This is a guide that teaches people how to do things a little different on Squidoo.

Instead of downloading tools for keyword research and density and volume - you're just using good old common sense and 1-2 sites that have the research done for you.

There's one thing I noticed when looking at my lens stats lately. All of the lenses that are doing the best are ones that were doing things a bit differently.

Just as my blog is transparent, unapologetic and real, the lenses doing the best are like that, too.

No one wants to go online looking for answers to be sold to.

Instead, they want to be shared with. So that's what I teach you.

You won't have anything else to buy. Nothing to download. No complex HTML to navigate. There's one tiny HTML code that I stuck into a Text doc for you that you can copy and paste into your lens here and there if you want to.

So let's take a look at what all I teach in this guide in order:

First, we go through the common sense instinct on what to promote. If it makes you queasy knowing I'm not going to be giving you search parameters or minimum volumes, then you can either pass on it or embrace your ability to handle this. Don't worry - I have some helpful tips on finding ideas so you're not completely on your own!

Second, I teach you how to find what kind of content is going to be on your lens. This is the research stage. It's important that your lens be seen as a good resource to your audience. If you slap up stuff you grabbed in keyword research that isn't what they need, then they'll click out without buying anything.

Third, I show you how to organize the research you just did so that it is perfectly presented to your audience in a way that doesn't overwhelm them. It needs to flow nicely and invite sales all throughout the lens.

Fourth, I teach you what to say in the content. By this stage, you'll have the product picked out, the module titles and slants of each article developed - but you need to know how and what to write in the article.

Fifth, I walk you through my personal preferences for lens setup. That includes everything in your sidebar - including turning off some things, not just adding them. Then we go through each module and learn how to fill them in for multiple selling opportunities.

Sixth, I show you the minor things I do to promote my lenses. It's so simple. Won't take you but a few minutes - if that.

Seventh, I show you how to find ideas for future lens creations.

I'm not big on fluff and filler. I took the time to create a PDF walkthrough with an accompanying video tutorial for each chapter. That way you can pause and forward and rewind as you need to. You'll get access to video download links - or gain the ability to watch it online.

I'm also here for you if you get stuck or confused about anything. The PDF has an access link to me when you need help.

I want more people making top quality lenses that convert into sales - with less focus on gaming Google with strategic SEO or complex research and more emphasis on succeeding because you were so helpful.

Grab it now for just $19!

Tiff ;)