you on the status of your purchase.
    3) When BTF cuts off communication with you, cancels your Full Disclosure membership, and stops all work on your DFY, your investment with BTF is lost. Kiss it goodbye. For me it was about $1000, but others have lost much more.
    4) The Rich Jerk is Kelly Felix. BTF DFY is Kelly Felix.
    5) You won’t find any of this information in the offer. Only after you pay, do they tell you this.
    6) Good luck.

    • Tiffany says:

      It should be through CB so you can bypass them if that ever occurs.

      • sudosu says:

        Tiffany, please explain. What should be through CB? Do you mean bypass BTF or PayPal. I’m trying to understand your point here. Thanks.

        • Tiffany says:

          If you have to refund, you can send the notice to clickbank directly. This goes for any product owner. You don’t have to contact the product owner.

          • sudosu says:

            I see. Thanks, Tiffany.

            • sudosu says:

              Update on Bring the Fresh – Kelly Felix and ClickBank. CB is no longer promoting Kelly Felix’s products. The CB message says “This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation.” I actually made my DFY website and Full Disclosure purchase directly through Kelly Felix, and he said “No refunds whatsoever.” I don’t recommend doing business with Kelly Felix unless you know and accept his rules.

  • Luis says:

    hi Tiff:

    Few days back I received your email where you talked about BTF 2013.

    Are you going to write a blog post about it? If not I can see why…

    • Tiffany says:

      I emailed about it. I tried getting into it Luis, but my heart’s just not there. I just don’t feel like redoing a review of something I know I’m not pursuing anymore.

      • Luis says:

        I felt the same way too. Also, there’s heavy emphasis on getting another course OMG. I don’t like that kinda upsell really ๐Ÿ™

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